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									Winter 2010 - 2011
Volume XII, Issue 8
                                        Auxiliary Chatter
                                   Announcement from President Candy Sokol
                      Hello Fellow Volunteers! I hope everyone had a fun and festive Thanksgiving.

                      As the year 2010 is coming to an end, let’s reflect upon all of our wonderful
                      accomplishments from the past year. We met our annual pledge of $50,000 and
                      had twelve fundraisers earning nearly $10,000. Our capital Equipment
                      commitment was fulfilled by purchasing a blanket warmer for Radiology. We
                      continued service projects such as Baby Hats, Art in the Schools, Pet Therapy,
                      Puppets, Coloring books for ED and Scholarships. I am very proud of the work we
                      do and our commitment to give back.

                      On January 26th 2011, the Auxiliary wants to share with all volunteers the exciting
                      new look of the volunteer service department.

                      Please plan to attend an informative luncheon to celebrate our past and launch our
                      new future. Hope to see you all there!

                      Exciting things will be happening around the hospital…please mark your calendar!

                               Please come to our annual Gently-Used Holiday Decoration and
                                Ornament sale on Dec. 3rd. There are tons of great items for purchase
                                and the profits go to support our wonderful service projects.

                               For those who pre-ordered cookbooks, they will be in by Dec. 15th. Cost
                                is $15 for one and $25 for two.

                               Auxiliary will be delivering poinsettias to patients on Dec. 22 nd & Dec
                                We really appreciate Mr. Tom Zoner for his gracious donation of 80 four
                                inch plants.

                               Please join the Volunteer Dept. with our Adopt a Family Program. See
                                Deb, our Volunteer Manager if you are able to help spread holiday cheer.

                               Please continue to support the Best Gift Shop in Oakland County. The
                                Cricket Shop has magnificent holiday gifts and a great staff to assist you!

                               The Auxiliary completed our $50,000 annual pledge for the year...Yay!!!!

                      I just want to thank all volunteers for your service this year. It has been a very
                      successful and productive 2010. I am very excited for 2011 and can’t wait! Once
       Volunteer News – Volunteer Manager, Deb Moraitis

                                        Happy Holidays!
I know everyone wants to know about the Vanguard transition. The deal should be finalized by Dec. 31,
2010. There is a volunteer/auxiliary transition team in place right now to help our volunteer group move
forward. I will keep you posted of any new developments, but in the meantime, just keep doing what you do
best- providing the best customer service to our patients, families, staff as we can!

      Congratulations to Barbara Bergin on being appointed to the American Hospital Association as chair
       of the Committee on Volunteers. This is a one year commitment, and really exemplifies Barbara’s
       leadership not only in our organization, but Michigan, as well as at the National level. We are so
       proud of Barbara!

      Thanks to all who helped with our “adopted” family this holiday season. I am sure it will be much

      Get well wishes go out to Barbara Bergin, Dianne Hibner, Marion Benedict and Pam Alden- we hope
       2011 is a better year!

      Condolences to Sharon Sterling on the loss of her husband this fall; Donna Edwards on the loss of
       her daughter this fall.

Jennifer Beam-ED; Patti Eickholdt, ED; Vivian Howard, gift shop; Dot Kempf, Community Health; Kathleen
Kubinski, CCTC; Leisl Leeper, Pastoral Care; Olivia Lotz, gift shop; Betty McKinnon, gift shop; Carol
Montgomery, pastoral care; Lynn Patterson, OR.

Birthdays- Posted on bulletin board!

I hope that you are getting my emails. I try to keep you up to date with volunteer information. Please let me
know if you are not receiving emails, or if your email address has changed.

I hope all of you have the happiest of holidays this year. It has been a tough year for a lot of people, but
your generosity has shown through with all your donations of time and energy you have brought to Huron
Valley-Sinai Hospital
                                          The Cricket Shop
                                                       Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
                                                         1 William Carls Dr., Commerce, MI 48382

                                             Start your 2010 Holiday Gift Giving today!

                               Buy It...Give It...Get Loved For It!
           Our hospital gift shop has the reputation of offering unique and creative gifts.
          We lead the way by being voted #1 Best of Best Gift Shop by the Oakland Press.


           Report from VP Community Relations, Bev Wynn

      We had 8 popcorn sales from January – November of this year. We averaged $69.50 per sale.

      We had 2 major events, the Open House and the Flu Shot Clinic.

              Gently Used Holiday Ornament and Decoration Sale
           Sponsored by HVSH Auxiliary, all proceeds go to HVSH to fund projects such as
                         the Scholarship program and Art in the Schools.

                                                      December 3rd - from 7a.m. to 4p.m.
                                                     Ground Floor Conference Rooms A-B

                                                                  Please come, one and all
                                      Silvique Jewelry Sale
                                         December 13th – 6 p.m.

           A sign-up sheet to help with the sale will be placed at the volunteer computer.
                              We would really appreciate your service!

     Please contact Fundraising Chairman, Stephanie Pallo at (248) 685-0056 if you have any questions.

Thank you to all who have given hats for our babies at the Harris Birthing Center. The year is almost
over and all our 2010 babies, up to now, have received a hat knitted or crocheted with love by the
wonderful people out there who have given of their time, imagination and dedication. The parents are
so appreciative and the nurses at the birthing center are ecstatic. KEEP THEM COMING!

              Patterns for both knit and crochet hats are available in the Volunteer Office.

   P.S. I would like to personally thank the "No Name" contributors, whoever you are. The hats are
                                 beautiful and so well made. THANKS!

From: Vice President of Service, Barbara Ginotti


              A Note From: Counselor and Nominating Chair, Sue Cerri

                      Everyone is welcome to attend our Board Meetings!!!!
                           It is on the 2nd Wednesday of every month!
                                      Hope to see you all there!

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