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NASC EU Funding Workshop


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									     EU Funding Workshop
         Galway City Council
              17th April 2008

Preparing a Successful EU Project Proposal –
        what NASC can do to assist

              John Bennett
           NASC Brussels Office
NASC’s credentials

• Track-record in EU projects
• Project development expertise and
• Broad network of EU contacts and
  partners, including Programme
• Experience in evaluation of EU projects
 What NASC can do to Assist

• Information – researching, filtering and circulating
  programme & funding briefs and partner searches,
  including regular updates on calls
• Advice – regarding programmes, projects, partners,
  draft applications/financing
• Facilitation – Project Planning Workshops, participation
  in project fairs, drafting project outlines, liaising with
  programme secretariats, project partner meetings,
  liaison with other NASC partners, follow-up.
Preparing Successful Project
Proposals – NASC’s checklist
•   Policy referencing
•   Coherent project logic
•   Highlighting EU added-value
•   Specifying deliverables
•   Balanced partnership
•   Showing management capability
•   Good dissemination plan
•   Showing potential for sustainability
•   Coherent project budget
•   Good executive summary
The Project Lifecycle
 The Project Lifecycle

                    Post-project activities, use
                    of results, follow-up                   1. Idea generation &
                                                            partnership development
              5. Closure

                                                                 Partner search, elaboration of
  Coordination of activities,                                    the idea, needs analysis
  reporting, monitoring,
  adjustments, financial
  management                                                      2. Project development &
            4. Implementation
                                                             Strategy & content, responsibilities,
                                                             application requirements
          Kick-off, detailed planning,
          contracts & agreements
                                           3. Contracting
                                           & start-up
Project Development – Key

• Primacy of corporate needs as the driver
  of the project
• Projects should not be programme led or
  driven by funding
Go raibh maith agaibh as ucht bhur
                  John Bennett
    NASC - WEST Ireland European Partnership
                    9th Floor
             Rond-Point Schuman 6
                B-1040 Brussels
             Tel: + 32 2 282 84 04
             Fax: + 32 2 282 84 06
            Email: bennett@nasc.be
               Web: www.nasc.ie

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