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7th Stuttgart International Symposium
Automotive and Engine Technology

ACADEMIC BOARD                                                                                 Dr.-Ing.                       Dr.-Ing.                       Dr.-Ing.
                                                                                               Michael Bargende               Hans-Christian Reuss           Jochen Wiedemann
                                                                                               Member of the Board,           Chairman of the Board,         Member of the Board,
                                                                                               FKFS                           FKFS                           FKFS

Wolfgang Dürheimer            Dr.-Ing. E.h.                 em. Prof. Dr.-Ing.                                            Dr.-Ing.                      Hans Houben
Dr. Ing. h.c. F.              Hans-Joachim                  Ulf Essers                                                    Thomas Heckenberger           BERU AG
Porsche AG                    Emmelmann                                                                                   Behr GmbH & Co. KG
                              Wilhelm Karmann GmbH

           Peter Köpf                   Dr. Rolf Leonhard                             Dr. Bernd Mahr                  Dr. rer. nat.                          Wolfgang Siebenpfeiffer
           ZF Friedrichshafen AG        Robert Bosch GmbH                             Mahle GmbH                      Dieter Seipler                         ATZ/MTZ
                                                                                                                      Mann + Hummel GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Weber                   Matthias Wehr                    Prof. Dr. rer. nat.                                 Wolfgang Zahn                   Werner Zobel
DaimlerChrysler AG                      vieweg technology forum          Martin Winterkorn                                   Andreas Stihl AG & Co.KG        Modine Europe GmbH
                                                                         Volkswagen AG
7th Stuttgart International Symposium

The 7th Stuttgart International Symposium – Automotive and
Engine Technology – will be taking place from 20 – 21 March         >> >
2007. I would like to welcome you to this fascinating and top-
ranking event held in the German state where the automobile
was born. Sponsored by the FKFS automotive research institute       RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT
in Stuttgart and the Vieweg publishing house, this international    IN AUTOMOTIVE AND ENGINE TECHNOLOGY
symposium gives an overview of the latest research results and
development activities in automotive and engine technology          The demands placed on automobiles are constantly increasing.
and in vehicle mechatronics. It is with great pleasure that I as-   Ever more eco-friendliness and greater reliability are called for
sume the patronage for this event.                                  whilst economy, comfort and ease of handling remain essential
                                                                    constraints. This presents those involved in automobile and
Baden-Württemberg enjoys a balanced economic structure and          engine technology with new challenges and ever more complex
is characterised by a large number of small and medium sized        tasks.
enterprises as well as numerous large corporations. The fact
that economic growth has exceeded the average for Germany           In nearly seventy papers and presentations focussing on com-
in recent years is largely thanks to the broad-based spectrum       bustion engines, automobiles, vehicle mechatronics and the re-
of trade and industry in Baden-Württemberg both in terms of         cently added topics of production and design, leading experts
business-to-business and consumer-oriented service industries.      from research and development will be speaking at the
                                                                    7th Stuttgart International Symposium
If we examine the economic structure of our federal state more
                                                                    Automotive and Engine Technology
closely, we can see that its success is in no small part due to
                                                                    20 – 21 March 2007
the development of the automobile industry. Baden-Württem-
berg is the centre of the German automobile industry and the        to illustrate possible ways of meeting future challenges and
most important location in Europe, if not the world.                outline key concepts for the future. The parallel trade exhibi-
                                                                    tion will also provide an opportunity to exchange ideas.
As the world’s largest automobile cluster, Baden-Württemberg
is the ideal place to hold an international symposium with first-   We cordially invite you to the birthplace of the automobile and
class speakers from science and industry. This event, which is      wish you a safe arrival and enjoyable and informative stay in
one of the biggest of its kind in Europe, will make a significant   Stuttgart.
contribution to the intensive collaboration between teaching
and research institutions and the automotive industry.
                                                                    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Bargende
I wish the organisers of the 7th Stuttgart International Sympo-     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Reuss
sium the very best of success with their event and wish the         Consul Volkmar W. Kübler
participants a stimulating and informative conference.              Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Wiedemann

Günther Oettinger,
Minister President of Baden-Württemberg
The Stuttgart Symposium is aimed at business leaders and em-
ployees in the automobile manufacturing industry, automotive
subcontractors and suppliers, scientific institutes, colleges and
universities, service providers, software companies and delega-
tes from the world of politics.

                                                                    FORMAL RECEPTION
The 7th Stuttgart International Symposium on Automobile and
Engine Technology will be hosted by the FKFS (Stuttgart Rese-       Tuesday 20 March 2007 |7:30 p.m.
arch Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines)       at the "Alte Stuttgarter Reithalle”
in cooperation, for the first time, with the Vieweg Technology      Maritim Hotel, Seidenstr. 34, 70174 Stuttgart
Forum. The Forum was initiated by the editorial teams of the
ATZ and MTZ magazines and has established a reputation as an        Enjoy an exceptional evening of top-class entertainment and
organiser of conferences on automobile and engine technology.       excellent music, complete with the best in song and stand-up
The ATZ and MTZ magazines will cover the Stuttgart Sympo-
sium and invite their readers from more than 60 countries to        Programm:
come to Stuttgart to discuss what the research and develop-         7:30 p.m. Champagne reception
ment community is presently concentrating on, and how the
outcomes can be translated into progress in automotive tech-        Welcome
nology. The range of topics will again be very broad in order to    Prof. Dr. rer. publ. Jürgen Blum
promote cross-disciplinary dialogue.                                Chairman of the Board of Trustees, FKFS

Stuttgart is a city of automobile technology and scientific rese-   Wolfgang Siebenpfeiffer
arch and, as such, provides the ideal platform for ensuring that    Publisher, ATZ/MTZ
passenger-car and truck development is geared to future mobi-
lity requirements. I am thus particularly happy that the Stutt-     Welcoming address
gart Symposium has now been made an annual event so that it         Dr. jur. Wolfgang Schuster,
can play a key role in that development.                            Mayor of Stuttgart, capital city of Baden-Württemberg

Wolfgang Siebenpfeiffer                                             Followed by dinner
Editor-in-chief ATZ/MTZ
                                                                    Entertainment will be provided by Backblech with the world’s
                                                                    first ever comedy pop drama, "Love Hurts”.
Simultaneous interpreters (German/English) will be
provided for both days of the conference.                           Reception ends at approximately 11:00 p.m.

                                                                    >> >

          >>       PLENARY SESSION                          König-Karl Hall

          8:00 a.m. Registration

           9:00    Welcome
                   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Ressel,
                   Rector of the University of Stuttgart

           9:15    Introduction
                   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Reuss,
                   Chairman of the Board, FKFS
                   Managing Director, IVK

           9:30    High Tech Strategy
                   Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education
                   and Research,
                   Member of the 16th German Bundestag

          10:00    The Car of the Future –
                   environmentally friendly, customised and safe
                   Dr. Thomas Weber, Member of the Board,
                   DaimlerChrysler AG
                   Responsible for group research and Mercedes Car
                   Group development

          10:30    Coffee and discussion break

          11:00    Four parallel sessions

          12:30    Lunch

          2:00 p.m. Four parallel sessions

           3:30    Coffee and discussion break

           4:00    Four parallel sessions

           6:00    End of the parallel sessions

           7:30    Formal reception at the "Alte Stuttgarter Reithalle”
                   Enjoy stimulating discussions with fellow participants
                   and speakers in a relaxing atmosphere.
         TUESDAY 20 MARCH 2007

>>         SESSION 1                                   König-Karl Hall      >>        SESSION 2                                Meidinger Room
           COMBUSTION ENGINES                                                         MOTOR VEHICLES

           PETROL ENGINES I                                                           WHOLE VEHICLE
           Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger                               Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Friedrich

11:00 a.m. High Tech – High Cost?                                           11:00 a.m. The College of Automotive Studies at Tongji
           Dr. Günther Fraidl, Dr. P. E. Kapus, Dr. H. Friedl,                         University and its Clean Energy Vehicle Program
           AVL List GmbH                                                               Prof. Dr.-Ing. YU Zhuoping, Automobile College of Tongji

11:30      A new approach to the GDI turbo engine:                          11:30     Design of energy absorbers made from expanded
           combining new technology with low cost applications                        polypropylene in shock absorber systems for the
           Patricia Anselmi, X. Gautrot, P. Leduc, A. Pagot,                          protection of pedestrians
           Institut Français du Pétrole                                               Dirk Götze, IVK University of Stuttgart,
                                                                                      Dr.-Ing. A. Kauffmann, ICT Fraunhofer Gesellschaft

12:00      Taming the complexity of future air breathing                    12:00     Driver comfort of agricultural tractors –
           systems by smart engineering                                               subjective and objective methods of assessment
           Volker Joergl, J. Shutty MS, Dr.-Ing. W. Wenzel,                           Jürgen Haberland, C. Brinkmann,
           Dr.-Ing. O. Weber, BorgWarner Inc.                                         Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Böttinger, University of Hohenheim

12:30      Lunch in the exhibition hall                                     12:30     Lunch in the exhibition hall

           DIESEL ENGINES                                                             DRIVING DYNAMICS I
           Chaired by: Dietmar Goericke                                               Chaired by: Dr.-Ing. Stefan Gies

2:00 p.m. Further development potential of the Audi V6 TDI engine           2:00 p.m. Tyre development for Formula 1 cars – research
          Richard Bauder, Dr.-Ing. H.-J. Schiffgens, C. Streng, AUDI AG               & Development in collaboration with the supplier
                                                                                      in a highly competitive environment
                                                                                      Dr.-Ing. Thomas Maulick, Ferrari S.p.A, Gestione Sportiva

2:30      Cavitation in wet cylinder liners in diesel engines of             2:30     Achievable passenger car braking deceleration in
          commercial vehicles                                                         relation to tyre grip μ-RoadSTAR
          Bernhard Steck, G. Sommerfeld, V. Schneider,                                Peter Maurer, Österr. Forschungs- and Prüfzentrum
          Mahle International GmbH                                                    Arsenal GmbH

3:00       Advanced Diesel Combustion System (ADCS) –                        3:00     Procedure for collision avoidance trajectory
           measures for fulfilling LEV II standards                                   planning for a vehicle in critical traffic situations
           Joern Kahrstedt, E. Mylidakis, A. Sommer,                                  Christian Schmidt, Dr. W. Branz, Robert Bosch GmbH
           W. Tschiggfrei, IAV GmbH

3:30       Coffee and discussion break                                       3:30     Coffee and discussion break

           ANALYSIS AND SIMULATION                                                    DRIVING DYNAMICS II
           Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Hohenberg                                Chaired by: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Raste

4:00       Evaluation of spray sub-models by 2D measurement                  4:00     Side wind behaviour from the point of view of the driver
           of droplet size and velocity                                               Werner Krantz, IVK University of Stuttgart
           Prof. Dr. Eng. Yasuo Moriyoshi, Chiba University, Japan
                                                                             4:30     Driving dynamics simulation of agricultural tractors
4:30       Quasi-dimensional combustion modelling and 1D                              using the Hohenheim tyre model
           flow simulation for petrol engines                                         Bojan Ferhadbegovic, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. H. D. Kutzbach,
           Dr.-Ing. Michael Grill, Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Bargende,                        Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Böttinger, University of Hohenheim
           FKFS Stuttgart
                                                                             5:00     A new thermal and mechanical tyre model for
5:00       Energy flow-down method and its application                                handling simulation
           for the improvement of vehicle fuel economy                                Pierre Février, Michelin Reifenwerke KGaA
           Prof. Ph. D. Jong-Hwa Lee, Ayou University, Korea
                                                                             5:30     Plausibilising the deviation rate and estimating the
                                                                                      vehicle orientation in a sensor signal platform
                                                                                      Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hillenbrand, Dr.-Ing. S. Otterbein, Robert
                                                                                      Bosch GmbH, Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Rehm, FH Osnabrück

7:30       Formal reception at the "Alte Stuttgarter Reithalle”
           Enjoy stimulating discussions with fellow participants and speakers in a relaxing atmosphere.
>>        SESSION 3            Bertha-Benz Room                      >>        SESSION 4                                    Reutlingen Room
          VEHICLE MECHATRONICS                                                 PRODUCTION & DESIGN

          ADVANCED DRIVER ASSISTANCE SYSTEMS                                   DESIGN I
          Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Knoll                               Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Engelbert Westkämper

11:00 a.m. Collision avoidance braking and veering strategies        11:00 a.m. Lightweight construction and modular design for
           for an Advanced Driver Assistance System                             future vehicle concepts
           Ulrich Stählin, M. Schorn, Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Isermann,               Gundolf Kopp, Prof. Dr.-Ing. H. Friedrich, DLR e.V.
           TU Darmstadt

11:30     A method of learning route information for                 11:30     Lightweight construction in consideration of aspects
          anticipatory driving strategies                                      of material and joining technology
          M. Sc. Anne Carlsson, Prof. Dr.-Ing. H.-C. Reuss,                    Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eberhard Roos, Dr.-Ing. M. J. Greit-
          IVK University of Stuttgart                                          mann, U. Mayer, MPA University of Stuttgart

12:00    Lunch in the exhibition hall                                12:00     The development of reliable transmission systems
                                                                               Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Bertsche, M. Wacker, J. Gäng,
                                                                               IMA University of Stuttgart
          Chaired by: Dr. Dieter Kraft
                                                                     12:30   Lunch in the exhibition hall
1:30p.m. The new hybrid concept
         Prof. Karl E. Noreikat, Dr. A. Truckenbrodt,
         DaimlerChrysler Corp. USA                                             DESIGN II
                                                                               Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Gadow

2:00      Experimental validation of a model for control of          2:00 p.m. Evaluating the degree of innovation of product ideas
          driveability in a hybrid-electric vehicle                            and products
          Kerem Koprubasi, Prof. Dr. G. Rizzoni, Prof. Ph. D.                  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hansgeorg Binz, Dr.-Ing. M. Reichle,
          E. R. Westervelt, Ohio State University, USA                         IMK University of Stuttgart

2:30      Introducing the Automatic Start-Stop (ASS) function        2:30      Piezoelectric motors – state of the art and potential
          in series models                                                     for automotive applications
          Dr. Stephan Wolff, Dr.-Ing. D. Abendroth, W. Weigl,                  Elmar Rothenhöfer, Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Schinköthe,
          M. Schneider, C.-P. Linner, J. Liebl, BMW Group                      IKFF University of Stuttgart

3:00      Commissioning and testing hybrid systems at                3:00      Ultra light carbon materials for applications in
          an assembly plant                                                    vehicle and engine construction
          Thomas Forchert, Dr.-Ing. S. Kienzle, DaimlerChrysler AG             Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Gadow, Dr. F. Kern, E. Türedi,
                                                                               IFKB University of Stuttgart

3:30      Coffee and discussion break                                3:30      Coffee and discussion break

          HYBRID AND POWER TRAIN II                                            PRODUCTION
          Chaired by: Prof. Karl E. Noreikat                                   Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Roos

4:00      System-oriented optimisation of hybrid power trains        4:00      New technologies for optimising component
          Uwe Tellermann, R. Schuler, Dr. Kraft, Dr.-Ing. K. Mann,             characteristics of outer body panel parts
          Robert Bosch GmbH, Prof. Dr.-Ing. F. Küçükay, TU Braun-              Dejan Vlahovic, Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Liewald MBA,
          schweig                                                              IFU University of Stuttgart

4:30      The use of new diagnostic standards in considera-          4:30      New approaches to process control for the deep
          tion of OBD requirements and new diagnostic                          drawing of large sheet metal components
          functionalities in Mercedes-Benz hybrid vehicles                     Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mathias Liewald MBA, Dr.-Ing. S. Wagner,
          Werner Preuschoff, T. Harr, DaimlerChrysler AG                       J. Hengelhaupt, IFU University of Stuttgart

5:00      Modelling a hybrid electrical vehicle and controller       5:00      Knowledge-based manufacturing systems for
          to optimize system performance                                       automobile construction
          M. Sc. Steve Miller, The MathWorks Germany GmbH                      Prof. Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. E. h. Dr.-Ing. E. h. Dr. h. c.
                                                                               mult. Engelbert Westkämper, IFF University of Stuttgart

                                                                     5:30      Ceramic structure and functional layers on light alloy
                                                                               components for power-operated applications
                                                                               Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Gadow, D. Lopez,
                                                                               IFKB University of Stuttgart
        WEDNESDAY 21 MARCH 2007

>>        SESSION 1                                   König-Karl Hall    >>       SESSION 2                                 Meidinger Room
          COMBUSTION ENGINES                                                      MOTOR VEHICLES

          REPORTS FROM FVV PROJECTS                                               AERODYNAMICS AND THERMAL MANAGEMENT I
          Chaired by: Dr.-Ing. Karl Kollmann                                      Chaired by: Dr.-Ing. Teddy Woll

8:30 a.m. Studies on homogeneous and partly homogeneous                  8:30 a.m. Shanghai Automotive Wind Tunnel Center
          diesel combustion processes in passenger car                             Prof. Dr. Yang Zhigang, Tongji University
          diesel engines
          Simon Haas, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Bargende, IVK Univer-
          sity of Stuttgart, H.-J. Berner, FKFS Stuttgart

9:00      Flexible research control computers with pmi-con-              9:00     Numerical and empirical analysis of the impact of
          trolled software structure for direct petrol injection                  revolving wheels on vehicle dynamics
          Andreas Gotter, O. Rütten, Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Pischinger,                Dr.-Ing. Alexander Wäschle, DaimlerChrysler AG
          VKA Aachen

9:30      Automated application of AGR/VTG control of super-             9:30     Flow calculations for side wind behaviour of
          charged diesel engines on the basis of non-linear                       passenger cars
          identification of the air and exhaust block                             Kentaro Zens, AUDI AG
          Karl von Pfeil, R. Zimmerschied, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. R.
          Isermann, TU Darmstadt

10:00     Coffee and discussion break                                    10:00    Coffee and discussion break

          PETROL ENGINES II                                                       AERODYNAMICS AND THERMAL MANAGEMENT II
          Chaired by: Prof. Dr. Konstantinos Boulouchos                           Chaired by: Norbert Lindener

10:30     Development methodology for the new BMW twin                   10:30    Acoustic and oscillatory methods in the design of
          turbo six-cylinder engine                                               modern air conditioning systems
          Dr.-Ing. Christian Schwarz, E. Schünemann, B. Durst,                    Dr.-Ing. Peter Röser, M. T. Ehlers and D. Zurek
          W. Mährle, BMW Group                                                    Modine Europe GmbH

11:00     Second generation direct petrol injection,                     11:00    Optimising vehicle design in consideration of the
          new methods of combustion behaviour development                         through flow in the aerodynamics research and
          Uwe Schaupp, Dr.-Ing. F. Altenschmidt, Dr. N. Laudenbach,               development process
          Dr.-Ing. D. Bertsch, M. Bezner, A. Kaden, DaimlerChrysler AG            Jochen Thibaut, Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Wiedemann, IVK Universi-
                                                                                  ty of Stuttgart, H. Winkelmann, BMW Group

11:30     Operational CAI strategies and control options,                11:30    Installation of a moving ground simulation system
          results of tests and simulations                                        in the Volvo wind tunnel
          Christina Sauer, Dr.-Ing. A. Kulzer, M. Rauscher, Dr.-Ing.              Dr. Johan Sternéus, T. Walker, A. Broniewicz, Volvo Cars
          J.-P. Hathout, R. Bosch GmbH, Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Bargende,               Cooperation

12:00     Lunch in the exhibition hall                                   12:00    Lunch in the exhibition hall

          EXHAUST AFTERTREATMENT                                                  AERODYNAMICS AND THERMAL MANAGEMENT III
          Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Thiemann                            Chaired by: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Heckenberger

1:30 p.m. Combustion behaviour and exhaust aftertreatment                1:30 p.m. The aerodynamic development of a commercial vehicle
          In the Mercedes-Benz BLUETEC concept                                     Stephan Kopp, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG
          Dr. Hermann Breitbach, DaimlerChrysler AG

2:00      Active exhaust technology for universal                        2:00     The vehicle as an aerodynamic sensor in the wind
          regeneration processes                                                  tunnel and on the road
          Dr.-Ing. Gerd Gaiser, J. Eberspächer GmbH & Co. KG                      Gustavo Estrada, Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Wiedemann,
                                                                                  N. Widdecke, IVK University of Stuttgart

2:30      Downstream fuel injection parameters for the rege-             2:30     Combined flow and strength calculation of heat
          neration of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems                          exchange demands placed on intercoolers
          Philipp Werner, A. Massner, Dr.-Ing. U. Gärtner,                        Dr. Thomas Wetzel, F. Brotz, B. Löffler, Dr. A. Boersma, N.
          DaimlerChrysler AG                                                      Fernandez, Dr.-Ing. T. Heckenberger, Behr GmbH & Co. KG

3:00      Coffee and discussion break                                    3:00     Coffee and discussion break
>>       SESSION 3           Bertha-Benz Room

         Chaired by: Dr. Wolfgang Zag

8:30 a.m. The use of model-based development methods and
          tools in series development of software-based
          mechatronic system functions
          Dr.-Ing. Karl-Ludwig Krieger, DaimlerChrysler AG

9:00     INCODIO – A new tool for automotive software-in-
         the-loop applications
         Dr. Thomas Zurawka, O. Meyer, Systecs Informations-
         systeme GmbH

9:30     ECU Software module development process
         changes in AUTOSAR
         Dr. Nigel Tracey, ETAS Group, UK, Dr. U. Lefahrt,
         H.-J. Wolff, Dr. Ulrich Freund, ETAS GmbH

10:00    Coffee and discussion break

         Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Isermann

10:30    The use of blind source separation to suppress
         noise during knocking recognition
         Stefan Lachmann, Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. Gühmann, TU Berlin

11:00    Multi-sensor networks for complete environment
         capturing for in-car driver assistance systems
         Philipp Schuricht, O. Cassebaum, Prof. Dr.-Ing. B. Bäker,
         Technical University of Dresden

12:00    Lunch in the exhibition hall

         Chaired by: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernard Bäker

1:00p.m. Hardware-in-the-loop test of electrical motor
         control devices
         Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bergold, A. Kusiek, dSpace GmbH,
         Dr. T. Weidner, V. Zerndt, BMW AG

1:30     Automatic test case generation by example of a door
         control device
         Michael Brost, Prof. Dr.-Ing. H.-C. Reuss, FKFS Stuttgart

2:00     New test methods for networked vehicle electronics
         in laboratory and test track trials
         Dr.-Ing. Gerd Baumann, FKFS Stuttgart

2:30     Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of network
         Rainer Plitschka, T. Dippon, Agilent Technologies R&D
         and Marketing GmbH

3:00     Coffee and discussion break

          >>       PLENARY SESSION                           König-Karl Hall

          8:30 a.m. Three parallel sessions

          10:00    Coffee and discussion break

          10:30    Three parallel sessions

          12:00    Lunch

          1:30 p.m.Three parallel sessions

          3:00     Coffee and discussion break

          3:15     Plenary discussion
                   The car of the future –
                   in the light of demographic change

                   Chaired by:
                   Consul Volkmar W. Kübler, Member of the Board,
                   FKFS Stuttgart.

                   Prof. Dr. Hans-Hermann Braess

                   Prof. Dr. Peter M. Knoll,
                   Head of ADAS Development
                   Robert Bosch GmbH

                   Prof. Dr. Bernd Raffelhüschen,
                   Institute of Financial Studies,
                   Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg

                   Prof. Sebastian Turner,
                   Chairman of the Board, Scholz & Friends AG

                   Prof. Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni,
                   Center of Automotive Research, Ohio State University

          4:15     Closing address
                   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Wiedemann
                   Member of the Board, FKFS
                   Full professor of automotive technology at the IVK

          4:30     Conference ends

          5:00     Visit to FKFS and IVK
                   Light refreshments and coffee (until approx. 7:00 p.m.)
                              Tuesday 20 March 2007 and
                              Wednesday 21 March 2007
                              On Tuesday 20 March and Wednesday 21 March a parallel
                              trade exhibition will once again be held in the foyer of the
                              conference venue. On more than 30 stands of 6 m2 and more
                              each, automobile manufactures and suppliers to the automotive
WITH KIND SUPPORT             industry will present the latest developments in vehicle and
                              engine technology and metrology to an informed specialist
FROM OUR PARTNERS             audience.
Premium Partner               List of exhibitors – Stuttgart Symposium 2005
AUDI AG                       Adam Opel GmbH | AUMET OY | Corrsys Datron | Daimler
DaimlerChrysler AG            Chrysler AG | Dantec Dynamics | DBK David+Baader GmbH |
Robert Bosch GmbH             Dokumentation Kraftfahrwesen e. V. | dSpace GmbH | ELTRO
                              GmbH | ETAS GmbH | FKFS | FLIR Systems GmbH | FLUENT
Partner                       Deutschland GmbH | Gigatronic GmbH | IAV Berlin | INTEC
Andreas Stihl AG & Co.KG      GmbH | INTES GmbH | IPG GmbH | ITK Engineering GmbH |
Behr GmbH & Co.KG             Jäger Messtechnik GmbH | Kistler Instrumente GmbH | Kol-
Beru AG                       benschmidt Pierburg AG | MANNER Sensortelemetrie GmbH |
Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG   Modine Europe GmbH | MTS System Corporation | Müller BBM
Mahle GmbH                    VibroAkustik Systeme | Natec Schultheiss GmbH | Robert
Mann + Hummel GmbH            Bosch GmbH | Spektra Schwingungstechnik | The Mathworks
Modine Europe GmbH            GmbH | Thomas Magnete GmbH | T-Systems International
WBI GmbH                      GmbH | Vector Consulting GmbH | Vieweg Verlag | WBI GmbH
Vector Informatik GmbH
ZF Friedrichshafen AG
                              A PLATFORM FOR YOUR PRESENTATION
                              As a supplier you can present your current range of products
                              and services to a specialist clientele at our exclusive exhibi-
                              tions. Take advantage of these meetings of specialists for a
                              professional exchange between users and pioneers in this field.

                              We can design customised sponsoring and exhibition packs to
                              meet your individual requirements. Choose from the wide ran-
                              ge of options available.

                              For further information on
                              presenting your company,
                              please contact:
                              Kai Pielicke
                              Telephone +49.6242. 990565

>> >
>> >


Patricia Anselmi                        Prof. Dr.-Ing. Horst Friedrich    Dipl.-Ing. Peter Köpf
IFP Institut Français du Pétrol         DLR e. V.                         ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Bargende         Prof. Dr.-Ing Rainer Gadow        Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Knoll
FKFS Stuttgart                          IFKB University of Stuttgart      Robert Bosch GmbH
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernard Bäker            Dr.-Ing. Gerd Gaiser              Dr.-Ing. Karl Kollmann
                                        J. Eberspächer GmbH & Co. KG      DLR e. V.
Richard Bauder
AUDI AG                                 Dr.-Ing. Stefan Gies              Stephan Kopp
                                        AUDI AG                           MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG
Dr. Gerd Baumann
FKFS Stuttgart                          Dietmar Goericke                  Dr. Dieter Kraft
                                        FVV e.V.                          Robert Bosch GmbH
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Bergold
dSpace GmbH                             Dr.-Ing. Michael Grill            Werner Krantz
                                        FKFS Stuttgart                    IVK University of Stuttgart
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Bertsche
IMA University of Stuttgart             Dirk Götze                        Dr.-Ing. Karl-Ludwig Krieger
                                        IVK University of Stuttgart       DaimlerChrysler AG
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hansgeorg Binz
IMK University of Stuttgart             Andreas Gotter                    Consul Volkmar W. Kübler
                                        VKA Aachen                        Member of the Board, FKFS Stuttgart
Prof. Dr. sc. techn.
Konstantinos Boulouchos                 Simon Haas                        Stefan Lachmann
ETH Zürich                              AUDI AG                           Technical University of Berlin
Dr. Hermann Breitbach                   Jürgen Haberland                  Prof. Jong-Hwa Lee
DaimlerChrysler AG                      University of Hohenheim           Ayou University
Michael Brost                           Dr.-Ing. Thomas Heckenberger      Dr. Ulrich Lefahrt
FKFS Stuttgart                          Behr GmbH & Co. KG                ETAS GmbH
Anne Carlsson                           Dr.-Ing. Stefan Hillenbrand       Dr. Rolf Leonhard
FKFS Stuttgart                          Robert Bosch GmbH                 Robert Bosch GmbH
Wolfgang Dürheimer                      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Hohenberg   Norbert Lindener
Dr.-Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG             TU Darmstadt                      AUDI AG
Dr.-Ing. E. h. Hans-Joachim Emmelmann   Hans Houben                       Martin Litschel
Wilhelm Karmann GmbH                    BERU AG                           Vector Informatik GmbH
em. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulf Essers           Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Isermann      Dr. Bernd Mahr
                                        TU Darmstadt                      Mahle GmbH
Gustavo Estrada
IVK University of Stuttgart             Volker Joergl                     Dr.-Ing. Thomas Maulick
                                        BorgWarner Inc.                   Ferrari S.p.A, Gestione Sportiva
Bojan Ferhadbegovic
University of Hohenheim                 Joern Kahrstedt                   Dr. Peter Maurer
                                        IAV GmbH                          Österr. Forschungs- and Prüfzentrum
Thomas Forchert
                                                                          Arsenal GmbH
DaimlerChrysler AG                      Dr.-Ing. Frank Kern
                                        IFKB University of Stuttgart      Steve Miller
Dr. Günther Fraidl
                                                                          The MathWorks Germany
AVL List GmbH
         ANZEIGE 1


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Prof. Dr. Eng. Yasuo Moriyoshi          Christian Schmidt                  Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Prof. E. h. Dr.-Ing. E. h.
Chiba University                        Robert Bosch GmbH                  Dr. h. c. mult. Engelbert Westkämper
                                                                           IFF University of Stuttgart
Prof. Karl E. Noreikat                  Dr.-Ing. Christian Schwarz
DaimlerChrysler Corp. USA               BMW Group                          Dr. Thomas Wetzel
                                                                           Behr GmbH & Co. KG
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Pischinger        Philipp Schuricht
VKA RWTH Aachen                         Technical University of Dresden    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jochen Wiedemann
                                                                           FKFS Stuttgart
Rainer Plitschka                        Dr. rer. nat. Dieter Seipler
Agilent Technologies R&D and            Mann + Hummel GmbH                 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Martin Winterkorn
Marketing GmbH                                                             AUDI AG
                                        Bernhard Steck
Werner Preuschoff                       Mahle International GmbH           Dr. Stephan Wolff
DaimlerChrysler AG                                                         BMW Group
                                        Dr. Johan Sternéus
Prof. Dr. Bernd Raffelhüschen           Volvo Cars Cooperation             Dr.-Ing. Teddy Woll
Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg                                        DaimlerChrysler AG
                                        Uwe Tellermann
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Raste                   Robert Bosch GmbH                  Dr. Wolfgang Zag
Continental Teves AG                                                       Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG
                                        Jochen Thibaut
Prof. Dr.-Ing Wolfram Ressel            BMW Group                          Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Zahn
Rector of the University of Stuttgart                                      Andreas Stihl AG & Co. KG
                                        Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Thiemann
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Christian Reuss     University of the Federal Armed    Kentaro Zens
FKFS Stuttgart                          Forces Hamburg                     AUDI AG
Prof. Giorgio Rizzoni                   Prof. Sebastian Turner             Prof. Dr.-Ing. YANG Zhigang
Ohio State University                   Scholz & Friends AG                Tongji University
Dr.-Ing. Peter Röser                    Dejan Vlahovic                     Prof. YU Zhuoping
Modine Europe GmbH                      IFU University of Stuttgart        Automobile College of Tongji University
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eberhard Roos     Karl von Pfeil                     Dipl.-Ing. Werner Zobel
MPA University of Stuttgart             TU Darmstadt                       Modine Europe GmbH
Elmar Rothenhöfer                       Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wagner             Dr. Thomas Zurawka
IKFF University of Stuttgart            IFU University of Stuttgart        Systecs Informationssysteme GmbH
Christina Sauer                         Dr.-Ing. Alexander Wäschle
Robert Bosch GmbH                       DaimlerChrysler AG
Uwe Schaupp                             Dr.-Ing. Thomas Weber
DaimlerChrysler AG                      DaimlerChrysler AG
Dr. Annette Schavan                     Philipp Werner
Federal Ministry of Education and       DaimlerChrysler AG
Research, Member of the 16th German


>> >


EPS 2007 – Der Pulvertreff                 FTK 2007 – Adhesives in Bremen
Trade conference on                        Adhesive engineering in motion –
electrostatic powder coating               simulation and process engineering
1 and 2 March 2007                         27 and 28 September 2007
Munich                                     Bremen

careers4engineers automotive               The Future of Automobile Assembly
The career event for                       Trade conference on optimised
automobile engineers                       assembly concepts
12 May 2007                                18 and 19 October 2007
Stuttgart                                  Neckarsulm

The Powertrain of Tomorrow                 Road traffic management
3rd International Automotive Conference    Trade conference on traffic management
22 and 23 May 2007                         23 and 24 October 2007
Neckarsulm                                 Frankfurt/Main

Hybrid Vehicles – Challenges in Develop-   VPC – Virtual Powertrain Creation
ment and Series Production Start-up        11th. International Automotive
23 and 24 Mai 2007                         Technology Conference
Boxberg                                    24 and 25 October 2007

5th Magdeburg Symposium –
Engine and Aggregate Acoustics             Gas exchange cycle in combustion engines
ATZ/MTZ Conference - Acoustics 2007        ATZ/MTZ Engine Conference
13 and 14 June 2007                        7 and 8 November 2007
Magdeburg                                  Stuttgart

VVC – Virtual Vehicle Creation             Global Motorsports Congress
11th International                         Performance Technology Transfer
Automotive Technology Conference           November 2007
19 and 20 June 2007
                                           Careers4engineers at Euromold
                                           The career event for engineers
Energy and the Automobile                  7 and 8 December 2007
Trade conference on power generation,      Frankfurt/Main
conversion and recovery
26 and 27 June 2007


Research Institute of automotive engineering
and vehicle engines Stuttgart
FKFS is an independent institute which performs research and
development work on behalf of the international automobile
industry and carries out basic research in collaboration with
its partner institute, IVK.

vieweg technology forum
Your partner for professional development at the Vieweg publis-
hing house. In collaboration with the editorial teams of our
trade publications we organise top-notch industry-specific
conferences in the areas of automotive development and
manufacture, industrial adhesives and sealants, surface
engineering and recruiting.

ATZ - Automotive Engineering Magazine
The internationally read specialist trade journal for R&D,
design, testing and manufacturing in the field of automotive
engineering. ATZ facilitates information exchange between the
manufacturers and suppliers and reports on new passenger
cars and commercial vehicles.

MTZ - Engine Technology Magazine
News about the latest trends in research and development
relating to diesel and petrol engines make MTZ essential
reading for engine specialists. MTZ is distributed in over 50
countries and is the leading periodical for all combustion
engines, their components and accessories.

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Automobilelektronik und

                    GIGATRONIK Entwicklungsdienstleistungen umfassen:
  • Komponentenentwicklung                                           • Fahrzeugintegration                           • Informations- & Prüfsysteme
  • Systemarchitektur & Bordnetz                                     • Sonderapplikationen                           • PLM-Lösungen
  • Systemintegration & Erprobung                                    • Diagnose                                      • IT-Beratung

                                                      E-Mail:         ·

  GIGATRONIK Stuttgart GmbH                                    GIGATRONIK Ingolstadt GmbH                            GIGATRONIK München GmbH
  Hortensienweg 21 · D-70374 Stuttgart                         Am Augraben 19 · D-85080 Gaimersheim                  Taunusstraße 21 · D-80807 München
  Tel.: 0711 / 84 96 09-0 · Fax: 0711 / 84 96 09-99            Tel.: 08458 / 348 80-0 · Fax: 08458 / 348 80-99       Tel.: 089 / 353 96 80-0 · Fax: 089 / 353 96 80-99
ATTENDANCE FEE                                                     VENUE
790 € Attendance fee                                               Haus der Wirtschaft
395 € University/college staff members                             Wirtschaftsministerium Baden-Württemberg,
The attendance fee covers:                                         Willy-Bleicher-Strasse 19, 70569 Stuttgart
• Admission to all events on both days
• Conference ribbon                                                Telephone +49.711. 123-0
• Lunch at the venue for each day of the conference and  
  drinks during breaks
• Admission to the formal evening reception                        CONFERENCE OFFICE
395 € Single-day admission                                         vieweg technology forum
200 € University/college staff members                             Abraham-Lincoln-Straße 46
                                                                   65189 Wiesbaden
Single-day admission covers:
• Admission to all events on one day                               Contact:
• Conference ribbon                                                Birgit Ulber
• Lunch at the venue and drinks during breaks                      Telephone +49.611. 7878-131
• Admission to the formal evening reception                        Fax +49.611. 7878-452
Value-added tax at the rate of 19 % will be added to all 
conference fees.
Students                                                           HOTELS
Once registered, your registration card admits you to all
lectures and to the exhibition, but does not entitle you to        The following hotels have block booked rooms for conference
any other services.                                                participants. Please reserve your room before 19th February
                                                                   2007 quoting "Stuttgart Symposium".
Method of payment
By bank transfer upon receipt of invoice or by credit card         Maritim Hotel Stuttgart
                                                                   Seidenstrasse 34, 70174 Stuttgart City Centre
                                                                   Telephone +49.711. 942-0, fax +49.711. 942-1001
TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                     , € 148,– single room, including breakfast
No cancellation charge is due if registration is cancelled by      Hotel Wartburg
20 February 2007. Cancellations made after that date will          Lange Strasse 49, 70174 Stuttgart
incur a charge of 35% of the attendance fee. For cancellations     Telephone +49.711. 2045-0, fax +49.711. 2045-450
after 27 February 2007 the full attendance fee is payable.,
Cancellations must be made in writing. The date of the post-       € 86,– single room, including breakfast
mark shall determine whether the deadline has been met. We
would be pleased to accept a replacement delegate at no extra      Best Western Hotel Ketterer
charge.                                                            Marienstraße 3, 70178 Stuttgart
Should a speaker be unable to attend at short notice by reason     Telephone +49.711. 2039-0, fax +49.711. 2039-600
of accident, illness, force majeure or other circumstances for,
which vieweg technology forum cannot be held accountable,          Price including breakfast € 108,– and
then another qualified person shall be appointed to the exclu-     DZ € 139,– 00 (single occupancy double room)
sion of any claim for compensation. Should the event be can-
celled altogether then we will of course refund the attendance
fee. No conference documentation may be reproduced or              Details of other hotels in Stuttgart can be
transferred to third parties without the express written consent   found at
of vieweg technology forum. Audio and video recording of
the conference is not permitted. Your personal details will be
stored electronically in compliance with the German Data
Protection Act. Should you no longer wish to receive details of
our attractive offers in future, you can withdraw permission
for us to use your personal details for advertising purposes.
Please inform us of this in writing, not forgetting to include
your address.
  7th Stuttgart International Symposium
  20 – 21 MARCH 2007 | STUTTGART

Please register by completing the form below and                  Attendance fee              790 € plus VAT
sending it by fax +49.611. 7878-452 or register online at         University/                                     college staff members       395 € plus VAT
Upon receipt of your registration, you will be sent a confirma-   Single-day admission        395 € plus VAT
tion and three weeks prior to the symposium you will receive      University/
the invoice. Conference documentation, conference ribbon and      college staff members       200 € plus VAT
vouchers will be handed to you at the conference check-in
counter upon your arrival.                                                                    20. 3. 2007      21. 3. 2007
Please use one form for each person registering.
Details of participant
                                                                  Main area of interest
                                                                     Engines                  Automobiles
Family name                                                          Vehicle mechatronics     Production and design

First name(s)                                                     I wish to attend the formal evening reception
                                                                     yes                      no
                                                                  I wish to take part in the visit to FKFS on 21 March 2007
                                                                     yes                      no

Department                                                        Method of payment
                                                                  Bank transfer upon receipt of invoice
                                                                  Credit card (MasterCard, Visa)
Street/P.O Box

                                                                  Card number
Post code/town

                                                                  Card holder

                                                                  Valid until
Invoice address


Telephone, fax

E-mail                                   33407 60 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

                                                                  Date, signature

                                                                  PLEASE SEND BY FAX TO + 49 (0)611. 7878-452
                                                     Forschungsinstitut für
                                                     Kraftfahrwesen und
                                                     Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart

7th Stuttgart International Symposium
Automotive and Engine Technology

vieweg technology forum         FKFS
Abraham-Lincoln-Strasse 46      Pfaffenwaldring 12
65189 Wiesbaden                 70569 Stuttgart
Germany                         Germany

Contact and Information
Birgit Ulber
Telefon +49.611. 7878-131
Telefax +49.611. 7878-452

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