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									                                 Antar K. Salahuddin
                                 6251 Love Dr., #1437
                                   Irving, TX 75039
                                 214 485-0437 (home)
                                214 982-9994 (mobile)

Education: Texas A&M University
College Station, TX
BS Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications Elective), December 1994


(Dec07-Mar09) Tyco Electronics (M/A-Com)
Irving, TX
System Solutions Engineer (Sales Engineer)
Duties: Provide technical responses for Requests For Proposals (RFPs) for Public Safety
Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Networks. Assist sales team in creating relationships with
customers, including making customer visits. Assist sales team in business development
functions. Assist sales team in coming up with winning strategies to win new customers.
Provide RF Coverage/microwave designs, block diagrams, system configurations, point
by point responses and pricing for customer proposals. Assist sales in customer contract
and cost negotiations. Perform site surveys and measurements to aid in the design and
proposal process. Technologies worked with: P25, EDACS, OpenSky, WiMAX
Broadband (4.9 GHz).

(July06-Dec07) Wireless Facilities Incorporated (WFI)
Plano, TX
Principal Engineer

Duties: Serve as Broadband/WiMAX Subject Matter Expert (SME) and engineering
manager. Aid in proposal writing and pricing for prospective customers. Assist in
writing WiMAX (802.16e) training modules for executives, sales and engineering staff.
Assist sales in Business Development (BD) functions, including going on sales calls.
Project manage WiMAX CW Drivetesting, design and model tuning projects. Managed a
team of approximately 20 engineers and contractors. Perform some WiMAX CW
Drivetesting, system design and model tuning. Perform some microwave design (11
GHz, 18 GHz).

Software used: EDX Signal Pro, PlanetEV, Pathloss

(January06-July06) Glow Networks
Richardson, TX
Principal Engineer
Duties: Serve as Broadband/WiMAX Subject Matter Expert (SME). Aid in proposal
writing and pricing for prospective customers. Write WiMAX (802.16d/e) training
modules for sales and engineering staff. Manage broadband projects, including mobile
WiMAX trials in Canada and Mexico. Served as technical lead for various drivetesting
projects including: CW Drivetesting, RF Baseline testing, and EVDO
Shakedown/Cluster testing. Project Manage broadband (WiFi/WiMAX) deployment
projects, including backhaul design, installation and commissioning (I&C), and
WiFi/WiMAX module I&C.

(April05-January 06) Telnet
Las Vegas, NV; Minneapolis, MN
RF Engineer II

Duties: Perform design (RF Propagation analysis, link budget, PN offset planning) of
CDMA 1XRTT network for Sprint PCS. Evaluate Nextel sites for possible relocation of
current Sprint PCS sites for the site consolidation project between Sprint PCS and Nextel.
Nextel sites are being evaluated for possible relocation to alleviate pilot pollution and
improve coverage in certain areas.

Project lead for Pre and Post Optimization of 1XEVDO network for Sprint PCS (Nortel
and Lucent infrastructure). Use Grayson Invex 3G optimization tool to perform single
site shakedowns and cluster drivetests. Utilize Windcatcher for post processing of cluster
drivetests. Perform no-harm testing to ensure that the 1XRTT voice network is not
adversely affected when an EVDO site is turned on. Utilize Nortel CACP for EVDO site
datafill/neighborlist entry. Optimize and fine tune EVDO clusters before and after
commercial launch.

(Jan05-Jan06) RF Analysis and Design, LLC
Cedar Hill, TX
Develop sales strategies for targeted potential customers (Cellular/PCS, Wireless ISPs,
Municipalities, MUD (Municipal Utility Districts), Public Safety, Hotels, Restaurants and
other wireless entities.). Perform RF Consulting services (Wi-Fi Hotspot/Hotzone design
and installation, point-to-point microwave design, two-way radio system design, RF
design and troubleshooting (RF propagation analysis, spectrum analysis, interference
analysis, frequency planning, and site survey). Design and optimize cellular networks
(1XRTT, EVDO, iDEN). Project manage wireless deployments (broadband/cellular),
including backhaul design/installation, and installation and commissioning of
WiFi/WiMAX systems.

Software used: PlanetEV, EDX Signal Pro, Pathloss 4.0, Invex3G

Customers: Prime Controls, RedMoon Broadband, Bliss Communications, Sprint PCS
(Telnet), Earthlink.
(July04-Jan05) Redmoon Broadband, Inc.
Plano, TX
RF Engineer

Duties: Perform design, optimization and some installation of both wireless/microwave
point to point and point to multipoint networks. The point-to-point (microwave) networks
were both unlicensed (5GHz), and licensed (11 and 18 GHz using Dragonwave products).
Microwave designs were performed using the Pathloss software. Perform site survey,
path analysis, link budgets, interference analysis, spectrum analysis, frequency planning,
RF propagation analysis, system troubleshooting and overall system planning for both the
WISP network and for the mesh network division. Perform networking functions like
TCP/IP subnetting and some layer 3 routing. The WISP network utilized both 5 GHz
technology (Trango Wireless) and 802.11b microcells (utilizing both Cisco Aironet and
Orinoco). Feasibility studies were done for potential mesh wireless customers (usually
municipalities) for mesh networks, as well as wireless hotspots and hotzones. The RF
Engineer also worked with senior management in strategic planning for deployment of
mesh networks. Due to the size of the network, the RF Engineer had to take 24 hour
Technical Support call every other week.

(Dec03-July04) T-Speed Broadband, Inc.
(May02-Sept03) Dallas, TX
RF Engineer

Duties: Perform design, optimization and some installation of both wireless point to point
(5GHz and 11GHz licensed microwave) and point to multipoint wireless ISP Network
(U-NII, ISM bands and 802.11b) for both point to point and point to multipoint links.
The microwave/point to point links were designed using both EDX Signal Pro and
Pathloss. For the 5 GHz cells both Adaptive Broadband and Motorola Canopy equipment
was used. For the 802.11b cells both Cisco Aironet and Orinoco technology was used.
Perform site surveys, link budgets and site layout/selection and design for prospective
hub and customer sites. Analyze and solve performance problems in the wireless
network. Perform frequency planning/coordination for network. Analyze and field test for
network performance using spectrum analyzers. Perform networking activities like
TCP/IP subnetting and some layer 3 routing. Manage a team of three installation
technicians. Develop processes for technicians for performing site surveys, installation
guidelines and basic RF troubleshooting techniques. Involved in researching new
wireless infrastructure solutions. Since May of 2002 churn for performance related issues
have dropped from 30% to below 5%.

(Sep03-Dec03) Motorola Computer Group
Tempe, AZ
Project Engineer
Duties: Perform optimization, troubleshooting and documentation for Astro25
deployment for Phoenix/Mesa Police and Fire Departments. Perform RF Engineering
(design) for wireless hotspots using Motorola Canopy infrastructure in both the U-NII
and ISM bands.

(August01-October01) EDS (Electronic Data Systems), Sabre unit
Ft. Worth, TX
Sr. Communications Engineer
Duties: Perform design and system integration of IEEE 802.11(b) data networks for
major airlines. Perform R&D on new wireless data technologies and evaluate
for future use. Refine the site survey process and evaluate site surveys coming
in from the field.

(Aug99-June01) Marconi Wireless (formerly known as MSI)
Richardson, TX
Sr. Consultant Engineer/Team Lead
Duties: Project management of RF Design and RF Optimization functions (Frequency
Planning, retune analysis, PN offset Planning, RF coverage optimization, system drive
test, neighbor list/handoff Analysis, performance parameter optimization), RF Design
Engineering (including RF propagation analysis and site planning), as well as FCC/FAA
compliance issues and project management functions for various wireless clients. Design
licensed microwave T1/DS3 backhauls from cell site to switch (11 and 18 GHz). Both
MSIs Planet and Agilent’s Wizard propagation tools were used. Design and implement
in-building distribution systems as necessary. Attend planning/zoning meetings as the RF
Engineering representative. Install and test Planet software at customer site. Act as team
lead at customer site. Serve as liaison between the client, the other MSI engineers on the
customer site and the MSI home office.
Technologies used: WCDMA, CDMA (Lucent), TDMA (Nortel), and
iDEN (Nextel, Nortel GSM equipment). Primary client was Nextel Colorado.

(Feb99-Aug99) Telxon Corporation
The Woodlands, TX
Sr. RF Engineer
Duties: Design wireless data collection networks using spread spectrum technologies
(both DS and FH), CDPD and IEEE 802.11(b). Integrate systems into company
product line. Test integrated systems for FCC compliance, capacity, RF system
propagation and overall functionality. Test equipment and networks using Spectrum and
Network analyzers.

(Nov97-Feb99) UNIsite, Inc.
Tampa, FL
Sr. RF Engineer
Duties: Aid in the development of the UNIstar software, which models collocated cell
sites for interference (i.e. intermodulation, spurious, harmonic and receiver
Desense), and FCC MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure) studies. Perform
comprehensive RF interference studies and FCC MPE analysis (per OET 65) on
collocated cellular/PCS sites using UNIstar software. Perform link budgets and
propagation analysis for clients collocating on UNIsite towers using Planet and DB
Planner propagation tools.

(Sep96-Nov97) Nextel Communications, Inc.
Dallas, TX
Sr. RF Engineer, Texas Market
Duties: Primarily responsible for RF system optimization (frequency planning, retune
analysis, coverage optimization, performance parameter optimization, handover
analysis, in-building system design and implementation) and FCC compliance issues for
digital iDEN build out for Texas Market (Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio).
Engineered the frequency migration from analog 2-way radio to digital cellular.
Assisted/trained RF Engineers with system design (selecting sites in search areas, link
budgets, RF propagation analysis, drive testing, etc.). Designed licensed microwave
T1/DS3 backhauls from cell site to switch. Managed all technical issues with both Dallas
and Houston market buildouts. Motorola iDEN utilizes a Nortel GSM switch.

(Nov95-Sep96) CNet, Inc.
Plano, TX
RF Engineer
Duties: Designed and optimized cellular (AMPS, CDMA and TDMA), two way, paging,
and microwave point-to-point systems for various wireless clients. Tested in-house RF
propagation software (WiNGS). Assist sales team in making presentations to perspective
clients for both software and consulting services.

(Jan95-Nov95) Aerotek
Richardson, TX
RF Transmission Engineer
Duties: Designed two-way radio networks for various clients. Performed RF propagation
analysis, link budgets, site surveys, path analysis, and system troubleshooting.

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