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At Artisan Web Design we have Maintenance Contract that consist of a prepaid service fee, paid monthly and it is
bound by the Service Level Agreement for peace of mind.

Creating a well designed website can be achieved with hard work and required efforts, but after it goes online you
need to maintain it for smooth functioning. In order to get position in search engines and run hassle-free,
Website maintenance is necessary.

Maintenance is essential whether it applies to your car, your garden or your website. A successful website requires
ongoing maintenance so it can attract, educate and expand its client base and generate revenue for your business.
This means a website is never completely finished.
It is a work in progress just like keeping your garden weed free and producing food for your dinner table.

Website can be unintentionally damaged by ineffectual updating, upgrading, files uncovered or deleted or links can
be broken or lost. The regular maintenance can help shield the savings by keeping a watch over the site on ongoing
basis. Using services of website maintenance service would keep you relaxed and have more time to focus on your

Website maintenance job includes:

    •     Keep your site up-to-date as search engine requirements change content updates,
    •     Server side management
    •     Weekly back ups
    •     Add new keywords and phrases as necessary,
    •     Monitor your site
    •     Update your site to include new pages, new products, new pictures, new content, news etc.
    •     Quarterly or half-yearly meetings to discuss the ongoing development of the site

Maintenance Packages:

                                  Level 1 140GBP/month 2 hours work on the site
                                    Recommended for websites from 1 up to 10 pages
                    If services you require which exceeds 2 hours labor will incur a fee 100GBP /Hour

                                  Level 2 280GBP/month 4 hours work on the site
                                   Recommended for websites from 10 up to 50 pages
                    If services you require which exceeds 4 hours labor will incur a fee 100GBP /Hour

                                  Level 3 560GBP/month 8 hours work on the site
                                   Recommended for websites from 50 up to 200 pages
                    If services you require which exceeds 6 hours labor will incur a fee 100GBP /Hour

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Website Maintenance Service Level Agreement

1. Definitions                                                  5.2 Primary Contacts
1.1 "Maintenance Service Fee" shall mean a rate paid by the     The customer shall appoint one (1) individual within customer's
customer for website maintenance and maintenance related        Organization to serve as primary contact between the
support. This fee is paid monthly. The fee depends on the       customer and Artisan Web Design and to receive support. All
selection of the maintenance level upon application.            of the customer's support enquiries shall be initiated through
1.2 “Website Maintenance” shall mean basic website              these contacts and logged internally.
changes and additions and does not including Server Side
Scripting or Database modifications.                            6. Level of Effort
1.3 “Server Side Script” shall mean a program that is           99% of the time Artisan Web Design will start works on your
processed on the server, before the information ever reaches    Website Maintenance within (2) working days of receiving the
the user’s computer. These programming languages include        request.
but are not limited to PHP, ASP and ASP.NET.
1.4 "Term" shall mean the initial (12) twelve month term of     7. Error Correction
Website Maintenance after election by customer.                 Upon identification of any Website Maintenance error, the
1.5 "Renewal Term" shall mean any (12) twelve-month term of     customer shall notify Artisan Web Design of such error and
Website Maintenance services elected by customer                shall provide Artisan Web Design with a problem report and
subsequent to the Term.                                         enough information to reproduce the error Artisan Web
1.7 “Software” shall mean any artwork, programs, procedures,    Design shall use its reasonable efforts to respond to problem
rules, and any associated documentation pertaining to the       reports. Artisan Web Design shall begin to correct any
operation of a website. For example a website, Content          reproducible Website Maintenance errors in the Software
Management System, 3rd party applications like Forum, Blog      attributable Artisan Web Design with the level of effort
etc.                                                            commensurate with the error within two (2) business day.
                                                                Artisan Web Design shall not be responsible for correcting any
2. Website Maintenance Agreement Term                           errors not attributable to Artisan Web Design.
The term of this agreement is a (12) twelve-month term. The
renewal term will automatically start once the term has         8. Go Live Policy
lapsed unless termination has been received.                    No software, error correction or modification will go live on
                                                                Fridays unless otherwise agreed upon. Support is limited over
3. Website Maintenance Agreement Termination                    the weekend and this policy is designed to reduce the risk of
3.1 The term or renewal term can be terminated as per a 30      critical errors over this period.
day cooling off period after the commencement or renewal
date of the agreement. Notice of this termination must be       9. Increasing charges
made in writing.                                                The Company may increase the Annual Charge, Normal &
3.2 If the customer terminates the agreement prematurely to     Abnormal Hourly Charges as set out in this Agreement by
its term, then any unpaid Maintenance Service Fee’s will be     giving 14 days’ prior written notice to take effect at the end of
invoiced based on the longest serving level.                    the notice period. In such an event, the Customer may
                                                                terminate this Agreement before the end of the said notice
4. Amendments to Contract                                       period by a written notice to the Company.
Giving 30 days notice in writing can modify the Level of your
Website Maintenance Agreement.                                  10. Artisan Web Design Contact Information
                                                                Website Maintenance service is available Monday through
5. Customer Responsibilities                                    Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
5.1 Obligations
The customer agrees to provide Artisan Web Design with          Phone: +442032397579, +1(36) 70-583-1454, +1(345) 939-1961;
reasonable access to all necessary personnel to answer any      E-mail:
questions about any problems reported by the customer           Web:
regarding the Software. Customer also agrees to promptly
implement all updates provided by either a 3rd party or
Artisan Web Design if requested. When requested and
necessary, the customer shall provide. Artisan Web Design in
writing a reasonable description of the maintenance required
along with any additional information or software required to
complete the Website Maintenance

                                       Artisan Web Design Cayman Islands, Budapest, Hungary,
     Phone: +3670-583-1454                         Email:                Website: