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					                        Bath and North East Somerset Council
                                  Job Description

Service: Children’s Service                  Section: Early Years & Extended Services

                                                      Post No: 30301
Post Title: Early Years and Extended
Services Office Manager
                                                      Grade: M

Responsible to: Early Years and Extended Services Manager (Hay F)

Responsible for: Administrative Officers and 1 Modern Apprentice


   To be responsible office manager for the Early Years and Extended Services
   Team, based across numerous sites within the authority. To provide effective and
   confidential administrative and secretarial support to the Early Years and Extended
   Services Senior Management Team.


(a) Departmental

   (i)     To contribute to co-operative working across services, in accordance with
           the Council’s Vision and Values and to contribute to cross-service initiatives,
           as required.

   (ii)    To ensure effective and accessible communication with staff, service users,
           other services and agencies, the general public and others, as appropriate,
           paying particular attention to the New Ways of Working arrangements for

   (iii)   With the Service Manager and team leaders, participate in the development
           of team objectives and policies.

   (iv)    With the Service Manager and team leaders, ensure the effective and
           efficient implementation of the Council’s objectives, including financial ones.

   (v)     To assist in ensuring effective external and internal working relationships are
           established and maintained with relevant organisations and agencies.

   (vi)    To assist in ensuring the services are responsive to community needs and
           that equal opportunities and health and safety issues are identified and
           addressed effectively.

(b) Functional


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   The Office Manager will effectively manage the administration of Early Years and
   Extended Services in order:

   (i)      To ensure the provision of comprehensive, coherent, flexible and responsive
            administrative support services for the Team, including the development and
            maintenance of effective electronic and paper filing systems, ensuring office
            equipment is in good order and that resource requirements are met, within
            budgetary allowances, across sites occupied by Early Year and Extended
            Services, which are currently:

                Riverside Offices
                9 Local Authority Children's Centres
                Trinity Early Years Centre, Radstock
                The Hollies, Midsomer Norton

   (ii)     To develop and maintain effective data management systems across all the
            above sites, to include up to date personnel records; asset registers of all IT
            equipment; mobile phones; parking permits; CRB's; sickness/absence etc.

   (iii)    To manage specific time limited projects to increase effectiveness and
            efficiency within the team, such as developing databases to manage
            complex individual budgets for children in need.

   (iv)     To have responsibility for the development of IT systems and support within
            the service, providing training and advice to staff, liaising with corporate IT
            services and attending relevant meetings.

   (v)      To co-ordinate the production of information and publicity materials,
            guidance and policy documents and ensure that format, design is consistent
            with service requirements, and is updated when necessary.

   (vi)     To be responsible for carrying out all confidential and secretarial work to the
            Early Years and Extended Services Manager, using initiative wherever
            possible to ensure that emails and queries are forwarded appropriately
            particularly in the absence of the Service Manager.

   (vii)    To ensure the efficient deployment of administrative officers reporting to this
            post, including planning and co-ordinating the allocation of work, prioritising
            and reviewing where necessary, ensuring workloads are adequately covered
            during leave/sickness and managing fluctuating workloads to ensure
            individual service’s needs are met.

   (viii)   To ensure that the administrative officers have a balance of work that is
            motivating and, as well as being directive, encourages initiative and
            innovation in working practices.

   (ix)     To co-ordinate the organisation of meetings, visits, training sessions and
            conferences on behalf of Early Years and Extended Services.


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   (x)      To exercise professional judgement and discretion and have regard to
            relevant legislation, such as the Freedom of Information and Data Protection
            Acts, when dealing with information of a personal or confidential nature.

   (xi)     To liaise with a wide range of service users, colleagues and other
            professionals at a number of levels, as necessary.

   (xii)    To communicate regularly with the Service and Team Managers to feedback
            and update on administrative matters.

   (xiii)   To access relevant training opportunities to ensure personal skills and
            knowledge are updated and developed.

(c) Managerial

   (i)      To be responsible for the management of, and recruitment to, administrative
            officers reporting to this post. To provide operational support, advice and
            supervision to the team, including arranging team meetings.

   (ii)     To promote and support the development of effective team working,
            including ensuring equality of opportunity and the health and safety of staff.

   (iii)    To manage routine and complex project work for the Service as and when

   (iv)     To undertake individual supervision and performance management to
            ensure administrative staff are motivated, supported and have the
            opportunity to access appropriate professional development opportunities.

   (v)      To ensure that clear and effective working practices and coherent standards
            are set and adhered to.

   (vi)     To efficiently manage the budget relating to the administrative team and
            associated supplies and services.


   (i)      Early Years and Extended Services comprises of 4 central teams providing
            information and support services: Early Years Foundation Stage Team,
            Integrated Working, Play and the Children's Centres at a number of sites
            around the Local Authority. Staff have been assessed within the 'New Ways
            of Working' and work in a number of flexible ways, moving around the
            authority often without specific bases, posing logistical and operational
            challenges that will need to be solved creatively by this post.

   (ii)     Early Years and Extended Services Team Manager.

   (iii)    The Service currently comprises approximately 100 officers and a team of 3
            administrative officers. A modern apprentice will also be report to this post.


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   (iv)   Early Years and Extended Services has a budget of approximately £7

   (v)    The post will be responsible for developing and maintaining good
          relationships with the following individuals and organisations:

              11 Children’s Centres
              85+ Early Years Settings
              200+ registered childminders
              60+ out of school clubs
              20+ Family Support Staff
              Individual children’s workforce practitioners
              Headteachers and teachers in Primary schools
              Multi agency staff, including the voluntary sector
              Strategic Managers across services and organisations
              Staff across the Children’s Service and other Bath and North East
               Somerset Services
              Training providers including higher and further education establishments
               in Bath and North East Somerset and surrounding area
              Government Office of the Southwest
              Children’s Workforce Development Council
              Learning and Skills Council
              OfSTED
              Primary Care Trust
              South West Workforce Development Managers
              Parents
              Voluntary Sector
              General public

   (vi)   Occasional contact with school governors, elected members, young people,
          other LEAs.


   No physical effort or strain required in excess of work in a day to day office
   environment. Driving between locations for meetings and training/conferences.


   The postholder will be based in an office environment, using a pc and other related
   office equipment. This post is classified as Team Base under the New Ways of
   Working arrangements.


   This Council is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children,
   young people and vulnerable adults and expects all staff to share this commitment.
   Employees have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young
   people and vulnerable adults. It is an essential requirement that staff are aware of
   the Council’s Safeguarding procedures for sharing information about the welfare of


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   any person for whom they have safeguarding concerns. Staff have a duty to
   ensure they attend training to enable them to recognise the indicators for
   concerning behaviour and receive safeguarding supervision as appropriate.

   The Council complies fully with the Criminal Records Bureau Code of Practice and
   a copy is available on request from the Personnel Section. An enhanced Criminal
   Records Bureau certificate is required for this post prior to commencement of

   The post holder will be expected to contribute to integrated working including
   identifying the need for and to be involved with Common Assessment and Team
   around the Child processes as required.         This includes acting as the Lead
   Professional where appropriate and ensuring children, young people and their
   families are at the centre of decision making in order to meet their needs and
   improve their lives.

   To promote and uphold the principals of multi-agency working in supporting
   children, young people and their families.

   The post holder will promote the Council’s Health and Safety work policies and
   ensure that these are implemented effectively within his/her areas of responsibility.

   This job description only contains the main accountabilities relating to this post and
   does not describe in detail all the duties required to carry them out.

   This job description may be reviewed from time to time and amended after
   discussion with the post holder. It does not from part of the written particulars of
   employment of the post holder.

   All duties to be undertaken in accordance with the Council’s policies, vision and

   The post holder will be expected to occasionally be able to work/attend
   meetings/attend events outside normal office hours.

   The post holder should hold a current and valid driving licence and have access to
   a car for business use.


   Early Years and Extended Services are made up of four teams:

              The Early Years Foundation Stage Team
              Children's Centres
              The Play Team
              Integrated Working Team

   These teams both operate direct services to children and families through
   Children's Centres; as well as other guidance and support to all pre-schools;
   nurseries; childminders and after school services. In addition we work with
   schools, directly supporting Reception teachers as well as supporting all schools to


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   develop Extended Services. There are approximately 100 staff, with bases across
   the Local Authority.

   The service has been taken through the Council’s New Ways of Working process
   and many senior managers now work are ‘mobile workers’ and work from home
   occasionally meaning this post will often be the key Manager in the Keynsham


                       Early Years and Extended Services Manager

                       Early Years and Extended Services Office

                        2 x administrative         Modern Apprentice


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                                Bath and North East Somerset
                                    Person Specification

Post Title: Early Years and Extended Services Office Manager

Prepared by: Sara Willis, Early Years & Extended Services Manager

Post no:      30301         Date Prepared: April 2011

REQUIREMENT           ESSENTIAL                                        DESIRABLE
                       A good education to A level or NVQ 3            Audio typing
Education &             or equivalent with evidence of
Qualifications          professional development
                       RSA Stage 3 word processing/
                        typing or equivalent
                       Up to date IT training/ qualifications

                         Substantial experience in office                Budget
Experience                administration and the development of            management
                          administrative procedures and systems           Training staff in
                          in a large organisation and as part of a         IT
                         Experience of project management
                         Experience of managing staff.
                         Ability to take concise, action focused
                          meeting minutes.
                         Highly competent in IT packages with
                          proven ability to use systems across
                          Microsoft Office including full use of
                          Access & Excel and managing
                          calendars through Outlook
                         Knowledge of Data Protection and                Knowledge of
Skills &                  Freedom of Information Act.                      the Early
Knowledge                Excellent, proven interpersonal and              Years,
                          communication skills both written and            Childcare and
                          verbal alongside the ability to negotiate,       Play sector.
                          be empathetic with, liaise and work in
                          collaboration with a range of people.
Abilities                Ability to think creatively and enthuse
                          and motivate others and develop
                          effective partnerships.
                         Ability to manage time-limited projects.
                         Ability to keep up-to-date with IT
                          developments and use these for
                          creative solutions to the working of the


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                         Ability to work to tight deadlines and
                          respond to new challenges and
                          demands with a minimum of
                          supervision and to remain calm under
                         Ability to be self motivated
                         Ability to train staff in Microsoft Office
                         Ability to work with sensitive
                          information in a confidential manner.
                         Good customer service skills
                         An understanding of equal
                          opportunities with the proven ability to
                          work in a non-judgemental way.
                         A commitment to and understanding of
Other                     equal opportunities issues
requirements (E.g.       Mobile to travel throughout the Bath &
Ability to work           North-East Somerset area
irregular hours or       Available to work flexibly to meet the
to drive)                 requirements of the post e.g.
                          occasional evening work

Any other Job Relevant Information


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