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									                                          Northeast Regional Data Center
Gainesville, Florida                                                                      August-September 1999

                                           Welcome Back!

          HAT did we do during the 1999 summer heat
          HAT                                                    hope that this will help you meet your comput-
          wave? Plenty! We worked very hard to improve           ing needs for the coming year.
          the quality and selection of services available to
you from NERDC. I think you will like what we have done          Our new Web-based documentation system,
and in the following paragraphs I will tell you about some of    DOCWEB, replaced the older DOCSYS. In addi-
our projects.                                                    tion to NERDC News, NERDC documents, and
                                                                 vendor documents, you now have access to “The
GatorLink mailboxes were increased in size from 10 mega-         NERDC Tourbook” – a general overview of our
bytes (MB) of storage space to 15MB. This means that you         systems and services, /Update articles, and
can store messages that add up to 15MB of space in your          “Q&A: The NERDC FAQ File.” It’s a simple sys-
mailbox. If someone sends you a message that causes you to       tem to use and includes a search feature that
exceed your mailbox limit, it will be placed in your mailbox     makes finding your topic of interest much easier.
and you will get a warning message to let you know that
you must take action to clear your mailbox so that you can       We upgraded the IBM 9672-R45 processor
receive more mail.                                               (OS/390, MVS) to a model R55 processor and
                                                                 upgraded the central memory. This increased the
We introduced the Gartner Group’s Research Services and          number of CPUs from four to five and doubled
Talking Technology Series. While these Research Services         memory to a total of 4GB.
have been available to UF users for some time via the
UF/Gartner Group alliance, only now is a search engine           The phase-out of NERVM continued over the
available to navigate the research databases. The Gartner        summer and our Q&A column features this topic
Group is well known for its research about computing and         on page 8 of this issue. On July 31, we removed
information technologies. The Gartner Talking Technologies       the NERVM POP mail server. If you have not
Series is a collection of audio news magazines that offers the   moved to another server and are not able to get
latest news on information technology. Both of these services    mail, check out the Q&A section of this issue for
are available from the UF/Gartner Alliance home page at                                                       Continued on next page
NERDC has created a separate OS/390 (MVS) system envi-
ronment to serve as a platform where applications develop-
ers can test their programs for Year 2000 readiness. Please
call NERDC Associate Director Andy Olivenbaum at (352)
                                                                      inside        this issue
                                                                 New Security Web Page for LAN Managers ..... 2
                                                                 Don’t Forget to Log Off! ....................................... 2
392-2061 (SUNCOM 622-2061), or e-mail him at
                                                                 Publish Your Web Pages Using if you need more information about this               Your GatorLink Account .................................... 3
                                                                 Execmail E-mail Program Available to
We added ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) to our        All at UF ............................................................... 3
dial-up services. ISDN provides an end-to-end digital con-       NERDC Modem Pool Upgrade ........................... 4
nection from your home to NERDC as well as data transfer         WebCT Available to UF Faculty .......................... 4
rates of five to seven times faster than conventional analog     NETg Courses Serve Up Computer Training .... 5
dial-up speeds. We have also been busy working on an up-         NERDC 1999-2000 Guidebook Available ........... 7
grade to our modem pool. You can read more about this later      Countdown to Year 2000 ...................................... 9
in this issue.                                                                        every issue
Effective July 1, 1999, NERDC rates were reduced by 50 per-          Q&A: Just Ask the Consultants ..................... 8
cent for selected CPU and disk storage charges. We were              Directory ......................................................... 10
able to pass this savings on to you due to recent capacity and       Subscriptions to /Update & NERDC
demand conditions. We are always happy to do this and                News; Guidebook Requests ........................... 11
                                                                     NERDC Home Page Address ...................... 11
                                   Continued in next column
                                                                     F.Y.I. ................................................................. 12
      Welcome Back (Continued)
                             helpful information. We know that some of you are sorry to see NERVM services go
                             away. We think of NERVM as an old friend, too. But, we are very happy to be able to
                             turn our energies and resources to providing you more modern and more advanced
                             services on our remaining platforms.
                             We also introduced the ability to restrict access to your web pages by userid/pass-
                             word challenge or IP address exclusion. If you have a need to make information
                             available but still want it to be protected from people outside your group, this facility
                             could be helpful to you. The instructions for this feature are a part of NERDC docu-
                             ment D0084, Putting Your World Wide Web Home Page on NERDC.
                             Other changes that occurred this summer include an upgrade to the OS/390 (MVS)
                             operating system to Version 2 Release 6 and an upgrade to the IOF (Interactive Out-
                             put Facility) software that lets users track jobs and data sets on NERMVS.
                             If you would like more information about our summer projects, check out the sum-
                             mer issues of /Update and NERDC News articles. You can read them all from
                             DOCWEB ( You are also welcome to call us
                             at the NERDC Support Desk (352-392-2061). We enjoy hearing from you and hope
                             you will continue to share your ideas, suggestions, and concerns with us.
                             Welcome Back!
                             Marie Dence
                             Marie Dence,
                             NERDC Associate Director

  New Security Web Page for LAN Managers

        ERDC has created a new Web page to assist          There are links to other universities so that you can see
        campus LAN managers with security issues.          their security policy statements; lists of security prod-
        Whether you are a novice in this area or a vet-    ucts which are organized by type (encryption, audit,
eran, you will find useful information at:                 etc.) with relevant links; security Web pages; and infor-                               mation on “Hacker Tools and Techniques.”
                                                           The newest addition to this site is “Securing Mail Trans-
The page begins with “Basic Security Guidelines for        fer Agent (MTA) Relay.” Here you will find instructions
Network Administrators—Current Best Practices.” If         on how to close relays on many popular MTAs and
you are new to LAN administration, you can use our         relevant links to other mail-abuse Web sites.
page as a checklist of good practices. Most of the items
                                                           Parts of the security Web site are still under develop-
on this page are easy to implement, free, and provide a
                                                           ment including pages on spam, NT security and Linux
big improvement in security relative to the amount of
                                                           security. New topics will be added to meet changing
effort required. There are instructions on “How to Se-
                                                           security needs. If you have suggestions or questions
cure Your Network” and a link for reporting network
                                                           about these Web pages and/or their contents please
security incidents. Even experienced administrators can
                                                           contact Kathy Bergsma, NERDC Network Security Co-
find handy tips.
                                                           ordinator, at (352) 392-2061, SUNCOM 622-2061, or by
                                                           e-mail at u

 Don’t Forget to Log Off!

          HEN you are done working on a computer, don’t forget to log off! Logging off of a computer is the only
          way to ensure that someone does not abuse your account. This is especially important if you’re using a
          public workstation or a workstation that is easily accessible.
Besides being safe, you can also save yourself (or your department) money. Even when you quit using a program,
you need to log off to keep from accumulating dial-up or other charges.
If you need assistance in logging off, please call the NERDC Support Desk at (352) 392-2061 or the UF Computing
Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP. u
  2      August-September 1999                                               Northeast Regional Data Center   / U pdate
GatorLink    Publish Your Web Pages Using Your
             GatorLink Account

                                     F students, faculty, and staff can now use their GatorLink accounts to publish
                                     their own Web pages. All GatorLink accounts have an allocation of disk space
                                     which may be used to store Web pages and graphics for distribution on the
                               World Wide Web.
                               Access to your GatorLink Web space is via FTP only; therefore, you must create the
                               pages on a PC (or Mac) and FTP them to your GatorLink Web space.
                               Before putting any Web page up for public view, it is important that you read the
                               University of Florida’s “Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources” Policy,
                               available at Please note that the
                               Policy says, “This policy applies to all users of university computing resources,
                               whether affiliated with the university or not, and to all uses of those resources,
                               whether on campus or from remote locations.” It is your responsibility to ensure that
                               any pages you publish are in compliance with University policy.
                               For complete details on how to use your GatorLink account to publish your Web
                               pages, see u

E-mail      Execmail E-mail Program Available to All at UF

                                      XECMAIL is a full-featured e-mail program which runs on Windows PCs,
                                      Macintoshes, and UNIX workstations, and provides a “point-and-click” inter-
                                      face (similar to Eudora, Netscape Messenger, or Outlook Express) for managing
                               your e-mail. It can be used with either NERSP or GatorLink e-mail boxes, and uses
                               the standard Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) for accessing e-mail.
                               The University of Florida has purchased a site-license which allows all UF students,
                               faculty, and staff to install and use this package on their campus and home PCs. UF
                                  is encouraging use of Execmail because of its highly efficient method (IMAP) of
                                    accessing the e-mail mailbox/server, and its strict adherence to the IMAP stan-
                                        dard. These qualities make it well-suited for use by large numbers of e-mail
                                         Execmail is compatible with the Pine mail system used on NERSP, and can
                                        be configured so that users can switch back and forth between Pine and Ex-
                                      ecmail without having to “synchronize” or do any other extra tasks.
                                  The Windows version of Execmail is included on the current UF Software CD,
                                available at the Technology Hub. You may also download Execmail for Windows,
                               Macintosh, or Motif (UNIX) from the SODA Shoppe Web server, at
                               Instructions for configuring Execmail to work compatibly with NERDC userids and
                               Pine e-mail on NERSP may be found in NERDC document D0120, “Installing and
                               Configuring Execmail for Use With Your NERDC Account.” Go to DOCWEB at
                      and enter the document ID (D0120) in the
                               NERDC DOCID= field provided, and click the “Get-It!” button to retrieve this docu-
                               For more information about Execmail, or for assistance in obtaining, installing, con-
                               figuring or using it, please contact the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP,
                               e-mail u

/ U pdate   Northeast Regional Data Center                                              August-September 1999    3
Dial-upNERDC Modem Pool Upgrade

                                 S we continue to upgrade the NERDC modem pool, we want to give you a
                                 status report and preview of our activities. We are in the process of upgrad-
                                 ing existing T1 circuits to Primary Rate Interface (PRI) circuits to further
                        support 56K and ISDN connections. We expect this upgrade to be completed during
                        the second half of October 1999. At that time, we will disable the 28.8K modem pool
                        and phone number (846-1501) and will adopt 955-0056 as the NERDC and GatorLink
                        dial-up phone number. The ISDN number (334-0077) will remain unchanged. The
                        NERDC 800 number also will not change but 56K service will be available on that
                        line at the conclusion of this upgrade project.
                        The 846-1501 number is being disabled because it is tied to the campus phone
                        switch—an analog switch that could prevent you from achieving a 56K connection.
                        The newer number, 955-0056, makes a trunk connection directly to BellSouth and is
                        preferred for higher-speed user connections. Some of you are already using it. If you
                        have a 28.8K modem, you will be able to use the new number, too. Our higher-speed
                        modems will adjust down to your modem speed and you will connect as usual.
                        When we are closer to the end of this project, we will send you another announce-
                        ment that includes the exact date of the switch-over. Of course, you are welcome to
                        start using the newer number (955-0056) at any time. That way you will avoid the
                        possibility of interrupted service when the 28.8K number is disabled. If you do not
                        know how to change the phone number on your dial-up software, consultants at the
                        UF Computing Help Desk (392-HELP) are available to assist you in making this con-
                        figuration change.
                        If you have questions or concerns about this upgrade, please call the UF Computing
                        Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP, SUNCOM 622-4357, e-mail;
                        or the NERDC Support Desk at (352) 392-2061, SUNCOM 622-2061, e-mail

      WebCT Available to UF Faculty

                              ACULTY now have a new tool to turn to when making their materials acces-
                              sible via the Web—WebCT. The University of Florida bought a site-license for
                              Web Course Tools (WebCT), which eases the transition between traditional
                        classroom teaching and the electronic delivery of information. CIRCA is hosting the
                        WebCT server.
                        According to the WebCT homepage (, “It can be used
                        to create entire on-line courses, or to simply publish materials that supplement exist-
                        ing courses.”
                        WebCT includes a point-and-click graphical user interface that faculty members can
                        use to add a bulletin board system, on-line chat, student progress tracking, group
                        project organization, grade maintenance and distribution, navigation tools, auto-
                        graded quizzes, electronic mail, course calendar, student homepages, course content
                        searches, and more.
                        For more information about WebCT, including how to sign-up to start using it, please
                        The Faculty Support Center is offering free four-hour classes about WebCT. For more
                        information about courses, please see, and click
                        on the “Classes” link. u

4   August-September 1999                                               Northeast Regional Data Center   / U pdate

Training      NETg Courses Serve Up Computer Training

                                     HE University of Florida now offers more online computing training for all
                                     students, faculty, and staff. The new training package comes as part of a three-
                                     year agreement with UF and Gartner Group that was signed in 1998. NETg, an
                               information technology training company based in Naperville, Illinois, has provided
                               UF with more than 700 new course titles. The courses range from C++ programming
                               to Workflow Analysis Design.
                               “One advantage is that these courses all have a consistent format, unlike the Gartner
                               courses,” said Vicki Kitts-Turner, NERDC Information Services coordinator. Kitts-
                               Turner added that the new NETg courses can all be accessed through a standard Web
                               browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape’s browser).
                               “There’s a wide variety—everything from courses for PC programs like Excel or
                               Microsoft Windows to MS Certification and Novell Certification for people who want
                               more in-depth information. Also, there are some mainframe courses like UNIX that
                               will be very helpful for our customers,” Kitts-Turner said.
                               Another advantage to the courses is the availability of pre-assessment tests. “If you
                               pass the pre-assessments, you can skip entire sections of the course. That means you
                               don’t have to waste time going through things you already know,” Kitts-Turner said.
                               She said that the NETg courses will eventually replace the Gartner Learning offerings.
                               “Where there are topical overlaps between NETg and Gartner courses, we will remove
                               the Gartner courses because they are no longer being updated,” Kitts-Turner said.
                               See instructions below on how to start using NETg courses today. You will need a
                               GatorLink account to sign onto the courseware.
                               If you need additional help using NETg courses, contact the NERDC Support Desk at
                               (352) 392-2061 or e-mail
                               Before you can start using NETg courses, you need to self-register.

                               How to Self-Register on NETg
                               1. Go to

                               Figure 1.

                               2. Click on “Self Registration”. This will begin the process that registers you as a
                                  SkillVantage Student User. Then click “Next>”. SkillVantage Manager is the NETg
                                  software that keeps track of which courses you’ve taken and how well you’ve
                                  done in each course.                                       Continued on next page
/ U pdate   Northeast Regional Data Center                                             August-September 1999      5
    NETg Courses (Continued)
                           3. Enter your GatorLink userid and password. Retype your password in the “Verify
                              Password” section. Then click “Next>”.
                           4. Enter your name: first, middle, and last.
                           5. Now that you’re registered, you can add any pre-defined curricula to your userid.
                              (Note: At presstime, no curricula have been created.) Then click “Next>”.

                           Figure 2. Modifying your training plan

                           6. Now you can select course titles from the list of available courses. Click on the
                              course you wish to take and then click “Add”.
                               • Shift-clicking selects multiple titles.
                               • Typing the first letter of a topic will bring you to that section (i.e., typing a “U”
                                   will bring you to UNIX courses).
                               • You can add or delete courses from your plan at any time.
                           7. Now you’re returned to the “Welcome to SkillVantage Manager” page.
                           8. Enter your GatorLink userid and password. Click “Login”.
                           9. Your “List of Individually Assigned Courses” will appear. See Figure 3.

                          Figure 3. List of Individually Assigned Courses shows courses
                          you’ve signed up for as well as your progress.
                           10. Click on a course title to begin.
                           Courses are available in two formats: download courses to your computer or you can
                           take the courses online. Some are available in only one of these formats, others are
                           available in both. Mac users will need to take the courses using a Web browser since
                           the download is Windows-compatible only.
                                                                                                    Continued on next page

6      August-September 1999                                                      Northeast Regional Data Center   / U pdate
   NETg Courses (Continued)

                               Taking NETg Courses via Web Browser
                               After you’ve self-registered, you are now ready to take courses.
                               1. Log in by entering your GatorLink userid and password and clicking “Login”.
                                  This will bring you to your “Course List of Individually Assigned Courses”.
                               2. From here, you can click on the title of the course you would like to take. Once
                                  you’ve clicked on the title, you’ll see more information about the course: a Course
                                  Overview and the Total Learning Time.
                                   Note: If you haven’t added classes yet, follow the “Modify Plan” link to add or
                                   remove classes.
                               3. Click on the “Browser Playable” radio button
                               4. Click the “Take The Course” button
                               5. Copyright information about the course will appear.
                               6. You can now choose between “Click here to begin the course” and “Click here to
                                  return to SkillVantage Manager.”
                               7. Click on whichever you want. Beginning the course will start sending units to
                                  your browser.
                                  Mac users note: When running Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5, you will get an
                                  error message that says: “A script error occurred. Some scripts on the affected
                                  page may not work correctly. Do you want to continue running scripts on the
                                  affected page?” Click “Yes”, then you can continue with the course. This message
                                  will reappear every time the computer displays another section of the course on
                                  your browser. Also, using Netscape Communicator 4.6, you will get the message
 Next time:                       “You must install the NETg Client Object Loader help application or LOD plug-in
 How to download                  in order to use this site. Click the OK button to go to the page to install it now?”
 courses to your                  Click “Cancel”. Now you will be allowed to proceed with logging in as described
 Windows-based                    above.
 computer                      8. Continue taking the course by following the prompts. Clicking on “Introduction”
                                  displays an explanation of the NETg control panel, which will guide you through
                                  the course. u

Documentation                NERDC 1999-2000 Guidebook Available

                                       ET ready for lift-off. Five, four, three, two, one...blastoff to tomorrow with the
                                       NERDC Guidebook 1999-2000. The future looks bright on the CyberShip
                                       NERDC’s trek.
                               The Guidebook is an annual publication with 36 pages’ worth of information for our
                               users. The Guidebook serves as an overview of NERDC facilities and services. The
                               annual updates reflect continual improvements made to hardware, software, and
                               services. Old-timers will find up-to-date information about our systems, hours,
                               where to turn for help, etc.
                               So, drop by NERDC today for your FREE copy! You may request a Guidebook from
                               the Web at:
                               request.html. u

/ U pdate   Northeast Regional Data Center                                               August-September 1999      7
      Just Ask the Consultants                                                         NERVM
                                                                                    Phase-out FAQ

          ANY of you have called to ask for clarification, or a status report, on our plans to phase out our NERVM
          computer system. We appreciate your calls and wish to thank you for working with us so cooperatively
          as we proceed with this project. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions—with answers—
so that everyone can benefit from an interim “check point.” Please let us know if you have additional questions or
concerns. We can be reached at the NERDC Support Desk at (352) 392-2061 or by e-mail at

      Is NERDC going away?                                       Do I really have to move my work off of NERVM?

       No. Many people identify using NERVM with                   Eventually, yes. We are gradually phasing out all
      using NERDC. NERVM is only one of three com-                services on the NERVM computer. Here is where
puter systems operated by NERDC. While services on          things stand now.
NERVM are being phased out, other NERDC comput-             • If you sign on to VM (CMS, NERVM) and type the
ers (NERSP, NERMVS), and services (such as                     command ‘mail,’ you are using RiceMail. That
NERCICS) will remain available. You can read more              service is still available at this time. If you dial in
about the withdrawal of NERVM services at:                     from home and sign on to VM to check your mail,                                    you will be able to continue to do this for now.
                                                            • The NERVM POP mail server was removed on July
                                                               31, 1999. If you were accessing mail using a PC-
                                                               based software client like Eudora, MailDrop, or
                                                               Netscape, you are no longer able to access e-mail
       Where will I get dial-up service to NERSP and the       from NERVM without signing on directly to VM or
      Internet when NERVM goes away?                           moving to another mail server.
                                                            • You will be able to continue to submit batch jobs
       When NERVM goes away, dial-up to NERSP                  from NERVM. A program that has JCL (Job Control
      and the Internet will continue to work as usual.         Language) at the top of it is a batch job. Look for
Your NERDC userid can be used for access to a variety          lines at the top that begin with // or /*.
of NERDC services and systems. NERVM is just one of            Even though batch jobs are prepared and submitted
them.                                                          from NERVM, they really execute on our MVS
                                                               (OS/390) computer. You also can submit batch jobs
                                                               from our NERSP computer.
                                                               At this time, job numbers and system messages are
                                                               not returned to NERSP when a batch job is
                                                               submitted to NERMVS. We are working on this.
       What will happen to the 800 phone number when
      NERVM is gone? Will it go away, too?                     However, it would still be a good idea to get
                                                               familiar with the UNIX environment on NERSP and
                                                               practice submitting batch jobs. That way, when the
        No, when NERVM is removed, all other services          time comes to move, you will be ready to go. Enter
       will remain—including the 800 number. The               the command man submit at the NERSP
same userid that you used for accessing NERVM will             prompt for tips on submitting batch jobs from
still work for dial-up services and other NERDC services.      NERSP. You can read a tutorial on using NERSP
                                                               from our NERVM Web page (see “Suggested
                                                            • If you run programs on NERVM that do not have
                                                               JCL statements at the top of them, your programs
                                                                                                Continued on next page

  8      August-September 1999                                                Northeast Regional Data Center   / U pdate
     Q&A (Continued)
   may or may not work. As of early spring 1999, we
   have stopped renewing software maintenance or
   license fees for NERVM application software. As                  My NERVM e-mail stopped working a few weeks ago
   these product licenses expire, your programs will               (around August); what could be wrong?
   stop working. You can view a list of expected expira-
   tion dates at:
   Programs for which we have perpetual licenses will                 The NERVM POP mail server was removed
   continue to work as long as NERVM is available.                  from NERVM on July 31, 1999. To resume your
   Please let us know if you have questions or concerns       mail service, you will need to move to another mail
   about a particular product or service.                     server by configuring your mail software to look for
• If your Web pages are stored on NERVM, they will            your mail at another address. You will also want to log
   continue to work as usual while NERVM is avail-            on to NERVM to view existing mail and forward future
   able.                                                      mail to your new address. The UF Computing Help
                                                              Desk, (352) 392-HELP, will be happy to help you with
In all cases, we encourage you to start looking for alter-    this.
natives to NERVM services. Most e-mail needs can be
met with a GatorLink account. Also, by fall 1999, Gator-      You can read more about this in NERDC News document
Link will expand its service to include up to five (5)        N0265. Go to
megabytes of space for storing web pages. If your com-        Select NERDC News and then select NERDC Document
puting needs are more extensive than that, you should         ID: N0265, “NERVM POP3 E-Mail Server to be Discon-
consider moving to NERSP or to a departmental server.         tinued July 31, 1999”. This article includes basic instruc-
                                                              tions for moving and points to sources for more
Go to for addi-                    detailed instructions and discussion of some popular
tional information about NERVM. There are links to            choices of mail servers.
very helpful articles including, “E-Mail Choices at
NERDC and UF,” the “VM software expiration sched-
ule,” “IMAP vs. POP3: which should you use?,”
“NERDC UNIX: An Introduction to NERSP,” and more.

                                                              We are always happy to hear from you and we want to
                                                              make this transition as smooth as possible. Please con-
                                                              tinue to let us know when and how we can help you, by
                                                              calling the NERDC Support Desk at (352) 392-2061 or
      I have moved my e-mail to another mail server and I     by writing to us at
     set my mail to be forwarded to the new address. How      Consultants at the UF Computing Help Desk also will
long will forwarding last on NERVM?                           be happy to assist you. Call them at (352) 392-HELP or
                                                              write to them at

        Once you set forwarding from NERVM to an-
       other address, your NERVM mail will be for-
warded until you issue a command to stop it or until
NERDC stops all NERVM forwarding. It is possible for
this forwarding to continue even after the NERVM
computer is gone.
                               Continued in next column

                                                Countdown to Year 2000

                                  N 4 months, it’ll be January 2000. Are you and your computer systems ready?
                                  The Year-2000 (Y2K) problem will manifest itself when the clocks in computers
                                  (and around the world) turn over to January 1, 2000. The problem exists because in
                              the early days of computing, programmers allowed only 2-digit fields for years’ dates.
                              For pointers on how you can ensure you’re Year-2000 ready and to read about what
                              NERDC is doing to prepare for the millennium, see the NERDC Year-2000 Readiness
                              Disclosure Web page at:

  / U pdate   Northeast Regional Data Center                                             August-September 1999      9
NERDC Accounting Services
                                            E-mail Address
                                                                      CIRCA Administrative Offices
                                                                                                           (352) 392-2007
Carol Wucker, Accounting Coord.                cwucker                   Dr. Sue Legg, Director            (352) 392-0371
NERDC Administrative Services                                            e-mail address: smlegg
Ron Schoenau, Director                         nerhs  *               CIRCA Operations                     (352) 392-2428
Marie Dence, Associate Director                mdence                 FCLA (LUIS)                          (352) 392-9020
Andy Olivenbaum, Associate Director            cao                    FIRN
Yvonne Dumas, Admin. Services Coord.           yvonne *                  Tallahassee                       (904) 487-0911
NERDC-FIRN Liaison                                                       SUNCOM                                  277-0911
Andrea Barton, FIRNtec                         firntec #              IFAS Help Desk                       (352) 392-4636
NERDC Information Services                                               e-mail:
Vicki Kitts-Turner, Info. Services Coord.      vkt                    UF Computing Help Desk               (352) 392-HELP
David Burdette, Documentation Coord.           davidb                    e-mail address: helpdesk
                                                                      UF Faculty Support Center            (352) 392-7249
NERDC Operational Services                                            UF Registrar Systems and Programming (352) 392-1376
Bill Carr, Operations Manager                  allgatr #              UF SAMAS Systems                     (352) 392-1321
NERDC Systems Support Services
                                                                      UNF Computer Services
John Bevis, Assistant Director                 jhb                       Jacksonville                      (904) 620-2820
Allan Pither, Project Development Mgr.         pither #                  SUNCOM                                  861-2820
NERDC Network Services
Dave Pokorney, Assistant Director              dp
Dan Miller, Intra/Internet Coordination        dan
                                                                   /Update is the monthly newsletter of the Northeast Regional
Marcus Morgan,                                 nemnm     #
                                                                   Data Center of the State University System of Florida. Articles
  Network Software Coordination
                                                                   appearing in this issue may be reprinted or adapted for
Charles Benjamin, Senior Design Specialist     benjamin
                                                                   nonprofit purposes provided that the editor is contacted first.
Jerry Wetherington, Senior Design Specialist   jerryw              Direct questions and comments to:
 NERDC Support Desk                                              NERDC Information Services
                                                                                      112 SSRB, University of Florida
Unless otherwise specified, above addresses are                                   Post Office Box 112050
                                                                     Recycled Paper
Addresses marked * are                                            Gainesville, FL 32611-2050
Addresses marked # are                                        (352) 392-2061, SUNCOM 622-2061
All NERDC service sections and employees may be reached by        
dialing (352) 392-2061, SUNCOM 622-2061. To contact NERDC
                                                                                  Editor: Tina Mader Melczarek
Operations or the tape librarian, dial (352) 392-2291, SUNCOM
622-2291. NERDC’s World Wide Web address is:

NERDC           Policy Board
                                                Dr. Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Chair
                                      Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, UF
                       Mr. Alberto Amirin                                                Dr. Jack Ohanian
    Director, Technical Services Shands System Software, UF                   Interim Vice President for Research, UF
                       Mr. James F. Corey                                                   Dr. Jim Scott
        Director, Florida Center for Library Automation                        Vice President for Student Affairs, UF
                       Mr. Robert F. Fagin                                              Mr. Gerald Schaffer
      Vice President for Administration and Finance, UNF                   Vice President for Administrative Affairs, UF
                      Mrs. Martha A. Fields                                               Dr. Betty Taylor
       Director, Information Resource Management, BOR                              Chair, I & R Users’ Committee
                         Dr. Joseph Joyce                                     Director, Legal Information Center, UF
 Acting Vice President for Agriculture and Natural Resources, UF                         Mr. Lance Taylor
                        Dr. A. David Kline                                      Information Resource Manager and
     Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, UNF                      Director of Computing Services, UNF

  10     August-September 1999                                                       Northeast Regional Data Center      / U pdate
             /Update, Guidebook and NERDC News

                         NERDC offers free subscriptions                                    NERDC Information Services
                         to our monthly newsletter,                                         112 Bryant Space Sciences Research Building
                         /Update. Also, upon request, free                                  University of Florida
                         copies of the NERDC Guidebook                                      Post Office Box 112050
                         are available. Simply make a copy                                  Gainesville, FL 32611-2050
                         of the form below and send it to                                   Fax: (352) 392-9440
                         the address at right.

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       Let Your Web Browser Lead You to NERDC

               The NERDC home page is located at:            
NERDC’s home page is a convenient way to access                                   NERDC provides the “Lynx” browser on its NERSP
NERDC information and services. The NERDC home                                    system, and the “Charlotte” Web browser on its
page is accessible to anyone with Internet access and                             VM/CMS (NERVM) system. Lynx and Charlotte are
supporting software, including a Web browser such as                              “text only” browsers. u
the Netscape browser or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

/ U pdate   Northeast Regional Data Center                                                                  August-September 1999   11
University of Florida                                                                                                     Non-Profit Organization
Northeast Regional Data Center                                                                                              U.S. Postage Paid
112 Bryant Space Sciences Research Building                                                                                 Permit Number 94
Post Office Box 112050                                                                                                     Gainesville, FL 32611
Gainesville, FL 32611-2050

                                                                          SYSTEMS MAINTENANCE AND SCHEDULED DOWNTIME

 NERDC operates an IBM 9672-R55 with OS/390 JES2 Version 1.3.0, and       Systems maintenance time includes operating system/subsystem
 an IBM 9672-R22 running VM/ESA Version 2, Release 1.0. NERDC also        maintenance and testing, preventive system maintenance, and
 operates an IBM RS/6000 SP running AIX/6000 v. 4.1.5, with 14 nodes,     additional lengthy changes. All regular NERDC services will be
 and a Scalable POWER Parallel Switch.                                    available during periods of system maintenance unless
                                                                          maintenance activity is required. There will be no advance notice
                                                                          of system maintenance during the hours listed below unless one
 HOURS OF OPERATION                                                       of our systems has already been brought up and must be taken
                                                                          down. Please call the System Status Hotline during these hours to
 CICS Production                                                          determine system availability:
   7:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.       Monday - Saturday
   10:00 A.M. - 3:00 A.M.      Sunday                                                     6:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. Sunday, as required

 LUIS                                                                     Scheduled downtime is the time required for operational
    7 Days a Week, 24 Hours a Day, except during
                                                                          maintenance such as network configuration changes, corrective
 systems maintenance and scheduled downtime.
                                                                          system maintenance, system backups, and reloading of
                                                                          subsystems. No computing services will be available during these
 All Other Services                                                       hours:
    All other batch and interactive services are available 24 hours,
 7 days per week, except during scheduled downtime or periods
                                                                                                   5:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M. Tuesday
 of systems maintenance.

 NERDC Office                  392-2061, SUNCOM 622-2061
   8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.       Monday - Friday
 NERDC Operations              392-2291
   24 Hours                    7 Days a Week                               Phone Numbers to Connect Dial-up Workstations to NERDC
 NERDC Support Desk            392-2061, SUNCOM 622-2061
   8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.       Monday - Friday                            Area code is 352 The SUNCOM prefix for all 392 numbers is 622
                                                                                       352.                                         622.
 NERDC Tape Librarian          392-2291, SUNCOM 622-2291                  SUNCOM prefix for all 846 numbers is 623
   8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.       Monday - Friday

 UF Computing Help Desk 392-HELP, SUNCOM 622-4357                       For Internet access, including SLIP and PPP (Dialup Server)
   8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.  Monday - Friday                                28800 bps v.34, v.42bis (from Off Campus) ........................ 846-1501 (8,1,N)
   6:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M. Sunday - Thursday (phone only)                 28800 bps v.34, v.42bis (from Campus-dial 5 digits only) ..... 6-1501 (8,1,N)
                                                                         28800 bps, v.34, v.42bis (SURCHARGE) ........ (800) 217-4096 (8,1,N)
        Office392-2007, SUNCOM 622-2007
 CIRCA Office                                                            56000 bps, v.90 ............................................................ 955-0056 (8,1,N)
   8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.   Monday - Friday                              For ASCII to full-screen protocol conversion (7171 Converter)
                                                                           300, 1200 bps, dial ................................. 392-7450 (7,1,E)
 UNF Computer Services         (904) 620-2820, SUNCOM 861-2820              2400 bps, dial ......................................... 392-9177 (7,1,E)
   9:00 A.M. - midnight        Monday - Thursday                            9600 bps, dial .................. 392-2749, or 392-9942 (7,1,E)
   9:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M.       Friday
   9:00 A.M. - 8:00 P.M.       Saturday
   noon - midnight             Sunday                                          NERDC Access via FIRN
                                                                               For information about accessing NERDC via FIRN, please call
                                                                               the FIRN HelpDesk at:

                    System Status Hotlines
 NERDC (352) 392-6775 s CIRCA (352) 392-9321

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