Pack 728 Candy Drive 2010

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					                Pack 728 Candy Drive 2010
    General Rules
   Each Scout is expected to sell at least ONE BOX of candy – 30 bars @ $2.00 each. The
    candy drive starts now Saturday September 25th and will end Friday November 5th.
   Please pay for boxes by CHECK made out to Cub Scout Pack 728. Either deliver or mail
    checks to Michelle Anderson 527 Summer Ave. All money must be turned in by 10/5.
    Please remember to include your scouts name and den number on your check.
   Additional boxes will be distributed only after payment is received for the previously
    issued box. (Sorry *NO* Exceptions To this Rule) You can pick up additional boxes at
    the Anderson Residence. Please contact Michelle: 781-942-2119(home); 781-439-3812
    (cell); or e-mail:
   This is the Pack’s ONLY fundraiser. Please sell as many boxes as you can! Remember,
    scouts must always be accompanied by an adult and should be in uniform when selling
   Boxes of candy that are not paid for by the Nov. 5th deadline will not be counted
    towards award prizes.
    Individual Sales Awards
1. The Top Sellers in the pack will be awarded the following prizes:

     Top Seller: Giant 5lb. Hershey Bar plus a $25.00 Visa Gift Card

     Second Place: Giant 5lb. Hershey Bar

     Third Place: Giant 5lb. Hershey Bar

2. We will also have a Second Chance Raffle. If you are not a top seller you still have a
   chance to win a Giant 5lb. Hershey Bar. If a scout chooses to sell additional boxes of
   candy his name will be entered into this drawing. The more boxes sold the more times
   your name gets entered in the drawing. Top 3 Seller’s names will not be included in
   the 2nd chance raffle.
3. In addition, we have hidden 5 Golden Tickets in the Joshua Eaton school district. Any
   scout who sells to a location with a Golden Ticket will win a $10.00 EB game gift card.
    Den Sales Award: The Den that collectively sells the most boxes of candy will be
    awarded a choice of a pizza party or ice cream sundae party to be held at a Den
    Meeting. The winning den will be chosen based on the #of boxes sold divided by the
    number of scouts in the den.

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