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					                                                    La Union Elementary School
                                                    Educational Plan for Student Success

Our Vision...
The staff, parents, and community will work as a team to direct our students to use imagination and knowledge for their future.

Our Mission...
The staff, parents, and community of La Union Elementary School are dedicated to providing a positive, stable, and safe environment
that will prepare our children with the tools for success and fulfillment of their individual dreams.
Introduction to Our School
La Union Elementary School, serving an agricultural, small town and suburban population, is located at 875 Mercantile Street in La
Union, New Mexico. La Union Elementary School was founded in about the year 1890. Our main school building was constructed in
1951 and houses 14 classrooms and a conference room. Recently our school completed a major construction project which added a
new main office, cafeteria/multi-purpose room, media center, computer lab and 13 new classrooms. A fenced playground, containing a
basketball court and playground equipment surrounds the school.
Student Body
Our student body includes 560 students about equally distributed among female and male students. A breakdown of enrollment by
ethnicity is 83% Hispanic, 15% White Non-Hispanic, 1% African-American, 1% Native American and less than 1% Asian American.
Teaching and Support Staff
Our student body is served by a staff of 36 certified teachers, 3 instructional assistants, a counselor, a speech language pathologist, a
physical therapist, 1 data entry clerk, 1 school secretary, a nurse assistant, 2.5 custodians, a building mechanic, and 6 cafeteria
workers. The school is headed by a principal and an assistant principal.
Community Served
La Union Elementary School's community includes the town of La Union and the surrounding agricultural area as well as the
community of Santa Teresa. The town of La Union includes a small store a Catholic church, a community center, two [plant]
nurseries, a Montessori school, several mechanic shops, and a craft and antique shop. The agricultural area surrounding the
community of La Union grows cotton, chili, pecans, and various fruits and vegetables. La Union is currently experiencing a period of
growth due to industrial expansion in the industrial park located in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. This industrial park is part of the twin
plant industry along the United States border with Mexico.
                                                        Our Plan for the 2000-2005 School Year
Based on the results of our self-study and lessons learned form our current year's efforts, the following is an outline of our
educational Plan for School Success for 2000-2005.
Our District Goals
1. Students will increase their achievement in reading and language arts.
2. Students will increase their achievement in mathematics.

Our School Goals
Achievement                                 Students will increase their achievement in reading and language arts.
                                            Students will increase their achievement in mathematics.
School Safety                               To prepare school safety plan for summer construction.
Attendance                                  To improve student attendance by 2% over time.
Parental Involvement                        To use parent volunteers in all activities.
School dropout                              Not applicable to elementary schools.

Overview of School-wide Improvement Strategy
The school will engage in a process that will allow them to build consistency of instruction for reading and mathematics both
vertically (throughout the school) and horizontally (across a given grade level).

Our Measures
To meet our specified goals, we will use the following outcome measures (summative assessments) and progress measures (formative
Outcome measures
Test                                                                                            Specific Measurement

                              Subtest                            Evidence of Attainment
CTBS NRT                      Reading,         median            The number of students scoring at the 50th MNP for reading will increase by 5% over time. The number of students
                              Language         percentile        scoring at the 50th MNP for math will increase by 5% over time.
                              Arts, Math,
CTBS CRT                      Language         Rubric            The number of students scoring at or below the proficient level on the language arts portion of the CTBS CRT will be
                              Arts; Math                         reduced by 5% over time as evidenced by the movement of students scoring at or below proficient to proficient or
                                                                 above. The number of students scoring at or below the proficient level on the math portion of the CTBS CRT will be
                                                                 reduced by 5% over time as evidenced by the movement of students scoring at or below proficient to proficient or
Pre-Las (Kindergarten) Las- Oral Language Levels                 Students will increase their oral language by a growth of one level on the Woodcock Munoz each year.
O (Grades 1-6) Changed to:
Woodcock Munoz
LAS R/W                      Reading and     Levels           Students will increase by one level per year on the Woodcock Munoz R/W
Changed to: Woodcock         Writing
New Mexico Writing           Writing         Rubric           The number of students scoring a 3.5 or higher in grades 4 and 6 on the NM Writing Assessment will increase by 5%
Assessment (Grades 4 & 6)                                     over time.

Progress Measures
Assessment procedure          Description of measurement procedure                        How results of assessment will be        Evidence of attainment
                                                                                          used to adjust instruction
GISD's K-12 Performance-      The GISD K-12 Performance Based Assessments are             The data are collected and analyzed      These data are communicated by grade level and
Based Assessments             developed for language arts, math, science, and social      to indicate progress toward content      teacher in each school to provide the principal and
                              studies. They are administered in a standardized manner     standards.                               teachers with information on where adjustment in
                              across the district. They are scored on a rubric.                                                    instruction is necessary.
Basal Reading Assessments     The end of story, end of unit, and end of book tests are    Using the criterion established by the   Students demonstrating mastery (e.g. 80%) will
Completed                     assessments provided by the basal series. The tests are     basal, teachers will determine           move forward; students not demonstrating mastery
                              administered in a standardized manner as per publisher      whether or not the student is            will receive additional instructional and retested
                              directions.                                                 progressing in the reading series.       before moving forward in the series.
Hampton-Brown Performance Using the check list provided by the publisher, student         A review of the checklist will assist the Based on the results of the assessment, the
Assessment Checklist (ESL) progress will be measured using the provided                   teacher in determining if progress is teacher determines which skills need to be
                           standardized performance assessment.                           being made on the skills being            retaught.
Cornerstone Language Arts     A criterion referenced test that is administered before and A passing score on the post test will    Lessons necessary to achieve criterion are
Pre/Post Tests (Computer      after each skill lesson.                                    determine if criterion has been met.     generated based on the results of the pre-test. A
Lab-Grades 5 & 6)                                                                                                                  report is also generated for the parent to show how
Completed                                                                                                                          student is progressing.

Enabling Actions
To implement our school-wide improvement strategy we will execute the following enabling actions:
Staff Development
Experience Provided                     Rationale linking staff development to           Funding         Target audience           Post session coaching       Measure of
                                        outcome goal                                                                               and supervision             implementation
Consensus Building as to process for    Consensus on the process that will be used to Title I Title II   All teaching staff K-6    Administrator observation Collect samples of
teaching reading, writing, and          teach reading, writing, and math allows for all Operational      Including supplemental Peer Coaching by             student work and
mathematics                             teachers to provide consistent instruction                       staff (e.g. computer lab) mentors                   evaluate against
(see professional development           across grade-levels                                                                                                  campus criteria
update below)
Process for Developing Oral Language    Oral language development is necessary for       Dual            K-5 classroom teachers Administrator observation Increase of one level
targeting Second Language Learners      the student to progress language arts            Language                               Peer Coaching by          per year in oral LAS
(English or Spanish) (Literacy in two                                                    Funds                                  mentors
Modifying Instructional Process               Instruction must be modified to meet identified Special             All teaching staff         Administrator observation IEPs Academic
                                              needs of students with a particular emphasis Education                                         Peer Coaching by          Improvement Plans
                                              on special education modifications                                                             mentors

Professional Development Update
Subject            Action                                                                        Documentation
Reading            Initiate a school wide Balanced Literacy approach to the reading              The principal's office will keep a database of the hours of professional development.
Math               On-going GMI training by the District Instructional Specialist                The principal's office will keep a copy of the block schedule sign -in sheets.
Writing            Initiate the implementation of Writer's Workshop K-3                          The principal's office will keep a database of hours of professional development.
Technology         Support the District's Technology staff development.                          The principal will maintain a database of teachers involved in technology training.

Organization for the Improvement of Instruction
Subject                 Action                                                                                               Documentation
All grade levels        Develop and establish a schedule for campus committees: EPSS,                                        An electronic copy of the committees and their members.
                        Child Study (CST), Budget, and Safety, SAC

Reading                 One room will be designated for the collection of the leveled readers.                               An electronic copy of the schedule
                        A system is developed for the checking out of the leveled readers by the teachers.                   An electric copy of the system

Resource Acquisition
Resource            Rationale linking resource to outcome goal                                  Funding                      Method for        Measure of implementation
Instructional       Specialist will assist schools in developing campus process for             Operational Title I Title    Assigned Team Administrator-observation Peer coaching Collect
Specialists         teaching: reading, lang. arts and mathematics. Assistance is also           VI/Emergency Immigrant       School Request samples of students work and evaluate against
                    available for other staff development needs.                                                                            campus criteria

School/teacher/community activities (do not include teaching)
Activity                         Who is involved                                                     Purpose or goal                                                              Timeline
Parent Nights                    Students, parents, community members                                To allow parents to experience with their student(s) opportunities to learn On-going
                                 Partners in Education Members                                       (e.g. astronomy, math, science)
SW Heritage Week                 Students, community members, staff                                  To increase awareness of SW Cultural Heritage                                May 2001
School Improvement Team          Staff, parents, administration                                      To provide input on issues effecting the school                              On-going
PTO Dual Lang. PAC               Parents                                                             To provide opportunity for parents to provide input into policy decisions    On-going

Implementation of Instructional Strategies
Methodology                                                    Verification of implementation                               Coaching and supervision                                   Timeline
Campus established criteria for instruction in: writing        Collect samples of student work and evaluate against Instructional Specialists Monitoring                               On-going
reading mathematics                                            campus criteria                                      Administrator observations Peer coaching by mentors
Two-way Bilingual 50/50 Model                              State monitoring/pilot program State Bilingual          Administrator observations Peer coaching by mentors          On-going
Modifying Instruction                                      IEP Academic Improvement Plan                           Administrator observation Peer coaching by mentors           On-going
Performance-Based Instruction                                                                                      Instructional specialists-monitoring                         On-going
                                                                                                                   Administrator observation Peer coaching by mentors

Monitoring of Classroom Implementation
Subject                   Action                                                                                   Documentation
All subjects              Administration class visits & walk-throughs .                                            Principal's visibility log.
Reading and Math          Rubrics and checklists used during observation of instruction.                           The principals’ office will keep a database of the results
                          Discussions with teachers during block sessions and committee meetings.

Transition Strategy
Activity                       Purpose or Goal                                                     Verification                                                                 Timeline
General Screening              To correctly place incoming students in appropriate instructional School committee                                                               On-going
Procedure                      program(s)
Bilingual Guidelines:          To establish criteria for students to meet in order to succeed in   Dept. of Bilingual Education- monitoring of student records to ensure that On-going
Transition into English        the English Curricular Program                                      students meet minimum standards before entering and exiting transition
Curriculum                                                                                         phase of the bilingual program.
Feeder School Collaboration To establish Communication, understanding, and resolution of           Participants review the process of consensus building prior to the           On-going
                            common issues between middle school and their elementary               beginning of each meeting.
                            feeder schools.

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