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					Application forms

Conditions for participation

01 Title of event                                                              12 Passport / Visa
FLOWERS IPM – International Plants Expo Russia                                 The organizer is not responsible to assist the exhibitor in obtaining the
                                                                               passport and the visa. The fact that the exhibitor is not successful in
02 Fair management / Organization                                              obtaining these documents from the government authorities will not
MESSE ESSEN GmbH                                                               constitute a reason for cancellation of this contact/application so that no
Messehaus Ost Norbertstraße, 45131 Essen                                       refunds of settled payment will be made.
P.O. Box 10 01 65, 45001 Essen, Germany
Fon +49. (0) 201. 72 44-727/-645                                               13 Freight forwarding
Fax +49. (0) 201. 72 44-435                                                    The organizer is not responsible for any loss, damage and/or delay in-
and                                                                            curred in freight shipments.
Prospect Mira, 119                                                             14 Cancellation, relocation, rescheduling and
129223 Moscow                                                                     change to the duration of the event
Russia                                                                         The organiser is entitled to cancel the event for an important reason, to
                                                                               change the venue or time of the event, its duration or – if so necessi-
03 Venue                                                                       tated by the space available, police orders or other compelling reasons
Pavilion 75 All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC),                               – to move the exhibition space reserved for the exhibitor, to change its
Moscow, Russia                                                                 dimensions or to reduce and/or limit the exhibition space. A change with
                                                                               regard to venue or time or any other change becomes effective and a
04 Duration of exhibition                                                      part of the contract with its notification to the exhibitor.
Wednesday, August 31, 2011 – Saturday, September 3, 2011                       Furthermore, the organiser is entitled to cancel the event if it has not
                                                                               received the minimum number of applications and the realisation of the
                                                                               event cannot be reasonably expected for economic considerations.
05 Product groups / Categories                                                 Should the event be cancelled due to reasons that are not the responsibility
See reverse of the application form
                                                                               of the organiser or due to force majeure, the organiser is entitled to a cost
                                                                               contribution from the exhibitor amounting to 25 % of the participation fee.
06 Registration fee                                                            The exhibitor can also be invoiced for any other services ordered by the
The registration fee per exhibitor is 250.– c                                  exhibitor that normally result in a payment obligation.
                                                                               Should the organiser be in a position to hold the event at
07 Space rentals / System stand                                                a later date, it shall inform the exhibitor accordingly. The exhibitor is
Floor space (raw space only):                                                  entitled to cancel his admission to the event held at such later date by
Row stand: 230.– c/sq.m.                                                       corresponding notification to the organiser which must be received
Corner stand: 240.– c/sq.m.                                                    within a week of receipt of the information from the organiser; in this
End stand: 245.– c/sq.m.                                                       case, the organiser is entitled to claim a cost contribution from the ex
Island stand: 255.– c/sq.m.                                                    hibitor amounting to 25% of the participation fee.
Stand construction:                                                            Should the organiser have to shorten a the duration of an event once it
Standard system stand “consta”: 53.– c/sq.m.                                   is already in progress due to a case of force majeure or due to reasons
Minimum stand space: 9 sq.m.                                                   for which the organiser is not responsible, the exhibitor is not entitled to
Co-exhibitor charge: 450.– c                                                   any partial or full refund or a waiver of payment claims by the organiser.
The fee may also be charged by MESSEN ESSEN GmbH later.
                                                                               15 Exhibitor claims, written form,
08 Terms of payment                                                               location, legal venue
All stand rent invoices issued by the fair company are due without ded-        All claims of exhibitors to the organizer must be in writing. The limita-
uction 4 weeks after the date of invoice. Invoices which are issued after      tion period starts as of the end of the event. Agreements which differ
July 1, 2010 are payable in full immediately.                                  from these conditons or supplementary stipulations thereof, must be
                                                                               made in writing.
09 Cancellation and non-participation                                          Only German law and the German text are authoritative. The place of
Any application for cancellation of the contract must be made in writing.      jurisdiction is Essen. The organizer however reserves the right to assert
Non-participation by the exhibitor shall generally not release him from        his claims at the court of the location where the exhibitor is registered.
his contractual obligations. The exhibitor shall in particular remain ob-
liged to pay the contractually due payments. The organiser is not under        16 Limited period / right of retention
an obligation to accept a substitute exhibitor presented by the exhibitor.     The limitation period for claims against the organiser is one year unless
In the event of non-participation, the participation fee shall become          the organiser has caused the claims by gross negligence or wilful intent,
immediately due if it was not already due in accordance with clause 8.         or if the claims are subject to a statutory limitation period of more than
                                                                               three years.
10 Sales regulations                                                           The exhibitor shall only be entitled to a right of retention against claims
Direct selling is prohibited.                                                  that are undisputed or have become legally enforceable. The exhibitor
                                                                               may only set off claims which are undisputed or which have become
11 Application                                                                 legally enforceable.
By submitting the application, the exhibitor accepts and submits to the
Conditions for participation applicable to the event. This also includes all
                                                                                                        MESSE ESSEN GmbH              Info-Fon 01805. 22 15 14
persons employed by the exhibitor, any co-exhibitors registered by the                                  Messehaus Ost Norbertstraße
exhibitor and any other assistants. Unilateral reservations or conditions                               Postfach 10 01 65   
                                                                                                        45001 Essen         
on the application form or in connection therewith have no legal effect.                                Fon +49(0)201. 72 44-727
                                                                                                        Fax +49(0)201. 72 44-435
Anmeldung und Anerkennung der Teilnahmebedingungen

Messehaus Ost Norbertstraße                                                                     Fax to:    + 49 (0)201.72 44-435
45131 Essen
Germany                                                                                         eMail:

We hereby register to participate at FLOWERS IPM 2011 and apply for the rental of               Product groups, categories (please enter numbers, see next page II.b)
stand space. We acknowledge and accept the Conditions for Participation at FLOWERS
IPM 2011.

Company name
                                                                                                Registration fee     250.– c
Building, Floor
                                                                                                	                                         Area sq.m.                 Width x Depth
Street                                                                                          Floor space
                                                                                                c Row stand          230.– c/sq.m.        ________                   _____ m x _____ m
Country Code, Postal code, City
                                                                                                c Corner stand       240.– c/sq.m.        ________                   _____ m x _____ m

Phone                                                Fax                                        c End stand          245.– c/sq.m.        ________                   _____ m x _____ m

eMail                                                Internet                                   c Island stand       255.– c/sq.m.        ________                   _____ m x _____ m

                                                                                                c Standard system
Owner, Managing director or person duly authorized to sign                                        stand “consta”  53.– c/sq.m.            ________                   _____ m x _____ m

Contact trade fair
                                                                                                Application of co-exhibitors (Co-exhibitor charge: 450.– c per co-exhibitor, see point 7
Phone                                                Fax                                        Conditions for participation)

eMail                                                                                           Company name

Registered by the chamber of commerce                                                           Building, Floor
c yes          c no
                                                                                                Country Code, Postal code, City
We are
c Manufacturer                         c Dealer                     c Others                    Exhibits

We are exclusive general/local agents of the following companies:
                                                                                                Please do not forget to complete the “Product Group Index”.

We are members of the following trade associations:

Invoice adress (if not same as exhibitor)

Company name                                                                                    Street

Building, Floor                                                                                 Country Code, Postal code, City

With this registration, the “Conditions for participation” and the “General Terms of Participation” have been acknowledged as legally binding (these can be viewed at
If your place of business (registered location of the recipient of services) is outside of the European Union (EU), a VAT registration certificate is required.

City, Date                                                                                                                     MESSE ESSEN GmbH              Info-Fon 01805. 22 15 14
                                                                                                                               Messehaus Ost Norbertstraße
                                                                                                                               Postfach 10 01 65   
                                                                                                                               45001 Essen         
                                                                                                                               Fon +49(0)201. 72 44-727
Stamp, legally binding signature                                                                                               Fax +49(0)201. 72 44-435
Product Group Index

Our exhibits belong to the following product groups (Please mark c ):

    01      Plants                                          c   1.3.2   Basic commodities                                c     1.6.1     Young plants
                                                            c   1.3.3   Finished goods                                   c     1.6.2     Basic commodities
c   1.1     Flowering pot plants                            c   1.4     Vegetables                                       c     1.6.3     Finished goods
c   1.1.1   Young plants                                    c   1.4.1   Young plants                                     c     1.7       Palms
c   1.1.2   Basic commodities                               c   1.4.2   Finished goods                                   c     1.7.1     Young plants
c   1.1.3   Finished goods                                  c   1.5     Tree-nursery plants                              c     1.7.2     Basic commodities
c   1.2     Green plants                                    c   1.5.1   Young plants                                     c     1.7.3     Finished goods
c   1.2.1   Young plants                                    c   1.5.2   Basic commodities                                c     1.8       Cut flowers
c   1.2.2   Basic goods                                     c   1.5.3   Finished goods                                   c     1.9       Bonsai
c   1.2.3   Finished goods                                  c   1.5.4   Decorative logs, cut evergreen foliage           c     1.10      Seeds
c   1.3     Hydroponics                                     c   1.5.5   Christmas trees                                  c     1.11      Flower-bulbs
c   1.3.1   Young plants                                    c   1.6     Shrubs

    02      Technology                                      c		2.4     Machinery and equipment                            c     Mineral fertilizers
                                                            c		2.4.1   Machinery and equipment for sowing                 c     Organic fertilizers
c		2.1      Green-house construction                        c		2.4.2   Machinery and equipment for planting               c		2.7         Pots
c		2.1.1    Green houses                                    c		2.4.3   Machinery and equipment for soil treatment         c		2.7.1       Turf growing pots
c		2.1.2    Plastic greenhouses and foil tunnels            c		2.4.4   Machinery and equipment for manuring               c		2.7.2       Paper plant propagation
c		2.1.3    Interior equipment and accessories              c		2.4.5   Pot washing-machines                               c		2.7.3       Seedling pots, culture and
c		2.1.4    Beds                                            c		2.4.6   Potting and repotting automates                                   transport trays made of plastic
c		2.1.5    Tables                                          c		2.4.7   Machinery and equipment for gardening              c		2.7.4       Plastic plants pots
c		2.1.6    Shadings                                        c		2.4.8   Machinery and equipment for                        c		2.8         Irrigation and dehydration plants
c		2.1.7    Illumination                                               cemetery gardening                                 c		2.8.1       Irrigation and dehydration plants for the field
c		2.1.8    Exposure                                        c		2.4.9 Machinery and equipment for tree nurseries           c		2.8.2       Well construction
c		2.1.9    Air supply and ventilation equipment            c		2.4.10 Screening and mixing equipment                      c		2.8.3       Pumps
c		2.1.10   Irrigation and dehydration plants               c		2.4.11 Packaging and palletising equipment                 c		2.8.4       Water conditioning plants
c		2.2      Measuring and regulation equipment              c		2.5     Earths, peats and substrates                       c		2.9         Cooling
c		2.2.1    Measuring and regulation                        c		2.6     Plant protection                                   c		2.9.1       Cooling systems for florists
c		2.2.2    CO2 gassing etc.                                c		2.6.1 Plant protection agents                              c		2.9.2       Cooling systems for vegetable gardening
c		2.2.3    Climate Control                                 c		2.6.2 Sprayers and atomizers                               c		2.10        Transportation and lifting equipment
c		2.3      Heating systems                                 c		2.6.3 Soil dampers                                         c		2.11        Commercial vehicles and trailers
c		2.3.1    Gas                                             c		2.6.4 Weed-killers                                         c		2.12        Engineering for Nursery
c		2.3.2    Oil (heavy and light oil)                       c 2.6.5 Disinfection (chemical)                               c		2.13        Engineering for fruit and vegetable growing
c		2.3.3    Solid fuels                                     c		2.6.6 Fertilizers                                          c		2.14        Engineering for garden and landscape technics
c		2.3.4    Alternative energies                            c Liquid fertilizing

    03      Floristry                                       c		3.6      Dried flowers, silk flowers                       c		3.12        Sales promoting products for florists
                                                            c		3.7      Wickerwork                                        c		3.12.1      Packaging material
c		3.1      Florists’ requisites                            c		3.8      Plants pots of glass, ceramics, porcelaine,       c		3.12.2      Price labeling
c		3.2      Arts and crafts                                             plastic, enamel                                   c		3.12.3      Selling aids
c		3.3      Decoration                                      c		3.9      Hand-made ceramic pottery                         c		3.12.4      Sings
c		3.4      Congratulation cards                            c		3.10     Wreath on a grave                                 c		3.13        Shop design and interior equipment for
c		3.5      Candles                                         c		3.11     Stamping machinery                                               florists

    04      Sales promotion, gardening requisites,          c		4.1.3    Selling aids (displays, banners and adhesive     c		4.2.5       Garden accessories, garden decoration
            shop design and interior equipment,                         labels)                                          c		4.3         shop design and interior equipment
            services                                        c		4.1.4    Fountains                                        c		4.4         Others, Services
                                                            c		4.2      Gardening requisites                             c		4.4.1       Trade organisations
c		4.1      Sales promotion products                        c		4.2.1    Professional and protective clothing             c		4.4.2       Associations, Institutions
c		4.1.1    Packaging material (foils, cartons, blisters,   c		4.2.2    Small tools                                      c		4.4.3       Editors, technical magazines, technical literature
            cases, ribbons, paper, pallets and labels)      c		4.2.3    EDP + EDP-consulting                             c		4.4.4       Insurance
c		4.1.2    Price labeling                                  c		4.2.4    Aviaries

                                                                                                                       MESSE ESSEN GmbH              Info-Fon 01805. 22 15 14
                                                                                                                       Messehaus Ost Norbertstraße
                                                                                                                       Postfach 10 01 65   
                                                                                                                       45001 Essen         
                                                                                                                       Fon +49(0)201. 72 44-727
                                                                                                                       Fax +49(0)201. 72 44-435

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