lunch by stariya


									Baking Bread
Since before the rooster crowed the first time Maeglin was working the belows.
Eöl twice had reminded him to work quicker since he wanted to be finished with
the swords that he was creating for the Naugrim. Besides the kitchen maid and the
stable boy all elves including Aredhel had gone into the forest to harvest berries
and other fruits of wild for the coming winter months. It now was close to midday
and Maeglin felt a little hungry. His concentration was long gone and he had
started to day dream during this monotonic work.

Eöl swung still his hammer with a power that showed no signs of fatigue. Without
taking his eyes from the glowing iron he addressed his fully grown son "Go to the
kitchen and get yourself something to eat. I will keep on working until all is done."
Maeglin was more than pleased to leave. He simply nodded and put the tongs he
was holding aside. He threw his apron over the work bench and left his heavy
leather gauntlets on top. Happily he exited the forge and at the well he washed his
hands and splashed water into his face to get the soot off. He liked the silence of
the dwelling, when it was so empty.

 Maeglin entered the cottage that housed the main kitchen.
To his surprise he was not alone. The young kitchenmaid stood at the long table
kneading the bread dough for the dinner.
"My Lord Maeglin the midday meal is not ready yet!" She stood straight and
looked at him. Her hair was put together in a long braid. "I will wait." He flung
himself onto the bench behind her and watched her move while kneading. In a
special rhythm her whole body seemed to be working the dough. A smile formed
on his lips as he imagined her small hands kneading the sore muscles of his
shoulders and back after a long work day at the forge. He knew he would need to
remind her to do that sooner or later. The thought aroused him. He got up and
walked up to her. Standing behind the maid, he could watch her better.

"Is it not right, what I do?" the maid worried. Maeglin shook his head and towering
in his mighty size behind her, his breath brushed over her skin. The maid shivered
as the warm air from his mouth touched her. This did not escape Maeglin's eyes.
He placed suddenly a soft kiss on her neck. The maid stopped her work. "Continue
to work!" He ordered as he put his hands around her slim waist. Maeglin now
bathed with his tongue that little skin that her blouse exposed. From behind he
gently started to unlace the front of the blouse. "Maeglin..!" The maid wanted to
protest but he softly laid his finger to close her lips to make her quiet. "Sh, no need
to talk now." And she inhaled deeply as the sides of her blouse opened and her
breasts slid free.
As he placed little kisses and bites down her neck, his hands cupped her small but
firm breasts and with his thumbs he stroke her nipples. He felt them hardening as
he began to twist them. The maid could feel his arousal pressing hard against her
back and wanted to turn around to face him, to wrap her arms around him. "Keep
on kneading the bread." He ordered whispering while licking seductively from her
earlobe all the way to the pointy tip. The maid did as he ordered, but failed as
Maeglin's right hand left her breast and brushed down her body to her thighs.
The ellon lifted the many layers of her skirt and drew circles and lines over the
front of her thigh with his fingers. Her breathing became faster and this encouraged
him to move his hand higher. He softly pulled and pet the little curly hair between
her legs. He pressed his body against her back to make her feel how his desire for
her grew. Still giving her little kisses with his slightly opened lips his left hand
twisted and rubbed her nipples, while his right slowly stroke her folds, trying to
divide them to find her most secretly hidden pearl of pleasure. The elleth opened
her legs to let him caress her more, pushing her back against him. Maeglin moved
his hand from her breast to untie his breeches and push them down his legs,
rubbing his fully aroused elfhood against her back.

He spread her legs a little more and pushed her thigh up, so her knee would be
resting on the table, where she still tried once in a while to knead the dough.
His fingers softly circled her button and he let them travel to her opening, teasing
her even more. First he slowly pushed one finger into her to stretch her inside
slightly but as the maid jumped a little and leaned forward over the table he moved
first a second and then his third finger into her, slowly rotating them against the
ripped walls of her inside. The maids breathing came more intense as his other
hand now traveled to her button to rub it while his other fingers entered and left her
body in a smooth rhythm. "Do you think my lunch is ready?" Maeglin purred into
her ear.
"Yes, my lord, very ready!" the maid answered breathless just before Maeglin felt
her body holding his fingers pulsating tight. Her hands dug deep into the dough,
squeezing it with all strength that she had. She was shaking all over and a little
scream escaped her throat.

Maeglin pushed her upper body softly further down and lifted her buttocks. He let
her keep one leg on the ground, the other kneeled on the table. He straddled her
from behind. She was wet and welcoming as he just let his elfhood rest at her
entrance. Her body strained against his, pushing her back towards his as only the
swollen head of his arousal entered her. "More, my lord!" the maid groaned
scratching her fingernails over the wood of the table. His mouth still roved over her
neck and ear. She tried urgently to press her back against him. He slowly began to
advance. "Please more, my lord!" She cried out. Maeglin smiled as he finally thrust
deep into her, hearing her gasp at this new and big sensation. She pushed her back
further back encouraging Maeglin to again and again lengthening his strokes, to
thrust deep into her. She impatiently threw her body against his to make him take
her harder and faster. Her screams filled the small room and with their eager
movements more and more flour was rocked off the table, covering Maeglin's
boots. He felt her juices flowing down his shaft as she tightened around him and
climaxed again.

Biting her harder now he continued to thrust into her. Shoving her over the table he
cried out as he spent himself within her. Gasping for air they fell over the bread
dough. As Maeglin recovered he looked at the light outside of the window and he
suddenly knew he had to rush back to the forge. He quickly withdrew himself and
kissed her cheek. The maid straightened her skirt and busily tied the laces of her
blouse, acting as if nothing had happened.
Maeglin left running for the forge.
He grabbed his apron and his gauntlets and hurried to the bellows. Eöl looked at
him and gazed over the flour on Maeglin's boots. A strange smile played on his lips
as he stated "You are still a messy eater."

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