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									The murder

             Frolow K. A.
Elements of a murder are
the following:
1) action aimed at killing a person;
2) death of the victim;
3) a causal link between the action
and the death of the victim.
Corpus delicti is the body
of evidence that constitute
the offence; the objective
proof that a crime has
been committed. In
Russian law enforcement
tradition it should have 4
elements – object / subject
of a crime, objective /
subjective aspect of a
crime. For example, the
victim is the object and the
criminal is the subject. The
circumstances of the
crime, the mental state of
the criminal refer to
objective and subjective
aspect respectively.
There may be many reasons
for murdering people.

Mental Problems: Most of the
time, the killers suffer from
psychotic or mental illnesses.
They usually have no control
over themselves and suffer
from anxiety and depression.
Childhood Problems:
Killers may have rough
backgrounds. They could
have brought up hatred in
their hearts and evil in their
brains. Also, indifference
and shyness as well as no
sense of belonging have
been found to be other
Bad Parenting: It has been
statistically proven that most
murderers have had a cruel past in
which their parents were divorced,
faced drug problems, abused their
children or left the family, which may
have lead to psychological problems
in the child’s mind, that would soon
lead to something more serious. If a
child is brought up by parents who do
not devote their time towards their
children and show care and affection,
the children will most probably turn
out to lead cruel lives in hatred,
which might lead to murder and other
terrifying crimes.
Self-Esteem: Other
reasons may include
lack of self-esteem and
love for life. A
numerous amount of
murderers suffer from
depression and
Types of murders are
listed in Article 105 of
the Criminal Code of RF:
•themurder without aggravating or
mitigating circumstances specified in the
law (part 1, art. 105),
•murder with aggravating circumstances
(part 2 of art. 105);
•murder with extenuating circumstances:
killing a newborn child (article 106)
a murder committed in the heat of
passion (article 107)
murder committed in defense or to
apprehend a criminal (article 108).
Murder is "punishable by imprisonment
for a term of six to fifteen years.“ or if
there are aggravating circumstances
"shall be punished with imprisonment for
a term of eight to twenty years or death
penalty or life imprisonment."
In view of the fact that the Russian
Federation introduced a moratorium on
capital punishment, death penalty is
substituted by life imprisonment.
According to
statistical data, 23%
of murders are
committed with
extreme cruelty.
Thank you for
your attention.

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