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The Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania is the legal deposit institution for
Lithuanian publications. Electronic resources were included in a 1996 general deposit decree,
though the exact extent of the provision was not defined.

Selecting criteria

To guide the NLL in administering its national collecting responsibilities for online materials,
selection criteria were compiled to include the collection of resources from the .lt domain,
other documents of special quality and of acknowledged Lithuanian interest, and commercial
and government e-publications.

In accordance with the guidelines, physical format materials are to be deposited in a
traditional manner, whilst static electronic documents will be gathered using harvesting
methods. Dynamic resources and other public database content are to obtained by way of
depository agreements concluded with publishers.

Lithuania National Library use two methods of accumulation1:

      1. harvesting of the national web space. Our harvester collects all web sites in “lt”
         domain and related web sites.
      2. selection of individual webs. Selective acquisition from other domains (.edu, .org, .pl,
         .ru, etc.) with national content

It was decided for fuller representaton of Lithuanian web space to make efforts in obtainig
electronic publications with restricted access directly from publishers or publish houses. This
work started on March 2003.

Web publication: selection criteria
The Lithuania National Library use the same collection development criteria as those used for
selection of conventional print publications.

      1. The main selection criteria is the geographical criteria - dependence of ER to the
         Republic of Lithuania, which is defined by several indications:
             geographical location, which is identified by domain “lt” in the Internet
             publisher’s place of residence,
             author’s domicile;

The following resources are not included:

-     databases of internal usage of institutions
-     unfinished and unofficial documents. Personal correspondence and personal
-     Products of public communication on the net, e.g. e-mail messages or archives, news
      discussion groups, informal communication, listings, internet games.


-     short time-to-live information items and advertisements are not included.

Legal deposit2

Lithuania legal deposit based on Resolution No.1389 dated November 22, 1996 of the
Government “Regarding the order of distribution of legal deposit copies of publications
and other documents to libraries”

Legal deposit includes:
- books, brochures,
- periodicals, printed music, microforms, sound and
- video recordings, maps, fine arts,
- electronic documents and books in Braille.

They would like to change it, it is not sufficient

The new act would cover:
- materials made public via web
- radio and television programme
- films produced for public
- works published in physical form


To support the collection of online Lithuanian material the Archive of Electronic Resources
was established in November 2002 as a subsystem of the LIBIS (Lithuanian Integrated
Library Information System) program. Once fully operational, it is envisaged that the AER
will operate as a deposit system for online publications, based upon the NEDLIB model.

In addition, the NLL has been a participant in the NEDLIB project and the NEDLIB harvester
was employed in the first sweep of the Lithuanian Web in October 2002. A second crawl in
November 2002 involved the selective capture of approximately 60 registered e-periodicals.
Many of these comprised dynamically generated Web pages, which would be overlooked by
existing harvesting techniques. To address this issue, agreements for the deposit of e-
publications were forwarded in March 2003 to the principal Lithuanian publishers. Regular
harvests of the Lithuanian Web are now conducted every six months and rights clearances for
each resource are being simultaneously obtained, together with metadata elements in Dublin
Core standard.

Services, Software available at this moment3

-     Harvest
         full archive - twice per year
         periodics - individually configurable
-     Extract metadata
-     Present
         available by harvested date
-     Fulltext Search

-     Browse by host

- harvest
      NEDLIB Harvester; Linux RedHat; MySQL
- fulltext search
      MnogoSearch; Oracle 10g;

- harvest
     CPU           Pentium II 2x400 MHz; RAM 768 Mb; HDD 3x145 + 1x190 Gb
- search
     CPU           Pentium IV 2,8 GHz; RAM 1 Gb; HDD 20 Gb (is used by Oracle10g)

Archive of Electronic Resources, providing harvesting and archiving of electronic resources.
Contains 4,5 mio URLs from Lithuanian net with a total information of 200 GB (2005). Their
further developments towards creating a digital library include4:

         cataloguing of selected electronic resources to include them in national bibliography
         preparing to provide access to the ER archive for library visitors
         steps towards web portal with extended information services and access to the Archive
          of Electronic Resources

The first harvesting was started on 25 October 2002 in Lithuania National Library5.

The size of archive on December 2002:
Total Urls retrieved:      2 089943
Total size of documents:   75.5Gb
Total periodic URL:        ab. 60

The size of archive on September 2005:
Total Urls retrieved:       26 650 314 ( ab. 26,6 million)
Documents:                  11.269.498 ( ab. 11 million)
Total size of documents:    560 Gb
Total periodic URL:         ab. 100

The Archive of Lithuania Electronic resources has a few different types of electronic

- static e-resources;
- dynamic e-resources;
- physical media (CD, CD-ROM, DVD).



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