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					A „Lush‟ Life for All
By London Rhymes with Palestine

Lush, a company based in UK‟s idyllic Dorset is famous for its niche hand-made
cosmetics made from vegetarian, organic and safe ingredients not tested on
animals. From a brief view of their website, one can garner that central to Lush‟s
heart is ethics. A significant proportion of their website is dedicated to Green
Initiatives, Environmental Policy, supporting Charity and Ethical
Lush supports groups, who work to protect the environment, safeguard animal rights
& stand for human rights. This caring company supported the protest movement
against the Arizona state „anti-Hispanic‟ immigration legislation, called for the
abolition of nuclear weapons, campaigns for the welfare of sharks and against the
catastrophic effects of Canada‟s Tar Sands shale oil project.
In Lush‟s campaign titled „No One is Illegal‟, Lush shares on its website ‘this is about
human rights and human dignity. It is about equality and justice. It calls into question
policies rooted in racism, which punish people for being poor or uneducated, for
being born in one place and not another, and for crimes which have been committed
against them over centuries... all people are born free, with dignity and rights that
should be universal.’
It‟s hardly surprising that the plight of Palestinians is concerning to Lush. In 2011,
Lush‟s were one of the first to support the OneWorld hit single “Freedom for
Palestine”. This song was written by Dave Randall from Faithless, who having
visited the West Bank realised, that life for most Palestinians living under the illegal
Israeli occupation is at least as bad as that endured by black South Africans during the
apartheid. This song was made in collaboration with many artists including Maxi
Jazz (Faithless), LSK, the Durban Gospel Choir and is supported by Roger Waters,
Massive Attack, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu & many others. It is inspired by AKA's
classic track 'Free Nelson Mandela'.
However, due to Lush‟s support of the single „Freedom for Palestine‟, Lush is now
the centre of a hate campaign by those who support the Apartheid Israeli State.
These objectors prefer to label the Israeli apartheid wall a „security wall‟. This is in
error, as in 2004 the International Courts of Justice ruled that theIsraeli “separation
wall” was disproportionate to its needs, infringed Palestinian rights, is illegal, and
should be pulled down & that Israel should pay compensation for the damage it has
caused. The court concluded that the construction along with measures previously
taken, severely impeded the exercise of the Palestinian people to their right of self-
determination. The European Commission spokesman Mr Filori, explained that the
Commission was particularly concerned that the barrier was causing severe
humanitarian and economic hardship for
To date, the Israeli State continues to build and maintain their illegal apartheid
wall. It annexes a significant part of the West Bank and Palestinians are denied
access to their land. Israel chose a very specific path for this wall, one that is much
longer and much more meandering than any alternative barrier built on the Green
Line 1967 border. Construction of the barrier along this path has also taken much
more time. It follows that protection against suicide bombers was far less important to
Israeli decision makers than the unilateral annexation of land. Violent attempts to
prevent Palestinian farmers from accessing their land west of the barrier corroborate
this conclusion.

Recently, the South African advertising & media watchdog (ASA) ruled that Israel
can be called an „apartheid state‟ after dismissing a complaint by the South African
Jewish Board of Deputies that to do so was "untrue, not supported by any
evidence...and contains a lie which amounts to false
Judging from comments on the „Lush Brent Cross‟ Facebook page, most of the vitriol
which is aimed at the firm, is not worthy of a response, for example „‘I think you will
find that Ofer is Israeli... definatley the worst kind of person you can come across, a
self hating israeli-jew! I hope you dont live in Israel offer, as I would hate to think of
our soldiers putting their lives on the line for a self-hating procrastinating individual
like yourself.'
No wonder Lush fans are posting comments like ‘thank you for providing a business
model that supports compassion and environmental awareness, as well as selling
great products (Hooray for all things watermelon scented!). How awful that Zionist
propagandists are spamming your pages with spurious propaganda and 'me me me'
attitudes instead of investing time into the peace and human rights groups that exist in
their own country. Perhaps they should buy some 'dirty toothy tabs' to refresh their

Hasbara campaigners have not done much better, as indicated by their latest tirades. It
seems that in their world, human right campaigners who take up a cause must also
address all world causes, or be exposed as racists who are singling Israel out.
Ironically, after squeezing the 'singling out' lemon, an Israeli propagandist, proceeded
to a spectacular act of singling out Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit imprisoned in Gaza who
is on his mind; yet thousands of Palestinian prisoners in Israel and the occupied
territories are not. Palestinians have been imprisoned without trial under draconian
administrative detention
decrees Palestinian
children are violently snatched from their beds at night by the Israeli security services
and taken to potentially traumatizing
matter. Numerous incidents of torture have been reported by detained Palestinians.
Yet these prisoners seem to have no place in the world of apologists for Israel.
The Hamas Charter is a favorite amongst Israeli propagandists. However, they ignore
a crucial detail: for all the vehement rhetoric in the Charter, Israel is occupying the
Palestinians and not vice versa. Moreover, for all its militancy, Hamas has offered
Israel a long term truce in exchange for ending the illegal
occupation,7340,L-3207845,00.html. Israeli
apologists have plenty of house cleaning to do when otherwise normative Israeli
citizens march through Palestinian East Jerusalem chanting "Death to the Arabs" and
"May your village burn down"
escorted-by-police/. Again, these people are marching in Palestinian neighborhoods
and no similar Palestinian marches are taking place in Jewish neighborhoods.
A simple analysis of Zionist reasoning begs a simple question: what have they done to
counter Israel's occupation, its racist policies and its violent conduct towards
Palestinian civilians? Recently, a blogger from the Israeli lobby felt compelled to use
the word anti-Semitic no less than 9 times in their short bluster against
Lush. Perhaps this is a hasbara strategy; as devoid of logical reasoning, the primary
stance must be one of subliminal messaging?
Reggae DJ The Admiral, a member of SA Artists Against Apartheid said "The ASA
decision is significant due to our own history of Apartheid. The decision sends a clear
message to the Zionist lobby that the time has come for an end to the baseless
accusations of 'discrimination' and 'hate speech' whenever criticism of Israel is voiced.
Calling Israel an Apartheid state is legitimate because Israel practices Apartheid. The
boycott of such an oppressive regime should be supported as it was in our own Anti-
Apartheid freedom struggle."
What is clear, is that the biggest threat facing Israel‟s legitimacy is its‟ own illegal
State policy and that is where we should all be focusing our attention. Thank you
Lush for making a stand for Palestine.
EDL goons showing some love

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