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					   West Thurrock and South Stifford Peoples
              Community Forum
      Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday 3rd September 2009
              At St. Clements Church Hall, West Thurrock.

Present:    Gareth Davies                   Chairperson
            Helen Ormond                    Committee Member
            Peter Matthews                  Committee Member
            Ray Barnard                     Vice Chairperson
            Betty Robertson-Glasgow         Committee Member

              Sharon Pritchard              Thurrock Council
              J. Perkins                    Thurrock Council
              Janet Davidson                Thurrock Council Safety Partnership
              Jim Nicolson                  Thurrock Council - DAAT

            Ed Vokes                        Transport Manager T.D.C.

            Mike Jarvis                       Veolia

            Elizabeth Man Rey                 Essex Police

            Cllr. Andy Smith                  Ward Councillor

            Residents                         of West Thurrock
            Residents                         of South Stifford

Meeting commenced at 7.35pm.

1. Welcome.

Gareth Davies welcomed everyone present to the meeting then proceeded to the
second item on the agenda.

2. Apologies.

Apologies were received from Dianne Marshall, Kevin Goodrum, Debbie Eveleigh
and Sue Helps.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 7th May 2009 were passed as a true
record of the meeting.

Janet Davidson                   Thurrock Council Safety Partnership
             Jim Nicolson                    Thurrock Council - DAAT

           Ed Vokes                           Transport Manager T.D.C.

           Mike Jarvis                        Veolia

           Elizabeth Man Rey                   Essex Police

           Cllr. Andy Smith                   Ward Councillor

           Residents                          of West Thurrock
           Residents                          of South Stifford

Meeting commenced at 7.35pm.

1. Welcome.

Gareth Davies welcomed everyone present to the meeting then proceeded to the
second item on the agenda.

2. Apologies.

Apologies were received from Dianne Marshall, Kevin Goodrum, Debbie Eveleigh
and Sue Helps.

3. Minutes of the previous meeting.

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 7th May 2009 were passed as a true
record of the meeting.

4. Matters Arising.

New bench for the garden.
A resident asked when the new bench would be installed in the garden as it had now
Gareth Davies said that he had spoken to the council and that the bench should be in
place early next week. He said that it would be installed on a 1200mm surround and
that a footpath would be needed for access from the sandwich shop to the bench. Its
location would be central to the wall but forward to allow access to the advertising
A resident asked about the fence still not being repaired as this had been damaged
in January.
The trees that had been planted in the garden were now thriving, having been
watered throughout the summer by residents who lived opposite the garden. The
Forum thanked those who kindly took care of the trees.

Gareth Davies said that the Perspex screen on the noticeboard outside Cowdray Hall
had been smashed and was due to be repaired tomorrow (Friday).

5. Declaration of Interests.

Jackie Roast? Re Memorial Garden

Gareth Davies advised of a change to the running order of the agenda at this point.

6. Guest Speaker - Sharon Pritchard, Thurrock Council.

Sharon Pritchard thanked Gareth Davies for his introduction and then gave a brief
update on the introduction of the 3-bin system of collecting household waste that is
due to start in the area shortly. She first spoke to the Forum about the proposed
scheme in March. She said that a letter was being delivered to every house in the
West Thurrock/South Stifford area, giving details about the distribution of the new
bins. It includes a phone number of the advisory team who can help with any
problems people may have regarding delivery and their use. The Thurrock Gazette
also carried details of a 'roadshow' that will be visiting various locations around the
borough in the next few weeks that people can visit to get more information. When
the bins are delivered there will be an information pack - menu cards - advising what
types of materials can be recycled and alternatives to recycling waste.
Ray Barnard expressed his concerns about elderly people who may not be able to
read and fully understand the new system and become anxious about things like
putting out 3 bins, what goes in what bin, not having the space to accommodate them
all etc.
Sharon Pritchard suggested that someone could read the leaflet to them and maybe
phone the help line on their behalf. There is a team of 4 advisers who are prepared
to make home visits to sort out any problems. (She emphasised that having 3 bins is
NOT compulsory.)
Ray Barnard then asked if people could change their minds if they felt that the bins
were not suitable for their needs.
Sharon Pritchard confirmed with another member of the council that the bins could
be taken back but at the time of delivery, people did not have to accept them.
A resident stated that there had been no survey as to whether or not the bins were
Sharon Pritchard replied that Ngage had surveyed 60,000 homes in the area.
Gareth Davies added that if they were not wanted, people could phone the council
and get them taken away.
He also asked what would happen to the blue box and the green bag. The reply was
that they were not being collected, but if people wanted them taken away, it could be
done by calling the help line.
Peter Matthews said that he had not got room for 2 more bins. What could Sharon
Sharon suggested that he phone the help line and someone would come to see him
to discuss his needs. She also said that it was not possible to stay in the existing
scheme, and although the new scheme was not compulsory, we could now not use
the green sack and blue box.
A discussion followed amongst residents and Sharon Pritchard about what could go
into the brown bin. It was pointed out that the scheme does not apply to people who
live in flats.

Cllr. Andy Smith expressed his concerns that some houses and streets were not able
to accommodate 3 bins, especially in the older, terraced house streets that had small
or no front gardens and narrow roads. He felt that bins would possibly be left in the
streets and become a hazard, with children perhaps, kicking rubbish around, bins
obstructing pathways and roads. If everyone tried to phone the help line the lines
would be so busy no one would get through to sort the problems out.
Mary Timlin asked when the rubbish collections would be.
Sharon Pritchard said that all bins would be collected weekly on the same day.
Gareth Davies asked her to explain what would happen to side waste.
Sharon Pritchard replied that 3 bins should be enough to store all rubbish so there
should be no side waste. Any side waste would not be collected.
Some residents asked about the cost of the project against the current arrangements
or using plastic sacks. Others outlined practices in other areas with regards to refuse
The reply was that it was cheaper than landfill. Thurrock Council would be fined
substantially if they failed to meet government targets for reducing waste in landfill
sites, and subsequently the council tax payers would bear the costs.
Gareth Davies stated that the responsibility of rubbish belongs to the householder
until it is in the back of the collection lorry.
A resident asked how much the bins cost. Cllr. Andy Smith will get an answer to
bring back to the Forum. A council representative said that the average cost per bin
was £15, and compared with the cost of providing sacks to each household for 2
years, they were cheaper.
Some residents expressed concerns about, or were resistant to the change, but
overall there was an acceptance that recycling is necessary.
Gareth Davies thanked Sharon Pritchard for her update and asked the Forum to
show their appreciation with a round of applause.

Guest Speakers - Janet Davidson of Thurrock Council Safety Partnership and
                  Jim Nicolson of Thurrock Council - DAAT,

Gareth Davies introduced Janet Davidson and Jim Nicolson. Janet Davidson gave a
brief overview of the partnership and the work that they do. Jim Nicolson briefly
described the work of DAAT with people who abuse drugs and alcohol. He said that
he has worked with over 500 people who have had drug and alcohol related
problems and then illustrated his talk with a calculator designed to show how much
alcohol different drinks contain. It showed how easy it was to exceed alcohol limits.
He asked members of the Forum if they were aware of the recommended limits for
alcohol consumption per day for men and women, and finished by inviting people to
visit their table that had lots of useful information and freebies about personal health
and safety to take away.
Gareth Davies thanked the speakers and asked the Forum to show their appreciation
with a round of applause.

Guest Speaker - Ed Vokes, Transport Manager, T.D.C.

Ed Vokes thanked Gareth Davies for his introduction and then updated the Forum on
the results of the transport study (re: meeting in May). The main issue raised was
the management of HGV traffic along the London Road, especially in South Stifford.
Of the responses, doing nothing in the short term was not an option and it was felt
amongst the members of the Forum that to do something now would be better than

nothing at all. £250 000 had been set aside to deliver some of the improvements to
London Road this year.
There was support for reopening Devonshire Road to HGVs and for the creation of a
new link through the Chase and onto Gumley Road, coming out into London Road,
was also put forward as a possible solution to some of the problems.
As for the continuation of building the West Thurrock Relief Road (St Clements Way),
Ed Vokes explained that the reason for it not being completed was that problems
were encountered during construction which were due to toxic waste being found
along the construction site. This took up extra funding and an additional £5 - 10
million was needed from the government to complete the project at the time. No extra
funds were forthcoming. Now plans to complete the road were uncertain as the area
had been identified as one for residential development by TTGDC.
The survey report contains a package of measures to tackle issues and improve
facilities for both road users and pedestrians. Cllr Andy Smith advised that it will be
signed off by Thurrock Council cabinet on 16.9.09, and will then be available as a
hard copy from the council offices or it can be viewed on the council website.
Ray Barnard said that attempts should be made to do something to address the
problems on London Road. As sites are designated for new residential areas, where
do HGVs go? Ray also pointed out that HGVs are drawn to the area because of free
parking. He referred to the Purfleet by-pass which was supposed to have been
banked up once the Snack Wagon has gone but as yet this had not been done, even
though the Snack Wagon went long ago.
Elizabeth Man Rey said that the Police had also raised this point with Thurrock
Council but received no reply. They were concerned that there were issues
regarding the safety of the drivers along this stretch of road.
Peter Matthew asked where was the 7.5 ton limit sign from West Thurrock Way
roundabout in the Grays direction?
Gareth Davies stated that TTGDC had identified Gumley Road as an area for
residential development, so why put HGV traffic there. He also stated that the
container lorries turning into the Magnet site were the worst offenders for causing
traffic problems on the London Road and invited the council to come and observe the
situation, but they did not come.
Ed Vokes said that the relief road may not solve all the issues of the Magnet site.
A resident stated that he understood the problems faced by HGV drivers with regard
to overnight parking. He said that there is no real provision in this part of the borough
and that the problems of parking impact badly on industry and housing.

Gareth Davies thanked Ed Vokes for his presentation and asked for applause to
show appreciation.

8. Funding Requests.

Gareth Davies stated that there was money from the previous forum that had not
been used and he had now received a request for funding from this money.
Brian Ward submitted a proposal for funding for purchasing fencing for the
Anchorfield Allotments. He explained that as the allotments were self managed, the
council said that fencing would be provided but there were no funds left. The
minutes of the Anchorfield Allotment Association supported the council's undertaking
and as a result, the council found the funding for a palisade fence around part of the
site. Now the eastern boundary needed fencing, a total of 113 metres at a cost of
£11,000. Also the section at the bottom of the site is not fenced and there has been
trouble with breakins. The Police investigated these and pressured the council to

fence the area off but there has been no response to this. The Police recommend
palisade fencing as being the best to deter break ins.
Two quotes have been tendered; one for £1500 and one for £1700. The second
quote is from a council approved supplier, and if this is taken up, it will not incur VAT.
Also it would be easier to get the fence repaired if the need arises in the future as it
was from a council approved supplier.
Brian Ward wrote to Gareth Davies to request funding from the Forum.
When the original forum was dissolved, the remaining funds were to be split between
the Anchorfield Allotment Association and the South Stifford Residents Association.
Both parties were invited to attend this meeting, but there has been no response from
the SSRA.
Cllr Andy Smith confirmed that the money now belongs to West Thurrock and South
Stifford and supported the application. £2000 is needed for fencing the allotments.
The Police also supported the request for funding.
Gareth Davies then proposed "We support this request for funding up to £2000".
The vote showed For: 18; Against: 0; Abstensions: 2. The motion was carried.
Gareth Davies will get the actual amount from the council.

Ray Barnard asked if the Articles of Association would be returned to West Thurrock
and South Stifford Peoples Community Forum? Gareth Davies will ask the question.

Gareth Davies also said that suggestions for funding this year are needed and asked
the Forum members to bring ideas to the November meeting. There is a budget of
£6100 to be allocated.
Gareth Davies referred back to an earlier item regarding the bench in the garden and
the path to access it. The pathway would have to be suitable for wheelchair access.
He suggested that maybe the money for these could be sourced form the old forum
funds and proposed that "£1200 could be put towards a new footpath from the corner
of the sandwich shop to the bench".
The vote showed: For: 16; Against: 0; Abstensions; 1. The motion was carried.

Ray Barnard requested a change of use for the memorial garden at St Clements so
that the Play 2 Learn nursery can use the area for additional play space. He said
that permission would be needed from the church. This will be followed up at
November's meeting. It will have to be discussed and approved by the St Clements
DCC and possibly the Grays Team Pcc.

Gareth Davies asked if there were any more funding requests.
Peter Matthews suggested a litter bin near Magno Café. Gareth Davies said that the
bins cost £495 plus fitting.
Ray Barnard suggested that 2 be placed near the lorry park and outside the
sandwich shop. Gareth Davies felt that these would be too close together but one
may be possible. Issues regarding the bins will be discussed at the November

8b. Any Other Business.

Elizabeth Man Rey, (local beat officer), gave the latest crime statistics for June, July
and August. She said that there had been a decrease in burglaries by 50%, a
decrease of assaults on members of the public but an increase of assaults on police.
There was also an increased police presence in the community. She said that it was

planned to launch a Neighbourhood Action Panel in West Thurrock and asked for
forum members to consider being involved by becoming street, local or business
representatives. She said that this was a great opportunity for policing in the area
and would enable local concerns to be taken to the response team. There are 2
events coming up: the Beat surgery on 17th September, where local residents can
raise concerns and get advice and NAP, which meets on 15th October. Any
concerns raised here go straight to the command team. Both meetings will be held in
St Clements hall. Members were asked to take posters away to advertise these
Elizabeth Man Rey said that all information about the meetings and the NAPs can be
found on the Police website. Gareth Davies also suggested that it could go on the
Forum website.
PCSO Manning (not present) was taking the problems with the boy racers up with
Thurrock Council to discuss traffic calming measures. He is now part of the West
Thurrock team dealing with the issue.

Gareth Davies thanked Elizabeth Mann Ray for her update and the Forum showed
their appreciation with a round of applause.

Date and time of next meeting: is Thursday 5th November, 2009 at St Clements
Hall, at 7.30pm.
Speakers from Pension Credit and Trading Standards will be invited to attend. CAB
was also suggested and they will be invited early in 2010.

Gareth Davies thanked all the speakers of the evening and asked the Forum to show
their appreciation with a round of applause. He then thanked everyone for attending.

There being nothing else to discuss, the meeting closed at 9pm.

Number of persons attending the meeting - 30.

                         Approved as a true and correct record




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