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CallStream - PC based Console


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                CallStream: PC-based Operator

                Improved customer service levels and staff resource optimization
                       are prime objectives for any modern day business

                 CallStream is a CTI application specifically designed to
                 optimize the handling of incoming call traffic

                 With CallStream the operator is able to provide a
                 personalized and highly efficient client service. More calls
                 are handled and the organization experiences
                 improvements in the flow of information

                 The Desktop module presents client information on the
                 user screen (pop-up), and incorporates a “dial” button to
                 call contacts
                                 Tangible Benefits

                CallStream identifies the origin of incoming calls allowing
                operators to provide personalized client attention.

CallStream      CallStream speeds up call reception and processing due to the
                busy lamp field, which provides the operator with on-screen, real
                time extension status information.

                CallStream optimizes the resources available to the operator by
                enabling e-mail, SMS and local messages to be sent to extension
                owners without changing the program.

                CallStream improves the internal communications flow of the

                The CallStream Desktop module allows the contact data and
                associated call notes to be presented on-screen for both inbound
                and outbound calls.

                     Time is saved in the handling of each and every call.
                                      Main Features

                •   Intuitive graphic interface for routing incoming calls.
                •   Call identification (name and number), call duration and on-hold
                    time indicators.
CallStream      •   Busy lamp field for real time extension status monitoring
                    equipped with alphabetic and extension based search feature.
                •   Transfer to GSM and other numbers.
                •   Variety of messaging tools (e-mail and SMS with automatic data
                    incorporation, local messaging “chat” for busy extensions.
                •   Various options to indicate the extension owner’s availability in
                    the busy lamp field (on business trip, in a meeting...).
                •   Integration with Outlook 2000/Exchange.
                •   Desktop module (optional) presents the user with on-screen
                    contact data.
                •   Reports module (optional).
                •   Missed calls and direct calls capture features.
                •   Click and call electronic phone book.
                •   Multi-language and multi-operator.
                                               Busy Lamp Field
                       The Busy Lamp Field is essentially the heart of the application and allows
                       the operator to monitor extension status in real time as well as access call
                       handling and messaging options.

                                                   Active extension. All telephony
CallStream      Unlimited groups list. Up to    actions are applied to this extension.   Extension’s number
                 36 extensions per group.                                                 and short name.

                     Extension status                                                 Calling/called party
                        indicator.               Extension owner availability:         name or number.                                  In the office, on business trip, ...
                                                           (5 options)
                                                   Call Handling I
                           The application maximizes automatically when a call is received
                           facilitating a multi-tasking environment in the operator’s PC.

                           Calling number identification, Ring time and Total call duration are
CallStream                 displayed for each incoming call.

                 To process a call the
                 operator may choose from
                 various options:

                • “Intelligent” Enter key. Indicated
                  by the highlighted square
                • Shortcut function keys (F2 - F10)
                • Dragging and dropping a call
                  over the relevant extension or
                  into the calls on hold list
                • Busy Lamp Field menu options

                            Real time extension status monitoring continues at all times.
                        Call Handling II


                • Highlighted square indicates Enter key
                  function at any moment.

                • The active call may be identified in the list
                  of calls by its red icon.

                • After answering a call the toolbar options
                  available to the operator change to:
                  Query, Hold, Blind Transfer or Hang up.
                                      Call Handling III

                • If the operator is not familiar with the
                  company personnel, a search tool is
                  available in order to locate the extension.

                Calls put on hold change position to the Calls On-Hold list and
                display the following data.

                    • Calling number identification or the name and number
                    • Total call time and on-hold time
                    • “Call for” note aids the operator in keeping track of multiple on-
                      hold calls. The note appears automatically if a call is put on hold         when an extension is selected
                                      Call Handling IV

                  For each busy lamp field extension a pop up menu is available
                  which may be used by the operator to select call processing and
                  messaging options according to the data configured.

                • Make a query call to the
                  extension, mobile, ...
                • Transfer the call to the
                  extension, mobile, ...
                • Send a message
                • Consult extension details

                  A call capture feature is available for DDI extensions. The operator
                  sees on screen a call ringing in an extension and may capture it.

                  The “Extension information” option is used to access the different
                  telephone numbers and messaging addresses configured for this
                                    Missed Calls

                Missed calls are indicated by a flashing icon
                on the operator screen.


                   • The missed calls list indicates the caller telephone
                     number, name, date and time for each entry.
                   • Any call may be selected and dialed in only 2 clicks.
                   • The number of calls which appear in the list is
                   • Internal calls may be omitted from the list.
                A one click messaging system is available to the operator which allows
                various types of message to be sent without having to change
                application. Time is saved and the internal communication flow

CallStream      The busy lamp field pop up extension menu allows the operator to select the
                carious messaging options.

                • E-mail

                • SMS (Short text

                • “Chat” local

                    After selecting the option required, the corresponding messaging
                    dialog opens on the screen.

                     The operator is able to monitor the incoming calls and
                                calls on-hold lists at all times.
                                           Messaging: E-mail

                                 This option is accessed from the busy lamp field pop up
                                                     extension menu.

                                             The following data appear by default:

                To: The e-mail address
                assigned to this extension

                Subject: “Call from” followed
                by the name and number of
                the caller

                Message: The date and time, the
                operator, and the information that
                appears in subject

                           The operator has only to input any additional text desired and click Send.
                                   The whole process takes only a few seconds.
                             Local Messaging “Chat” I

                     Option available from the busy lamp field extension pop up menu.

                        This feature enables the operator to inform a busy extension of an
CallStream                                  important call in real time.

                • The local messaging “Chat”
                  window opens on the operator’s
                  PC screen.
                • The operator enters a short text
                  and clicks the Send button.
                • The message appears instantly
                  in the extension owner’s PC
                  screen and may be answered in
                  just a few seconds.
                          Local Messaging “Chat” II

                • The message appears on the screen
                  and is announced by a beep alert in
                  the case of a multi-media PC.

                                                        • To reply the extension owner clicks
                                                          “chat” and enters the text in the
                                                          window that appears.

                                                        • The reply becomes instantly visible
                                                          on the operator’s screen.

                 Client attention is enhanced and important calls are not lost
                     “Out of the Office” Feature
                     An extension owner is able to indicate his/her availability at
                                 any time from the associated PC.

                • Firstly by selecting     the
                  relevant option

                                                      • Secondly by indicating the expiry
                                                        date and time.

                                                       This availability is immediately indicated
                                                       on the operator’s screen.
                   The operator has both more and better information
                               Extension Information
                    Further details regarding the extension owner may be accessed via
                               the busy lamp field pop up extension menu.

CallStream      Apart form the standard data the
                extension owner’s current availability and
                expiry date is also reflected.

                                                             This data may be modified
                                                             from the extension owner’s

                               The electronic phone book may be:

                        • Integrated with Outlook 2000/Exchange
                        • Imported from Outlook, Excel, Access, ...

                        The contacts database enables:

                • Identification of incoming calls (personalized attention).
                • Outgoing calls to be made with a simple click.
                                             Desktop Module

                              Allows the extension owner to receive a screen pop up of contact
                                data each time a call reaches, or is made from, the extension.

                             From the Desktop application the user may for example call a
                             contact or dial a recent missed call.
                • Telephony

                • Contact data
                  includes name,
                  company, phone
                  number, e-mail,
                  address, etc.

                • Create a call note
                  associated to the

                • List of call notes
                  in chronological

                • Complete text of
                  note selected
                              Desktop Module II
                       Notes may be taken during the conversation and saved
                                       with the contact data.


                                                         • Each note may be assigned a level
                                                           of importance.

                                                         • The completed note is saved and
                                                           automatically forms part of the
                                                           notes list.

                Using the Desktop application the user has access to recent calls,
                missed calls, contact records and associated call notes.
                                        Reports Module
                       The optional Reports module allows the analysis of key data
                      such as: wait times, calls on hold, missed calls, …, per operator
                                  and the applicable filters, in each case.

CallStream      • Type of report                                     • Selected device

                  • Operator and other filters                        • Report range
                           Reports Module II
                       Report example: Operator response time.

                • Filters used: Period (current week), response time higher
                  than 15 seconds.
CallStream      • Visualized data: Operator, report date, report range,
                  response time, date, time and phone number of the call.
                                   System Requirements

                     • Server*: Windows 2000 (Server or Professional), 2003 or
                       XP with 256Mb RAM

                     • Client PC* (operator): Win 98, Win 2000 or Win XP with
                       128Mb RAM. Monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution

                     • PBX with an operational CTI interface (CSTA or TAPI 2.0
                       or higher)

                            CallStream operates with any PBX supporting
                                         CSTA or TAPI 2.0.   * The server and the client software may be installed in the same PC

                               PBX           V24, Bus S0 or USB (*)
                                                                                           Semi-dedicated server
                                                                                         OS Windows 2000, 2003, XP
CallStream                                                             CTI Server

                                                      TCP/IP (*)

                               Client PC (operator)
                             OS Windows 98, 2000, XP


                                  CallStream                                                            Additional Operator

                                                    PC (Ext 45)          PC (Ext 17)             PC (Ext 323)

                                             CallStream Chat          CallStream Chat         CallStream Chat
                                            OS Win 98/2000/XP        OS Win 98/2000/XP       OS Win 98/2000/XP
                * According to PBX make and model

                • CallStream is a CTI application directed towards any
                  company that uses one or more operators for the handling of
                  incoming call traffic, and would like to optimize this resource.
                • CallStream maximizes the possible gains in efficiency by
                  allowing more calls to be dealt with in less time, while
                  providing the client with a more personalized and efficient

                • CallStream extends the information and the tools available to
                  the operator and as a consequence the organization improves
                  its internal communications flow.

                • CallStream is capable of evolving as your company grows
                  through the expansion of the number of extensions serviced
                  and the addition of further operators.

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