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									              Churchwide Coordinating Team Meeting Summary
                               August 19–24 • Minneapolis, Minnesota

                      Bon Voyage 2008 Global Exchange Participants!
                           Remember to pray for our traveling sisters
                 and to schedule presentations for the participant in your synod.

                                        General News
   The CCT met August 19–24, 2008, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Along with the usual
    business were worship at the Church of All Nations and Westminster Presbyterian Church.
   There were two education modules on antiracism, one facilitated by the Churchwide
    moderators, using Becoming the Beloved
    Community: People of Faith Working Together                 You Want It When?
    to Eradicate Racism DVD and study guide           CCT committee minutes are due in the
    (available from PDS, #PWR-06-120), and the        Louisville office by October 1, 2008. All
    other by Jill Martinez.                           other committee and task group meetings
   Kathryn Baker, former churchwide vice-            and or conference call minutes are due
    moderator for mission relationships, facilitated  within 30 days of the meeting. Send
    a workshop on consensus decision making.          minutes via email to Veronica Green,
   The CCT welcomed new synod               and copy
    representatives: Virginia Champlin, Synod of      them to Ann Ferguson,
    the Northeast; LaDonna Fay, Synod of Lakes
    and Praries; Martha Knichel, Synod of Living
    Waters; Eda Nunez, Synod of Lincoln Trails;
    Martha Pool, Synod of the Covenant; Mary Lou Williams, Synod of the Pacific. Hillary
    Mohaupt, a new representative for the National Network of Presbyterian College Women
    was also welcomed.
   Twin Cities Area PW presbytery moderator Jane Hallman visited the CCT and brought
    greetings from the local PW. The Reverend Robert Cuthill, transitional interim presbytery
    executive, brought greetings, as did Ann and Manley Olson.
   The next CCT meeting will be February 20–26, 2009, in Louisville, Kentucky. Veronica
    Green will provide meeting information.

                       Churchwide Gathering
                       Several of the Gathering planning teams for the 2009 Gathering will
                        meet in Louisville October 11–13.
                     The Churchwide Gathering Registration Booklet will be packaged
                        with the September/October 2008 issue of Horizons. Additional
                        copies will be available from PDS, #CWG-09-001. A bulk mailing
                        will be sent to synod and presbytery moderators.
                     The Gathering Promotion Packet is available as a download from the
    PW Churchwide Gathering Web site,

                                 Committee Information
Note: Task Groups and Committees written in italic report to the CCT through the CCT
committee under which they are listed.

Administrative Committee
Catrelia Hunter, chair
 The Widening the Circle Committee was dissolved, with much appreciation expressed for the
   work of the members of the committee. The continuing work of this group will be handled by
   the Funds Development Task Group
 The committee discussed and approved a direct mail appeal for contributions to the Blessings
   without Boundaries Mission Pledge emphasis. The appeal is to be sent out by December 1,

Funds Development Task Group
Ellen Newbold, chair
 The 2008–09 Blessings without Boundaries Mission Pledge packet will be available the first
    week of September. Packet materials are available on the PW Web site,
 The committee will meet by conference call on August 28 to plan the mission pledge direct
    appeal and will meet face-to-face in October to develop materials for the 2010 mission
    pledge packet.

Antiracism Committee
 The committee is currently creating the content for an antiracism resource packet that will be
   available for fall meetings, 2009. A ―sampler‖ of this packet will be available at the
   Churchwide Gathering in July.
 The committee will sponsor a booth, a hospitality room and an evening event at the
   Churchwide Gathering.
 Presbytery and synod coordinating teams will be asked to appoint an antiracism liaison to
   communicate directly with the PW Antiracism Committee. This task can be added to an
   existing coordinating team position.
 A committee is developing a plan for future trainings throughout the church.

Communications Committee
Shirley Nichols, chair
 The CCT adopted a space advertising policy for Horizons magazine to be used if ad revenue
   for the magazine becomes a necessity.
 The CCT adopted a policy that will allow ecumenical women’s groups using the Horizons
   Bible study more access to the PW Bible study process. CCT policies are included in the
   CCT handbook.

Translation Committee
Eveline Steele, chair
The Translation Task Group will meet in November to develop an evaluation form for the
Spanish, Korean and Arabic Bible studies. The group will continue to work on implementation
of the translation policies and marketing strategies for translated resources.

Bible Study Committee
Ruth Williams, chair
 The Bible Study Committee will meet February 18, 2009, in Louisville, Kentucky, preceding
   the CCT meeting. Veronica Green will send travel information. If you are serving on the
   committee, you will receive a meeting packet from Susan Jackson-Dowd in October. Please
   review this packet and bring it to the meeting.
   The committee will select an author for the study on the epistles (2012–13) and a topic for
    the 2013–2014 study.

Horizons Editorial Committee
Cindy Jo, chair
    Horizons Is Moving!
    The fulfillment house for Horizons magazine is changing from PDS to Cambey and West
    in Congers, New York. The change will be affective as of October 15, 2008. After
    October 15, subscriptions and inquiries should be mailed to
    Horizons/Presbyterian Women
    PO Box 421
    Congers, NY 10920-0421
    866/802-3635 (toll free)
    845/267-3478 (FAX) (email) (web site—no change)
    All other PW materials will remain at the PDS warehouse, including back issues of
    Horizons magazine and the Bible study inventory. Horizons subscribers will continue to
    receive the Bible study as part of the subscription.
    Good News! As an incentive for multiple-year subscriptions, a two-year subscription will
    now cost $32 (rather than $34) and a three-year will cost $45 (rather than $50). These
    new rates will be available soon.
    Also, the new subscription form will provide an opportunity for subscribers to donate to
    the publishing aspect of PW’s mission.
    Check the September/October issue of Horizons for more details.
   Upcoming Horizons themes: November/December 2008, Food and Poverty;
    January/February 2009, Multiculturalism; March/April, Global Exchange and international
    women; May/June, Recreation; July/August, Security in a Violent World;
    September/October, Hospitality and Community and Gathering highlights;
    November/December, The Transforming Church.

Creative Ministries Offering Committee (CMOC)
Hagar Benitez, chair
 The CCT received the 2008 Thank Offering packet. The materials are in Spanish and
   English. The packet, including DVD, is now available from PDS, #PWR-08-486.
 The deadline for submitting Thank Offering grant proposals is September 15 each year.

Finance Committee
Polly Shafer, chair
 The Finance Committee is concerned about the reduced amount of Mission Pledge income.
    Please encourage PWs to send their pledged dollars in promptly and increase the amount if
 We have a limited amount of money available for Gathering Scholarships, so encourage PW
    members to get requests in before the March 1, 2008, deadline and in the meantime start (or
    continue) to save toward the expenses of attending this very worthwhile time of learning and

   Because it is expensive to make changes in airline reservations after they have been
    confirmed, the Finance Committee proposed a policy for making those changes. In summary,
    if the agenda changes or the moderator team asks for changes, PW will cover the costs. If
    changes are made for personal reasons, the member will be responsible for the cost.
   In the future there will be space on all reservation forms to calculate the cost to members of
    including a spouse or guest on their reservation. The costs will be required to be paid at the
    time of registration.

History Committee
Louise Howe, chair
 A service of celebration for PW’s 20th Anniversary is available on the PW Web site, along
   with a downloadable bulletin cover and other materials.
 Throughout the anniversary year, committee members have been writing brief historical
   items for each issue of Horizons Magazine.

Justice and Peace Committee
Bobbie Rubin, chair
 By the simple act of collecting unneeded cell phones Presbyterian women can help lift
   women out of poverty and enable senior citizens or victims of abuse to call 911 in emergency
   situations. The Good Deed Foundation ( provides boxes for
   collection as well as free shipping.
 The J&P Committee encourages Presbyterian women to become aware of the UNIFEM
   campaign to end gender-based violence. Among UNIFEM’s concerns is the systemic abuse
   of women in Sudan. Information about the ―Say No to Violence Against Women‖ campaign
   can be found at
 The Coalition of Immokalee Workers have reached and agreement with Burger King
   regarding a fair wage for tomato pickers, The new targets of the campaign are Chipotle and
   Subway restaurants and Whole Foods markets. For more information go to
 The J&P Committee encourages Presbyterian women to ―Think Outside the Bottle‖ and
   support the campaign to stop the privatization of water and the negative impact of plastic
   bottles on the environment. See for information on taking
   the pledge.
 Women in grassroots projects that provide educational and income opportunities for women
   make Tassatags (luggage identification tags). The sale of these tags supports ECPAT USA,
   an organization that combats sexual exploitation and trafficking. See or for more information.

Leadership Enhancement Committee
Mary Wong Leong, chair
 Sisters Stand and Walk Together Project and Grant Program: A flyer on this project and
   grant program will be prepared as well as the grant application form and evaluation form.
   LEC will hold a conference call meeting on Sept. 9th at 9 PM EDT to discuss the forms. The
   forms, flier and a copy of the reflection written by Sharon Hsu, a participant in the Synod of
   the Northeast program will be sent by email to the synod representatives and moderators,
   presbytery moderators, and moderators of women’s groups in language-specific presbyteries.
   The deadline for the application is Feb. 1, 2009

   Leadership Education and Training: LEC continues to explore different ways of providing
    leadership training. In addition to E-ministry, LEC will be exploring the possibility of
    offering on-line classes.
   New PW Groups: So far, 53 New Member Packets have been sent to churches interested in
    organizing PW groups. A follow-up letter has been sent to all of them since they received the
    New Member Packet. It is hoped that the synod representatives will stay connected with the
    moderators of the presbyteries where these churches are located in order to continue to
    provide the support these churches need. For a list of interested groups, contact Unzu Lee,
   Churchwide Leadership Training Event in 2010: In response to a felt-need and
    enthusiasm for another Churchwide leadership training event similar to the Albuquerque
    event in March 2007, LEC plans to organize and offer a training event in the spring of 2010.

Young Women’s Task Group
 There was a lot of talk about ―creating a space‖ for young women in PW. Realizing that, as a
   first step, it would be important for women of PW to listen to the voices of young women.
   The committee looks forward to being invited to REYWT and NNPCW meetings for a

Newly Retired Women’s Task Group
 This group will be meeting in Louisville on September 25–26, 2008.

Mission Relationships Committee
Judia Foreman, chair
 USAME: The next USA Mission Experience (USAME) trip will be held in 2011, during the
   second year of the next triennium. Synods will raise funds and itinerate participants prior to
   the next Global Exchange (2011). The next trip will be to the Dakotas and surrounding
   communities. The focus for the trip will be on Native Americans and the food crisis in the
   United States.
 Social Networking: Presbyterian Women are encouraged to participate in the Facebook
   phenomenon. Social network websites can be used by women of all ages to share resources
   and information. This is an especially helpful tool for communicating with young adults and
   college women. There is a PW page on Facebook—visit to join.
 Mission Yearbook 2010: Presbyterian Women will be featured in the color insert in the
   2010 Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study. The PW Purpose will be emphasized as a thread
   through the 16 pages. Inclusion of PW in the color section will bring awareness to the
   mission and purpose of the organization.
 Mission Work Weeks with PDA: PW will begin to organize and promote additional work
   weeks (similar to RHINO) in coordination with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA).
   Work trips may include Iowa flood relief or the Eyes of God project in Juarez, Mexico. All
   Presbyterian Women will be invited to participate in these trips.
 Travel/Study Tours: Beginning in 2010, PW will offer travel study tours to all women (at
   private expense). These tours will be facilitated by Kathy Reeves and promoted at the 2009
   Churchwide Gathering. Possible tours include: highlight tour of the 2008 Global Exchange; a
   return trip to El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico; a women of the Reformation trip to
   Switzerland (Geneva) and France; and a trip to the Congo to visit PW projects there.
   Itineraries and cost will be finalized during the February 2009 CCT meeting.

   Border Ministries/Together in Service: Border ministries projects will be added to a new
    edition of the Together in Service booklet. Many mission contacts were made during the
    2008 USAME trip to El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico.

Nurture Committee
Nancy Cabe, chair
 The theme for the March 2009 meeting will use the Global Exchange theme, “Joined and
   Knit Together in Love.” The central passage from scripture is Ephesians 4:15–16.
 The CCT Nurture Committee took the initial steps to develop a PW health and wholeness
   program. A new objective was added to the CCT strategic plan: “Develop a wholeness
   program that encompasses the whole person in body, mind and spirit.”
 15–16 CCT members and staff will participate in a 12-week pilot program using the book
   Your Whole Life as one of the resources. Results will be evaluated at the February 2009
   meeting and complete program presented to the CCT for implementation.

Search Committee
Carolyn Jordan, chair
 The Search Committee presented the 2009–2012 churchwide slate of nominees. The slate
   will be announced to the public in the January/February 2009 issue of Horizons.


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