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									Micro hi-fi conducts iPod                                    » Cameras
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Wed, 30 Aug 2006 06:05 PM
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Stuff towers has been deluged by billions of iPod            » Sat-Nav
accessories over the years (science fact), but never         » Stuff to Wear
have we been visited by a CD-playing micro hi-fi with a
                                                             » Transport
dock for our white friends. Until today.
                                                             » We Hear That...
The iSymphony waltzed into our testing room a few
hours ago, and has already gained a few admirers for
its versatility, if not for its plasticky looks.

Its big claim to fame is the iPod dock, which sits
beneath a flap on top of the unit. There are adaptors
included for the last three generations of iPods and the                                      Robert
Nano, and it’ll charge them up while it’s playing your                                        Follis
tunes and when the unit's on standby. The USB port
also handily supports the Shuffle and most other MP3
                                                                                              Stuff Web
Sound quality is reasonable once you’ve found a
suitable equaliser setting, and it’ll boom out 50 watts of
power, which makes it more than capable of filling your                                       25/9/06
                                                             I have come to the conclusion    WITH CURRY'S
Clock radio functions also make it suitable for your         that a man bag is what is
bedside table, letting you wake up to your iPod, a CD        required. I can't seem to find   CORRECTION
or an FM radio station. The CD player takes CD-R/RW          anything decent though.
that you’ve burned with digital files, while the radio has
a 40-station memory.                                           Benjamin McLaughlin
                                                             Have your say »
That’s not the end of its appetite for different media,
either. There’s also an SD and MMC card slot on the
front, which will happily play cards loaded with MP3s
and WMAs, as long as they’re not protected by pesky
                                                             Broadsnatching (v)
digital rights management.
                                                             A method of getting content
To finish off, there’s a remote control which, while of      streamed across the web onto
the 70s bubble button variety, will let you slump in         your portable video device.
your easy chair and control proceedings from afar.           Using freely available
your easy chair and control proceedings from afar.
                                                     programs, such as iPodder, it's
 Essentials                                          possible to 'snatch' content
                                                     that's being broadcast, or
 iSymphony M1UK                                      'podcast', and squirrel it away
 Price: £140                                         onto your video jukie, thus
 On sale: early October (exclusive to Currys)        allowing you to fill your
 Contact: iSymphony Europe                           voluminous hard drive with all
                                                     manner of inconsequential
 Related stories:                                    arse. Perfect.
 Philips rolls out micro hi-fi cubes
                                                     'Broad' as in broadband;
                                                     'snatch' as in 'to steal'. 'Nuff
By Mark Wilson                                       said.
                                                     Not to be confused with...
Hot Stuff » Hi-Fi                                    Broad-snatching - the
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                                                     swiping a fellow male's lady
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