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					The Student Ministry of First United Methodist Church makes disciples through the process of Connecting Students to
Jesus and Equipping them to Serve others.


Introducing Students to Jesus.
Matthew 28:18 - 20 / Acts 1:8

Outreach Events
From time to time we will have an event for our students to invite their friends, family, or total
strangers (CHS/FWB football tailgate outreach). These events will be to be a witness for our faith,
gather prospects and to reach those we may otherwise not be able to.

Beach Bible Studies
During the summer we adjust our small group Bible study format on Wednesday nights. Due to the
summers hectic schedules of the church and families we change our small group Bible studies to a
larger group format and have them at the beach. This beach Bible study time consists of a prayer
time, praise and worship, devotion and some free time to play on the beach. Afterward we travel to a
local ice cream shop for some treats, then back to the church. This is a great time for youth to invite
their friends.

Youth Week
Youth week is the last week of Summer before school starts. We use this week to have a
combination of ministry and fellowship events. Some of these activities include movie night, duck
tape night, Big Kahuna’s and messy games night. These events are designed for a combination of
purposes. One is to allow our students to relax and have fun in a good Christian atmosphere. The
other is to allow them an opportunity to invite friends (hopefully un-churched friends) to church for a
time of non-confrontational opportunity for us to witness and share Christ’s love and sacrifice.

Sunday Connect Ministries
Sundays are a combination of family nights, activities & ministry events. Connect family nights were
created for our families as opportunities to spend time together, rest, renew and prepare. Connect
activities and ministry events are designed to create a safe fun environment for students to hang out
with their friends, to make new friends and to learn about Christ.

Wednesday Night Suppers
Each Wednesday night we provide a meal for $2.00 for our students and adults. We realize that
many families are too busy to finish with work, school activities and every day family life to have time
to eat before church. This is a great of fellowship and interaction.

Mid-high Trips
These trips are primarily designed to help youth transition into each ministry by offering opportunities
for new students to meet existing students and counselors.


Helping Students Know Jesus Through His Word.
Matthew 28:18-20 / Ephesians 4:12 / Hebrews 10:24-25

Small Group Bible Studies
Small group Bible Studies are designed for the more dedicated students who want a deeper Bible
study and a deeper walk with Christ. It is a time of fellowship, accountability, prayer, worship and of
course in depth Bible studies. These studies range from topical to more exegetical formats. This is
also a great time for youth to share the joys and troubles of their lives.

Sunday School
Sunday school is a time for discipleship as well as fellowship. Our students learn in small groups that
are divided by grade levels such as a 6th grade class, a 7th and 8th grade class, a 9th and 10th grade
class, and an 11th and 12th grade class.

Chrysalis Flights
These are weekends of discipleship designed to help guide students to a better understanding of
their faith and a closer walk with God It also shows them the need for servant hood within the local

Youth Leadership Retreats
Those youth in the position of youth leadership have the opportunity, and are encouraged, to attend
retreats that help them to grow their leadership potential within the ministry.

Infuse Disciple Now Weekends
Each year we partner with First Baptist Church to provide a weekend of intense Bible study,
fellowship/recreation and high energy worship times. These include guest speakers like Stuart Hall
and such bands as The Casey Darnell Band.


Student’s putting their faith in action and witnessing Jesus to our community and the world.
Mark 10:43-45 / James 2:14-18

Youth Leadership Ministry Team
This ministry team is comprised of students that commit their time to different areas of service within
this ministry. Some of these areas are praise and worship, office help, photography, and students
that exhibit good examples of being young Christian believers.

This team encourages these students in their service as well as instills a sense of ownership in the
student ministry at FUMC. This ministry team meets monthly for prayer, devotion, encouragement
and are taught how and why this ministry is structured in the five areas of Discipleship (Christian
Education, Ministry, Evangelism, Worship, & Ministry). They also help to give suggestions and ideas
for future events and ministries.

We began our drama ministry in the Summer of 2005. This was from a growing interest by both our
adult leaders and students. This ministry is designed to give our young people another portal to
share the message of Jesus Christ. This ministry is used in many areas throughout our church such
as the youth ministry, our churches contemporary worship service and our annual fellowship retreat.

Youth Worship Team* (Reverb)
Our students are actively involved in praise and worship. It is one of their most favorite aspects of
youth time each week. Several of them are involved directly with leading this praise and worship time
through singing and playing instruments.

Youth Choir “Viver”*
Our youth choir is a blend of contemporary and traditional. They have opportunities to sing at various
church events throughout the year.

Inner City Mission*
This ministry on opportunities to share the Gospel and meet needs in our own back yard. The
students come to stay at the church for three days and go into the community to do such ministries
as visiting nursing homes, painting houses and doing yard work for the elderly and homebound
within our community. While the High school also works in this ministry, it is considered a great start
to introduce missions and service to our mid high students.

High School Summer Mission Project
This ministry was started in the summer of 2005. It grew out of a desire of our High School youth to
want to touch lives for Jesus outside of our community. For many years our youth ministry has
participated in the Inner City Mission, a local missions project. This training ground has opened the
hearts of our older youth to want to go beyond our cities borders.

One Day Missions Projects
Often throughout the year we have the opportunity to help the local missions team to clean a house
or yard of a family that may not be able to do this on their own. We also have opportunity to do such
work apart from the local missions team. We use this time to witness to these families through our
work and prayer before we leave the property.

Children’s Christmas Ministry
This ministry is designed to reach out the underprivileged youth and families in our community. It
begins with our chili supper fund-raiser to help raise money for the many gifts and resources.
Following this we have a night in which our students and adults go to Wal-Mart to buy many of these
gifts and resources. We spend the remaining portion of the evening wrapping and organizing the gifts
by child and family. The next week we invite these families to the church where we feed them a
meal, present them with the Gospel and Christmas story, then give them their gifts.

30 Hour Famine
The 30 Hour Famine is a ministry created by World Vision to help bring attention to world missions
and world hunger. Each year we fast for 30 hours while studying about world missions and famine as
well as actively serving our community and the mission field in our backyards.

The Experience
The Experience is a time where the students host the Sunday evening service in song, drama,
devotion, and testimony. This ministry is every other month opposite the Break Outs. The adults have
no part in this unless the youth ask. Although, the adults do oversee and make sure that what they
want to do is appropriate. It is strictly planned and put on by the youth. This helps to build
ownership, dedication, and responsibility among those youth that are involved.

Relational/Witness Evangelism
We are committed to teaching our core students to spend time and build relationships with people in
order be able to share Christ through the example of their lives. As these relationships are built, they
will be able to move in a verbal witness of their faith.

Verbal Witness
If this modeling is genuine, then it will spill over and be contagious to the people they encounter. We
believe that once a person has witnessed in a “relational/witnessing” way that they will have the
opportunity to share their faith verbally and have the opportunity to lead a person to Christ.

* Denotes those ministries that could also be used as Connect events.

  We feel that there is always room for improvement and are constantly evaluating this ministry to make
                          sure that we stay fresh and up to date with youth culture.

        FUMCFWB Student Ministry Volunteer Strategy Worksheet and Philosophy

After reading our Student Ministry Strategy, please answer this worksheet.

!     This ministry strives to fulfill its’ mission/strategy by moving students through a simple process
      of connecting God to students and equipping them to serve. Connect - Equip - Serve

!     After studying the strategy of our youth ministry and answering the questions on this
      worksheet, do you better understand why we do the activities and ministries that we do?
      Yes/No. Explain:

!     Now that you have read this information, how can you, as a leader, be more effective in
      helping to fulfill the vision and mission of this ministry? That is, how can you help grow your
      relationship with Christ as well as help others to grow in Christ?

!     Do you have any comments or questions about anything you have learned in this exercise?

                                     Expectations of Students

The objective of this student ministry is to connect students to Jesus and equip them to serve others.
To achieve this goal, some rules are imperative:
!     Do not enter the rooms of the opposite sex
!     There should be NO P.D.A. (public displays of affection) between those who may be in a
      dating relationship.
      "      This includes sitting too close, holding hands and isolating yourselves from the group as
             a whole.
!     There are no electronic devices allowed. I.E. portable t.v.’s, ipods, ipads, etc.
      "      The presence of such devices takes them away from interacting with other students and
             chaperones. One of the purposes for these trips is to build friendships and fellowship.
             We want them to interact with one another as much as possible.
      "      Cell phones are permitted as parents want access to their child. However, they are only
             to used for that purpose.
!     Alcohol, drugs, tobacco and any illegal substances are strictly prohibited.
!     Students should adhere to the dress code.
      "      Our goal is to set forth an environment conducive, and without as many distractions as
             possible, to disciple students in the ways of their Lord and Savior, Jesus. And believe it
             or not, guys and gals get distracted by how they dress. I would like to set forth some
             guidelines for this. When dressing for youth, or a youth sponsored activity, the
             following guidelines come from some of the issues we have been addressing:
             -       No shirts with spaghetti straps. Any type shirts must have straps that are at least
                     two finger widths wide.
             -       No halter tops.
             -       No Low cut shirts.
             -       No short shirts that show the mid-drift area.
             -       No short shorts.....all shorts should have at least a four inch in-seam.
             -       Pants should be worn around the waist. No underwear should be shown. No butt
                     should be shown.
!     Students shall remain in the designated activity area as defined by the adult chaperones.
!     Students should obey the chaperones at all times.
!     Students should respect the vans or other transportation as well as the over night
      accommodations. Care should be taken to leave them in their original condition.
!     The “S” rule: Matthew 22:39 & Ephesians 4:29
      "      This rule simply states that we do not use any bad or derogatory language.
      "      This rule is for any inappropriate language actions toward another regardless of it
             starting what an “s.”
             -       I.E. No tell people to “shut up.” No saying that something “sucks.” No calling
                     people “dumb.”
      "      We do not want to be rude in any way toward one another. We want to treat all people,
             student and adult, with respect.
!     As a minimum, we will contact the parents. Should conditions warrant, or violations continue,
      the student will be sent home at his/her own expense.
!     This group is God’s earthly representative. Everyone will be expected to conduct their actions
      and speech in appropriate fashion.

                               Expectations of Adult Leaders

!   Have a consistent daily walk with our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.
!   To read, understand and believe in the purpose, strategy and goals of this ministry.
!   Family ministry comes before church ministry. One cannot have an effective ministry to any
    one if their families ministry needs go unmet.
!   Commit to pray for our youth and church.
!   Attend Sunday Worship services regularly.
!   Attend youth sponsored events on a regular basis.
!   No leadership team member is allowed to “ask out,” “date,” or become romantically involved
    with any youth of this youth ministry.
!   Please do not use alcoholic beverages of any kind in front of any youth.
!   Please note the importance of confidentiality. If there is any information concerning any
    member of this ministry that is sensitive in nature, it should be kept and not shared.
!   We will strive to be as fair as possible with every youth.
!   We will strive to provide the safest, caring, accepting and relational environment as possible.
!   To be available to parents and youth should a need arise.
!   To be prepared to lead the youth toward spiritual maturity in Jesus Christ.
!   We will do our best to keep parents informed of activities, however, we try to teach our youth
    to be responsible in getting the information to the parents.
!   Be ready to discipline a youth during any youth activity. The youth director cannot be in all
    places at all times and needs your help in maintaining order.
!   Due to the times in which we live our adult leaders are also required to have background
    checks as a requirement to work with our young people.

                                  Expectations of Parents

!   Prayer support.
!   Willingness to help when needed.
!   Encourage youth to attend youth functions.
!   Communicate your concerns with the youth leadership.
!   Advocate our ministry to others in the congregation and community.
!   Budget some time to spend with our youth in our ministry.
!   Budget some time to spend with your own youth.

                                 Why This Ministry Exists

!   For the purpose of winning and educating youth to Christ, in our church and to our
!   To offer training and opportunity for those youth to serve God.
!   To provide good clean times of Christian fellowship.
!   To give them Biblical principles and foundations that will help them continue to mature as
    Christians throughout their lives.
!   To help youth find their identity in Christ and realize they are special to their Creator.
!   To teach youth that other people matter as much as them. God commands us to love others,
    help others, and treat others with kindness.

                            Why This Ministry Does Not Exist

!   To be the only method of education for youth. We believe that it is the responsibility of the
    parents to teach their youth what is right and wrong. We are here to assist and add to this
!   To entertain or babysit youth.

                                Leader Covenant of Participation

I ask that any individual interested in participating in student ministry take time to observe the
ministry, spend time in prayer, and discuss it with their family before making any decision. Once any
individual has completed these criteria and is still interested and willing to be a part of FUMCFWB
Student Ministry as an adult counselor/chaperone, I ask that they read the material in this packet.
Once this is complete they will be asked to be interviewed by the youth director and/or specially
chosen counselors. This is a time for confirming their calling to work in youth ministry and for
questions and answers concerning any of the information included in this packet or from observations
of the youth ministry.

I have spent time in the areas of observation of this ministry, prayer, discussions with my family, and
reading the Youth Leadership Requirements packet and choose to commit to the following:

!     I acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ in my life and have a personal relationship with
!     I am convinced toward growing and maturing my relationship with God through quiet times,
      active participation at church, and involvement in accountable relationships.
!     I am committed to choices and a lifestyle that are both Godly and “above reproach,” knowing
      that my lifestyle is a model for students.
!     I am making a commitment to the youth for at least one calendar year.
!     I will attend planned, and called, student ministry staff meetings when necessary.
!     I understand the five purposes of ministry as well as the strategy of student ministry as
      pertains to this ministry and commit to help fulfill these purposes.
!     I commit to care for the students that God brings into this ministry.
!     Because I am making a significant commitment and my presence is important, I agree to be
      consistent and on-time to the program(s) I commit myself to.

      _________________________________                ______________________
                 Signature                                      Date

         Welcome to our Youth Ministry Leadership Team! Your involvement
          and input will help to direct this ministry to be more effective in
                            reaching students for Christ.


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