The Cadet. VMI Newspaper. April 20_ 1909 by linzhengnd


									VOL- II                                     VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 1909                                                                 NO. 26

V. P.    1. Wins by Over-                        The Easter Dances                         The Same Old Story                          Tne Minstrel Show
        whelming Score                                                                                                           The Second Production of the
                               Large Number of *'Calic'* Make Promising Start did Not Last.                                          Dramatic Club a Big
Poor Headwork      and  Costly   Dance Unusually        Attrac- Richmond College   Cinches                                                   Success
   Errors Lose the Game.           tive—Big Success from           the Game in Fourth
         Score, 15 to 4                 Start to Finish                  Inning
                                                                                                            On the evening of Friday, the
                                                                                                         16th, the Dramatic Club present
    For the first time in eight years The Easter dances, to which we Again we have the same old ed its second minstrel show,
V. P. I. defeated us in baseball. have so long looked forward,are story to tell. About 40 young which was without doubt the
In fact, it is the first time that now a thing of the past, and all ladies here for the Easter Hops, "hit of the season," and al-
this has happened since we beat who went to them are blue after and 50 more from the Southern though the club had only a little
them at football. It happened the departure of the "Easter Seminary were not inspiration over two weeks for practice the
in Roanoke on Easter Monday Girl." The large number of enough to wrench a victory from entire performance came off
                                     pretty girls who were at those Richmond College. With the without a hitch. The hall was
and although we hate to say it,
                                     dances were enough to make all exception of the fourth inning packed to the utmost, which was
it was due practically entirely to
                                     cadets forget everything else the team played very good ball, exceedingly gratifying to the
dumb, bone-headed ball playing during those few pleasant days.
                                                                       but in that one they went up in Bomb staff and the Athletic As-
on the part of the V. M. I. team.
The game was not won by V.              The Easter german was on a balloon that only touched in sociation.
                                                                       high places and it cost V. M. I.
P. I's. hard hitting, for we got Friday night, starting just after the game. In the first three The performance was opened
as many hits as they did, but        the minstrel show and lasted un-                                    by a chorus of the entire club,
simply lost by bad playing on our    til 2 a. m. The fine exhibition innings things were all our way, which made its appearance in a
part.                                given by the Dramatic Club put and it looked like the team had large tooting auto, preceded by
                                     everyone in^the best possible at last got together. The game Cadet Rankin, mounted on an
    The whole corps k with the humor for the dance following. was full of errors and it was
                                                                                                         impressive velocipede, all vigor-
team, win or lose, but they ex- First came four german figures through these that it was lost. ously asserting that there would
pect and want to have the team and these added much to the at- It was in the fourth inning that be a " Big Night Tonight'' (and
wake up, for they can play ball. traction as they were exception- the trouble commenced. Two they hit the nail on the head).
Let's show them in the rest ally well led. After these figures men given bases on ball, three Following this unique introduc-
of the games. We have two the regular hop occupied the rest hits               and a home run on tion came a series of jokes
more games pending with V. of the "time. A delicious and account of left fielder s error did at the expense of the interlocu-
P. L, which we can win if we substantial supper was served the work, Richmond College tor, Cadet Scott, by the end men.
try hard enough.                     during the course of the evening. scoring six runs. The home team Cadets Rankin, Crowson, Kin-
    The features of the game were
                                        Saturaay night the good time played ih this inning like they aolving and Daltorf.
 "Reddy" Moore's stop of two was repeated, the only trouble had never seen a base ball before. The end men were right there
 slashing drives that were each being that it wasn't long The team pulled themselves to- with the goods, and their cat
due for two bags easy, and enough. From start to finish gether after the inning but were song and drill was extremely
 Jones' clean home run out into these dances could not have unable to retrieve the fatal clever. Cadets Drayton, Dodd,
 the race tracks.                    been more enjoyable and it was fourth.                               Martin, Owsley and McElroy
         THE GAME BY INNINGS          with keen regret that ''Home 1st inning.—Saunders got a in turn sang several catchy
    In the first, Walton walked Sweet Home" was listened to on hit for Richmond College but songs, accompanied by the Man-
 the first man Lee and the next the last night.                        nothing came of it. Gates and dolin club.
 two were easy outs. Then               The couples Friday night were: Grammer got base on balls in The evening was closed by a
 Moore bungled miserably on Ives Miss White with Cadet Owen. succession. Gates tagged out on reproduction of the Merry Wid-
 grounder and Lee scored. Then          Miss Stucky with Cadet Aiken. attempt to steal third and Gram- ow Waltz by Cadets Drayton
                                                                                                          (Sonia) and Britton (the Prince)
                                        Miss Spindle with Cadet Hob- mer stole second and third. and a burlesque of that dance by
 the bases were filled by two men
 walking and all three scored on son.                                  Owen bunted and Grammer Cadets Rankin and Kinsolving,
 Hunt's bounder to Walton, as           Miss Lewis with Cadet Bowe. scored, Owen making first, Moore the former suffering a painful
 the latter failed to touch first.      Miss Robinson with Cadet struck out. Maclean hit by ball accident in the explosion of a
 The next one struck out.             Grammer.                         and Chapman out, shortstop to "hip pad." "Skin" gets the
                                        Miss Fadz with Cadet Britton. first,                              prize as an imitator.
    For V. M. I. Scott was out
 going to first and Grammar hit Miss Burwell with Captain 2nd inning. — Snead gets a sin-                                         PROGRAM

  for a single and was scored by      Burroughs.                       gle and is caught out stealing                 Interlocutor—Cadet Scott

 Owen's two bagger. The othei' Miss Paris with Cadet Noell. second. Gates sacks Clark's fly E n d M e n — C a d e t s R a n k i n , C r o w s o n ,
 two were easy outs, Score: Miss Cross with Cadet Patti- to left. Jenkins out, pitcher to                                 Dalton, Kinsolving

 V. P. I. 4, V. M. I. L               son.                             first. Moseley gets base on balls C i r c l e — C a d e t s O w s l e y , M c M i l l a n , D r a y -
     In the second V. P. 1. scored Miss Culp with Cadet Porter. and is caught stealing second.                     ton, McClellan, Gardner, Dodd,
                                                                                                                        Morrison. Martin, Mc-
 on a hit, a wild throw and two          Miss Page with Cadet Gates. Beauchamp and Jenkins C. strike                        Elroy, Whitfield.

  fielder's choice. V. M. I. in this Miss Walter with Cadet Smith, out.                                                              SONGS

  inning had a good chance to scor(»  H.                                  3rd inning.—Shepherd makes O p e n i n g C h o r u s — " B i g N i g h t T o n i g h t "
                                                                                                          "Goodbye Sweetheart                     Goodbye"
  with men on second and third           Miss Craighill with Cadet first on Moore's fumble. Saun-                                                                Owaley

  and one out, but nothing came Alexander.                              ders flies to Moore. Shepherd " M e e t M e i n t h e R o s e T i m e R o s i e "
  of it.                                 Miss Dew with Cadet Mor- thrown out stealing second by " I f Y o u D o n ' t C h a n g e Y o u W a y o f
     Third inning.—V. P. I. was rison.                                  Beauchamp. Lodge strikes out. L i v i n g t h a t ' s t h e W a y Y o u W i l l
                                                                                                             Die"               .         .          .         Crowson
  easy out in one, two, three order.     Miss Coleman with Cadet Mc- Gates out, short to first. Gram- " H a s A n y b o d y S e e n O u r C a t "
  (Jrammar scores on being hit by Clellan.                              mer places a single and carried                                                      End Men

                                         Miss Speck with Cadet Rhett, to second on another by Owen. S w e e t G e n e v i e v e "
                                                                                                          " I ' l l B e W a i t i n g in         the        Gloominif,
  pitched ball and Owen's hit.                                                                                                                       .         McElroy

  Owen advanced to second by W.                                         Moore gets a single but Grammer " I U s e d t o B e A f r a i d t o G o H o m e i n
  Gate's hit and scores on Moore's Miss Speed with Cadet English is thrown out in home by Saun- A l l "
                                                                                                              the Dark, N o w I A m Afraid to Go at
                                                                                                                                .         .          .            Dalton

  hit. and the lattei- scoi-es on a Miss Brockenbrough with Ca- ders. Maclean flies to Saunders. " Oh i nYeo uo nK i H" r v e s .t . M o o n "
                                                                                                           " ,
                                                                                                                                                    .             Martin
  fieklei-'s choice. Score: V. P. L det Brett.                            4th inning—Ezekiel out, pitcher " T o t h e E n d o f t h e W o r l d w i t h Y o u "
  5, V. M. 1. 4.                         Miss Sheldon with Captain to first. Meredith and Snead get                                                              Owsley
      In the fourth V. P. I. scored Edwards.                            base on balls in succession and               MERRY WIDOW DANCE
                                                                                                          Cadets          Drayton,            Britton,           Rankin,
                                                      Continued on   page   3                    Continued on page 2                             Kinsolving
           Continued on p a g e 4
                                                                             The Same Old Story
                                                                                                                                          Meet Yout Friends at the                                          STRAIN &
    Published by the              Cadets of the             Vir                  Continued from page                        1

Kinia Military I n s t i t u t e .                                                                                                        Lexington Pool Go's                                                               PATTON
                                                                     Meredith steals third. Clark
    Official Publication of               the     General
                Athletic        Association.
                                                                     knocks bounder to Moore who                                                   Newest and Nicest
                                                                     throws home too late to catch
 Sobscription Price $1.50 a Year in Advance                          Meredith, who scores. Snead

   Address all business mat1x>r to the Business
 Manager and all other matters should be ad-
 dressed to the Editor-in-Chief.
                                                                     then scores on Beverly's hit.
                                                                     Jenkins advances Clark to third
                                                                     and Beverly to second by a sin-
                                                                                                                                          Pool and Billiard                                                 Clothiers
   Entered at the postoflice at Lexinifton, Vii., ns
 second class matter.                       '
                                                                     gle and Shepherd clears the bases
                                                                     by a home run through Gates.
                                                                                                                                                            Parlors                                                           AND
                                                                     Saunders out, foul at first. Lodge
              THE       CADET

 G. M . A l e x a n d e r , '09,

                                         E d i t o r in C h i e f
                                                                     gets single. Ezekiel out on fly to
                                                                     Gates. V. M. I. did nothing at
                                                                                                                                                      Washington                   Street
 T . S . P a t t i s o n , '10, A s s t . E d i t o r in C h i e f   the bat in the fourth inning.
                                                                                                                                          T. C. CONLON & CO.

W . M. R h e t t

                             A. M. O w s l e y
                                                                        r)th inning. Neither side did
                                                                     anything worth mentioning.                                                                                                                  Furnishers
J. M, Magruder              B. D. Mayo                                  6th Inning. Richmond did
R. Gant                      R. F. W a g n e r
                 L. N. Britton                                       nothing. Moore out, fly to Jen-                                                   TAILORS                                              Directly   0pp.   Lexington         H ttel
       ASSISTANT ASSOCIATE                    EDITORS
                                                                     kins. Maclean out, third to first.
                                                                     Chapman reaches first on Shep-                                             CHARLOirESVILLE, VA.
 R. Saunders                           C. B. C o u l b o u r n
 E. H o d g e                          J. B. B e n t l e y           herd's wildfthrow. Moseley gets                                                                                                          Ready      made     Clothing        and
T. M.       Scott                   Business        Manager
                                                                     base on balls and Chapman                                            will he here in a few days Clothing made to order.
                                                                     steals third. Beauchamp reaches                                                                   Full line of Shoes, Hats, Suit
            RoeltbridKe Countv News Print                            first and Chapman scores on                                          with Spring Goods. : : : Cases and Hand Bags.
                                                                     Clark's wild thrW. Jenkins, C.,                                                                           Agents for Eclipse and Cluett
                                                                                                                                             B. H. GORRELL and Cuffs.        Shirts and Arrow Brand Collars
                                                                     out, short to first.
        Thanks to the Corps
                                                                        7th. Clark gets single for                                                                             Full line of Underwear.
                                                                     Richmond, but to no purpo-e.                                                  Druggist                    Jerseys and Sweaters a special-
  The "Cadet" wishes to thank                                        Meredith changes places with                                               17 W. Nelson     Street      ty. All kinds of Pennants and
the corps, on behalf of the base-                                    Clarke at pitcher. Nothing do-                                                                          Pillow Tops. Pull line of Tennis
                                                                                                                                          Drugs, Chemicals, Toilet Articles, and Gum Shoes.
ball team, for the fine supper                                       ing for V. M. I.                                                        Perfumes, V. M. I. Stationery     Your patronage solicited.
given them on their return from                                         8th. Jenkins places sinjjle and
                                                                                                                                                                  PHONE       41
Roanoke. That this was entirely                                      steals second. Shepherd out,
undeserved makes them appre-
ciate it all the more. It is this
                                                                     short to first, but advances Jen-
                                                                     kins to third. Saunders out,                                         Myers Hardware Co.                                                Virginia
spirit shown by the corps, even                                      pitcher to first. The next man,                                                        (INCOKl'OHATKDl
                                                                     Lodge, knocks a clean home run.
when the team has been badly
beaten^ that ought to make every                                     Ezekiel is put out at first. V. M.
                                                                                                                                          Use 3 in 1 Oil on Your Gun                                                   Military
player try doubly hard to make                                       I. lost her chance in this inning,                                              Cleans, Polishes and
the remainder of the season suc-                                     scoring only one run off of a base                                                 Prevents Rust
cessful.                                                             given on balls and two hits.
                                                                     Three men struck out and this                                                                   THE
                                                                     finished it.
                                                                        9th. Neither side scorad, the
                                                                                                                                          Model: Barber : Shop                                                         70th      YEAR
                                                                     game ending Richmond College                                               A f a v o r i t e r e s o r t w i l l i r;a<U'fs.
                                                                                                                                                N e x t (lour B a n k of liockbridj^c.
 V. M. / . to Go Into Camp This                                      8; V. M. L, 3.                                                                                      One of the few if not the only
   Year-Suspension     of Aca-                                                                                                                              H. A. WlJ.l.IAIMK,                IVop.
                                                                                RICHMOND                     COLLEGE                                                  institution in the United States
       demic    Work—Ideal
                                                                     Jenkins, 2b
                                                                                                                                                                                           military sys-
                                                                                                                                          V. M. I. Pressing Shop combining the rigidStates Milita-
                                                                                                                                                                      tem of the United
                                                                     Shepherd,          8b                    5        1         1    1                               i-y Academy with collegiate and
                                                                     Saunders,          If.                   r.       0        1     0   Room C ^  V. M. 1. Barracks technical course of instruction.
    It has been definitely decided                                   L o d g e , c.                           5        1        2     0
 that the corps of cadets will go                                    Ezekiel,         ss.                     5        0        0     1        REDUCED RATES                      E. W. NICHOLS        •
  into camp this year. This will                                     Menditt,         rf.                     4        1        0     1                                                  Superintendent
 be the first time in several years                                  Snead,      cf.                          4        1        1     0   Billiard and Pool Parlors
 this important part of military                                     (.'lark, p.
                                                                     Beverly,         lb
                                                                                                                                                                                                               The County News
 instruction has been available to                                                                                                                   and RESTAURANT
 the cadets. What they have                                                   Totals                         41        8        9     5                                                                         JOB OFFICE
 learned from books they will now                                                                                                            A f u l l l i n e o f Cit,'arH a n d C i « a r e t t , e s —   Opposite   Presbyterian   Lecture    Koom
                                                                                                      V   M." L                           i m p o r t e d a n d (lonieHtic.
 put to practice.                                                                                                                             F i s h a n d OyKterH i n s e a s o n .                            Orders Filled        Promptly
    During the encampment there                                                                             AB.        R.       H.   E.                                                      I'rop.
                                                                                                                                                               \ V . K. ( ; K A N ( i l < : U ,
                                                                     Gates,      If                           2        1        0     1
 will be a complete suspension of                                                                                                                                                                           J. Gassman & Son Hardware Co.
                                                                     Granimer,             ss.                3        0        1     2
 academic work and all the time                                      Owen,       rf.                          4        0                  Visit the Sutler's Store
 will be put on military duties.                                     Moore,      2nd.                         T)       0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Guns to Rent
 Of course there will be the rec-                                    Maclean, 1st.                            4        0        0     0         P^erything Delectable
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pocketknives          and      Razors
 reation hours.                                                      Chapman,              3rd                4    .   1        (1    0

    The place where the camp is                                      Moseley,Ij).                             2        1        1     u                H. KRA USE                                                       A   SPECIALTY
                                                                     Beauchamp,                  c.           3        (J       1     I
 to be situated is an ideal spot                                                                                                                                Proprietor

 about 20 miles from Lexington
                                                                     Jenkins, c., rf.                         4        0        0     1
                                                                                                                                                                                                            L. G. Jahnke & Co
                                                                           Totals                            31        3        r.    0
and has many natural advan-                                                                                                               KOONES                    &         HAUHISO^                             LEXINGTON,            YA.
tages. It is also located conven-
iently near the State rifle range,                                     The baseball team while in (Successors |i               .M. Kooneti        Hro       The V. M. I. Jewelers
                                                                                                                        ItKAI.KItS IN
which the corps will make use of                                     Roanoke was most pleasantly                                                           All kiiiils i>f CijlU-tfc uii.l Kiiitcriiily Jewelry
                                                                                                                                                         MM-ciully. ^ (ilasses acciiiiiti'ly a.ljusti'il Ui
during the encampment.                                               surprised by the receipt of a five Furniture, Rugs, Mattresses, Shades tin- eyes.
    The battalion will be marched                                    pound box of Huyler's. It prov-                          etc.
                                                                     ed to be from two Randolph-                                                               SAML. B. WALKER
to and from the encampment in
order to give them a taste of                                        Macon girls. Miss CS^ammer and J)R. LOUIS K. WALZ                                   National Life Insurance Cb.
route marching. The entire trip                                      Miss Hill. We wish again to                     -      DENTIST
will consume ten days, begin-                                        express the thanks of the team Main Street                       LEXINGTON, VA
                                                                                                                                                                          of Vermont
ning May 21.                                                         for such unprecedented kindness.     lloiu»~-'J a. ill. i> 1 p ui : 2 t<j l.oO i>. ui          Lexintfton, Virginia
JL                ..i.LLi!_M   _ ^I

         THE      CADET                 Men of 1909 for the Army               Special All Wool Coat Grey Sweaters
LEXINGTON, V A . , A P R I L    19()9   Large   Number     of the   First


  Mrs. Smith of Norfolk, is
                                          Class Have Military

                                           Nearlyjhalf of the class is going
                                        to try to get in the Army. Four                   1 These Sweaters ai'e all made good quality and
stopping with Mrs. Marshall and                                                               have pockets. At the price, $3.00, they are
visiting Cadet Thorn.                   years of military life here hasn't
                                        been enough for them. They
   Miss Crenshaw of Richmond,           don't want to get down to good,                   1 Spalding's Coat Sweaters, in White and Grey
                                                                                              at $5.00, are the best.
is visiting Miss Valle at the hos-      hard work.
pital.                                                                                    1 Spalding's Coat Jerseys, Grey with Cardidal
                                           John Magruder says it's the                        trimmings, $3.00.
  Miss Sheldon of Jersey City,          only life for a Jman—nothing to                   1 Warm up and buy a Sweater at
N. J., was visiting Mrs. Dr. Bell       do but eat, sleep and drill.
                                         "Herr" Wagner likes it because
last week.
                                        you just have to do whaj: some-        GRAHAM'S, ^ 5 The Shoe Place
  Mrs. Erskine of Baltimore,            body tells you, and don't have to No. 12 North Main Street                                Opposite Lexington   Hotel
spent last week at Mrs. Mar-            use your own "bun." Polk,
shall's visiting Cadet Erskine.         Scott, McMillen, Gates, Brett,                              Bhe
  Miss White of Charlottesville,        Sinclair, Adams and Wheeler                                                               The Prettiest Line
                                        like the looks of the social side Chesapeake & Ohio Route
and liMiss Stucky of Richmond,
are visiting Mrs. Hunter Pen-           of the life and are willing to do M A N Y H O U R S Q U I C K E R T H A N A N Y                   of
dleton.                                 a little work, but not much. The              OTHER ROUTE                FROM

                                        whole bunch is always talking Lexington, Va., to Cincinnati,
  Chas. E. Stuart, '01, Robert
W. Nichols, '06, T. E. Sebrell, '07
and W. P. Tate '07 were visi-
                                        about the furloughs you can get Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis
                                        and what a good opportunity an
                                        Army officer has to get a rich
                                                                                  and all points West, North-
                                                                                       west and Southwest.
tors in barracks last week.             wife. None of them expect the The Chesapeake & Ohio Railway "St. Louis
  Among the visiting girls for
the Easter Hops stopping at Mrs.
Marshall's were Misses Sebrell
                                                                                            "F. F.
                                        U. S. to Jgo to war within the Special" and PullmanV." vestibuled trainsdining
                                        next century.
                                                                             day coaches,
                                                                             cars are unsurpassed for comfort, speed and
                                            Roger Grant is taking a more leaving l e x i n itt o n , Va., at Rivfrdaily connects
                                                                                                      sleeping car;! and

                                                                                               Ohio .Fames

                                                                                                                   Divison train,
                                                                             with "St. Louis Special" at Clifton Forge.
                                         sensible view of army like. He The train l e a v i n g Lexington, \'a., at 10.125 a. .m.
of Washington; Miss Parris and
Miss Knox of Miss Baunt's
                                                                             for Lynchburg
                                         is going to be on the Staff of the Lynchburg for alland Richmond,andconnects and
                                                                                                   points North        South
                                                                                                                               at now awaits your
                                         Adjutant-General of North Car- connectsSouth. at Richmond with Atlantic Coast Line
School, New York; Misses Mars-
ton and Rutherford of Richmond;          olina.
                                                                             for the
                                                                               For rates, tickets and other information apply
                                                                             to S. O. Campbell, (Mty Ticket Otlice, Che.sapeake
                                                                                                                                    inspection at
                                                                                it Ohio Railway, Lexington, Va., or address
At Mrs. Pendleton's were Miss                                                            ,1. D. POTTS,-(i. P. A.. Richmond, Va.

Sheppard of Winston-Salem, N.
                                              The Easter Dances                    H.W.FULLER M . P . A. Waiiliington D. C.

C.; Misses Dalton and Cobb, of                  Continued from   page 1

Sweet Briar; Misses Speck,           Miss Sloan with Cadet Bentley.
                                                                                J. ED. DEAVER Lyons Tailoring Co.
Craighill, McDaniel, Coleman,        Miss Deshon with Cadet Dod-                                          TAILORS FOR COLLEGE MEN
Dew and Massie of Lynch-          san.                                              Clothier
burg; Miss Allen of Staun-           Miss Preston with Cadet Doyle.
ton; Miss Walters of Stuart                                                         and
Hall; Miss Drenner of Mont-
                                     Miss Crenshaw with Captain
                                                                                                          QUISENBERRY & CO.
gomery, Ala.; Miss Robinson of
Norfolk; Miss Quinn of Fred-
                                     Miss Drennen with Cadet                    Gents' Furnisher.              "The Store for the Boys"
erick, Md.; Miss Milner of Dan-      Miss Carmichael with Cadet     Suits Made to Order. Soda Water
ville; Miss'Koiner of Richmoni;   Aiken.
Miss Page of Wheeling, W. Va.;                                           Solicits your Patronaere              Ice Cream
                                     Miss Eoff with Cadet Adams.
Miss Fanz of Hollins; Miss           Miss Rasslar with Cadet Tay- T. J. JACKSON & SON                              Confectioneries
Culp of      Wheeling, W. Va.;    lor.
Miss Cross of Stuart Hall at Mrs.                                                                                        Cigarettes, etc.
                                     Miss Dalton with Cadet Jacob.  Hotel Barber Shop
Duvall's; Miss Lee of Lynchburg      Miss' Massie with Cadet Mc-
at Mrs. Walker's; Miss Speed of                                                                           Get a quick Lunch at Lexington
                                  Entee.                                  Next to Postoffice              Quick Lunch Counter. I®'next
 Memphis, Tenn., at Mrs. Gra-        Miss Lee with Cadet Sinclair
ham'sjand Miss Buwrell of Stuart                                                                          door to Lexington Pool Parlors.
                                     Miss Allan with Cadet Mish.        M. MILEY & SON
 Hall at Mrs. Duvall's.              Miss McDaniel with Cadet
                                                                      Carbon : Studio                                 EAT     AT

Entertainment Given Team Miss Howerton with Cadet Developing and printing done for amateurs Quisenberry's Ideal Cafe
                                                                    Reduced rates to Students and Cadets-

          in Roanoke              Joyner.
                                     Miss Gwathmey with Cadet
Supper Given Them at Mr. and
         Mrs.     Davant's
                                     Miss Lewis witfi Cadet Kane.
                                                                                The Shop of Quality
                                     Miss King with Cadet Bald-
                                  Inger.                                        Main Street : Near Nelson
  The most enjoyable feature of      Mis® Mish with Cadet Mayne.
the baseball trip to Roanoke last    MissCurrell with Cadet Wied
week was the supper given to man.
the team by Mr. and Mrs. Davant      Miss Coxe with Cadet Becker.
at their home. Though every-         Miss McLean with Cadet Kin-                      V. M, L Pins. Jewelry of all Sorts.
one was at first downhearted as solving.
a result of the loss of the game,    Miss Knote with Cadet Ma-                        Spaulding's Jerseys and Sweaters.
they soon forgot their hard luck gruder.
in the presence of so many good      Miss Koiner with Cadet Kane,                     V. M. 1. Steins and Tankards : : :
looking calics, and proceeded to H.
have a glorious time.                Miss Maynard with Cadet Tal- OurNETTLETON                   and BILTRITE SHOES are
                                   iaferro.                                                    tor Cadets* feet,
   V. M. 1. visitors can secure The chaperones were: Mes-
                                            E. W. Nichols, Walker,
large comfortable rooms with dames Bross, Huger. Mallory,
                                                                                                    LOOK U S UP
board at Mrs. Pickens in Limits. Kraft, Bowe, Speed, Cress, Gil-
Special rates by the week or more, Bell, Pendleton, Culp,
month.                             Corse and Miss Morson.                        GRAHAM                                    &        CAMPBELL.
V. p. I. Wins by Over-                                                 W a l t o n 2, b y M c r c l o y 3, b y Hndj^r.nn 1,

    whelming Score
                                                                       b y -Tones 5.         Jiase on balls,
                                                                       6, b y M o s e l e y 1, b y H o d K « o i i 1,
                                                                                                                         by    Walton
                                                                                                                               Hit by
                                                                                                                                         Everything the Cadet Wants
                                                                       pitched ball: G r a m m e r ,              Moore.       Umpire
                                                                                                                                         In Sundries, Brushes,-Soaps, P e r f u m e s , Cosmetics,                                                                  Flora
                                                                       Turner.         Time       o f p a m e : 1 h o u r and 10
            Continued from page 1                                                                                                                                 L o t i o n , P o m a d e , C h a m o i s , G u n Oil, e t c .

                                                                                                                                                                                            SHOE                    POLISH
on a hit, a sacrifice and another                                        In the recent examinations for
                                                                       candidates for commissions as
single. V. M. 1. in this inning
                                                                       second lieutenants in the Coast                                     All Kinds TOBACCO and PIPES
had another splendid chance to                                         Artilery, {20 men passed out of
score with two men on bases and                                        58 who stood the examination.                                     Stationery, V. M. L Paper and Tablets
one out again, but Scott left                                          W. R. Nichols, '06. was tenth on
third before a long fly was field-                                     the list of the successful ones.                                                                 Our Soda Fountain is the Hub.
ed and was thrown out. Score:                                             C. A, Lyerly, '07, also receives                                                              Everybody goes to McCrnm's Fountain
V. P. I. 6, V. M. I .4.                                                his degree of C. E. from Cornell
   The next inning V. P. I. scor-
ed one on a pass, a stolen base
and a hit; one on a pass with
                                                                       in June. He has had two excel-
                                                                       lent positions ofl'ered him; one
                                                                       with a firm of muiiiciiDal engi-
                                                                                                                                         MeCrum Drug Co^
bases full, and one on a fielder's                                     neers, and HRother with a steel
choice. Jones, who replaced                                            construction company.                                                                                                The
Hodgson, strikes out two, and                                            It will be of interest to all of
the other is easy from short to
first. Score, V. P. I.. 9; V. M.
                                                                       Doyle's friends to know that his                                                                                     Standard
                                                                       voice has been restored. During
L, 4.                                                                  the football season his throat
   Moseley replaced Walton in                                          was strained as a result of                                                                                          of Quality
the sixth and strikes out two                                          "rooting." and from that time
and the other out on long fly to                                       until recently, he h: not been
Scott. For V. M. I., Chapman                                           able to speak above a whisper.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Dressed Under Government Inspection^
went to first on error, was caught
at second, and Mosely and Scott                                                                                                                                             Charles Roesch & Sons Company
   In the seventh V. P. I. scored                                                                                                                                                                     Phihid<'lphia                     Atlantic      Cily

one on a base on balls, a fielder's                                                                                                                                                         "Roesch" Fine Meats make Fine Soldiers
choice and a wild pitch. For V.
M. I., Owen got his third hit
but was left on third, the other
three being easy out. Score, V.
                                                                                                                                          WEINBERG'S                                                                                CharlottesvUU
P. I., 10; V. M. I., 4.                                                                                                                   EveriithingReady                                 toWearWQiAeJl                                               I      MlllS
   The next inning the first man
up got a single, stole second and                                                                                                                                                                                                 Charlottesville,             Va.
 scored on Billups' home run in
 left. For. V. M. I. Moore reach-                                      Designed to Embrace Full Sketches                                                             — and—
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Maniijacturers of High
 ed first on being hit by pitched                                           of All Matriculates of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Grade Uniform Cloths,
 ball ,and went to third on two                                                     V. M. I. From Its                                     SPORTING                                      GOODS
 fielder's choice, but was left                                                                                                                                                                                                Sky Blues and Dark
 there. Score, V. P. I., 12; V.                                                               Foundation
                                                                                                                                                     At Popular                        Prices                                  Blues, and the largest as-
 M. I., 4.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     sortment and best qual-
    In the ninth the first man up                                                                                                                    HERBERT MILEY                                                             ity of CADET-GRAYS
 up made a clean home run. Fu-                                                                                                                                      High Class                                          incuidin^^r t|„,.se used at the Tnited States
 qua got an infield hit, stole sec-                                    To All "Old Cadets," Greeting:                                                                                                                   •Military Academy at West I'oint and oth-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        er lead inir 111 il It ary schools of the c o i i n t r y .
 ond and third and Ives walked.
 Both scored on a passed ball by
                                                                          You are earnestly urged                        t<j   forward    Stationery Printer                                                               I'sed ill iinil'oriiis of cadets of N'irtriiiia
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        M:i = <ary Instiviite.
                                                                       at once to the undersigned                        the   follow-
 Beauchamp. V. M. I. could do                                          ing data:
                                                                                                                                                   Second Fioor IJank lUiildin^':
 nothing. Final score, V. P. L,                                           1. Full name, all names written out.                                         JAMES                  JACKSON
 15; V. M. I., 4.                                                        2. Naine.s of parents, and trrandjjaronts, on                                                                                                  Wade Masters & Co.
    V . M . I.                   A B . R. H           E.     APO
                                                                       both Hide.s, when practicable, and place uf l.ii th
                                                                       of each.                                                                                    Barber
 Scott, cf.                        5     0      2     0     0      2      3. liesiuence of parentH at time of matricula-
                                                                       tion.                                                                  General Lee's Old Harber"
 Grammer, ss.                      4      2     1     2     2      2
                                                                          4. Place and date of birth of niati iculate.                        Nelson Street, Lexington.
 * O w e n , rf.
 B e a u c h a m p , c.
                                                                          n. Period of cadetshiu, approximately.
                                                                          <;. I f f a Htudeiit at any other in.stitution of
                                                                                                                                             IW             s\.     I. t r a d e s<.licite<l                        |                TOBACCOS

                                                                                                                                          Shi: idan's Livery I
 G a t e s , If.                   4      1 1        -0     0      2   leariiinK", Kive decree or other di.stinction obtain-
 M o o r e , 2d.                   3      0     1 1         r,     2
                                                                       e<l, if any.                                                                                                                                        Pickles and Canned                      Meats
                                                                          7. Occupation, or profe.snion before the war of
 Maclean, 1st.                     3     (»     •>    2     0     10   IKiil.
 C h a p m a n , 3rd.              3     0      0     0     0      2    8. Full maiden name of wife and her father's                           LOWER MAIN STRP:ET
 Walton, p
 Moseley, p
                                                      1 2
                                                            1      0
                                                                       name and his re.sidence, and year of marriage,
                                                                       with i.sBue thereof, name.s.                                       The Best and Cheapest in Town |                                                     F. L. YOUNG
                                                                         9. -WAH RFCOltD : Embracint'-
                                                                             a. Command or succe.ssive commands.
        Totals                   38       4     8     7     9     27
                                                                             b. Ifanlv.
                                                                                                                                           SPECJAL RATES TO CADETS |
    M o s e l y r e p l a c e d W a l t o n in s i x t h .
                                                                             c. Jf killed or wounded, Btate in what battle
                                                                                 or enKairement.
                                                                                                                            T e l e p i i o i i e L'til                               .leHersoii Street |               Merchant - Tailor
    V    p . 1.                   AB     K. H. K A . P O                     d. If a prisionei-, state wlien and where cap-
 Lee,     2nd.                     4     2      1     1     (j     3             tured, and where and how JOUR in pri.son.                         The Citig Liverij                                            \
                                                                         10. Occupalion, or profeswion. after the war of
                                                                       isei.                                                          JOHN                        W.    MILKY,          Prop'Jor.                               W. C, STUART
                                                                          11. Notable achievem<'ntH. honors or distinc-                                     Lexington,                  Va.
                                                                       tions—military, literary, scientific, ecclesiastical,              STVI.ISII        |)i!ivi\-(i IloHSKs ii SJX'ciiilty.                                    Bookseller
 Billups,      cf.                 4      3     1     0     0      1
                                                                       or political.
                                                                          12. Intere.stinjf incidents in career not fallinjr
                                                                                                                                                                I'])-t()-(late                                                                - and-
                                                                       under above lieads.
                                                                          13. Pre.sent, permanent, postoffice address, if                                 H. O. DOLI)                                                                  Stationer.
                                                                       living- ; or if deceased, date and jilai'e of death.
Hodges,        p.                  2      1     1     0     0      1
                                                                                   Yours in "Auld i^nR Syne,"                                                     JUS STOKE                                             Holiday Hooks a Specialty
*Jone8,        p.                  3      1     2     0     1
                                                                                                                                         i T l i e tiliudrt l i e Hells c a i l e t s n e e d s n o a d -
   * Jones replaced
                                   41 irj
                                H o d g s o n in
                                                7     4 12       27
                                                                                 JOSKIMI            K.      ANHEKSON
                                                                                                                                         j verlisiiiji.          I ' a s t . |ii-eseiit a n d I n l n r e e n s -
                                                                                                                                           t u n i i ' i s a l w a y s will          receive a       cordial            The Lexington Hotel
   Summary—Home                        runs:        Jones.        1,                        (Class of            1870)
Billups,       1.        Two-base       hits,        Owen,        1                                      (\)in|»ik'r and        Kdilor
                                                                                                                                                         J. L. MfCOWN                                LKXINGTON, VA.
S i n g l e s : O w e n 2, S c o t t    J, J o n e s 1;          and       Let', ( J o o c h l u i i d C o . ,   Vu.                                iM!()TO(a{Ai^in:K                         Si>ecial Kates to Cadets. Solic
Hodgson,            Ives,   Fuqua,           Lee,          Moore,
                                                                        'Applicable to Mexican War ami Spaniuh War                                                           D
                                                                                                                                            Opposilc ('(jurlliunsL'. Uuti-., I Auie
G a t e s a n d G r a m m a r 1.         Struck out,              b y an v/ell.                                                           itiir wonl il(jiie will) faie                       iting patronage of their patron

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