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					Gwynedd Environmental Partnership
Steering Group Meeting
Friday, 14th May 2010, 10.00 o’clock
Ystafell Gwyrfai, Gwynedd Council

Huw Davies                           Antur Waunfawr
Tim Owen                             Environment Agency
Isgoed Williams                      Trawsnewid
Keith O’Brien                        Snowdonia National Park
Iona Price                           Green Town Project
Aled Price                           Gwynedd Council
Sioned ap Gareth                     Gwynedd Council

Alun Price, Seran Dolma, Gwynedd Watkin, Gwawr Price, Einir Young, Dilwyn Williams, Rod
Gritten, Steve Bristow, Dewi Jones

Minute                                                                                    Action

The minutes were accepted as correct

3. Update on the Carbon Foot-print Reduction Plan

It was reported that the project was looking to expand to the business and community
sectors this year. HD reported that he, Tim Owen and Dewi Jones had met Dilwyn
Williams recently to discuss GEP’s role in leading the work of extending the project to
the business and community sectors. The possibility of holding an event to undertake
an audit of the activities already underway in the county, identifying successful
schemes, and identifying priorities were discussed in the meeting.

It was agreed to form a small task group to arrange the event as soon as possible. HD
and TO agreed to be on the group and SaG agreed to circulate an e-mail extending an
invitation to the other members of GEP after confirming the date of the meeting. It
was emphasised that the work must have an outcome and show action not just
discussions. KB noted that the conference should be different to the GEP conference
last year.

IP reported on the work of the Green Town including an assessment of the main
buildings in the town. She said that the assessment had shown that there is not a great
deal of scope for using renewable energy, but that the clear outcome was that
awareness of energy wastage should be raised. She said that an officer would be
appointed until March to undertake campaign work. The project is also in discussions
with Scottish Power to find the town’s total electricity usage.

AP noted that an outline application had been submitted on behalf of the Local Services
Board to support the activities of the Carbon Foot-print Reduction Scheme. He also
noted that the Assembly had applied to WEFO for more funding for carbon reduction
HD stated that Gwynedd’s waste reduction targets had been achieved, with the
percentage having reached 41.1% and the target being 40%.

Update on Pwllheli Pilot Project
No update received

5. Energy Meters Scheme
SaG reported that energy meters had been loaned to pupils at Ysgol Manod and
Maenofferen and that Ysgol Tanygrisiau had agreed to take part in the scheme. She
said that the feedback on the scheme was positive and that the schools had received
an USB to analyse the results of the scheme on school computers. The intention is to
extend the scheme to all the schools in the area and to other areas of Gwynedd also.

SaG said that the meter lending scheme from Gwynedd libraries would be launched on
5th June, World Environment Day. She said that instructions would be available for
lenders and that libraries staff had agreed to ask a set of questions on receiving the
meters back to measure the impact of the scheme.

6. GEP Youth Conference
SaG reported that young people would be included as part of the Task Group to
arrange the conference this year. She said that Sebastian Giraud, Wales Climate
Change Champion had already agreed to take part and that she had contacted Ysgol
Eifionydd to include 2/3 other young people on the steering group. It was agreed to
circulate an e-mail to confirm the GEP membership on the Task Group.

IP noted that presentations by schools that have taken part in the energy meters
scheme could be arranged during the conference. SaG said that she hoped to include
successful environmental projects within other schools as well.

4. Work Programme 2010-2011
Draft copies of GEP’s Work Programme 2010-2011 were distributed. The work
programme was agreed but it was noted that the Carbon Foot-print work was likely to
have an impact on the programme in future. It was agreed to move the Carbon Foot-
print work to the beginning of the work programme.

Any other business
The group expressed its appreciation of the work of the late Geraint George, past Chair
of the partnership.

GEP Steering Group meeting Friday, 25 June 2010 at 10 o’clock Ystafell
Gwyrfai, Gwynedd Council. It was agreed that this would be a thematic meeting on
green tourism.

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