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					                                         Facebook Ads

For tips on using Facebook, view the Social Networking section of the Campaign Planning

A Facebook ad needs to be:

           o   Title: 25 characters or less
           o   Body text: 135 characters or less
           o   Destination url: 225 Characters or less
           o   Picture: Whatever image you choose it will be resized to 110x80.
           o   Targeted: to your community

Title: Try to make a catchy title while being descriptive.
        Ie. ReDiscover Church, Back to Church Sunday, Join Us this Sunday

Body text: Try to be descriptive with an action statement. Examples:
      o ReDiscover church with NewSong Church this Sunday! Services at 9:00am and
      o Join others and visit NewSong Church on National Back to Church Sunday. Services
          at 9:00am and 10:30am.
      o Check NewSong Church out on National Back to Church Sunday [Date]. Services at
          9:00am and 10:30am.

Destination url: This should be your website or a facebook Back to Church Sunday event. It is
reccommended to direct people to your website so that they can view your doctrine and learn
about your ministries.

Picture: Try to make your picture attractive and revelant.

Targeted: You can pick which cities you would like your ad to show. You may also add
keywords to target an even narrower group but it is suggested that no keywords be added to
target the whole city. To conserve money it is also suggested to exclude members of your
Facebook Page or Group. You can post a status update to let the members of your Facebook
Page or Group know about your event. You also may want to target the friends of your
Facebook Page fans or Group members. This invites your fans friends without them having to
say a word!

Payment: You can pay per click (PPC) or pay per impressions. You must bid for placement on
a page. Depending on your competition you may pay .30 cents per click or $1.00 per click.

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