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					THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY                                                      S   Y   S   T    E     M   W   I   D   E

and California State University • Sacramento • Long Beach                            PROFESSIONAL
present                                                                              DEVELOPMENT
                                                                                     OFFICE      OF   THE   CHANCELLOR

Creating an                                Your Organizational Accountability
Accountable                                Are poor performers ignored, transferred, or promoted?

Organization                               Does territorialism prevail?
                                           Are individuals and teams recognized and acknowledged?
with Mark Samuel of IMPAQ
                                           Do people hide from responsibility?
Thursday, November 17,                     Are problems and conflicts avoided?
2005                                                                                                            For ors,
                                                                                                               nis t r
8:30–4:00                                  Do priorities compete?                                         admi nager s ,
                                                                                                            ma             rs
University Union                                                                                                   r v iso
                                           Is performance execution measured or                             s u pe t e nt i a l
California State University,                                                                                        o
                                                                                                            a nd p der s
Sacramento                                 only business results?                                                lea
Thursday, March 23, 2006
8:30–4:00                                  Are values ignored or taken for granted?
The Pyramid                                Is there an atmosphere of change
California State University,
Long Beach                                 resistance?
                                           Excerpted from Mark Samuel’s Organizational Accountability Assessment

                                           I   magine your department transformed in a way that sets it head and
                                               shoulders above its peers. Silos and territorialism no longer exist.
                                               Managers communicate with one voice. Resources are shared across
                                           functional areas. Projects are completed on time, within budget. Problems
                                           are surfaced and quickly addressed. The “blame game” ends forever. Non-
                                           performers are addressed, not ignored. Success is continually recognized.
                                           And these deeply positive changes are sustained as your department
                                           evolves and grows.
                                           Does such a transformation—which results in higher productivity, more
                                           effectiveness, greater customer satisfaction, and happier employees—
                                           sound like a pipe dream? We can assure you it’s very possible. Using
                                           IMPAQ’s principles for creating organizational accountability has set many
                                           organizations on this path. And you can find out more by participating in
                                           this one-day seminar.

Questions? To talk to a real               How to Create Accountability at the CSU
person about this seminar, call            This one day highly interactive and informative session provides managers
Laurie Faure toll free at (888)            with the essential strategies and tools for increasing organizational, team
200-4499 or (562) 951-4403.
                                           and individual accountability implemented in all three stages of the IMPAQ
Systemwide Professional Development •      methodology. The program focuses on the ability to respond to change
California State University Office of the
Chancellor • 401 Golden Shore, Long        in a way that increases everyone’s ability to “count on each other”—the
Beach, CA 90802                            primary ingredient for successful change efforts.
                                   During this session, you’ll explore the habits of performance execution
A TRUE CASE STUDY:                 that need to be changed in order to reach a new level of excellence. You’ll
IT Department of a                 learn how to increase accountability in communications, planning change
Major University                   efforts, and dealing with the “wall of fear” when facing major challenges.
                                   Finally, you’ll explore the Personal Accountability Model and identify
Their Challenge                    ways for moving from the “victim mode” to the “accountable mode” when
To implement newly                 solving problems, and coaching and dealing with conflicts. You’ll come
formed department values,          away understanding the value and importance of accountability as well as
while increasing customer          what tools to use with your teams and direct reports.
satisfaction, productivity and
morale. They also needed to
deal with declining resources
                                   The Secret Seven: The 7 Tools and
and turnover of key talent.        Techniques You’ll Walk Away With
                                   Wouldn’t you love to know the secrets of instilling accountability in your
The Accountability Solution
                                   workplace? Rest assured that by the end of the day you’ll know how to
from IMAQ
                                   support these tools and techniques to bring accountability to work.
IMPAQ first worked with
the departmental leadership        q A process for implementing change to ensure lasting, sustainable results
to turn their newly formed         w A model and assessment for diagnosing the level of organizational
values into Success Factors          accountability
of Performance Execution
that could be measured and         e A technique for improving performance execution that links to business
linked to their performance          outcomes
goals. IMPAQ implemented           r A process for creating a clear focus on top priorities, including tracking
Service Excellence and               and measuring progress
the Accountability Core
                                   t A technique for improving trust, support and conflict resolution
Methodology within each
functional area to include all     y A method for dealing with resistance when implementing change
managers and employees.
                                   u A tool for coaching others and assisting people through their “wall of
The Result                           fear” or resistance
The IT Department received         You’ll also receive valuable materials to take back to the office!
2 customer service awards          • Participant workbook to ensure successful completion of the above
within the first 6 months after       outcomes and to serve as a reference guide
implementation. Later that year
they demonstrated customer         • Organizational Accountability Assessment to identify the strengths and
satisfaction improvements            areas of improvement related to organizational accountability
and an increase in overall         • Change Planning Worksheet as your commitment to apply accountability
morale by 25% based on a             strategies and techniques. Use this after the seminar
standardized University climate
study. They also achieved          • Personal Accountability Card to ensure that you can have easy access to
a 35% increase in trust in           the Personal Accountability Model for self-coaching and to assist others
leadership. Five years later the
department has continued to
sustain customer satisfaction
improvements, increased                                 E a r l y io n
                                                           s t r at
productivity based on projects                      Regi tives !
completed, and increased                             I nce n e d fee
retention of key talent.                             R edu nd
                                                             a         .
                                                                 boo k
                                                        f r ee
Your Seminar Agenda                                 The Seminar Presenter
                                                                      Mark Samuel is the President
                                                                       and Founder of IMPAQ and
                                                                       internationally acclaimed author
The personal accountability model                                      of The Accountability Revolution:
Learn how to ask accountability-based questions                        Achieving Breakthrough Results in
for coaching yourself and others                                       Half the Time! and co-author of The
                                                                       Power of Personal Accountability.
ORGANIZATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY                       As an independent consultant, educator and speaker
The five levels of organizational                    since 1978, Mark has gained a far-reaching reputation
accountability                                      for his expertise in how accountability can improve an
Complete an assessment of your organizational       organization. He teaches organizations of every kind
accountability                                      to thrive through results-oriented management based
                                                    upon the practice of accountability.
The key to high performance: execution and
proactive recovery                                  Mark is considered a practical visionary by many
Complete an assessment of team execution and        Fortune 500 companies and has been recognized by
recovery                                            CNBC, Bloomberg and Fortune magazine, which cited
                                                    him as a top authority on “how companies can end
The five-step process for achieving high             blame in the ranks and create a place where people
performance                                         want to work and get results.”
Learn how to plan a change effort for maximum
high performance                                    For the last 25 years, Mark has guided organizations
                                                    across the globe to higher levels of long-term
TEAM ACCOUNTABILITY                                 success. He is frequently called in by companies to
Learn how to prepare for team improvement           address leaders on his unique approach to solving
                                                    the challenges of culture change, performance
Developing and measuring success factors of         improvement, leadership development and effectively
performance execution                               managed teamwork. His personal objective is to ensure
Learn how to write and measure success factors      that his clients achieve meaningful and measurable
Developing team priorities to ensure                performance results that are sustained over time.
alignment                                           Mark is an award-winning speaker in North and South
Learn how to clarify accountability for the top 5   America. He has addressed national conferences
team priorities                                     of ASTD, AQP, ODN, ASHHRA and ISPI. He moves
                                                    audiences to effective action with engaging
MANAGING AND LEADING CHANGE                         presentations that are inspirational, humorous,
Creating a safe environment                         interactive, and thought provoking.
Overcoming the “wall of fear”                       He has inspired positive, profitable improvement in
Interlocking accountability for team results        companies worldwide, including Chevron Corporation,
Learn how to bring your team to agreement           American Express, Genentech, Mervyn’s of California,
And, finally, complete your accountability           Nissan Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company,
commitment action plan                              Universal Studios, Pacific Bell, The Royal Bank of
                                                    Canada, Dura Pharmaceuticals, The University of
                                                    California at Berkeley and PDVSA of Venezuela.
                                                    Mark holds a bachelors degree in Social Science from
             Early Registration Incentive!          the University of California, Irvine; a masters degree in
                                                    Management, with a special emphasis in Organizational
             Sacramento Seminar: Register           Development from the University of California, Irvine;
             by November 7 and receive Mark         and a masters degree in Applied Psychology from the
             Samuel’s book free.                    University of Santa Monica, California.
             Long Beach Seminar: Register
             by March 13th and receive Mark
             Samuel’s book free.
Seminar Sponsor
                                           How to Register
Systemwide Professional
                                           Complete your registration and payment online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s
Development (SPD)—a department
                                           the easiest and quickest way to register. Go to >
reporting to the Vice Chancellor
                                           Seminar Registration > Active Seminars and take the link directly to the registration
for Human Resources at the Office
                                           input page.
of the Chancellor, California State
University—is the sponsor of this          Course Information—SACRAMENTO
seminar. SPD works in partnership
                                           DATE AND TIME: Thursday, November 17, 2005; 8:30-4:00
with Human Resources departments
throughout the CSU system to               LOCATION: University Union, CSU Sacramento

offer professional development             MEALS PROVIDED: Beverages provided; lunch is on your own
opportunities that complement the          EARLY REGISTRATION FEE before November 7, 2005; $209
current training program on the
                                           STANDARD REGISTRATION FEE after November 7, 2005; $229
hosting campus. Participation is by
employees from all CSU campuses            SACRAMENTO COURTESY FEE: $199 (Hosting campus courtesy registration fee is

and occasionally from friends of the       available to Sacramento campus employees only.)
CSU.This seminar is self-supporting
                                           Course Information—LONG BEACH
from registration fees.
                                           DATE AND TIME: Thursday, March 23, 2006; 8:30-4:00
Seminar Hosts                              LOCATION: The Pyramid, CSU Long Beach

California State University,               MEALS PROVIDED:   Beverages and box lunch
Sacramento                                 EARLY REGISTRATION FEE before March 13, 2006; $209
The Office of Human Resources               STANDARD REGISTRATION FEE after March 13, 2006; $229
– Professional Development/Training        LONG BEACH CAMPUS COURTESY FEE: $199 (Hosting campus courtesy registration fee
is dedicated to enhancing the quality      is available to Long Beach campus employees only.)
and vitality of its campus personnel.
They take seriously their goal of          Payment Options
developing a proactive approach            Online transactions can be paid with credit card,
to staff development by offering           purchase order, or check. It is your responsibility
programs and training that provide         to print your own invoice and pay from that invoice. Checks should be mailed
opportunities for self-improvement,        directly to REGISTRATION CENTRAL ACCOUNTING, Attention Sam Bawahab,
enrichment, and professional               Office of the Chancellor, 401 Golden Shore, Long Beach, CA 90802
development for all staff. Coordinator
for this seminar is Kim Harrington.        Your check payable to CSU TRUSTEES TF047-1058 should accompany your invoice
                                           in order to be properly credited to your registration account.
California State University,
Long Beach                                 Hotel Information
Staff Personnel Services offers a          Check the registration site for links to area hotels.There is not a room block held
range of employee development              for this particular seminar. Request a government rate when making your hotel
opportunities such as the popular          reservation.
Essentials for Managers Certificate         Confirmation
Program and the Road to Success
Training Certificate for administrative     Your registration will be confirmed electronically to your e-mail address within
support staff.They also administer         minutes of entering your information. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation,
various recognition programs as            we do not have your registration. Please phone us at (888) 200-4499 (toll free).
well as a variety of opportunities for     Completion Certificate
personal and professional growth.
Coordinator for this seminar is Vickie     Personalized and signed completion certificates will be available at the conclusion
Hamilton.                                  of the seminar. Certificates must be claimed by the named individual and will not
                                           be mailed.
Questions? To talk to a real
person about this seminar, call            Cancellation Policy – Important
Laurie Faure toll free at (888)            If you must cancel, you may do so online by returning to your individual
200-4499 or (562) 951-4403.                registration transaction. A cancellation fee of $25 will be assessed for cancellations
                                           for any reason. Cancellations after November 10 (Sacramento) or after March 16
Systemwide Professional Development •
California State University Office of the   (Long Beach) will be assessed the entire registration fee.
Chancellor • 401 Golden Shore, Long        If you are unable to cancel within the specified time period, please feel free to
Beach, CA 90802                            send a substitute in your place.You may enter the name of your substitute to your                 registration file online.
                                           No-shows are not entitled to a refund or credit towards another seminar.