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					Variable Virtues  Type                    Notes
================              ====                   =====
Books                         Mental                 10 exp./pt in Knowledge skills
Cautious Sorceror Hermetic    -1 Botch die/point (as Affinity)
Cyclic Magic                  Hermetic +/-(2x points) in natural cycle
Heart Beast                   Hermetic Bjornaer Only; +1, +2 if battleworthy
Hidden Shape                  Hermetic magic cannot determine heart beast
Immunity          Physical    resistance to affliction; SG det.
Magical Affinity  Hermetic    Ability w/ type of Magic
Magical Item                  Supernatural           10 levels/pt spell effects in item
Method Caster                 Hermetic +(1/2 points) casting formulaic
Purifying Touch               Supernatural           cure one type of affliction; SG det.
Self Confident                Mental                 +1 Cnf/point
Will over Form                Hermetic Affinity with Shapechanging

+1 Virtues
Adept Student                Hermetic +5 Lab totals when learning spells
Animal Companion Social                Loyal, intellegent animal
Arcane Lore                  Traits               May choose Arcane Knowledges
Berserk                      Physical +2 Dam, Soak, Fat.; -2 Def.
Bonus with Familiars         Hermetic +10 points/pt. for cords
Book-Learner                 Hermetic Study Magic books as 2 levels higher
Busy-Body                    Social               get secrets easily
Carefree            Mental             +5 resist despair/sorrow; +5 Com.
Circus Upbringing Background           +1 to Performance & Physical talents
Clear Thinker                Mental               +3 resist lies/befuddlement/etc.
Close Family Ties Background           aid from family
Common Sense                 Mental               SG gives hints
Deft Art            Hermetic 1/2 physical penalties in one art
Educated            Traits             may choose Formal Knowledges
Enduring Constitution        Physical wound/fatigue penalties reduced by 1
Exceptional Talent Traits              May take: Direction Sense; Herbalism;
                                                  Empathy; Read lips; Alchemy;
                                                  Premonitions; Second Sight; Sense
                                                  Holy/Unholy; Dousing; Magic Sensitivity;
                                                  Weather sense; Hexing; Contortions;
                                                  Mimicry; Perfect Balance; Healer
Extra Spells                 Hermetic +10 levels starting spells /pt.
Extra Arts          Hermetic +10 purchase points in arts/pt.
Faerie Eyes                  Supernatural         see normally in darkness/night. + +1 to
                                                  have 'normal' looking eyes, if not then
                                                  -3 Pre, Com with mundanes. Fairie
                                                  Blood virtue required
Faerie Magic                 Hermetic Affinity in Faerie magic
Faerie Sight                 Supernatural         second sight for faeries/fairie things
                                                  see through illusions at 12+; requires
                                                  Fairie Blood
Faerie Upbringing Background           +3 personality w/ faeries
Free Expression              Mental               Ability to compose/paint/etc
Gang Member                  Social               member of gang who can help you
Gentle Gift                  Hermetic no interaction penalty (normally -3)
Good Characteristic Traits             may replace on Characteristic with:
                                                  1-5: +1
                                                  6-8: +2
                                                  9-10: +3
Good Armaments               Equipment            any standard, one Expensive
Hardy Convalescence          Physical +3 to recover from wounds
Heir                         Background           stand to gain wealth/power
Hermetic Prestige Hermetic +3 Rep; Hermetic Prestige
Higher Purpose               Background           +3 to personality rolls, +2 to Cnf rolls
                                                  while pursuing goal
Inspirational                 Social               give others +3 Bravery, help resist
                                                   some Mentem spells
Inventive Genius    Hermetic +3 to invent spells
Keen Vision                  Physical +3 all sight
Knack +1            Traits               +2 to skills in specified circumstances
Learn from Mistakes Mental               +1 exp when botch or fail (one ability)
Light Sleeper                Physical wake up easily, no penalties
Lithe                        Physical +1 Dex, Qck; Siz -1; no Hurt or Winded
Long-Winded                  Physical +3 fatigue (not to cast spells)
Mastered Spells              Hermetic 20 Exp. to master spells
Personal Vis Source Hermetic 4 vis/year personal source
Prestigous Family Background             Family is well-known & liked; Rep +2
Quaesitor           Hermetic Legal powers, prestige, restrictions
Reckless            Traits               Reckless +3; may replace Bravery
Secret Hiding Place Background           Know of a secret place
Sharp Ears                   Physical +3 Hearing
Social Contacts              Social                  Pre 10+ to know someone in new area
Special Circumstances        Hermetic +3 cast/resist
Standard Bronze Arms         Equipment               all iron parts replaced by bronze
Stocky                       Physical +1 Str
Strong Personality Mental                3 Personality traits up to +/-6
Strong Willed                Mental                  +3 resist temptation/torture/etc
Strong Writer                Hermetic speedy writing
Student                      Mental                  +1 exp/season to knowledge
Tough                        Traits                  +3 Soak
True Friend                  Social                  SG creates an NPC friend
Venus's Blessing    Social               +3 Com, Pre with other sex
Versatile Sleeper   Physical full nights sleep guaranteed
Well Known                   Social                  Rep +2 near covenant
Well Traveled                Background              +2 speaking, +1 legend lore/etc

+2 Virtues
Aptitude +1                   Traits              +1 to alls rolls in broad class
Beginning Vis                 Supernatural        start with 5 pawns of Vis
Blackmail            Background        recieve money/favors from victim
Exceptional Talent Traits              May take: Enchanting Music, Visions
Faerie Blood                  Background          +1 to resist age; +3 natural resistance
                                                  plus 'line' advantages
Faerie Friend                 Supernatural        SG creates a fairie friend for you
Famous                        Social              Rep +4
Fast Caster                   Hermetic +3 speed at fast-casting
Free Study                    Hermetic +2 study from vis; 1/2 from books
Gang leader                   Social              Leader of a gang
Gossip                        Social              easily gain info, recognize, create
Indentured Servent Background          not highly trained or a fighter
Independent Magic Hermetic 1/2 bonus/penalty from auras
Indulgences                   Background          have 2D10 minor indulgences to sell
Knack +4             Traits            like Knack, but +4
Large                         Physical Siz +1; Extra Hurt, Winded; +1 Str
                                                  Pre+/-1 (Mage 4 point Virtue.)
Latent Magical Ability        Supernatural        may become a magus during story
Light Touch                   Physical +3 subtle hand use, -1 botch die
Lightning Reflexes Physical react without thinking (Quick roll of
                                                  3+ indicates SG determines action)
Luck                          Supernatural        +1/+4 when luck is a factor
Magic Animal Companion        Supernatural        creature (MM 10) smaller=more Int.
Mentor                        Background          protected/aided by powerful mundane
Quiet Magic                   Hermetic may use Soft voice; -5 for no voice
Patron                        Background          Employed by powerful mundane
Piercing Gaze                 Mental             mortals must make rolls to resist you
Reserves of Strength          Physical +4 Str 1/day for duration of task
Side Effect                   Hermetic Useful side effect
Subtle Magic                  Hermetic may cast without gestures
Superior Arms                 Equipment          All arms/armor may be expensive
Superior Bronze Arms          Equipment          One piece may be expensive
Temporal Influence Social              have some influence in mundane world
Training            Traits             2x Exp; extra can only be applied to
                                                 areas you are being trained in
Withstand Magic               Supernatural       +6 natural resistance, soak from spells
                                                 (resists all spells, even 'good')

+3 Virtues
Ambidextrous                  Physical only -1 penalty for two-weapon use
Business             Background         250 p. /year excess; wealth costs 2 pt
Clergy                        Background           lower member of Clergy (priest/monk).
                                                   Other backgrounds may increase rank
Enduring Magic                Hermetic Longer duration for spells
Fast Learner                  Mental               +1 exp/story & /year; +10 starting exp
                        +5 Mage virtue: +1 exp/story, +1
                         study from vis
Highly Skilled                Traits               +20 exp Skills
Highly Talented               Traits               +20 exp Talents
Intuition            Mental             SG rolls dice for help
Jack of All Trades Mental               no penalties for not having skill
Leadership                    Social               Baron/Head of Covenant/Bishop
Knight                        Background           Knighted; Good Armaments, Oath of
                                                   fealty. May buy Superior Arms and
                                                   wealth at -1 pt.; many virtues provide
                                                   a horse. 1 Season /year spent for Lord
Life-linked Spont. Hermetic Declare level of spell, make up fatigue
Need not Drink                Physical Req. Supernatural background
Need not Eat                  Physical Req. Supernatural background
Protection           Background         Protected by powerful person/org.
Standard Faerie Iron          Equipment            All standard, but +1 Prot, +1 Dam
Student of Faerie    Hermetic +4, common sense with faeries
Superior Bronze Arms          Equipment            All items may be expensive
True Faith           Supernatural       1 Faith point, no Cnf.
True Reason                   Mental               1 Reason point, no Cnf.
Very Knowledgeble Traits                +20 exp Knowledges
Visual Memory                 Mental               +2 Int for memory, + +3 for details

+4 Virtues
Aptitude +2                Traits               Like Aptitude but +2
Aptitude w/ Elements       Hermetic +4 with Terram, Aquam, Auram, Ignem
Charmed Life               Supernatural         reroll botch dice
Continuous Spont. Hermetic Build power over turns
Destiny                    Background           +2 vrs. fear, depression, etc.
Exceptional Talent Traits            may take: Entrancement, Divination
Failed Apprentice Background         May take Arcan & Formal Know., usually
                                                accepted by magi
Ghostly Warder             Supernatural         ghost watches over you, may spy for you
Living Magic               Hermetic use other's (or self) Body for fatigue
Magic Resistance Supernatural        +20 resistance, incomp. w/Parma
Mastered Knowledge         Mental,Trait         one Knowledge: +4; only one botch
Mastered Skill             Traits               one skill: +4; only one botch
Mastered Talent            Traits               one talent: +4; only one botch
Quality Armaments Equipment          +2 Prot, +2 Dam. skilled smith required
Redcap                     Background           Member of House Mercere (+3 Mage Virtue)
Silent Magic                  Hermetic no penalty for silent casting
Superior Faerie Iron          Equipment            One piece may be Expensive
Ways of the Woods Background           +4 all rolls, -1 botch; about woods
Wealth                        Background           Own land or goods; 700 p. /year; mount;
                                                   Superior armaments
Werewolf             Supernatural      become a werewolf, may take an abiliyt
                                                   to control changes

+5 Virtues
Elementalist                 Hermetic affinity w/elements; 1/2 vim, no ritual
Flawless Magic               Hermetic formulaic spells automatically mastered
Giant's Blood                Background           Siz, Str +2; +2 Hurt levels
Guardian Angel               Supernatural         automatic success if '1' rolled, and
                                                  Angel approves
Mythic Characteristic        Traits               one characteristic at +6
Need not Sleep               Physical Req. Supernatural background; +1
                                                  season/year; resist sleep at +50;
                                                  (+7 Mage Virtue)
Night Reader                 Hermetic +1 season's study in magical arts
Relic                        Supernatural         own relic with 1 Faith point
Superior Faerie Iron Equipment        All pieces may be Faerie Iron

+6 Virtues
Greater Leadership Social                Duke/Praeco/Archmage/Archbishop

+7 Virtues
Immortal            Supernatural         cannot die except by natural causes

Variable Flaws              Type                 Notes
==============              ====                 =====
Foreigner          Background        -1/-3 Rep; easily recognizable
Poor Formulaic Magic        Hermetic -(points) from all formulaic spells
Vow                         Background           +1 Rep; vow to do/not do something

-1 Flaws
Bad Reputation                 Social                  -2 Rep in local area
Black Sheep                    Background              Disowned by family; -2 Rep
Blatant Gift                   Hermetic -6 reaction from mundanes
Compulsion                     Mental                  must perform/act according to compulsion
Criminal Brand                 Background              -1 reactions; Rep 2 as criminal
Cursed (minor)                 Supernatural            Minor curse
Dark Secret                    Background              bad things if secret discovered
Deep Sleeper                   Physical -3 1/2 hour after waking; hard to wake
Delet. Circumstance Hermetic   -5 all spell rolls - Uncommon
Delusion            Mental                 believe in a fantasy
Dependant                      Social                  NPC depends on you
Disfigured          Physical   -3 Pre., ugly, easy to recognize
Driving Goal                   Mental                  Must work towards a goal
Dutybound                      Mental                  follow a code out of fear guilt
Enemies                        Background              Baron/Outlaw group
Evil Eye            Physical   -3 Pre.
Expenses            Social                 25-50% of wealth expenses
Faerie Emnity                 Background              Faeries hate and torment you
Favors                        Social                  owe favors to someone
Flawed Parma                  Hermetic Parma at 1/2 against one technique
Fragile Constitution Physical -2 wound recovery
Hedge Wizard                  Hermetic -2 Rep.; Hedge wizard
Hired Sword (Grog only)       Background              may not have devotion towards Covenant
Infamous Family               Background              -3 Rep.; due to family
Infamous Master               Hermetic -2 Rep.; Magi
Judged Unfairly               Social                  distrusted by all
Life-linked Magic    Hermetic all spells items die when you do
Loose Magic                   Hermetic May not master spells
Lost Love            Background            Morose and Depressed
Magic Susceptability Supernatural          -3 resistance, soak from magic
Magical Air                   Supernatural            look 'magical', -3 interaction
Meddler                       Social                  -1 Rep, Meddlesome trait +3,
Minor Magic Deficiency Hermetic            1/2 one form (not Co, Vi, technique)
Missing Ear                   Physical -1 hearing, cannot locate sounds
Missing Eye                   Physical -2 missiles, blind side, -1 Att.
Missing Foot                  Physical -3 walking or balance, -1 Def.
Necessary Condition           Hermetic relatively easy condition to fulfill
No Sigil             Hermetic sigil is held by parens
Oath of Fealty                Social                  Owe service to temporal lord
Obese                         Physical Siz +1; -2 Qik; -3 Fat. Extra Hurt
Obligation           Background            spend 1 season/year in obligation
Obsessed             Mental                obsessed with an item, action or ideal
Offensive to Animals          Supernatural            animals do not like you
Orphan                        background              you have no family
Personal Hatred               Background              object of hatred is powerful
Poor                          Background              Poor Armamnents; can't sem to keep money
Poor Equipment                Equipment               only inexpensive arms, armor, tools
Poor Eyesight                 Physical -3 sight, incl. attack & dodge
Poor Hearing                  Physical -3 hearing
Poor Memory                   Mental                  must roll 6+ to remember one type of
                                                      thing; other memory at -2; -6 Mage
                                                      flaw: twice as long to learn spells,
                                                      start with 1/2 normal spells
Reclusive            Social                Reclusive +3; don't like to be bothered
Recruit (Grog only)           Background              Cannot have Valor or Bravery.
Sensitive            Mental                find mildly unpleasant intolerable
Short Attention Span          Mental                  2x cost to learn/improve Knowledge
                                           Mage: N/A
Simple Minded                 Mental                  only keep one thought in mind
Social Handicap               Social                  bad habits/smell/looks/etc
Soft Hearted                  Mental                  cannot bear sadness/suffering in others
Stingy Master                 Hermetic only 130 points for spell, arts
Strong Faerie Nature          Supernatural            use 'Faeire' column of Aura chart
Twilight Points      Hermetic +1 twilight point/pt.
Tormenting Master Hermetic master annoys you frequently
Uncommon Fear                 Mental                  scared of some object/people/situation
Verditus Magic                Hermetic must use spell foci
Vis Obligation                Hermetic must pay 4 vis/year
Warped Magic                  Hermetic annoying side effect
Weak Self-Confidence          Mental                  -1 Cnf.
Weak Willed                   Mental                  others at +3 to intimidate/fool/
                                                      manipulate you; take pos. Follower trait
Weak Writer                   Hermetic slow writer
Weakness                      Mental                  weakness for some item/person/situation

-2 Flaws
Clumsy                         Physical Dex -1; +2 Botch die; drop things
Clumsy Magic                   Hermetic targeting roll of 0 is auto botch
Common Fear                    Mental               fear of a common item/people/situation
Curse of Venus                 Social               +4 Pre to attract 'wrong' people; -1
                                                    Com, Pre to attract 'right' people
Cursed                         Supernatural         Severe curse
Decrepit             Physical +1 decripitude
Delet. Circumstance Hermetic -5 all magic rolls - Common
Delet. Circumstance Hermetic 1/2 all magic rolls - Uncommon
Diabolic Upbringing Background           parents were diabolists; fear demons
Disjointed Magic     Hermetic no bonus for similar spells
Discredited Lineage Hermetic -1 rep; Quaesitoris; accusations
Gangling             Physical -1 Str, Pre, Dex
Haunted                        Supernatural         followed by a nasty ghost
Hunchback                      Physical -3 Pre, -1 Dex (-1 Mage flaw)
Incompatible Arts Hermetic may not use one Tech/Form combo
Incomprehensible Hermetic -4 Com talking of Magic
Infamous             Social              -4 Rep, hated by people
Lack of Concentration          Hermetic cannot have Concentration ability
Lack of Control                Hermetic 1 round recovery after casting
Lame                           Physical -5 moving quickly/agility,-4 Dodge, -1
                         other combat; max speed 1 mile/hour
Minor Discomfort (Iron)        Supernatural         (Faerie) -3 use irons implements,
                                                    -2 fatigue rolls if wearing iron armor
Missing Hand                   Physical -2 to -4 for normal 2 hand rolls;
                         Magus: -3 spell casting
Mute                           Physical Cannot talk (Mage: N/A)
No Familiar                    Hermetic May never have a familiar
No Natural Resistance          Hermetic No resistance from Forms
Over Confident                 Mental               play down risks, play up self
Restriction                    Hermetic Magic will not work in Rare circumstance
Sheltered Upbringing           Background           -3 interaction; no Social talents/skills
Short-lived Magic Hermetic Spells do not last as long
Small Frame                    Physical Siz -1; -1 Str; No Hurt, Winded
                         (-3 Mage Flaw)
Suscept. Divine Power          Supernatural         (Faerie Blood req.) may not be near/use
                                                    holy items/people
Tainted with Evil    Supernatural        Others do not like you
Terrors                        Mental               terrified by uncommon thing
Weak Magic                     Hermetic 1/2 Penetration w/one type of magic
Wild Magic                     Hermetic +1 Botch die, 2x Exp to master a spell

-3 Flaws
Arthritis            Physical -1 Dex, Qik; limb locks on botch
Cursed                        Supernatural          Greatly cursed
Delet. Circumstance Hermetic 1/2 all magic rolls - Common
Disgusted by Magic Hermetic must perform small ritual after casting
Feral Upbringing     Background         only skills picked up in wilds; no lang.
Fury                          Mental                infuriated by something, roll 9+ on
                                                    stress or become enraged. If Botch, then
Isolated from the Order       Hermetic No Latin, Hermetic, Certamen;
                        3 in Scribe (Runes/Ogham) Req. Hedge
Magic Addiction               Hermetic make Concentration or continue casting
Major Magic Deficiency        Hermetic 1/2 casting rolls with one art
Noncombatant                  Mental                cannot learn combat skills; -2 Att, Dam
                                                    cannot take Poor Equipment; -2 Mage Flaw
Old                           Hermetic Age=40+Stm; Ageing rolls before play
Painful Magic                 Hermetic Each spell costs one Body (pain)
Poor Reader                  Hermetic -3 levels from books; -8 Lab when
                                                  reading; +5 Botch dice when reading;
                      -3 to understand other Magi's writing
Rigid Magic                  Hermetic Cannot use Vis when casting spells
Sense of Doom                Supernatural         if defeated may not take action for 1
                                                  day, cannot use cnf, -2 all actions.
Slow Caster                  Hermetic spells take 2 rounds, fast cast takes 1
Study Requirement Hermetic Cannot study from just books and Vis
Unimaginative Learner        Hermetic -4 when studying, -4 levels from books
Vulnerable to Iron Supernatural       +2 Dam from Iron, may not use iron
                                                  (Faerie Blood required)
Weak Parma                   Hermetic Parma is 0 in common circumstance

-4 Flaws
Chaotic Magic                Hermetic Wild Magic + Loose Magic + strange
                                                  effects if level not made, or over by 5
Cursed                       Supernatural         Extreme curse
Demon Plagued                Supernatural         minor demon follows you
Dependence on Props          Hermetic need props, does not include Foci
Midget/Dwarf                 Physical -2 Siz, Str; -2 body, fat. levels
Minor Magic Deficiency       Hermetic one Art at 1/2 value (Co, Vi, Technique)
Outlaw                       Background           4 Rep, Outlaw; wanted by authorities
Pure Magic                   Hermetic May not learn or cast with requisites
Suscept. Divine Power        Hermetic 2x penalties from Divine Aura
Suscept. Faerie Power        Hermetic Stm or become disoriented; Parma 1/2
Suscept. Infernal Power      Hermetic Stm or -1 all rolls, Personality
                                                  traits -3 vrs demons; Parma 1/2
Suscept. Rational Power      Hermetic -5 casting; +2 Botch die; cannot read
                        magical texts
Unpredictable Magic Hermetic Always roll stress when casting; always
                                                  roll on Extraordinary results in lab;
                                                  May not master form. spells

-5 Flaws
Age Quickly                  Supernatural          age twice as fast, require 2 long. pot.
Blind                        Physical cannot see. (Mage: N/A)
Enfeebled           Physical no exertion more than a few seconds;
                                                   -6 Mage Flaw, 2x Fatigue from spells
Major Magic Deficiency       Hermetic all rolls at 1/2 (Co, Vi, Technique)
Non-Spontaneity              Hermetic may not cast sponts.; 200 levels of
                                                   spell to start; low cost on affinity
Restriction                  Hermetic Magic doesn't work under commom

-6 Flaws
Personal Magic               Hermetic -5 to affect anything other than self
Unstructured Caster Hermetic Cast Form as Ritual; learn no rituals

-7 Flaws

-8 Flaws
Demon Tainted                  Supernatural         Demon plagued + Dark Secrets + unsavory
                                                      personality trait at +4-+6
Leprosy                             Physical Shunned; wound rec. -3; Stm-2; Decr.

Physical                                                                                                                                Merits
 -                                                                      Core                                                                   -
   Ambidextrous             (V)         (Will          be            using           the         system           in         VtM          Rev)
   Huge                                                                   Size                                                              (R)
 -                       Guide                          to                         the                        Traditions                       -
   Claws/Fangs/Horns/Hooves/Barbed tail (R)
 Physical                                                                                                                                Flaws
 -                                                                      Core                                                                   -
   Aging     (A)     [Can      only be        used       to     be      elderly,    no     child     characters      will   be     sanctioned]
   Diminished                                                              Attributes                                                       (V)
   Mayfly Curse (A) [date must be no later than a year in the future. Must go in Sanctioned Equipment]
   Primal                      Marks                       (A)                      [must                      be                    specified]
 Social                                                                                                                                 Merits
 -                                                                      Core                                                                   -
   Faction      Founder       (R)    [cannot        take       at     character       creation.    Must       be     founded      in    game]
   True                  Love                   (V)                   [must                  specify                  other                PC]
 -                                           Bitter                                             Road                                           -
   Tradition Herald (A) [This is not only accepted, it's encouraged. However, it's best worked out IC and not at character
creation,           unless         you're           from           a           Chantry           not         in         New          Bremen.]
 -            Tradition            Book:               Akashic                Brotherhood               (Akashics            only!)            -
   Drahma's Voice (V) [You may perform as a Mentor for someone without that background, or add your rating to theirs if
they                               do.                                    Max                                 of                              5]
   Folk Hero (V) [It'd be a little hard to explain in New Bremen, but if you can come up with a good reason, go for it.]
 Social                                                                                                                                  Flaws
 -                                                                      Core                                                                   -
   Child                                                                                                                                    (B)
   Dark                                                                  Secret                                                             (V)
   Mistaken                                                                Identity                                                         (V)
   Probationary                                                              Member                                                         (V)
   Witch-Hunted                                                                                                                             (V)
 -             Tradition             book:                Celestial               Chorus               (Chorus              Only!)             -
   Dogmatic (V)
 Mental                                                                                                                                 Merits
 -                                                                      Core                                                                   -
   Aptitude        (A)     [Cannot        take       more         than        two,       CAN       NOT        be       a     combat       skill]
   Eidetic                                                               Memory                                                             (R)
   Iron Will (R)
 Mental                                                                                                                                  Flaws
 -                                                                      Core                                                                   -
   Amnesia                                                                                                                                  (V)
   Compulsion                 (R)              [Can                 not               refuse              offer             of             sex]
   Ineptitude        (V)       [Must        be        an         ability       you        have        at      least       a      point       in]
   Nightmares                             (V)                             [Must                            be                         defined]
   Phobia                             (V)                               [Must                             be                          defined]
   Sleepwalker                             (V)                             [Must                           be                         defined]
 -                                           Bitter                                             Road                                           -
   Anachronism                                                                                                                              (R)
 -                       Guide                          to                         the                        Traditions                       -
   Anachronism (R)
 Supernatural                                                                                                                           Merits
 -                                                                      Core                                                                   -
   Avatar                 Companion                    (A)                   [Must                be                another                PC]
   Dual                                                                Traditions                                                           (V)
   Fae                                                                   Blood                                                              (B)
   Ghoul (R) [cannot take during character creation, but may be obtained IC. Please read Blood Treachery to be fully
aware           of        the          downfalls            of          such           a        condition          for         a       Mage.]
   Legendary                                                               Attribute                                                        (R)
   Medium                                                                                                                                   (R)
   Natural                                                               Channel                                                            (A)
   Oracular     Ability    (A)   [should     join    the    nb-omen         group      ]
   Shapechanger                                                           Kin                                                 (B)
   Stormwarden                                                                                                                (R)
   True Faith (V) [Note that this is available only to Chorus PCs, can Only be approved by the Chorus ST as well as Head
mage ST, uses the Chorus Tradbook rules and may be lost if not played correctly with no refund]
   Unaging                                                                                                                    (R)
   Unbondable                                                                                                                 (R)
 -                                     Blood                                         Treachery                                  -
   Celestial                                                        Affinity                                                  (V)
   Nephilim                                                                                                                   (R)
 -           Tradition           Book:            Akashic             Brotherhood               (Akashics         only!)        -
   Akashic                                                     Awareness                                                      (A)
 -           Tradition          book:            Cult          of              Ecstasy            (Cultists       Only!)        -
   Resonant                                                         Passion                                                   (V)
 -                      Guide                      to                        the                     Traditions                 -
   Personal             Talisman           (V)           [can              not           put            wp        over         7]
   Nine                                                           lives                                                       (B)
   Immunity (B) [you even needed to look?]
 Supernatural                                                                                                              Flaws
 -                                                             Core                                                             -
   Dark      Fate       (V)    [Need       to     contact      your         groups      ST       to      work   out      a  fate]
   Massasa                                                         Contact                                                    (R)
   Sphere Inept (A) [must state the Sphere, and have it at level one at character creation. No higher or lower]
   The                                    Bard's                                       Tongue                                 (V)
 -            Tradition            book:            Celestial              Chorus              (Chorus           Only!)         -
   Discordant                                                                                                                 (R)
 -                      Guide                      to                        the                     Traditions                 -
   Beast                                                          within                                                      (V)
   Bedeviled                                                                                                                  (R)
   Personal                                                      Talisman                                                     (R)
   Vulnerability (V)
Avatar Companion: (7 pt Merit)
You are in a cycle of reincarnation. However, every time your corporeal form is reestablished, your Avatar has
to start its path back several paces. The world is a new place once again, and even the Awakening can not bring
back the Knowledges the Avatar stored within a previous incarnation. The strange thing about your passages
through the birth-death-rebirth cycle comes from the fact that your Avatar has another lesser Avatar connected
to it. This fragment also enters the reincarnation cycle, follows your Avatar through each incarnation, and often
retains memories of its previous incarnation. This companion will fight by the side of your Avatar until death.
For many companions, there is no real reason to do this; the Avatar companion knows, however, that her place
in the way of things is to follow alongside your Avatar and do just that. The Storyteller creates and controls this
other being in whatever form it may take. Like other companion Merits, this is a background benefit, not an
opportunity to get two characters for the price of one.

True Faith: (7 pt Merit)
You have a deep-seated faith in and love for God, or whatever name you choose to call the Almighty. You
begin the game with one point of Faith (a Trait with a range of 1-10). This Faith provides you with an inner
strength and comfort that continues to support you when all else betrays you. This Merit is most common
among members of the Celestial Chorus. Although other factions may possess Faith, Technomancers of any
kind may not (and Faith in Kibo does not count!). Faith adds to Willpower rolls, giving + 1 to the Dice Pool for
each point in Faith. It does not affect magick use in any way, but may allow for some other form of outside
intervention (see, for example, Guardian Angel or Luck). Certain types of mage may, at the Storyteller's
discretion, reduce any Paradox gained around Sleepers if those Sleepers share the mage's faith (in effect,
performing miracles before the faithful). The exact supernatural effects of Faith, if any, are completely up to
the Storyteller, although it will typically repel vampires. (Basically, the mage must make a Faith toll against a
difficulty of the vampire's Willpower to repel him. For more rules, see Vampire Players Guide, pg. 30, or
Hunters Hunted, pp.64-66). It will certainly vary from person to person, and will almost never be obvious some
of the most saintly people have never performed a miracle greater than managing to ease the suffering an
injured soul. The nature of any miracles you do perform will usually be tied to your own Nature, and you may
never realize that you have been aided by a force beyond yourself. An additional benefit of True Faith is innate
counter-magick. This effect will not work for mages (theories about the reason for this vary), but can add a
dangerous wrinkle to fanatical witch-hunters or enemy Acolytes. Each point of True Faith grants one die of
counter-magick. A mage, therefore, facing a hunter with 5 points of True Faith stands a slim chance of sending
powerful effects against him. True Faith is a rare attribute in this day and age. No one may start the game with
more than one Faith Point. Additional points are only awarded at the Storyteller's discretion, based on
appropriate behavior and deeds.

Spirit Magnet: (3-7 pt Merit or 2-6 pt Flaw)
Spirits congregate at location in the Umbra that parallels your position in the Realm. You do not know of their
presence unless you possess the first Rank of the Spirit Sphere or have been alerted by others that do. Spirits
are there because they like being around the Quintessence that forms your physical body's Pattern or your
Avatar. These spirits often fight amongst themselves for various reasons - the spirits are enemies, they all want
to be around the character's heart or brain, they want to protect the character they want to kill the character, etc.
Some of these spirits might remain within the Spirit Realms in areas that correlate with the physical space that
makes up a mage's Pattern in the physical world. (Some areas in the Spirit Realms correlate to physical
locations.) These spirits affect the behavior and appearance of the character. If there are evil spirits within the
character's spirit form, the character will slowly be twisted into doing evil acts unless the proper procedures are
taken to remove these blights from the character's Avatar. If good spirits possess the "spirit" form, they will be
likely to help the character out in appropriate situations. Also note that there is a distinction between spirits and
_If the Spirit Magnet is a Merit, benign spirits will flock about the Umbra in area (of the Penumbra) that
corresponds to the character's physical location. They will do what they can to alert the character to dangers
within the Umbra. If the character is about to unknowingly perform an act that is "evil," the spirits will do their
best to alert the character of that fact. If these spirits are destroyed, others will soon arrive to take their place.
_If Spiritual Magnet is a Flaw, malignant spirits the same location. They seek to taint the character with evil
thoughts and pollute the Umbra about the location. Evil spirits will often taunt characters and try to annoy
mage at the worst of times. Other mages will notice this and no amount of magicks will keep these spirits away
for long. The number of freebie points spent or gained affects the level of spirit involvement with the character
and other spirits within the Umbra. For more information on the Umbra, see book Three of the Book Of
Shadows, Umbra: The Velvet Shadow, and Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Second Edition.

Magickal Prohibition or Imperative: (2-7 pt Flaw)
There is something you must or must not do, and your life, your luck, your magic and perhaps your very soul
depends on it. It may be something that has always been upon you, a geas prophesied by druids at your birth, a
sacred oath or vow you swore, or a promise or bargain you made, and Someone (with a capital S) witnessed it
and is going to hold you to it. If you disobey, the consequences are dire, if not deadly. For example, Dominic
De Woolfe is forbidden to ever harm a wolf, the totem shape chosen by his Avatar. A crazed Nephandi
discovers this and pulls a rabid wolf out of his hat. Dominic then has the choice of violating his geas or getting
bitten by a rabid wolf. He chooses to shoot both the wolf and the Nephandi, and, as a result, his Avatar deserts
him, leaving him a mortal without the ability to do magic.
Characters may have several magical prohibitions or imperatives, and these may come into conflict. In Celtic
myth, Cuchulainn had the geasa to "Never refuse hospitality." and "Never eat dog meat." Three hags once
offered him roast dog for dinner, and Cuchulainn died soon after. Consequently, most mages keep their magical
prohibitions and imperatives secret, lest they be used against them by enemy mages. Perversely, geasa curses
and sacred oaths are also marks of great status among certain Traditions, especially the Verbena and
Dreamspeakers, who accord status to mages with such Flaws as if each were extra points of Destiny. Simply
put, unimportant people don't have geasa or family curses. Storytellers should examine each prohibition or
imperative and assign a point value to it, as well as to the punishment for violating it. Easily avoided
circumstances, such as "Never break bread with a red-haired man," are worth 1 point, while more common, or
difficult, things, such as "Stop and pet every cat you see," are worth 2 points, and particularly drastic or
dangerous circumstances, such as "Never back down from a fight," are worth 3 (or more) points. Consequences
are worth points as well. Automatically botching the next major spell you do is worth 1 point, having bad luck
for the rest of your life is worth 2, losing all your friends and worldly possessions is worth 3, dying is worth 4,
and being deserted by your Avatar is worth 5. Characters and Storytellers may come up with variants of these.
Traditionally, there is very little that may be done about geasa, which are simply facets of one's Destiny, and
curses are devilishly hard to lift (and the Flaw must be bought off if they are). Characters who accidentally
violate them may attempt to atone for their crime, fixing whatever they did wrong. A witch who has vowed to
never eat any red meat, and then suddenly finds ham in her pea soup, might be able to atone for the trespass by
fasting and sending checks to PETA. However, if a mage violates an oath willingly and with full knowledge -
and survives - he becomes an oathbreaker, one of the foulest epithets among the Traditions. Oathbreakers are
psychically marked. It is virtually impossible for them to find a tutor or any sort of aid. Some Traditions,
notably the Order of Hermes and the Verbena, kill them on sight, numbering them among the Nephandi, whose
dark paths of power are the only ones left open to them. Characters who wish to begin as oathbreakers should,
take Dark Fate or some Curse, as well as the Flaw:
Oathbreaker, worth 4 points.

Primal marks: (2 pt Flaw)
You have an Avatar of the Primordial essence - some totem or god of legend. If the totem spirit is an animal,
you strongly resemble what one would look like in human form so much that people who don't even know you
call you "Bear", "Moose" or "Raven." If the Avatar is some well known god or hero, you look just like people
would expect him to, including any particular deformities (though you do get extra points for those). You look
the part so much that anyone can guess your nature at a glance, and there is some danger in that, especially if
your Avatar has legendary enemies (and most do). Your Avatar will also require you to protect its species if it
is an animal, or finish up its unfinished agenda if it is some god or hero.

Haunted: (3 pt Flaw)
You are haunted by a ghost that only you (and Mediums) can see and hear. It actively dislikes you and enjoys
making your life miserable by insulting, berating and distracting you, especially when you need to keep your
cool. It also has a number of minor powers it can use against you (once per story for each power): hiding small
objects; bringing "chill" over others, making them very ill at ease with you; causing a loud buzzing in your ear
or the ears of others; moving a small object such as a knife or pen; breaking a fragile item such as a bottle or
mirror; tripping you, or making eerie noises, such as chains rattling. Yelling at the ghost can sometimes drive it
away, but it will confuse those who are around you. The Storyteller will likely personify the ghost in order to
make things all the more interesting for you.
(More ideas for this Flaw can be obtained from Wraith.)

Twin Souls: (4 pt Merit)
Your Avatar has been fragmented and has a "soulmate" equal in power to your own Avatar and similar in
Essence, Nature and Demeanor. This fragment may be possessed by your physical twin (brother or sister,
identical or otherwise), a look-alike, another mage, or a complete stranger possibly even a Sleeper. When in
physical contact with your soulmate (or spiritual contact, for actions in the Umbra), the two may share
Quintessence and use magick as one (if both are mages), taking the highest ratings in Arete and Spheres while
gaining an additional measure of Quintessence equal to the strength of either individual. The parts are greater
than the whole. This joint pool must replenished through meditation in a Node, like a regular pool of
Quintessence. Paradox points gained from joint are not split, however, and each twin gains the same amount of
Paradox. With only one level of Correspondence, you will know where your soulmate is; with one dot in Life,
you will know his state of health; with one rank in Mind, you may share thoughts. If one soulmate dies, the
other must make a willpower roll, difficulty 8, to avoid following you due to psychic shock. She must wait also
until her soulmate's reincarnation before the power may again be shared. Soulmates are not just walking Merits
and must be pre-presented and run as different characters, preferably by different players in a group. Also note
that you do not have to get along with Twin souls are distinct and separate individuals not tag-team
powerhouses, and Storytellers should feel free to take over one half of a pair being played as one mind with two

WerewoIf/Vampire Companion: (3 pt Merit)
You have a friend and ally who just happens to be a werewolf or vampire. Though you may call upon this
being in time of need, she also has the right to call upon you (after all, you are friends). Neither your kind nor
hers appreciate such a relationship; while mages deal with the other Awakened often, all sides share a healthy
distrust of each other. Your friend will not become a walking Quintessence battery for greedy mages. Such
relationships often end badly.... The Storyteller will create the character in question, and will not reveal its full
powers and potencies.
Faerie Affinity: (2 pt Merit)
The Fair Folk like you. While they avoid most humans (at least by the light of day), they seek you out for good
times and council. You might even be of faerie blood. Whatever your origin and tie to the Dreamers, they treat
you like a young sibling -- regardless of your age -- and rarely plague you with their mischief. From time to
time, the fae may call upon you to mediate disputes among them, or between the fae and the magicians of your
acquaintance. Sometimes, you can even call upon them for assistance in your own affairs -- if you dare submit
your problems to faerie judgment. Your presence does not frighten faeries; indeed, it attracts them, and you are
naturally attuned to their ways. You may even share some small amount of faerie blood. Friendly fey might
allow you to meditate at their circle once in a while (though gods only know what effect this have in the long

Spirit Mentor: (3 pt Merit)
You have a ghostly companion and guide. This spirit is able to employ a number of minor powers when it
really struggles to exert itself (see Haunted, below), but for the most part, its benefit to you is through the advice
it can give. This ghost is the incorporeal spirit of someone who was once living, perhaps even someone
particularly famous or wise. The Storyteller will create the ghost character, but will not reveal to you its full
powers and potencies. Mentors of this sort are not true Mentors of magick, but might give special insights into
aspects of Sleeper life that mages have missed or forgotten. (Further ideas for this Merit can be obtained from
Medium: (2 pt Merit)
You possess an affinity to sense and hear spirits, ghosts and shades. Though you cannot see them you feel their
presence and are able to speak with them when they are in the vicinity. It is even possible for you to summon
them (through pleading and cajoling) to your presence. Spirits will not simply aid you or give you advice for
free- they will always want something in return. Mages with both this Merit and the Spirit Sphere reduce the
difficulties of Spirit magick by two. Combining the Medium Merit with the Spirit Magnet Merit will make your
life exceedingly interesting and problematic.
Psychic Vampire: (5 pt Flaw)
The spark of Life is dying within you and must be continually fed from outside forces. You are a psychic
vampire. Plants and insect life wither or die in your presence as you feed on their energies, and any person you
touch for more than an hour will suffer one non-aggravated Health Level as you siphon away his life. Those
already injured (including those whose Bruised Health Level has been sucked away) will not heal while in your
presence. You can still be in the same building without harming someone, but sharing a bed is not possible
unless you want the other person to slowly die. If you do not feed the emptiness within yourself at least once a
day, you will begin to die. The rate at which you take wounds follows the progression for natural healing in
reverse: you take a Health Level after one day, a second in three days, a third in a week, a fourth in a month,
and, finally, one wound every three months. Mages with this Flaw who possess the Sphere of Life have a -2 on
all difficulties with Effects designed to damage, stunt, destroy or corrupt a living thing when the healing touch
is used. For each Health Level done in this matter, however, a Health Level caused to the mage as the result of
life-energy starvation may be healed, or, if the mage has not gone without, the dying flame may be sated for an
additional hour per Level done. While a psychic vampire is bloated with Life energies, he will not
automatically cause death and injury to those around him. The Verbena and the Celestial Chorus both find this
Flaw to be a mark of extreme evil, best dealt with by the extermination of the one possessing it, while the
Nephandi actively recruit those with this dark blessing. On the plus side, vampires find your blood completely
lacking in sustenance.
Past Life: (1-5 pt Merit)
The mage can remember one or more of her previous incarnations. This can be as simple as constant deja vu in
places known to her past lives, or as complex as conscious, waking memories of being another person. In
practical terms, this means that the mage, and therefore the player, knows slightly more about whatever
situations the dead memories contain. The mage might know her way around the past life's hometown, or back
away from her murderer without knowing why. This is a good Background for beginning players; the
Storyteller can tell them that something they are about to do is stupid, dangerous, or both, because even if the
character wouldn't logically know that, one of her past lives might. However, this Background cannot be used
to 'remember' Abilities; the character still needs the Dream Background to do that. The Storyteller can, and
likely should, take the opportunity to flesh out one or more of these past selves with the player. Unless the
memory is very detailed, the character, and probably the player, isn't likely to know everything about that past.
In fact, this half-and-half recollection is a rich source of story ideas, particularly if any of the past lives were
Awakened themselves. This is fairly common for those with "old souls" and powerful Avatars.
One point- Deja vu memories of one life
Two points- Dreamy, vague memories of one life, with deja vu from several lives
Three points- Vague memories of several lives and one or two well-remembered impressions from one life
Four points- Several well-remembered impressions from many lives
Five points- A clear but broken thread of memories back to the Mythic Age and beyond...

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