Evolution Of The Green Lantern by manan0336


									Evolution Of The Green Lantern Costume

It is a suit that is recognizable as the person chosen to wear it. It is
none other than the Green Lantern outfit. There is a lot of difference
that has come from. Since the early days when the super hero first graced
the pages of the comics, the suit has taken on a new character with every
person that has taken the oath and swore to uphold the code of the
lantern. Alan Scott was the first man chosen to grace the costume and
make a statement all on his own with his suit.

His costume was comprised of a puffy red top with a yellow circle in the
middle of his torso that held the emblem of the Lanterns. Green pants
with black boots and black gloves helped to complete off the look of the
super hero. As was popular back in that period, the comic book version
showcased a cape which was also black with a lime green colored lining.
His mask was made to complement the rest of the outfit, as it also was

Next Hal Jordan stepped into the role and with that, brought a new form
to the character and made it his own. There was a unified theme of black
and green that was spread all throughout the costume. This was done in an
attempt to bring in a lot of the fans that had been lost with the
introduction of the Alan Scott version.

Jordan's gloves were more of an off white and presented more of a hero
image. In this edition, the cape was gone and the lanterns costume was on
the whole much more of a hero style and less of the cartoon design that
had been found in the early version.

Guy Gardner would be selected as the next individual to fill in the suit.
This led to many noticeable changes that were apparent in the overall
appearance of the uniform. One of the most notable of these was the fact
that the suit had a more futuristic appearance to it and presented a more
appealing image to fans of the comic.

Kyle Rayner would become the incarnation of the super hero that we know
today. This is the image that is portrayed in the movie from this year.
The green and black appearance has spread all over the costume and is one
of the more appealing versions that have been created to date.

As the years have passed these changes have allowed the character to go
from a cartoon character in comics to a full-fledged super hero. Many of
the fans of the comics will agree that the early version was a god
attempt, but the latest version is quite honestly one of the best around.

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