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Letter to Boss.doc - Cedar Rapids Charter Chapter


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									September 23, 2011

Dear Employer:

Congratulations! You have an employee who has demonstrated a continued commitment to
advancing her professional training and business skills development through active participation
in the American Business Women’s Association Cedar Rapids Charter Chapter.

The Association is dedicated to providing such women with the tools they need for success. In
fact, it is our mission to provide women with the resources and skills they need to excel. We
design each ABWA meeting, activity, and conference as a concentrated, highly effective means
of connecting our members with the knowledge and opportunities they need to achieve success.

Participation in the monthly ABWA meetings includes programs and seminars that focus on
today’s leading business topics from strategy to marketing to other business trends. Often our
speakers are professors from the University of Iowa and other local business professionals from
the Corridor area.

ABWA offers various courses that count toward professional development units via our online
Women’s Instructional Network (WIN) website as well as sessions at our district and national
conferences. After the courses are completed, a certificate of completion is offered to the

Annually ABWA holds National & Regional conferences where we have collaborated with the
University of Kansas, School of Business in order to offer an MBA certificate. The professional
staff from KU presents master’s level courseware. The topics are various key areas of business
management such as strategic marketing, strategic planning and leadership for strategic change.

As the world changes and the needs of business change, it is our mission to support members in
acquiring new skills and knowledge so they will continue to bring value to your company.

Please consider sponsoring your employee for their ABWA membership.


Misty Frank
Misty Frank
American Business Women’s Association Cedar Rapids Charter Chapter

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