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									                           Importing Personal Property into

                                    SAUDI ARABIA

DUTY-FREE ENTRY MAY BE                          All goods must have “Make Mark”
PERMITTED IF THE FOLLOWING                      information or show country of
REQUIREMENTS ARE MET                            origin, such as “made in USA,”
  The goods are used.                           “made in Japan,” etc. If an item or
  The value of the goods is under SR            similar item is manufactured in Saudi
  10,000 (approximately US $3,000). If          Arabia, it will be subject to customs
  the value exceeds this amount                 duties of 20%.
  (which is subject to change), then            All documents must have the
  duty will be assessed based upon              shipper’s name exactly as it appears
  CIF value. The following are the              on their passport. Do not use initials
  rates being assessed:                         or abbreviations for companies.
      Electrical appliances: 12%
      Audio Video: 12%                       REQUIRED DOCUMENTS
      Furniture: 12 - 20%                      Original Bill of Lading or Air waybill
      Carpets: 12%                             Copy of Passport/Iqama with entry
  Books are exempt from duties.                visa
                                               Letter of undertaking authorizing
Notes:                                         agent to perform customs clearance
   Shipper must be present at the time         Valid passport and visa
   of Customs clearance.                       Residence and work permits
   New items must have bills of sale           Declaration of sponsorship by
   attached. If bills of sale are not          shipper’s employer.
   available, customs authorities will         Health Certificate stating shipper
   assess the items themselves and             does not have AIDS.
   charge appropriate duty.                    Detailed, valued, original inventory
   Shipment is subject to close scrutiny       with descriptions of contents of
   of Saudi Arab customs officials who         cartons. Terms such as PBO or
   usually perform a thorough                  “packed by owner,” CU or “contents
   inspection. Saudi Customs                   unknown,” and MISC. or
   Authorities regularly modify                “miscellaneous” are unacceptable.
   regulations.                                Purchase receipts for major
   Importation of prohibited articles will     household good items.
   subject the offender to fines,              New items require Certificate of
   imprisonment and/or deportation.            Origin -itemized, valued and
   Offenders convicted of drug                 legalized by Saudi Embassy or
   smuggling are subject to the death          Consulate and translated into
   penalty.                                    Arabic.
                                               Certificate of Insurance, if

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REQUIRED DOCUMENTS                           Pornographic recording including
(CONTINUED)                                  records, tapes, CDs, etc.
   Electrical items require SASO             Printed materials, including Bibles,
   Certificate of Conformity.                and any symbols associated with a
                                             faith other than Islam. This includes
PROHIBITED ITEMS FOR IMPORT                  crosses, rosaries, and Christmas
  All food stuffs.                           trees, ornaments, cards or lights.
  Hazardous Materials, as defined by         Printed matter, paintings,
  the U.S. Secretary of Transportation,      photographs, statue and drawings
  are not to be accepted for shipment.       that are prurient in nature (in the
  Some of the Hazardous Materials            strictest definition of the word),
  most common to household use               designed to effect a sexual
  include:                                   response, or display the human form
       Combustible liquids: alcohol’s,       partially undressed or nude, are
       lubricants, anti-freeze               subject to confiscation. This includes
       compounds, cleaners (such as          pornographic pictures, magazines,
       spot, clothing, office machine,       books, films and videotapes.
       etc.),                                Fashion magazines showing women
       Corrosives: acids, drain              posing in undergarments or
       cleaner, photographic acids used      swimsuits are forbidden.
       in developing film, iron/steel rust   Exposed film including prints, slides,
       preventing compounds, bleach,         movies and video tapes.
       batteries (wet or dry), water-        All weapons and firearms, whether
       purifying agents, such as those       real or ornamental, including guns,
       commonly used in swimming             hunting and scuba knives, bows and
       pools.                                arrows, ammunition, fireworks,
       Explosives: fireworks, small          spears, spear guns, etc. Toys and
       arms ammunition, flash bulbs.         antique guns, including firearms
       Filled Compressed Gas                 used for firing blanks are included in
       Containers: aerosol cans, fire        this category. If imported, owner is
       extinguishers, scuba diving           subject to fines and possibly
       tanks, gas barbecue tanks.            imprisonment.
       Flammables: lighter fluid,            Any alcoholic beverages, including
       matches, wood oil stains, show        food items which contain alcohol
       and furniture polish/wax,             such as vanilla extract, cooking
       petrochemical based garden            wines, etc.
       sprays, glues or adhesive’s,          Wine making kits, books on the
       paint or varnish,                     manufacture of wine or beer, alcohol
       butane/propane/gasoline, signal       distillation apparatus and any other
       flares, charcoal briquettes.          items used in the preparation of
  Any material (literature, pictures,        alcoholic beverages such as wine or
  statues, paintings, etc.) of a             beer yeast, essences, etc.
  religious, political or sexual matter,     Any kind of narcotic such as
  that is contrary to Muslim beliefs and     cocaine, hashish, marijuana, opium,
  morality or Saudi traditions, including    gat, ghunja or husks and seeds
  Christmas trees and decorations.           thereof, etc.

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                     RESTRICTED ITEMS:
                                             entering Saudi Arabia. THE
  All games of chance, including             CONSULT WITH THE SAUDI
  chess sets, dice, backgammon sets,         ARABIAN CONSULATE FOR
  dominoes, playing cards and                SPECIFIC INFORMATION.
  associated gambling equipment.
  Military uniforms, emblems or           RESTRICTED ITEMS
  military equipment of any kind.           Fax machines
  Political or military material            Live plants, seeds, fresh fruit or
  concerning the Kingdom and its            flowers require a phytosanitary
  foreign or domestic policies.             certificate.
  Any kind of medicine, including           Pharmaceuticals require a certificate
  vitamins, cough syrups, etc.              from the origin country’s health
  Individuals requiring medication          department.
  should obtain a letter from their         The following items will be subject to
  doctors, testifying that such             censorship by the Ministry of
  medication is necessary and should        Information: videos, tapes, laser
  have a copy of the prescription.          discs, films, records, CDs, computer
  Such medicines must be hand-              diskettes, photographs, books,
  carried into Saudi Arabia. They           magazines, periodicals, exposed film
  should not be included in shipments       of any kind, floppy disks,
  of household goods / personal             phonograph records and other
  effects.Any type of radio transmitter     printed materials. If these items are
  or receiver, or communications            included in a shipment, keep them
  equipment, including toy walkie-          separate and have them packed
  talkies and radio or cordless             together in clearly marked
  telephones, control devices for           containers. While these items can be
  model airplanes/boats, etc., VHF’s        grouped on the Itemized Valued
  for marine or police bands. Any type      Inventory form, keep an individual
  of radio receiver or transmitter          listing to help determine if any items
  device which can be concealed on          were confiscated during the customs
  the person.                               inspection. There is a fine
  Binoculars and telescopic equipment       associated with any confiscated
  Any statue, figurine, carving or          materials, which is $135 for each
  subject of the human, animal form,        VHS tape confiscated and $14 for
  and contrary subject to Islamic           each book confiscated. Once items
  morality.                                 are have undergone censorship, a
  Stuffed animals                           separate delivery will be made,
  Blueprints and designs                    which will be charged to the
  Artificial pearls                         customer.
  Foodstuffs of any kind, including         All suitcases, tool boxes or locked
  those in sealed containers such as        containers must have keys available
  teas, spices, candy and jam.              to allow inspection by customs
   There are considerable other items
   that are prohibited or banned from

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  The U.S Government presently              National and an international driver’s
  prohibits importation of goods made       license
  in certain countries, for example,        Title or proof of ownership
  Libya and Iran. In some cases, these      SASO Certificate
  goods can be imported if they are         Ocean bill of lading
  authorized by an import license           Copies of vehicle registration
  obtained prior to shipment. Items         Legalized Purchase Invoice and
  taken from “endangered species”           Certificate of Origin
  are also prohibited by many nations       Proof of insurance
  to be transported, such as ivory,         Letter from the car owner to customs
  rhino horns, pelts, shells, etc.          duly attested by the local sponsor
  Antiques/Natural Artifacts including      authorizing the destination agent for
  items of Saudi Arabian antiquities,       clearance.
  defined as objects more than 200          Copy of Passport and Residence
  years old, unless shipper has             Permit (IQAMA)
  Approved Saudi Arabian                    Customs Fee Declaration
  government export authorization.          Landing Authorization
                                            Used cars require Certificate from
IMPORTATION OF MOTOR VEHICLES               Interpol or origin traffic police
   Vehicles are permitted, but are          providing proof that there are no
   subject to customs duty.                 police cases against the car.
   All vehicles must comply with Saudi
   emission controls.                     IMPORTATION OF PETS
   Driving is hazardous and                 Pets may be imported, but are
   consequences of accidents can be         subject to quarantine in an IATA
   disastrous.                              approved kennel.
   Shipments with vehicles in
   containers are prohibited entry into   REQUIRED DOCUMENTS
   Saudi Arabia.                            Vaccination Certificate
   One car per family is allowed            Health Certificate
   Vehicles made in 1974 or older are
   Vehicle must be registered shortly
   after clearance which requires a
   valid Saudi driver’s license.

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The information presented herein his based on customs data available at the time of printing and is
frequently subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the owner or importer of the
household goods to comply with the current customs restrictions, regulations, and duties of the
country to which the goods are imported. We strongly advice customers to contact the consulate or
embassy of the destination country for the most current information on customs regulations,
restrictions and duties for importing household goods, personal effects and vehicles.

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