Tablecloth Notes by jizhen1947


									                             Tablecloth Notes

   Community in a tropical garden
   Have express service tramline – Innisfail to Cairns
   6 Swimming holes
   Water
   “boulders”
   Wettest place
   6 parks
   Walking track
   “Goldsborough Valley”
   Tourism
   Employment opportunities
   History walk
   Cane tours – tourist train tours around Babinda to see sighting and
    attractions. Sitting in cane bins (replicated). Maybe use cocos?
   “Honking tunnel”
   Diesel trees
   Waving bus
   Tertiary precinct – university campus
   Dance night held at RSL
   Bring sport back in to the community
   Endangered wildlife information centre with petting zoo and historical wall.
   Giant upside down umbrella water slide
   Tarp Town – Tarps running off the side of the mountain and use rainfall for
   Brewery
   Football bus to transport Babinda Colts players to games outside Babinda.
   Student involvement in community projects
   Amphitheatre
   Big photos of Boulders and Josephine Falls on Highway
   Top a Queensland Skyrail
   Babinda paradise in the rain
   Make the most of water!
   The mill site cuts the town in two. It now needs to be used to bring it
   Mill memorial in shape of a silhouette on glass against the mountain
   “Boulders” and Josephine Falls signage – Large
   Bed and Breakfast – Boulders/Bike hire (elec)
   Skyrail to top of Queensland
   Better gardens/ giant umbrellas down centre (artwork)
   Reopen track and bridge – Boulders Track
   Walkways
   Move bus stop opposite bowling club
   Pay for hot showers
   Coffee shop coordination
   Coffee shop / movie theatre combo.
   Produce tourism package i.e:
        o Accomm – Nurse Accomm
        o Day tour – Russell River, Boulder etc
        o Return dinner package at pub etc
        o Accomm
        o Bus back to Cairns Regional Council
   Movie theatre packages – advertise this in Cairns and local towns! In
    never knew this theatre allowed eski and food etc and I have lived here for
    18 years!
   Advertise and sell packages to hotels, backpackers etc.
   Ag college
   Age care
   Fix park and look
   Accomm/Caravan Park
   New Industry – we‟ve got the land for our new hospital
   Sunshine in the rain – Babinda – Gateway to Cairns
   Aged care facility
   Marketing water – The Wettest Town in Australia
   Water Park
   Accommodation
   Bus services for village
   Bus service also gives bus tours which can be advertised in tourist
   Build hotel on highway
   Have truck and bus stop with restaurant on highway
   Brighten up shops with bright colours
   Caraban park on mill ground
   Over 55 years village community (swimming pool, tool shed, central
    gathering hall area)
   Sell a tourist package including Babinda “Night out” – Picture theatre,
    Dinner – after picture drinks, motel.
   Keep Babinda community values strong
   Keep picture theatre
   Street art in the centre street garden beds e.g. mosaic sculptures
   Avenue of trees at the entrance
   Streets filled with themed trees e.g. yellow penda, flametrees
   Pot holes on the Bruce Highway fixed permanently
   Murals
   Activities in the empty shop fronts e.g. art, cooking
   Clean toilet block for public in ANZAC Park
   Umbrellas all along the pavement
   Umbrellas – factory, distribution, design
   Celebrate water and rain
   Welcome sign promoting The Boulders to people
   Mould cleaned off the buildings
   Street signs cleaned
   Celebrate the rainforest
   Suspension bridge across the creek at The Boulders
   Employment opportunities for residents – aged care/alcohol production
   Entrances to town – welcoming
   Accommodation for visitors eg guesthouses, bed and breakfast, packaged
    with tourism and guided walks
   Prosperous
   Better signage
   Bridge at Boulders
   Water attraction – theme park
   Develop land for housing
   Light industrial land
   Develop and landscape existing areas e.g. arboretum and pool
   Keep family values, enhance what we have already (get our school
    populations up)
   Lolly factory? (moisture too much to set lollies?)
   Streetscape improved
   Sunday market day
   Josephine Falls
   Bartle Frerc
   Bellendon Ker
   Bees
   Butterflies
   Birds
   Picture theatre
   Safety of town
   Atmosphere
   Indig History
   Free access to reef
   Pub
   Taskforce
   Free overnight camping
   CB
   Innovative Base
   Regains – Bridge at Boulders, Bab Colts, Bank, Hospital
   Lifestyle town
   Eco tourism
   Adventure
   Signage: We don‟t grow trees here!
   Council process for enterprise too hard – easier less expensive process
   Babinda Boulders signage
        o lies between 2nd highest mts in Aust.
        o Come and pick your own fruit/vegies
        o 2 big boulders at entrance to Babinda
        o Humorous
        o Look twice
        o Large photo (highway) – Boulder & Josephine Falls
   Aboriginal culture
   Multicultural festival
   Russell River Landing
   Croc cruise – fishing
   Prison Farm
   Facilities available:
        o Hospital/ambulance
        o Police station
        o Library
        o Swimming
        o Schools
        o Info centre
        o Good shopping
        o Eateries etc
   WWII American airplane crash site
   Paradise in the rain
   Build an Arc
   2 big photos on highway – boulders and Josephine Falls
   1622m up top of Queensland skyrail
   Multicultural festival
   Butterfly farm
   Bird Farm and watching
   Conf centre
   Backpackers lodge
   Motel/farm stay
   Nurses quarters
   Truck stop
   Cultural centre
   Museum
   Brewery
   H2O and cane juice factory
   Wheel chair access to a café or accommodation
   Big Photo – Paradise in the rain
   Harvest festival – promote
   Caneway tourism venture?
   Unique cultural traditions
   Indigenous history
   Inhibitors –
        o Council - so much money to do anything
   Convert Mill into Heritage Museum
   Good public toilets
   Truckstop
   Tallest Mountain
   Largest world heritage rainforest
   Wildlife
   Cottage market? Made or grown
   Public transport to Cairns and Innisfail
   Men‟s Shed
   Retirement Village
   Local artwork – statues, painting etc
   Theme Park
   Council parking upgraded
   Better rainforest than Daintree
   Utilise train line
   Ubanangi Swamp
   Indigenous communities can interpret – commentary on country
   All weather facilities – tram lines (have expertise to build) – underneath
    canopy looking at assets.
   Munroe theatre – old style, restored
   Film and National Film Festivals
   Transport systems – express system Innisfail to Cairns Regional Council
    Signage Research in the tropics
   Tertiary precinct
   Uni campus
   Innovation centre
   Geology
   Greatest number of species in world
   Fast train
   Work in Babinda, live and shop in Babinda
   Convert mill in to heritage village museum - Aboriginal theme
   Truck stop
   Babinda based on industries which require to come to Babinda for their
   Making better use of resources
        o Nurse quarters
        o Council not disinhibit
        o Tourism
        o Cottage market
   Two years time?
        1. Old people‟s retirement village
        2. Larger RV rest area
        3. Tropical holiday cabins at reasonable prices
        4. Big “Welcome to Babinda” sign
        5. Teenage dances in the RSL hall
        6. Public toilet in centre of town
        7. Buildings in town centre painted
        8. Major tourist drive
        9. Who will own the land where the mill is?
        10. How long to clear and clean the area?
        11. Movie theatre expansion
        12. Meals before movies
        13. Bottled water from Babinda
        14. Nurses conference venue
        15. Backpackers – acc
        16. Bellenker cable car
        17. Boulders – Restaurant/lodge/RV
        18. Used cane tracks – tourist train/cycling
        19. Croc tours/rivers
        20. Giant umbrella – across from building to building
        21. Brewery – local produce/supplier
        22. Truck stop on old mill site
        23. Music venue – attract artists local and international
        24. Internet café
   What is the wow factor?
   Larger signs:
        o To Boulders
        o To Bartle Frere
        o Josephine Falls
        o Golden Hole
   Lolly factory
   Mt Bartle Frere Discovery Centre
   Lifestyle town
   Aged Care/Full Care Facility
   Value adding precinct eg:
        o Expand chip factory
        o Fresh cane juice/water factory
        o Paper pulp/paper manufacturing
        o Tertiary campus/tropical research – possible linked to JCU
        o Cellulosic ethanol
        o Bio-char/energy plant
        o Water park/ surf machine
        o Croc tours/Russell River and Eubanangee Wetlands Tours
        o Interpretation Centre
        o Transportation Improvement – Workers/student to and from Cairns
            2am and 2pm.
        o Accommodation/hotel/farm stay
        o Bellender chairlift
   Boulders – visitor facilities/restaurant
   Council/State Govt support – minimise red tape
   Promote weddings – Chapel – use of hall
   Main street facelift – Vegetation/tropical local plants/signage
   Nigh music venue – in conjunction with Tanks Art Centre eg use old mill as
   Caravan Park
   Monthly street market
   Truck stop/accommodation – campers, cabins in forest, family stays
   Film – Babinda/Boulders history – schools to get involved – grants etc
   Existing park upgrade
   Umbrella and water
   Playground – Large
   Babinda could be a weekend town!
        a. Munro street flower beds? Vegetable beds – community owned
            and worked – free to everyone! People will come just to look.
        b. Imaginative coffee shops, specialty bake house – open all weekend
        c. State Govt give nurses quarters to community
        d. Caravan park with small 2BR cabins, a la “cozy Kiwis” in
            Christchurch = excellent!
        e. Crocodile tours on Russell
        f. Community unity is essential
   Street markets on a regular basis
   Good area for bird watching – possibly make Babinda a destination for this
   Music Festival – one for young people – also can do other musical
    festivals for all e.g. Yungaburra Folk Festival/Tamworth etc.
   Conference centre – use nurses quarters
   Accommodation – cabin style/self contained/budget/family/B&B
   Unique playground for younger children
   Main street buildings facelift and theme the town e.g. Innisfail‟s „Art Deco”
    town theme.
   Guided walks around town – we have a lot of unique architecture.
   Design weekend events for people e.g. have places to visit such as
    Boulders, Eubanangee, Josephine Falls – stay in town then go to movies,
    have a meal – make a weekend of it.
   Look at alternate cropping and support/promote the product to locals,
    district and state.
   Town set up not to rely on one industry both primary and manufacturing.
   Umbrella
   24hr truck stop
   Caravan Park and cabins behind truck stop (like one near Townsville)
   Promote “Boulders” – large fibreglass boulders at entrance to town
   Town clock with weather station
   Promote local products
   Public transport – bring back railmotor and run it with sensible timetable (to
    benefit workers, tourists, residents and schoolkids (TAS). This transport
    would also encourage people to move into area.
   Retirement village
   Industrial estate
   Agarwood factory
   Truck stop
   Accommodation – motel, Big 4
   Unique architecture
   Tourism
   Promote Boulders, Josephine, Mt Bartle Frere, rain, wettest, rename
   Build an ark and they will come (the ark park?)
   The motel or hotel could be in the shape of the ark
   We have lots of water – water them park? Like wet „n‟ wild on Gold Coast
    or water cable ski park
   Two years time? -
        o Umbrella factory
        o Harmonious colours for the painting of the town
        o Student/holiday/study group
   Botanical gardens/Tourist attraction – wildlife, butterflies, birds
   Caravan Park
   Retirement village
   Water park
   Industrial area
   Healing centre
   Gym/s, sauna, water features
   Helicopter rides – Bartle Fere, Bellender Kerr
   Market gardens (Hydroponics)
   Rainfall – wettest town, most rainfall
   Beautify Babinda
   Bring buses back into them ain street
   Clean public toilet in the centre of town
   Welcome to Babinda sign on highway
   Mementoes of Babinda
   Street art
   Christmas lights during Christmas time
   Ecotours
   Public transport (r/way line) “Railmotor”
   Markets – handmade
   Museum – indigenous heritage
   Picture theatre – amphitheatre to view interest of region.
   Farming agricultural college
   Keep the young, keep the agricultural knowledge
   Adventure tourism
   Signage! on highway
   Must have direct to tourist sites – colourful, incorporate pictures
   Farm tours as per Buderim Ginger Factory
   Food growth production
   Research
   Boutique industries exposure – vanilla, taro chips
   Grey nomad pitstop
   Waste disposal facility
   Spend time in area
   Village style mainstreet
   Tourism, weekend trade markets
   Biggest umbrella over city centre – water, lights, fountain, night (constant)
   Wettest town
   Highest mountain
   Boulders – guide, walk tracks
   Cane train
   Accommodation (nurses qtrs?)
   Museum
   Give away umbrella
   Movie theatre during week and Saturday during day

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