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                              iPhone 5 Rumors in 2011

A few weeks later, Apple will release iPhone 5. Speculation and rumors on iPhone 5
on rumors will be more and more. Here, we will present reliable iPhone 5 rumors for
your reference.

                                                                     ★ )
1. iPhone 5 Rumors: Sprint will have the right to operate iPhone 5 (★ ★

According to The Wall Street Journal, Sprint will sell iPhone 5 in October.

                                                                      ☆ )
2. iPhone 5 Rumors: T-Mobile will get right to operate the iPhone 5 (★ ☆

Shortly after the Sprint news, some people began to speculate that T-Mobile will also get the
right to operate the iPhone 5.

                                                           ★ )
3. iPhone 5 Rumors: iPhone 5 will be global mobile phone (★ ★

According to the recent rumors, iPhone 5 will support both CDMA network (Sprint / Verizon)
and GSM network (AT & T / T-Mobile). As a result, Verizon customers using the iPhone
abroad is very convenient.

4. iPhone 5 Rumors: Operator's person in charge has tested the iPhone 5 this

        ★ )
month (★ ★

It is said that in the last few weeks, operator's person in charge has already tested the iPhone 5.
iPhone 5 is placed in a special box, looking like with the iPhone 4. This practice is just like
the test of iPhone 4.

5. Apple will release a low-cost mobile phone, all mobile content stored in the

        ☆ )
cloud (★ ☆

In August there is a brief rumor that Apple will release an "iCloud phone" to compete against
with the Android phone in low price. iCloud phone will store all data in the cloud, thereby
reducing production costs.
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6. iPhone 5 will be consistent with the overall design of iPhone 4, but much

          ★ )
lighter (★ ☆

Greek iPhone blog shows the parts candid photos of iPhone 5. Photos show the same basic
design with the iPhone 4, but much lighter.

                                                                 ★ )
7. iPhone 5 Rumors: iPhone 5 will be released in early October (★ ★

All Things D reports that, iPhone 5 will release in October. There is more evidence which
show that the specific date is early October.

                                                                ★ )
8. iPhone 5 Rumors: Screen will be larger, closer to the edge (★ ☆

Most Android phones are 4-inch screen, very cool. So many people think that iPhone 5 will
follow the big trend.

                                             ☆ )
9. iPhone 5 Rumors: Support the 4G network (★ ☆

Apple is serious about battery life, they spent a year to make iPhone support 3G. We are also
looking forward to see iPhone 4G, and Apple has repeatedly delayed iPhone 4, so a lot of
people think that it is optimizing for 4G.

                                                             ★ )
10. iPhone 5 Rumors: iOS 5 will be added more new features (★ ★

iOS 5 is very strong, but there are still some unsatisfactory: third-party tools, voice control,
3G FaceTime and so on. Apple will make improvements by September.

                                               ☆ )
11. iPhone 5 Rumors: There is no Home button (★ ☆

Apple may follow Android phone in another aspect, namely to remove physical buttons
(Home key), all controlled by the touch gestures.

                                              ★ )
12. iPhone 5 Rumors: Greater touch Home key (★ ★

On the other hand, it was also expected to improve the Home key will be changed to a larger
touch-button, you can slide the button to toggle through the program, so even a multi-tasking
operation will get more simple.
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13. iPhone 5 Rumors: Camera upgraded to support high-definition camera

  ★ )
(★ ★

The camera of iPhone 4 is very good, but we still want Apple to go further. Many Android
phones are equipped with a 8 megapixels camera, and can support 1080p high-definition
video. Rumors said that the iPhone 5 will be equipped with 8 megapixels camera, support for
1080p high-definition video.

                                                           ☆ )
14. iPhone 5 Rumors: The storage capacity of 32G and 64G (★ ☆

We had thought that the iPhone 4 will be upgraded to 32G storage capacity and 64G, but it
looks that Apple likes to comply with the industry mainstream, select the 16G and 32G.

                                           ★ ★
15. iPhone 5 Rumors: Faster A5 processor (★ ★ )

This is the most credible rumor, because Apple will usually make products be consistent in
hardware, so the iPhone 5 should use the iPad 2's A5 processor, the speed of iPhone 5 will be
twice than the iPhone 4.

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