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					*Gourmet Chocolates in Gold Wire Basket $30, $50, $75                   *Gourmet ChocolateslDoor County Fudge on Glass Platter $65
         A delicious confection assortment sprinkled with Red Velvet              Select from "ENJOY","CHOCOLATES","SWEETS",
Cherries displayed in a gold wire basket and wrapped beautifully        "CUPCAKES" and more Holiday themed platters.
to fit your occasion.                                                           Two pounds of confections including chocolate fudge arranged
 A great choice for your Holiday party or to bring as a hostess gift.   on a unique GANZ Glass Talk Platter. The colorful platter will add a
                                                                        festive flair to your table and will be enjoyed by any special person on
                                                                        your gift list.

*Nostalgic assortment in Gold Wire Basket $25, $35, $50
        A basket filled with assorted nostalgic candy selected          *Holiday Sleigh Centerpiece $100
throughout the decades. Memories include Candy Buttons, Necco                   An elegant wired Holiday Sleigh filled with over five pounds
Wafers, Pumpkin Seeds, chuckles, Maryjane, Airheads, Big League         of chocolates, nuts, fudge and gummies. This variety of confections
Chew, Pop Rocks, Hot Dog gum, Wax Bottles, Lemonheads,                  has something for everyone and will be much appreciated by clients,
Satellite Wafers, Blow Pops, Charleston Chew, Atomic Fireballs,         friends, family or fo r your own Holiday party.
Boston Baked Beans, Candy Necklace, Wax Lips, Cowtails,
Bullseyes, Bazooka, Laffy Taffy and much more.
A great gift to share with others.

*Gourmet ChocolatesfDoor County Fudge on Sled $54
       Two pounds of confections including chocolate fudge and
wrapped on a keepsake sled that can be enjoyed long after the
chocolates are gone.

                              · i;~~¥~~~§~~
                                                                        AU Holiday Baskets feature chocolates selected from the following
                                                                        confection assortment:
                                                                                 BlueBerry Blossoms, Boston Creams, Cherry Blossoms,
                                                                        Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Oreos, Coconut Haystacks, Truffles,
                                                                        Cranberry/Orange Bark, Peppennint Bark, Maple Peanut Clusters,
                                                                        Door County Almond Mealed Toffee, Door County Chocolate Fudge
*Chocolate covered nuts and fruits in a decorated clear round
container $15 - llb, $22 - 2lbs
                                                                              1ioliday Gifts 

                                                                                  ~W{l{lt ~tr{lflt 

                                                                           Gandi{ls and 6oodi{ls 

*Chocolate covered nuts and fruits along with Holiday Gummies
in clear rectangular tray $28 - 3 pounds

Clear Containers include assortments selected from milk & dark
chocolate almonds, cashews,pecans, cherries, raisins and pretzels                        • 	 Retro, Novelty,
                                                                                             Sugar Free Candy
                                                                                         • 	 All Occasion Gift Baskets
*Candy Buffet $5/person                                                                  • 	 Gourmet Chocolates
        Looking fo r a special addition to your Holiday party? A festive
                                                                                         • 	 Over 500 Varieties
table decorated with a variety of glassware, scoops and bags to fill
your goodies. Select from over 500 varieties of candy. With retro                        • 	 Corporate Gifts
candy in the mix you'll have hours of conversation around childhood                      • Balloons
memones.                                                                                 ~. Popcorn

*Custom candy bars personalized with your Holiday Greeting or
       Mini candy bars $18 pound (appro x 50 Ib),
Standard 1.50z Hershey bars $2 each                                          17 W St Charles Rd, Lombard IL 60148
                                                                            Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 11 am - 7 pm
*Gift Certificates - any denomination
                                                                                         Sunday N oon- 4 pm
       Can't decide? Need a stocking stuffer?
A great gift to add with NO EXPIRATION!                                                 630-627-851 0
                *****WE SHIP UPS*****                                           sweetstreetcandies@yahoo.com

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