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    The 4 key sentences structure
• First sentence of the introduction
  – miniseminar
• Last sentence of the introduction
  – What you actually did
• First sentence of the discussion
  – What you found
• Last sentence of the discussion
  – What it means
• First sentence of the introduction

• Last sentence of the introduction
• First sentence of the discussion
• Last sentence of the discussion
                         Official abstract
Cholesterol biosynthesis is an integral part of HCV RNA replication. Not only does
   HCV RNA replicate on lipid rafts, but it also requires cholesterol intermediates
   to replicate. In addition, it has been shown in vitro that several HMG-CoA
   reductase inhibitors can decrease HCV RNA replication by>1 log. Therefore,
   we designed a clinical trial to evaluate the effect of atorvastatin on HCV RNA
   levels. In this prospective clinical trial, where patients served as their own
   control, 10 HCV-infected patients who required treatment for high
   cholesterol were given 20 mg atorvastatin per day. Although serum
   cholesterol and LDL predictably decreased signi.cantly, there was no
   statistically signi.cant change in week 4 and week 12 HCV RNA levels
   compared to pretreatment HCV RNA levels by the paired Student t test. It is
   unclear whether the addition of an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor to
   interferon or a more potent inhibitor of cholesterol biosynthesis may be
   required to inhibitHCVRNA replication in vivo. In conclusion, atorvastatin, and
   likely all HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, does not inhibit HCV RNA replication
   in vivo at conventional doses. (HEPATOLOGY 2007;45:895-898.)
1. purpose
2. Results
3. conclusion
………Although atorvastatin was effective at lowering cholesterol, it did not
show a statistically significant change in HCV RNA level after 4 or 12 weeks
of therapy
……..We had 95% power….thus, if the effects had been as dramatic as seen
in vitro, we would have detected a difference
……..most plausible explanation is that the plasma concentrations of
atorvastatin in our study were unlikely to reach those attained in culture
media concentration.
………atorvastatin at conventional doses does not have an antiviral effect
……..role of inhibitors of cholesterol and lipid metabolism as adjuncts to
HCV therapy merits further evaluation

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