OUR BOARD MEMBERS                                              WE STAND:
                                                                  PRESIDENT                           AGAINST:
                                                Rev. Frank A. Eberhardt, Founder and Director
                                                since 1976 Former Catholic Seminarian and
                                                graduate of Bob Jones University.
                                                                                                      The Ecumenical Movement
                                                         CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD                               Satan’s blending denominations to form a
                                                                                                             One World Church.
                                                                  SECRETARY                           The WCC and NCC
                                                Pastor Michael Cruise, Associate at Hampton Park             and related branches which carry out the
                                                Baptist Church in Greenville, SC since 1987.                 objectives of the Ecumenical movement.
                                                                                                      The Charismatic Movement
                                                Dr. Paul Parr Pastor of one church in Philadelphia,          which for the convenience of joining
                                                PA for 31 years and was Director of Brotherhood              denominational hands, destroy the
                                                Mission.                                                     Doctrines of the Faith.
 “To open their eyes, and to turn them . . .”
                 Acts 26:18                                                                           Liberalism, Modernism, Neo-Evangelicalism
                                                Rev. Phillip Fisher, had been Assistant then
                                                became Senior Pastor of the same church in                   which attack the purity and inspiration of
  P.O. Box 905, Taylors, SC 29687-0905          Philadelphia, PA since 1966.                                 the Word
       (864) 895 0333, FAX 895 0335                                                                   Cooperative Evangelism
                                                Pastor David Roth, Pastor of Faith Baptist Church,           based in compromising truth
                                                Cleveland, SC.                                        Contextualization
                                                                                                             that changes the message to a false Gospel
                                                Erick T. Rothbeck, Christian business man and         Liberation Theology
INDEPENDENT                                     former Catholic, he founded a ministry to help lead          Mixing religion and revolution
                                                Roman Catholics to Christ.                            Hyper-Calvinism
FUNDAMENTAL                                                                                                  Which destroys Biblical evangelism
SEPARATED                                       Dr. Nicky Chavers, Founder and Director of the
                                                Academy of the Arts since1977.
                                                             ADVISORY BOARD                           FOR:
CHRISTIAN TRAINING                              Dr. Mike Casillias, Missionary since 1964, Founder
                                                and Director of Baptist Bible College of Puerto       The Planting of Churches Local, Autonomous
                                                Rico.                                                 and Indigenous
   Teaching Christians to
                                                            REFERENCE BOARD                           Personal evangelism without compromise
 Evangelize Roman Catholic
 People through the Local                       Dr. Bob Jones III, Former President of Bob Jones      Following sound Bible Doctrine and Principals
                                                   founder of the Truth in Print Christian Book               We have always known that our
                                                   Store and The Association of Fundamentalists        Missionaries can never reach the 1,000,000,000
                                                   Evangelizing Catholics. Frank sits on the           Roman Catholics of the world. So we need your
                                                   boards of several ministries, and is often called   help!
                                                   on as Keynote speaker in Mission Conferences.
                                                           He has authored tracts and booklets         I’d like to help Gospel Outreach in it’s ministry
                                                   about Catholicism, produced a study Bible           to Roman Catholic people in the following
                                                   called the Catholicism Explained New                way(s):
                                                   Testament and a Course on Roman Catholic
                                                   Evangelism. He has been interviewed for                  Prayer:
                                                   Radio, TV and Video, and maintains his own                 □    Daily
                                                   radio program called The Keys of the Kingdom.              □    Regular
                                                   His sincere burden is to open the eyes of people           □    Monthly
                                                   who know more about Church than Christ.
                                                                                                            Request Correspondence:
                                                                G.O. HISTORY                                  □   Quarterly
       President and Founder                                Gospel Outreach began as a Home
                                                   Mission in 1976 in Philadelphia PA. In 1993,             Financial Gift:
      Rev. Frank A. Eberhardt                      with a never wavering purpose of reaching                  □    One time gift      $__________
                                                   Roman Catholics for Christ and in need of                  □    Monthly gift       $__________
         Frank was raised in a Roman Catholic
                                                   helping our Missionaries with office efficiency,           □    Regular giving     $__________
home and wanting to serve God as a priest
entered the Order of Saint Vincent De Paul in      the headquarters relocated to Taylors South
1968. He began to apply to Catholicism the         Carolina. Our name was expanded to Gospel
                                                   Outreach Int. To Roman Catholics to better             Name: ____________________________
basic rules of logic, “Who, what, where,
when, and how.” When these simple inquiries        reflect the nature of the Ministry.
                                                            GO      teaches     Roman       Catholic      Street:: ____________________________
were met with disapproval he turned to the only
source of truth available to him, the Word of      Evangelism in the Local Church to Missionary
                                                   Candidates, and in Bible Collages. Our                   City: ____________________________
         For more than a year he reasoned and      missionaries are in 10 countries and GO helps
                                                   fundamental works in 47 others through:                 State: ____________________________
debated with the priests in Catholic Seminary,
until 1972 when he discussed Salvation with a      Research, Tracts, Tapes, Videos, Books and
                                                   Booklets specially designed for Roman                     Zip: ____________________________
Bible believing Pastor in Philadelphia and
accepted Christ as his only Saviour.               Catholics.
                                                            Training      Seminars     have    been       Phone: ____________________________
         After his salvation, Frank attended Bob
Jones University and upon graduation in 1976       developed on the basics, Winning Roman
founded the Mission Gospel Outreach Inc.           Catholics, and on more specialized areas of
                                                   Dealing With Catholic Doctrine.                        Please address your correspondence to:
         He has preached throughout the United
States, Latin America, the United Kingdom and               We are involved in the Association of
                                                   Fundamentalists Evangelizing Catholics, the            Gospel Outreach Int To Roman Catholics
Africa with standing invitations to the
                                                   International Fundamental Churches of                               P.O. Box 905
Philippines and Australia. He has served as
                                                   America, the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship                   Taylors, SC 29687 - 0905
both Pastor and Missionary planting 3
                                                   and the Fellowship Of Missions.                          864 895 0333
Independent Baptist Churches. He is a co-

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