The Greatest Story Ever Told

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					Welcome to 12:13!
Need to talk with your friend?
Before or after class is OK, but not during.

Need to use the bathroom?
Ask one of the parent volunteers.

Need to borrow a pen?
Loan the parent volunteers a shoe and they will loan you
a pen!
Operation Christmas Child
 Practical gifts are so important. These children are thrilled to receive
items like toothbrushes, combs, and brushes. Some may have never had
their own before.
Simple items of clothing like t-shirts, socks, or a hat are wonderful
because some of the children may only own one shirt.
 School supplies like pencils, small tablets of paper, crayons, etc. are
great as sometimes children aren't allowed to attend school unless they
can provide their own supplies.
 Toys are great (and the children love them, too), but they shouldn't be
the biggest emphasis of the box.
 Only hard candy is allowed in the boxes. No chocolate or other food
can be shipped overseas. A little candy is fine, but practical gifts are best.
The Greatest Story
    Ever Told
 How To Read And Understand
          (Part 1)
Bible Bowl Rules
November 29
 Bibles CLOSED!
 Level 1 -- Qualifying Round
    20 questions -- 15 seconds each
    Teams of three (any grade)
 Level 2 -- Competition Round
    20 questions -- 20 seconds each
    Top 5 teams from each grade
 Level 3 -- Championship Round
    Top team from each grade
Prize: Team Trophy and $10 Gift Cards!
Ten Types Of Biblical Literature
   Old Testament Narratives (1 Samuel)
   New Testament Narratives (Acts)
   Gospels (Matthew)
   Parables (The Prodigal Son)
   Epistles (1 Timothy)
   Laws (Deuteronomy)
   Prophets (Daniel)
   Psalms
   Wisdom (Proverbs)
   Revelation
Big Words, Important Words
   Hermeneutics: The science and art of
    biblical interpretation.
       General Hermeneutics: Study of rules that are
        true for interpreting all of Scripture
       Special Hermeneutics: Study of rules that apply
        when interpreting specific types of Scripture
        (Parables, prophecies, etc.)
   Exegesis: Using hermeneutics to reach a
    correct understanding of Scripture.
What Kind Of Book
Is Revelation?
                                                                    QuickTime™ and a
                                                              are neede d to see this picture.

   Apocalypse, prophecy, and epistle
       Apocalypse -- Literature that reveals God’s plans
        for ending the world and punishing his enemies
            Visions and dreams
            Symbols and numbers
            Images more from fantasy than reality
       Prophecy -- A message from God to his people
       Epistle -- A letter written for a specific occasion
To Whom Was
This Book Written?
                           QuickTime™ and a
                     are neede d to see this picture.
The Message of Revelation
In Four Pictures
                                     QuickTime™ and a
                               are neede d to see this picture.

A   Throne (Revelation 4)
A   Lamb (Revelation 5, 7)
A   Storm (Revelation 6-20)
A   City (Revelation 21)
Mad Gab Mania!
   Sample: Wreath Wreaking Suffer He Entire

   Mash Who Sun Tide

   Age Ants Oval I’ve Dime

   Numb Hurt Hoop Hens Hull
Picture #1: A Throne (Revelation 4)
Lessons From The Throne
   The One on the throne
   The scene around the throne
       Rainbow, flashes of lightning, seven lamps, sea of glass
       24 elders on 24 thrones
       4 living creatures (6 wings, covered with eyes)
   The action around the throne
       A scroll
   The message of the throne
       God is at the center of everything
       Trust God’s perfect rule
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