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									     Miami Children’s Museum Charter School
March & April 2011, Issue 8
                                 Principal’s News
                                 Dear Parents,
                                 I would like to thank all of you who were involved in making Principal’s Day so special! It was
                                 such a nice surprise!
                                 Also, congratulations to Sara Shedroff for representing our school at the District Spelling Bee
                                 Competition! We are all so proud of her!
                                 As we look ahead to the rest of March and April, we realize we have a great deal going on!
                                     1. Tuesday, March 22, 2011: FCAT orientation at 9:00 a.m. in the auditorium. We
                                        invite all 3rd and 4th grade parents to attend this meeting in which we will go over
                                        important components of the FCAT & Spring Pictures for students (students may come
                                        out of uniform, in spring attire).
                                     2. Friday, April 1, 2011: End of the 3rd Quarter.
Contents                             3. Monday, April 4, 2011: Teacher Planning Day, No school.

Principal’s News   1                 4. April 5 – 8, 2011: Beat the FCAT week. All third and fourth grade students can
                                        participate. Tuesday, April 5: “Stay cool on the test day” (Wear sunglasses),
Around the Table   1                    Wednesday, April 6: “Don’t let the test drive you crazy” (Crazy Hair Day), Thursday,
Special Events     1
                                        April 7: “Turn your back on test stress” (Backwards Day), Friday, April 8: “Score your
                                        best on the test” (Sports Jersey) & Picnic!
School Notes       2-3
                                     5. Monday, April 11, 2011: FCAT Reading Day 1 (3rd and 4th Grade)
Volunteering       3
                                     6. Tuesday, April 12, 2011: FCAT Reading Day 2 (3rd and 4th Grade) & SAT-10 Reading
Reading Rules!     4                    (1st and 2nd Grade)
Housekeeping       4                 7. Wednesday, April 13, 2011: FCAT Math Day 1 (3rd and 4th Grade) & SAT-10 Math (1st
                                        and 2nd Grade)
                                     8. Thursday, April 14, 2011: FCAT Math Day 2 (3rd and 4th Grade).
                                     9. Friday, April 15, 2011: Third Quarter Report Cards are distributed.
                                     10. Thursday, April 21, 2011: 3rd Qt. Award Ceremony (Students only, please)
                                     11. Friday, April 22, 2011: Teacher Planning Day, No school.
Around the Table: How Can I Help My Child Be Successful on Standardized Tests?
1. The best way to prepare for tests is to study, know the work, and take the right courses. 2. If your child is nervous at test time,
ask her teacher for tips on helping her relax.

3. Make sure that your child is in school during the testing sessions

4. Make sure that you’re aware of your child's performance & that you can help interpret the results when they are available.

5. Remember to keep well-informed about your child's tests. Know how test results are used, and how they will affect your child's
placement in school.

6. If there are major differences between standardized test scores and school grades, find out why.

7. Encourage your child to study over a period of time rather than "cram" the night before.

8. Encourage your child to listen carefully to all test-taking directions given by the teacher & to ask questions about any directions
that are unclear.

9. See that your child gets his/her regular amount of sleep before the tests and is well-rested.

10. Make sure that your child eats his/her usual breakfast on the day of the test.

11. Encourage your child to do his/her best
     School Newsletter                       Classroom Notes                          Page 2 of 4

Ms. Ana’s Kindergarten Class
Dear Parents,
What an exciting time! We are approaching the last quarter of our school year. It is gratifying to see how our students
are maturing. The upcoming months are full of enlightening activities. We enter spring exploring the environment
around us, and learn how the weather changes with the seasons. In Math and Geometry we will focus our attention on
dimensional shapes and patterns. Our Teach Me Writing practice continues and the students are enriching their
vocabulary and their writing skills. It is noticeable how they are improving on a daily basis.
The children also enjoy dramatic play, so we will continue using it as a learning strategy for our Language Arts classes.
We are glad that our new library is open, and has already become a wonderful resource. It is very important that you
encourage your child to read every day. Ticket to Read, and Star Fall are entertaining online resources that enhance your
child’s fluency and comprehension skills. We see a big difference in class when students practice reading at home.
Thank you for your support in your child’s education.

Ms. Lisette’s Kindergarten
Class April are exciting months in Ms. Lisette's Kindergarten classroom.
March and                                                                    Each student has entered an exhibit to the
Miami-Dade County Fair and Expo under the 2D paper crafts category. Please go see our artwork. We also continue to
practice our numbers 1-20 as well as addition and subtraction. We are all showing growth in our reading and will be
visiting our new school library weekly. We have been visiting the Mr. Potato Head exhibit to correlate with our Science
and Social Studies Units and plan to show you great work at our next Exhibit Night in May.

Everyone enjoy a much deserved Spring Break!

Ms. Mabel and Ms. Estevez’s First Grade Class
Hello Parents! March and April are months full of commitment and fun. The first graders are going to be doing the
•Practice for the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT). Dates will be provided soon as to when the test will be given.
• So far, we are developing ideas for our Exhibit Night project. The students are doing a great job at brainstorming
what they will like to do!
• Language Arts- Writing sentences, using transition words (First, Then, Next, Last, etc.), and writing paragraphs.
• Reading- Focus on asking questions about the characters of the story, problems in the story, how the characters
solved them, the main idea of the story, etc. Ask questions to your child while you are reading at home with him/her.
• As for Math, we will be practicing skip counting and number patterns at home.
• There will be a field trip scheduled some time in April (stay tuned for more information).
• Bake Sale- We host bake sale on March 25th.
 We are always trying to communicate school and classroom updates.
• If you are not receiving emails, please let us know as soon as possible. Also, the first week of April we will be
providing your child with a letter that shows how many volunteer hours you have completed, within this school year,
along with a wish list.

Ms. Perez and Ms. Betancourt’s First/ Second Grade Class
Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

Spring has sprung! This season is about growth through good choices. Like the trees and animals around, our students
are growing every day. They are maturing as they practice their "values to live by" reviewed during Friendship month-
self control, honesty, responsibility, pride and manners. Let's congratulate them for their citizenship skills and continue
being examples for them outside the classroom.
In the academic setting, we are exploring ocean life during our Reading, LA and Science hours. Also, PB students are
taking a guided tour to the MCM sea tank and Mr. Potato Head's Under the Sea exhibit. Our Social Studies is preserved
for our country's history and symbols. Math time is loaded with double digit addition and regrouping numbers. During
Music we will practice the "Star Spangled Banner" and during Art students will continue their surprise ocean art work,
which will be exhibited on our next exhibit night. Additionally, we are saving time during the week for SAT practice so
our students can feel confident on the day of their SAT exam. Dates are TBA.
We hope you enjoy your time off during Spring Break! Thanks again for your smiles and support.
Kind Regards,
  School Newsletter                                    Classroom Notes                                   Page 3 of 4

Ms. Nadia and Ms. Raquel’s Second Grade Class
March is already here! We have a lot in store for our students. Thank you again for all of you who are racking up your
volunteer hours! Again, you can gain hours by donating needed material to our classroom such as crayons, disinfectant
wipes, Kleenex, antibacterial gel, collecting classroom recyclables, healthy snacks, and blue painters tape. As for
classroom instruction, in Language arts, we are completing Daily Language activities for homework and at school. In
Reading, we will be focusing on main idea, sequencing, and reading comprehension for numerous stories. In Math class we
will be reviewing for the SAT (time, money, ordinal numbers etc.) We have three extra class pictures. Please let us know
who is interested in buying them ($9). Remember, Spring Break is March 14-18, 2011. Be safe and have a blast! Have a
magical March!

Ms. Raquel and Ms. Nadia

Ms. Palma’s Third Grade Pirates
        I cannot believe how fast these past months have flown by! FCAT is just around the corner! I want all my third
graders to have a fun and restful break, but I also would like them to continue practicing their reading skills. I will be
sending home a very small reading comprehension packet for students to complete t their leisure during the break.
Parents, please be advised that there will be a very important FCAT meeting on March 22, 2011 promptly at 9 a.m.
        To reward the third graders for all their hard work in preparing for the test, we will be having a “Beat the FCAT”
Spirit Week: Tuesday, April 5th will be: Stay cool on test day/Wear your sunglasses; Wednesday, April 6 th will be: Don’t let
the test drive you crazy / Crazy Hair Day; Thursday, April 7th will be: Turn your back on test stress/ Backwards Day,
Friday, April 8th will be: Score your best on the Test/Sports Jersey Day, and the FCAT Pep-Rally.
        FCAT testing will then begin on Monday, April 11 th through Thursday, April 14th. Testing will begin promptly at
8:30! Any student who arrives any later than 8:25 WILL NOT be permitted to test! Parents, I cannot stress enough the
importance of having your child at school on time during these three important test days! Students who arrive late will
have only one test make-up day. If students miss or are tardy on multiple days, they will have to make-up ALL test on the
same day. Not only will this not be conducive for your child, but also they will be out of their comfort zone of testing with
their peers in their classroom environment. During this week I also urge you to make sure your child is getting plenty of
rest by going to bed early and is getting up early enough to have a fulfilling breakfast. If they are tired or hungry they are
not going to be alert for testing.
        Please check our class website every Monday afternoon for homework and school related information. Also please
make sure to check your emails daily as well as your child’s PIRATE binder everyday. Any notes sent home would be inside
your child’s binder. Parents please encourage and remind students about positive daily behavior and the importance of
being active learners!

                               Thank you for your continued support in your child’s education.

Ms. Gloria’s Third Grade Class
Dear Parents,

It’s amazing how fast this 2011 year has gone by. This March & April we will continue working on Chapter 10 – 12 in Math.
We will also be getting into the FCAT mode, so please make sure you are reviewing with your child. Students should know
all multiplication tables and divisions. Students should be able to add/subtract up to 6 digit numbers. In Science we will be
starting Earth Science Chapter 6-7. In Social Studies we will start to learn about Our Nation’s Government. All students
should have access to all school text books via eBooks (on-line). If there are any questions please e-mail me at your earliest
convenience. I have sent Spring Break homework to your e-mail so please make sure to check your e-mails. Have a
wonderful & safe Spring Break. See you on Monday, March 21 st.
    School Newsletter                                    Classroom Notes                              Page 4 of 4

Ms. Mariana’s Fourth Grade Class
First, we'd like to wish Sara Shedroff lots of luck! She will be representing our school on March
10th in Jungle Island for the District Spelling Bee competition. We know this will be exciting
experience for her.

Talking about winning competitions, the fourth graders have won the PERFECT ATTENDANCE
party award! What does this mean? Simply, out of all the classes in our school, all fourth graders
managed to be on time and in school on 17 days (number of letters in PERFECT ATTENDANCE). As
an incentive, Ms. Nina is allowing us to have a party on a day of our choice. Although we have
not selected our 'party' date yet, we will be needing your help by donating yummy treats and
beverages (maybe the Farran's can make those delicious sandwiches!)

Aside from all our festivities, we are working hard towards the ever-present reading and math
FCAT exams, early April. Please be mindful and encourage your child to read, read, and read! I
cannot stress enough the importance of reading. And it's not just reading for fluency, it's reading
and understanding what's on the page, author's purpose, main ideas, topics, word meanings, facts
and opinions, cause and effect, etc. If they're good readers, then they will excel in math and
other subject areas as well! Most of the concepts in fourth grade math deals with reading the
key words in the problems so they can decide what operations to use! We must ALL do the leg
work. These are skills they will need to know for the rest of their lives. Let's teach our children
good habits now... and prepare them for the real world.

                                                                                                      Providing a
                                                                                                      unique learning
Subway Lunch Menu
Week A:                                   Week B:                                                     environment
                                                                                                      where children
Monday                                     Monday                                                     can explore,
Turkey and Cheese Sub                      Meatball Sub                                               discover, and
Carrots w/ ranch                           Lettuce and Tomato                                         become active
Cookie                                     Milk
 Milk                                      Banana                                                     learners.”

Tuesday                                    Tuesday
Oven Roasted Chicken Sub                   Tuna and Cheese Sub
Lettuce and Tomato                          Lettuce and Tomato
Apple                                      Orange
Milk                                       Milk

Wednesday                                  Wednesday
Hot Dog                                    Hot Dog
Small Salad                                Small Salad
Banana                                     Banana
Milk                                       Milk                                                               MCMCS

Thursday                                   Thursday                                                    980 MacArthur Cswy.
Ham and Cheese Sandwich                    Bologna and Cheese Sandwich                                   Miami, FL 33132
Lettuce and Tomato                         Lettuce and Tomato
Orange                                      Cookie                                                           Phone:
Milk                                        Milk                                                          (305)329-3758
Friday                                     Friday                                                         (305)329-3767
Cheese Pizza                               Cheese Pizza
Corn                                       Corn
Apple                                      Apple
Milk                                       Milk

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