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stockings and gift exchange.doc - Cherokee County Schools


									December 1, 2008,

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

        Welcome back! I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving! We have
begun what is perhaps our busiest time of the year…As I’ve mentioned in past
newsletters, we are getting ready to begin a unit with your children called
“Children Around the World”. Each day your child’s class will “travel” to another
classroom to learn about holiday traditions and customs from around the world.
They will visit Japan, Mexico, Great Britain, Kenya, Australia, Russia and the
United States. This unit is so much fun for the children and the teachers; we do
encourage you to talk to your child each day to see where he/she visited that
        This year we will be making a holiday stocking for each child and I’d like
to ask the parents to send in small items to fill the stockings. This could be little
toys such as rings, yo-yos, etc. (things that can be purchased at the dollar
store), or candy or stickers…anything you think would be appropriate for a
stocking stuffer. If each parent could send in a classroom set (17) of something
for the children’s stockings, it would be wonderful. Please send in 17 of the
same or similar item. For example: send 17 holiday pencils, or 17 rings, etc.
That way we can just put one of each type of item in each stocking without hurt
feelings that someone got something different from the others. Please send
these in by the end of next week, December 12th. Our class holiday party will be
on Wednesday, December 17th at 1:00pm. All families are invitied!
        Another thing I like to do is have a little gift exchange with the children.
I ask that each child bring in a gift of no more than $5.00 - $7.00. Girls should
get a gift for another girl and boys get a gift for another boy. Please send in the
gift wrapped and tagged for a BOY or a GIRL.
        Thank you in advance for making this holiday season here at school a
very special one for your child. Please know that no child will be excluded from
either the stockings or the gift exchange, so if you are unable to contribute,
there will still be something for your child (but I would appreciate a note ahead
of time, so I have time to get something).
       Again, we wish you and all of your families a wonderful holiday
season. We hope to make some special holiday memories here at school
for your child!

                                              Mrs. Burt

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