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					Raffle Table Instructions/Duties - Jan 2010-01-27
Preparation Activities

There are 2 raffle tables: one at Walter Baker for House League, one at the Sensplex for

Items Needed:
   - Tables and chairs in each venue
   - 2 cash boxes at each location (one for Raffle/ one for Cotton Candy. Keep raffle
       money and cotton candy money separate)
   - Tickets with the double numbers are for raffle table
   - Tickets with single numbers are for cotton candy
   - Tickets for both raffle and cotton candy only sold by adult at the Raffle Table only,
       not at the Cotton Candy stand.
   - Bristol board (number depends on number of items)
   - Raffle table will have a $30 float and Cotton Candy a $20 float in each venue.

Raffle Committee To Do List:
   - Each team is required to provide $100 worth of items. All items must be new and in
       good condition. Re-gifting is accepted, but again, items must be unused and in good
       condition. No alcohol or tobacco permitted.
   - Each team representative must arrange for drop off to the meeting location or to the
       home of the Raffle Table committee
   - Use the standard email to request items
   - The Raffle table committee has the following tasks:
          o Obtain all items.
          o Send out periodic emails to remind the tournament reps to obtain items. Target
              emails to teams still needing to provide.
          o Track list of teams which have fulfilled their obligations.
          o Review the items and provide items to the Silent Auction rep. These are
              typically Tickets, gift vouchers, and other large items valued at $50 or more.
          o Split the items for HL and CL. Typically 2/3 to House and 1/3 to Comp
          o Log all items into a spreadsheet (ticket number, item description)
          o Use a double roll of tickets. Use every 10th ticket as a winning ticket and affix
              to the prize.
          o Tag every item with a numbered ticket. Ensure this is well affixed and cannot
              easily be removed. Large packing tape is best
          o Identify the written description with the tag number. You can do this on the
              spreadsheet or write it out on the Bristol board.
          o Deliver the items to the venues, preferably the night before. Ensure they are
              secured (Items can be stored in a room at each facility. Arrange this with the
              venue coordinator)
          o Confirm the number of tables and chairs through the Facilities manager

Instructions for running the Raffle Table
Hours of Operation:

             WB                                 Sensplex

             Fri        Sat         Sun         Fri         Sat        Sun
Raffle       10 am –    8 am – 8    8 am – 4    10 am –     8 am – 9   8 am – 4
Table        8 pm       pm          pm          9 pm        pm         pm
Cotton       9:45 am-   9:45 am     9:45 am     9:45 am-    9:45 am    none
Candy        8 pm       – 8 pm      – 2 pm      9 pm        – 9 pm

   - First person in every day must set up the raffle table
   - Last person out every day must pack up and store all raffle table items
         o Walter Baker: Check with venue coordinator.
         o Sensplex : Find out from venue coordinator

   -     Keep the area well presented
   -     Ensure that the area is never left unattended
   -     Sell tickets for the raffle table and cotton candy. Have adult deal with money. There
         are two separate cash boxes, and two types of tickets. Keep the money separate.
   -     If there are no more items to be drawn, then notify the remaining group of volunteers
         to let them know not to come in.
   -     Make sure to pass the instructions from one shift to the next.

How Does the Raffle Table Work

   -     The purchaser buys the raffle tickets and then checks the Bristol board for their ticket
         number. The number must match. There are no trades or switches permitted.
   -     The purchaser chooses pre-ripped tickets from a shoe box and then matches it. Ensure
         that whomever is choosing the tickets chooses all of their tickets then matches the
         prize. This has to be monitored closely.
   -     If they have a match, they can collect their prize immediately
   -     Once collected, scratch it from the list

                                     Cost of tickets:
                                     Raffle table:
                                     1 ticket = $1
                                     3 tickets = $2
                                     10 tickets = $5

                                     Cotton Candy:
                                     1 ticket - $2

                  Do Not leave the area unattended at any time.
                     Make sure a parent is always present.

Other :
Here are our key findings:
         Do not group anything at all next time around. Sue and Heather grouped some $10 PRIZES
          with $5 or other $10. Keep them separate this will allow more prizes and not run out so
         Heather had almost 300 items and Sue had about 150 and we still ran out.
                                     th                                             th
          This year we did every 7 ticket, next year we recommend every 10 ticket, I noted that on the
          attached doc. People mentioned that to me as they do that in other raffles.
         Groups who do not donate by prizes by two weeks before the tournament, should just cut a
          cheque for $100 and then those in charge of the Raffle, can just purchase $100 worth of
          prizes. Leaving the delivery of prizes too late, creates a ton of work for the Raffle’s
          very time consuming to gather, separate, organize, group, tag and rip up tickets, plus create
          Bristol’s tons of time.
         The last thing is that it wasn't clear to us that all the tickets would be separated and thrown
          into a box. Then the buyer fishes out the number of tickets they want. The tickets were torn for
          Sensplex, but not Walter Baker, but when Heather was checking on the WB table, people
          were checking the ticket number as they selected. Which is why it is so important to ensure
          people pull their tickets out and then check, so people don’t throw it back in if they don’t like
          the prize and re-select.
         The last thing is that we need to allow for lost tickets and renumbering - we should update the
          instructions with that.


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