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                               30 OCTOBER 2009

1. GENERAL: APSAA Executive Committee meeting was held on 30 October 2009. Chairman
APSAA Major (R) Munir Ahmed presided the meeting. Following attended the meeting: -

        a.    Major (R) Munir Ahmed        Chairman                  Pak Security Services
        b.    Mr. Chaudhry Tahir Zaman     Vice Chairman             Cosmopolitan Security Agency
        c.    Col (R) Safder Mahmood                     *           LMS Security Services
        d.    Major (R) Zulfiqar Kayani                  *            Premier Security Services
        e.    Major ® Syed MIR Hasan Raza                            Crown Security Services
        f.    Col (R) Ehtisham-Ud-Din,                               K&H Security Services
        g.    Mr. Syed Atiq-Ur-Rehman                                Al-Rehman Security Services
        h.     Lt. Col (R) Muhammad Afzal                *           Kahut Security Services
        j.     Mr. Mustabeen-Ullah Baig                  *           Eagle Security Services
        k.    Major (R) Sardar Sajid Mehmood                         Sardars Security Services
         1.   Mrs. Razia Shamshad                                    Tiger Security Services
        m.     Mrs. Salma Riaz                                       Merit Security Services

        * Members of Executive committee                    online

      After the formal opening of the meeting through recitation of Holy Quran and its translation,
the Chairman APSAA welcomed the members of Executive Committee and after exchange of thoughts,
discussed the following salient points: -

   1     Land For Training School; Since the point regarding the acquisition of land for the training
        school of APSAA has been discussed in detail with Chief Secretary in the meeting held on 15
        October 2009, therefore, Chairman decided that as a follow up action, a detailed letter for allotment of
        land written to Chief Secretary, Government of Sindh.
   2. EOBI points Discussed During The Address of representative DG EOBI: Chairman directed
      that as a follow up action of the points discussed during the meeting held on 30 September 2009 a
      separate letter be written to DG EOBI covering complete details of the questions and replies there to,
      given by the representative of DG EOBI.
   3. Refund of Income Tax: The Chairman informed the Executive Committee that a complain
      was received regarding non-payment of Income Tax refund by some member companies. It is to
      inform all companies that the Chairman called the relevant person in the Income Tax department
      who assured him that all refund claims will be processed and paid in due course of time and that
      there is no bar on payment of refund to Private Security Companies.
   4. Shifting of APSAA Office: It was unanimously decided that present office should be
      shifted to a better place as there was serious water & sewerage problems being faced. The
      task was already entrusted to Major (R) Mir Hassan Raza and Col (R) Ehtisham-Ud-Din to
      find a suitable place. The new address is 8C, 24th Commercial Street, Phase II Extension,
      DHA, Karachi. Telephone number will be communicated later.
5. Increase In The Training/Firing and Other Courses Fees; Since the expenses on training
   and cost of ammunition and weapons has increased substantially, therefore, it has been unanimously
   decided to rehash the training and firing fee and charges of the other courses. In future, the
   training and firing charges will be Rs. 400/= (Four Hundred). Fee for firing only will be Rs. 3007=
   (Three Hundred). Fee and other courses will be intimated as and when the courses are scheduled.

6. Annual APSAA Dinner; To continue with the old traditions, the APSAA dinner is
   tentatively scheduled on 13 November 2009 at 2100 hours in Services Officers Mess, located
   in front of Metropol Hotel. All member companies of APSAA are cordially invited to attend
   the scheduled dinner. Please send your acknowledgment to APSAA office latest by 1600 hours
   on 10 November 2009. Attendance by either Chief Executive, MD or one of the Director is

7. Progress of Police Laison Committee; Mr. Atiq-Ur-Rehman of Al-Rehman Security Services
   informed the Executive Committee, that he is arranging meetings of APSAA with all DIGs of
   Karachi in the next week. In the mean time a meeting with CCDPO Karachi has been scheduled
   for 05 November 2009.

8. Granting Of Associate Membership To Multinational Companies; A request from Fortune
   Synergy for associate membership with 'APSAA was received, which was deliberated upon
   by the Executive Committee and it was decided to grant associate membership to company.

9. Appointment of A Focal Person To Co-Ordinate With Home & Tribal Department,
   Government of Balochistan; Mr. Shamrooz Khan, Director of Bolan Security Services
   has been appointed as coordinator of APSAA, who willl arrange meetings of APSAA delegation
   with higher Government officials.

  The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.

                                                              Lt. Col (R) Ehtisham-Ud-Din
                                                              Member, Executive Committee.

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