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 The Facts Behind the Stories

1 – Roe v. Wade On January             around the world that provide or       Europe, magicians advised women
22, 1973, the United States            even mention abortion, even in         to wear the testicles of a weasel on
Supreme Court struck down              cases of rape.                         their thighs or hang its amputated
criminal abortion laws in the state                                           foot around their necks. As
of Texas, holding that the right to    4 – ‘You’re On Your Own’               recently as the 1990s, teens in
decide whether to have a child is a    The anti-abortion movement has         Australia have used candy bar
fundamental right guaranteed by        launched a many-faceted campaign       wrappers as condoms. In 1916,
the U.S. Constitution. The 7-2         ranging from protests, to hit-lists,   Margaret Sanger opened the first
decision in Roe v. Wade, which         to false promises to pregnant          birth control clinic in America and
recognized a right to privacy,         women. The Christian Right seeks       was an early proponent of the
would have an immediate and            to enforce its religious perspective   diaphragm. In 1965, the U.S.
profound effect on the lives of        through government regulation of       Supreme Court, in Griswold v.
American women. Abortion is one        women‟s access to healthcare.          Connecticut, finally rolled back
of the most common and safest                                                 state and local laws that had
procedures for women in the U.S.                                              outlawed the use of contraception.
                                       5 - She Said – Before 1973             Today, advocates and women
At current rates, about one in three   Estimates of the number of illegal
American women will have had an                                               continue to fight for contraceptives
                                       abortions in the 1950s and 1960s       to be covered under prescription
abortion by the time she reaches       ranged from 200,000 to 1.2 million
age 45.                                                                       health insurance plans.
                                       per year in the US. The Centers for
                                       Disease Control and Prevention
2 – My Good Friend Roe                 estimates that in 1972 alone,          8 – Kathy Najimy Most
U.S. Supreme Court decisions           130,000 women obtained illegal or      religious institutions are pro-
subsequent to Roe v. Wade opened       self-induced procedures. To            choice, according to the Religious
the door to an increasing number       provide safety, some doctors and       Coalition for Reproductive Choice,
of restrictions on women‟s access      women began to help other women        an interfaith network of more than
to abortion including 24-hour          despite laws against abortion.         40 prominent religious groups.
waiting periods, state-mandated        Women in countries around the          Nearly eight in ten U.S. women
information designed to discourage     world where abortion is illegal,       obtaining an abortion report a
abortion, parental notification laws   such as Chile, still face arrest and   religious affiliation (43%
for young women and funding            can go to jail for seeking an          Protestant, 27% Catholic and 8%
prohibitions for low-income            abortion.                              other.) Although the Catholic
women. In 2005, state legislatures                                            Church is against abortion and
considered 614 anti-choice                                                    birth control, only 25% of
measures.                              6 – Approximating Mother               Catholics believe that church
                                       Approximately one in five              leaders should have the final say
                                       adolescents has engaged in sexual
3 – A Father’s Story                                                          on abortion.
                                       intercourse before his or her
When abortion was first legalized
                                       fifteenth birthday. Annually,
in 1973, federal funds were
                                       280,000 teens under 18 become          9 – What I Said In 2003,
available to low-income women                                                 Congress passed and President
                                       pregnant in the U.S.; 87% of these
seeking medically necessary                                                   Bush signed into law the "Partial-
                                       pregnancies are unintended.
abortions. But four years later,                                              Birth Abortion Ban Act," the first
Representative Henry Hyde                                                     federal law banning abortion.
sponsored a bill that eliminated       7 - Remembering –                      Despite having rejected a nearly
federal funding for abortion except    Reproductive freedom is an issue       identical law in 2000, in April
when necessary to save the             with which women have struggled        2007 the U.S. Supreme Court
woman's life. Since 1993, the          throughout the ages. Centuries         upheld the law and declared that
amendment has permitted some           ago, Chinese women drank lead          Congress can ban an abortion
Medicaid funding for cases of rape     and mercury to control fertility,      procedure and subject a doctor to
and incest. A global gag rule          which often resulted in sterility or   arrest. The court permitted the law
denies any U.S. aid to programs        death. During the Middle Ages in       to stand even if the procedure were

necessary to preserve a woman‟s        It is sometimes referred to as the     SOURCES
health. The votes of the two           „morning-after pill‟ but can be        1 – Center for Reproductive Rights, “Roe v.
                                                                              Wade and the Right to Privacy”
justices appointed by President        used for more than 72 hours after
Bush - John Roberts and Samuel         unprotected sex or contraceptive       rivacy.pdf; Alan Guttmacher Institute,
Alito - swung the vote to the anti-    failure as a safe and effective way    “http://www.agi-
abortion side. The only woman on       to help prevent pregnancy. EC is a     usa.org/media/presskits/2005/06/28/abortio
                                                                              noverview.html “ Abortion Overview.
the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth        higher dosage of the same
                                                                              2 – NARAL Who Decides?
Bader Ginsburg, called the             hormones found in daily birth          http://www.prochoiceamerica.org/choice-
decision “alarming” and said it        control pills. EC is not the same      action-center/in_your_state/who-decides
puts women‟s health at risk. The       thing as Mifeprex or RU-486,           3 – Center for Reproductive Rights,
                                                                              “Portrait of Injustice”
decision also opens the door for       which is sometimes called the
states to pass more laws that          abortion pill. EC helps to prevent     _portrait.html
inhibit women‟s access to              pregnancy while Mifeprex/RU-486        4-“Women” Theocracy Watch,
abortion.                              (when taken in combination with        http://www.theocracywatch.org/women2.ht
                                                                              m; „Roe-Be-Gone Effort focuses on Fetal
                                       another pill) terminates an early
                                                                              Personhood,‟ Kim
10 – SCHIPS On Their                   pregnancy. Mifeprex/RU486 is           Gandy.http://www.now.org/news/note/1213
Shoulders Efforts to restrict          currently available in the U.S.        06.html
                                       through some doctors and clinics.      5 – AGI, “Lessons from Before Roe: Will
reproductive rights come in many                                              Past Be Prologue”
guises. In 2002, Health and            EC can be prescribed by a
Human Services Secretary Tommy         physician, and pharmacists in 6        03.html
Thompson issued a new regulation       states are permitted to sell EC        6 –The National Campaign To Prevent
                                       directly to women without a            Teen Pregnancy; www.teenpregnancy.org.
allowing states to use the State                                              (http://www.guttmacher.org/presentations/T
Children's Health Insurance            prescription. On August 24, 2006,
                                                                              CUPI_slides.ppt, September 2006)
Program (SCHIP) to provide             after years of stalling, the Food      7 – Planned Parenthood, “A History of
healthcare coverage for “unborn        and Drug Administration declared       Contraceptive Methods”
                                       that EC can be sold over-the-          http://www.plannedparenthood.org/library/
children.” The regulation allows                                              birthcontrol/020709_bchistory.html
coverage for children “from            counter to American women over
                                                                              Margaret Sanger Papers Project
conception” up to age 19. This is      the age of 18. Women under 18          http://www.nyu.edu/projects/sanger
one of the many unseen ways that       must still get a prescription from a   8 – Religious Coalition for Reproductive
                                       doctor, except in 8 states that have   Choice, http://www.rcrc.org
opponents of choice grant a fetus                                             "'Get "In the Know': 20 Questions About
greater rights and legal status than   broader access from a pharmacist.
                                                                              Pregnancy, Contraception and
a woman. In October 2007, when                                                Abortion,"http://www.guttmacher.org/in-
Congress passed a new SCHIPS           13 – ‘blessed’ Reproductive            the-know; Facts Tell the Story: Catholics
measure that increased the funding     rights include the decision to bear
and changed the language to cover      children or not, use contraceptives    andchoice.pdf
“pregnant women,” President Bush       and have an abortion if one            9 –“Court‟s Abortion Ruling Undercuts
                                       chooses. On April 25, 2004, more       Roe” by Allison Stevens and Alison
vetoed it.
                                                                              Bowen, Women‟s eNews, April 19, 2007
                                       than one million people of every
                                       age, gender, race, religion and
11 – To Hell and Back-Emily                                                   yn/aid/3139
                                       sexuality marched on Washington        10 – U.S. Department of Health and Human
Lyons Almost one in four clinics       DC, in the largest demonstration of    Services. “States May Provide SCHIP
throughout the country is targeted     support for reproductive rights in     Coverage for Prenatal Care: New Rule to
with the most severe forms of anti-                                           Expand Health Care Coverage for Babies,
                                       history.                               Mothers”
abortion violence, including
blockades, invasions, bombings,                                               0020927a.html; RHReality Check,
arsons, gunfire, and physical                                                 www.rhrealitycheck.org/blog/
assaults. In 2005, after an                                                   2007/10/08/schip-just-the-beginning
                                                                              11 - Feminist Majority Foundation, “2002
extensive manhunt, Eric Rudolph        - Prepared by Suzanne Grossman         National Clinic Violence Survey Report”
pled guilty to the bombing that                                               http://www.feminist.org/research/cvsurveys
injured Emily Lyons, as well as the                                           /clinic_survey2002.pdf Lyons:
bombing at the Olympics in                                                    http://www.crimelibrary.com/terrorists_spie
Atlanta and of a gay night club.
                                                                              12 – Back Up Your Birth Control,
12 – Taco Bell Emergency
contraception – or EC for short – is
a back-up method of birth control.

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