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                              LENDING LIBRARY RESOURCES
 # of
                                  Book Title                                      Author

                          FOR CAREGIVERS (Center Bookcase of 3, Top Shelf, Red Sticker)
         Alone . . . But Not Forgotten: Serving People with Dementia
         Who Live Alone

  1      The Alzheimer's Activities Guide (In it Together)

  2      Alzheimer's: A Guide for Families                            Powell and Courtice
         Alzheimer's Angels: A Compilation of Poetry Honoring
  1                                                                   Womack, Dorothy
         Caregivers and Victims of Alzheimer's Disease
  1      Alzheimer's: Caring for Your Loved One, Caring for Yourself Fish, Sharon
  1      Alzheimer's Cope Book                                        Mark, NBE
                                                                      Powell, Lenore S. Ed.D. and
  2      Alzheimer's Disease: A Guide for Families
                                                                      Courtice, Katie
         Alzheimer's Early Stages: A Guide for Family Members and
  1                                                                   Kune, Daniel, MSW
                                                                      Davies, Helen D. and Jensen,
  1      Alzheimer's: The Answers You Need
                                                                      Michael P.
         Beat the Nursing Home Trap: A Consumer's Guide to
  1                                                                   Matthews, Joseph
         Choosing and Financing Long-Term Care
                                                                      Bell, Virginia, MSW and
  3      The Best Friends Approach to Alzheimer's Care
                                                                      Troxel, David, MPH
  1      The Caregiver                                                Altera

         Caregiver's Companion: A Practical Guide to Food, Feeding,   Rosenbaum, Jane; Belcher,
  1      and Community Resources For Those Who Care for Adults,       Allison; Sokai, Sue; Street,
         Children, or Themselves by Those Who've Been There           Kathy

         The Caregiver's Guide: Helping Elderly Relatives Cope with   Rob, Carolyn, R.N. and
         Health and Safety Problems                                   Reynolds, Janet, G.N.P.
         Caregiving: The Spiritual Journey of Love, Loss, and
  1                                                                   McLeod, Beth Witrogen
  1      Caring for the Alzheimer's Patient                           Dippel and Hutton

                                                                      Canfield, Jack; Hansen, Mark
  1      Chicken Soup for the Caregiver's Soul
                                                                      Victor; Thieman, LeAnn, L.P.N

         Coach Broyles' Playbook for Alzheimer's CAREGIVERS: A
         Practical Tips Guide
         The Comfort of Home: An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide for Meyer, Maria M. and Den,
         Caregivers                                                 Paula, R.N.
2   The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's: Proofing Your Home         Warner, Mark L.
1   Coping with Caregiver Worries                                 Sherman, James R. Ph.D.
    Coping with Communication Challenges in Alzheimer's
1                                                                 Rau, Marie T.
    Disease (Coping with Aging Series)
1   Creative Cargiving                                            Sherman, James R. Ph.D.
                                                                  Mace, Nancy L. and Rabins,
1   Cuando El Dia Tiene 36 Horas
                                                                  Peter V.
1   Dying at Home: A Family Guide for Caregiving                  Sankar, Andrea
1   Facing Alzheimer's: Family Caregivers Speak                   Coughlan, Patricia Brown
1   Giving Care Taking Care: Support for the Helpers              Ilse, Sherokee

1   The Family Guide to Elder Care: Making the Right Choices

    The Help, Hope, and Cope Book for People with Aging
1                                                                 Rushford, Patricia H.

3   Helpful Contacts

                                                                  Carter, Rosalyn and Golant,
2   Helping Yourself Help Others: A Book for Caregivers
                                                                  Susan K.
    In Sickness and In Health: Caring for a Loved One with
1                                                                 Grubbs, William M.

                  FOR CAREGIVERS (Center Bookcase of 3, Second Shelf, Red Sticker)
    Interventions for Alzheimer's Disease: A Caregivers Complete
1                                                                Tappen, Ruth M.
1   Learning to Sit in the Silence: A Journal of Caretaking      Starkman, Elaine Marcus
1   Learning to Speak Alzheimer's                                Butler, Robert N.

1   Lessons Learned: Shared Experiences in Coping

1   Partial View-An Alzheimer's View                              Cary Smith Henderson

    Martha Jefferson Hospital: Resource Material for Caregivers
    (Fall 05 Edition)
1   Los Mejores Amigos en el Cuidado de Alzheimers                Virginia Bell/David Troxel
    A Loving Voice: A Caregiver's Book of Read-Aloud Stories      Banks, Carolyn and Rizzo,
    for the Elderly                                               Janis (Eds)
1   Magic of Humor in Caregiving                                  Sherman, James R. Ph.D.
1   Making Sense of Suffering                                     Strecker, T.
    Mosaic Moon: Caregiving Through Poetry (Easing the Burden
1                                                             Kakugawa, Frances H.
    of a Disease)
    Navigating the Alzheimer's Journey: A Compass for
1                                                             Sifton, Dreeby Bowlby

2   New Hope for People with Alzheimer's and their Caregivers      Shimer, Porter
2   Positive Caregiver Attitudes                                   Sherman, James R. Ph.D.
1   Preventing Caregiver Burnout                                   Sherman, James R. Ph.D.
    Remembering: Recall and Reminiscence Exercises for
1                                                                  Teegardin, Dace Rollis
    Memory-Impaired Older Adults
    The Sunshine in My Face: A Read Aloud Book for Memory-
1                                                                  Burdick, Lydia
    Challenged Adults
2   Surviving Alzheimer's: A Guide for Families                    Raymond, Florian
1   Taking Care of Caregivers                                      Roberts, D. Jeanne, MA
    Taking Timer for Me: How Caregivers Can Effectively with
1                                                                  Karr, Katherine L.

1   Tears in God's Battle: Reflections in Alzheimer's Caregiving   Ewing, Wayne

    Therapeutic Caregiving: A Practical Guide for Caregivers of
4   Persons with Alzheimer's and Other Dementia Causing            Bridges, Barbara J., R.N.
    There's No Place Like A Nursing Home: 4 Powerful Steps         Shoff, Karen, MSW, MSG,
    That Will Change Your Life                                     LUTCF
1   The Last Dance                                                 McLane-Kuster, Ann
    The 36 Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for Persons with
                                                                   Mace, Nancy, M.A.
3   Alzheimer's Disease, Related Dementing Illnesses, and
                                                                   Rabins, Peter, M.D., M.P.H.
    Memory Loss in Later Life
1   The Story of Forgetting                                        Block, Stefan Merrill

                                                                   By Writers with Disabilities &
1   Through Our Eyes: Poems & Short Stories About Life
                                                                   Their Caregivers

    Tucked in Real Tight: Poems and Stories About Sharing and      Carter-Pounds, Arlene A.,
    Caring                                                         Ed.D.
2   When Love Gets Tough: The Nursing Home Decision                Manning, Doug
    The Validation Breakthrough: Simple Technologies for
1   Communicating with People with "Alzheimer's-Type               Feil, Naomi
1   Visiting Nurse Association Caregiver's Handbook                Visiting Nurse Association
    Voices of Alzheimer's: Courage, Humor, Hope, and Love in
1                                                                  Peterson, Betsy
    the Face of Dementia
1   Welcome to Planet Alzheimer's                                  Stewart, Candice A.
1   When Someone You Love Has Alzheimer's                          Murphey, Cecil
2   Wisdom for Caregivers                                          Navarra, Tova
    You Are Not Alone: Making the Journey Through             Carter-Pounds, Arlene A.,
    Alzheimer's with a Loved One                              Ed.D.

    GENERAL ALZHEIMER'S INFORMATION (Center Bookcase of 3, Third Shelf, Yellow Sticker)
1    The Alzheimer's Advisor            Dealing with legal issues        Vaughn E. James
                                                                  US Dept of Health & Human
2   Alzheimer's Disease: Unravelling the Mystery
1   Alzheimer's Early Stages                                      Kuhn, Daniel, MSW
    Dealing Creatively with Death: A Manual of Death Education
3                                                                 Morgan, Ernest
    and Simple Burial
    Death is of Vital Importance: on Life, Death, and Life After
1                                                                 Kubler-Ross, Elisabeth, MD
1   Face of Alzheimer's                                           Hawksford

    A Final Farewell: Your Personal Guide to End of Life Issues
    (Planning the Funeral or Memorial Service; Living Wills;
1                                                               Lawson, Nancy
    Hospice Care; Cost Planning; Things to Do at Time of Death;
    Executor's Duties; Settling the Estate; Checklists

1   The Forgetting: Alzheimer's: A Portrait of an Epidemic    Shenk, David
1   Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience                  Karnes, Barbara
    Hannah's Heirs: The Quest for the Geneteic Origins of
1                                                             Pollen, Daniel A.
    Alzheimer's Disease
1   How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapter           Nuland, Sherwin B.
1   Keeping in Touch with Someone Who Has Alzheimer's         Crisp, Jane
3   Living with Grief: Alzheimer's Disease                    Doka, Kenneth, Editor
1   Long Goodbye: The Deaths of Nancy Cruzan                  Colby, William H.
1   Love is Ageless: Stories About Alzheimer's Disease        Bryan, Jessica, Editor

1   Mayo Clinic: Guide to Alzheimer's Disease

4   The Notebook                                              Sparks, Nicholas
1   Old Friends                                               Kidder, Tracy
1   Older if Better                                           Vierck, Elizabeth
1   Only with the Heart                                       Szeman, Sherri
    Share My Lonesome Valley: The Slow Grief of Long-Term
1                                                             Manning, Doug
    Tangled Minds: Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and
1                                                             Gillick, Nuriel R., MD
    Other Dementias
    The Vanishing Mind: A Practical Guide to Alzheimer's      Heston, Leonard L. and White,
    Disease and Other Dementias                               June A.
                                                              Sennett, Dorothy (Ed) with
1   Virtal Signs: International Stories on Aging
                                                              Czarniecki, Anne
    When Memory Fails: Helping the Alzheimer's and Dementia
1                                                                Edwards, Allen Jack, Ph.D.

                      MEMOIRS (Center Bookcase of 3, Fourth Shelf, Blue Sticker)
3   Alzheimer's from the Inside Out                       Taylor, Richard

    Alzheimer's: It will Never Be All Right! (Remembering This
1                                                                Grose, Patti
    Part of the Journey Through the Eyes of the Caregiver

1   At the Eleventh Hour: Caring for My Dying Mother             Stone, Susan Carol
                                                                 Carter-Pounds, Arlene A.,
1   Between Nightime Dreams: A Mama-Daughter Journey
    Between Two Worlds: Special Moments of Alzheimer's and
1                                                                Young, Ellen P.
1   The Diminished Mind                                          Anifantakis, Harry
    Conversations at the Nursing Home: A Mother, A Daughter,
1                                                                Shapiro, Deanna
    and Alzheimer's
2   Ginny: A Love Remembered                                     Artley, Bob
1   Gone Without a Trace                                         Caldwell, Marianne Dickerman

    He Used to Be Somebody: A Journey into Alzheimer's
2                                                                Murphy, Beverly Bigtree
    Disease Through the Eyes of a Caregiver
1   Glimmers: A Journey Into Alzheimer's Disease                 Hamilton, Heidi E.
    The House on Beartown Road: A Memoir of Learning and
1                                                                Cohen, Elizabeth
    In Sickness and in Health: Caring for a Loved one with
1                                                                Grubbs, William M.
1   In a Tangled Wood: An Alzheimer's Journey                    Dyer, Joyce
    Journey of Love: The Personal Journal of an Alzheimer's
1                                                                Ross, Robert C.
    Life with Charlie: Coping with an Alzheimer's Spouse or
1                                                                Heckman-Owen, Carol
    Other Dementia Patient and Keeping Your Sanity
    Living in the Labyrinth: A Personal Journey Through the
2                                                                McGowin, Diana Friel
    Maze of Alzheimer's
    No Turning Back: A Journey Into the World of Alzheimer's
3                                                                Silberman, Lyn H.
    and My Mother
    My Journey Into Alzheimer's Disease: Helpful Insights for
1                                                                Davis, Robert
    Families and Friends
1   My Journey Into Alzheimer's Disease: A Story of Hope         Davis, Robert
    Moments of Grace and Possibilities in the Midst of
1                                                                Bresnahan, Rita
1   Losing Lou-Ann                                               Erb, Clinton A.
1   Portraits of Huntington's: Choosing Joy Through Life Lessons Leal, Carmen
            One Family's Journey Through Alzheimer's: Love, Grace,
       1                                                                 Walsh, Mary B.
            Sorrow, and Laughter in a Most Compelling Story
       1    My Mother's Voice                                            Gallahan, Sally
            She Never Said Goodbye: My Wife's Disappearance Down a       Ellison, George Vernon and
            Road of No Return. . . Alzheimer's                           Young, Loy
       1    Show Me the Way to Go Home                                   Rose, Larry
            Speaking Our Minds: Personal Reflections from Individuals
       1                                                                 Snyder, Lise
            with Alzheimer's
            Through the Wilderness of Alzheimer's: A Guide in Two
       1                                                                 Simpson, Robert & Anne
       1    Suite Inspirations                                           Chapman, Amy, et al.
       1    Will I Cry?                                                  Berger, Karla K.
       1    The Long Way Home                                            Ritchie, Marian

PROFESSIONAL CAREGIVER INFORMATION (Center Bookcase of 3, Fifth Shelf left, Green Sticker)
         The Best Friends Staff: Building a Culture of Care in         Bell, Virginia and  Troxel,
         Alzheimer's Programs                                          David
         Caring for People with Challenging Behaviors: Essential
     1   Skills and Successful Strategies and Successful Strategies in Long, Stephen Weber
         Long-Term Care
         Caring for People with Challenging Disorders: A Manual for
     3                                                                 Gwyther, Lisa P.
         Facility Staff (2nd Ed.)

            Creating Successful Dementia Care Settings: (Vol. 1)         Briller, Sherylyn H.; Proffitt,
            Understanding the Environment Through Aging Senses           Mark A.; Calkins, Margaret P.

                                                                         Briller, Sherylyn H.; Proffitt,
            Creating Successful Dementia Care Settings: (Vol. 2)
       1                                                                 Mark A.; Calkins, Margaret P.;
            Maximizing Cognitive and Functional Abilities
                                                                         Marsden, John P.
            Creating Successful Dementia Care Settings: (Vol. 3)         Perez, Kristin.; Proffitt, Mark
            Minimizing Disruptive Behaviors                              A.; Calkins, Margaret P.
                                                                         Marsden, John P.; Briller,
            Creating Successful Dementia Care Settings: (Vol. 4)
       1                                                                 Sherylyn H.; Calkins, Margaret
            Enhancing Identity and Sense of Home
                                                                         P.; Proffitt, Mark A.
            Doing Things: A Guide to Programing Activities for Persons
       1                                                                 Zgola, Jitka M.
            with Alxheimer's Disease and Related Disorders
                                                                         Volicer, Ladislav and Bloom-
       1    Enhancing the Quality of Life in Advanced Dementia
                                                                         Charette, Lisa Eds.
                                                                         Well, Suzanne E., MS, (Ed)
       1    Horticultural Therapy and the Older Adult Population         with Am Horticultural Therapy
                                                                         Assoc & Friends Org.
            Keeping Busy . . . : A Handbook of Activities for Persons
       1                                                                 Dowling, James R.
            with Dementia
                                                                          Mahoney, Ellen K.; Volicer,
       1    Management of Challenging Behaviors in Dementia
                                                                          Ladislav; Hurley, Ann C.
            Movement with Meaning: A Multisensory Program for
       1                                                                  Larsen, Barbara
            Individuals with Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease
                                                                          Fazio, Sam;
       1    Rethinking Alzheimer's Care                                   Seman, Dorothy;
                                                                          Stansell, Jane
                                                                          Garratt, Sally and Hamilton-
       1    Rethinking Dementia: An Australian Approach
                                                                          Smith, Elery (Eds)

            Solving Bathing Problems in Persons with Alzheimer's          Dwyer, Sharon A.R., PhD;
       1    Disease and Related Dementias: A Training and Reference       Sloane, Philip D., MD, MPH;
            Manual for Caregivers                                         Barrick, Ann Louise, PhD

            Special Needs Dementia Units: Design, Development, and
       1                                                                  Peppard, Nancy R.
            Wiley Series in Healthcare and Senior Living Design:
       1    Desiigning for Alzheimer's Disease (Strategies for Creating   Brawley, C. Elizabeth
            Better Care Environments)
            You Are One of Us: Successful Clergy/Church Connections
       1                                                                  Gwyther, Lisa P.
            to Alzheimer's Families

                            FOR KIDS (Center Bookcase of 3, Fifth Shelf right, Orange Sticker)
            Grandma's Cobwebs: Questions and Answers About
      10                                                              Frantti, Ann
            Alzheimer's Disease, An Educational Supplement
       1    Grandpa Doesn't Know It's Me                              Guthrie, Donna
       1    If I Forget, You Remember
       1    Singing with Momma Lou                                    Altman, Linda Jacobs
       1    Still My Grandma                                          Van den Abeele, Veronique
            Through Tara's Eyes: Helping Children Cope with           Baumann, Kathy and
            Alzheimer's Disease                                       Conners, Erin
       1    What's Happening to Grandpa?                              Shriver, Maria
       1    When Meme Came to Live at My House                        Langdon, Mary Janine
       1    Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge                         Fox, Mem

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     1    The Forgetting                                                  Aired on CBS 1/2004


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