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									Tips for Maximizing your AT Potential with
             WYNN Software
         Accessing Higher Ground 2009

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• Introduction
• Overview of WYNN
• Question and Answer Time

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                What Is WYNN?
• Software that provides bi-modal access to scanned text,
  electronic files and the Internet
• Includes tools to customize the reading environment,
  increase comprehension, and support writing
• Enables people to work with content that is challenging
  to read due to learning disabilities – such as dyslexia
• Accelerates the Learning Process
• Direct, Faster Link to other information than what you
  are specifically reading (online environment) Creates a
  richer reading environment.
• Used in educational, adult literacy, and employment
  settings to support struggling readers
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        Simplistic Approach
• Organization: Four, color-coded Tool Bars
   – Blue: File Management and Internet
   – Green: Customize Reading Preferences
   – Pink: Study Tools
   – Yellow: Writing Tools

• easy to learn, easy to teach, easy to use
• WYNN’s ‘claim to fame’ Clean & crisp interface
  and ease of use!

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   How Do You Get Info into
Must have WYNN Wizard to:
• Scan: print materials using a flat-bed scanner
• Freedom Import Printer: import a file from any
  application in your choice of color or black and white
With WYNN Wizard or WYNN Reader can also:
• New: Create a new document
• Open: existing files or files from disk
• Go to Web: browse the Internet and bring text into

                                       Freedom Scientific Inc.
            Freedom Import Printer

• Open PDF's, Word Docs, WordPerfect,
  HTML, text files, and many others.

• Open the file in the application and print it
  to the
  WYNN Freedom Import Printer.

• Please note: The Freedom Import Printer is only
  available in WYNN Wizard. This function is not
  available in WYNN Reader.

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Modifying the Reading Environment

  • Address visual processing difficulties
    – Size, spacing, margins, text/background color
  • Address auditory processing difficulties
    – Rate of speech, pause between sentences, reading
      increments (example of extremely fast auditory processing)
  • Single click provides immediate results
    – Empowers user with independence and control over
      reading environment
  Each user’s preferences automatically saved
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Study Tools – Mastering Material
• Create an active reading and studying process

• Aid in comprehension of materials

• Help with automatization – information becomes
   – Richer reading environment

• Make reading and studying more meaningful

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         Studying with WYNN
Study tools now available in Text View and Exact View!

  • Embed text or voice notes in the text
  • Highlight main ideas and details
  • Paraphrase main ideas and details
  • Learn vocabulary
  • Create study guides
  • Create an active rich ,reading environment
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            Writing with WYNN

• Hear what you write, see your text in your preferred visual
• Style button to add bold, italics, underline attributes
• Word prediction to help keep pace with flow of ideas and
  with spelling
• Spell Check as You Type (misspelled words show up in blue)
• Homophone support (get definitions for homophones)
• Outlining to help with organization

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 Internet Access with WYNN

• Interactive bi-modal web access
• Tools to enhance focus/reduce
  distractions while reading Web pages
• Support for isolating and extracting key
• Access to Web Mail and online forms

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      Convert to Audio (MP3)

Convert to MP3 format for listening on any MP3
  player (including the Apple iPod™)

   • File menu, Save to Audio

   • Saves in your folder in WYNN User Files

   • Copy to MP3 directory

                                 Freedom Scientific Inc.

• Enables students to actively study material
• Helps students process, analyze and synthesize
  information, organizing the study process
• Aids in comprehension, retention, and mastery of
• Using the Tool earlier gives the best advantage to
  the student
• Students benefit, but benefits go far beyond the
  disabled community.

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 For More Information About WYNN
           Contact Us At:
Freedom Scientific, Learning Systems Group

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