Lava Lamp Sun - PowerPoint by zhangyun


									Lava Lamp Sun
Solar Convection animation Andrea Malagoli, The University of Chicago
Image: Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences
Demo of solar cells by Physics Department, Brown University, RI, USA using silicone oil,
                    aluminium powder, a frying pan and a lot of care
  Lava lamps were invented by Edward Craven Walker in
Britain and first marketed in 1963. He was inspired by an
 egg timer he saw in a pub. It had been created by a Mr.
Dunnett who was by then dead. Craven Walker spent the
           next 15 years making a better lamp.
His psychedelic invention fitted perfectly with the ‘swinging
60s’ and sales took off around the world. The invention
 is patented and the recipe for the contents are supposed
                       to be a secret.

 "If you buy my lamp, you won't need to buy drugs."

   "...starts from nothing, grows possibly a little bit
 feminine, then a little bit masculine, then breaks up
           and has children. It's a sexy thing.“
                 Edward Craven Walker

    Original lamps are available from Mathmos at

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