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The Francophone Film Festival

Organizers and partners

                      Francophone Film Festival

                            General presentation
In March 2011, the embassies of the French-speaking countries in China and the Alliance
Française in China organize the Francophone Film Festival, in Beijing and in 11 other
Chinese cities.

Come and enjoy a great selection of films from nearly 30 French-speaking countries, all
broadcast in original version and subtitled in Chinese and in English or French language.

The Francophone Film Festival is held annually in March – the month of the official celebration of
francophonie worldwide. It is a unique opportunity offered by the embassies of the French-
speaking countries in China to the Chinese and foreign audience to discover the cultural and
linguistic diversity of the francophonie.

For the first time, the Festival will be held in 12 Chinese cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,
Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Jinan, Nanjing, Qingdao, Tianjin and Xi'an. The screenings
are free and the films will be screened in original version subtitled in Chinese and in English or
French language.

In Beijing, the Francophone Film Festival takes place from March 3rd to 31st, in four venues: the
French Cultural Centre, the Embassy of Poland in China, the Embassy of Romania in China and
the Beijing University of Language and Culture (BLCU).

The films are selected and presented by the following countries and regions:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Quebec, Cyprus, Ivory Coast, Croatia, France, Greece,
Guinea-Bissau, Hungary, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco,
Mozambique, Poland, Romania, Senegal, Serbia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Vietnam.

Further information and programming on these sites:

                        Francophone Film Festival


If the wind lifts the sands
Directed by: Marion Hänsel
2006, 96’
Drama, French with Chinese and English subtitles.

On the one hand, the desert is nibbling the land. The dry season does not end, the water is away.
On the other hand, the threat of war is approaching.
At the village, the well is dry. The cattle died. Most of the people, trusting their instincts, go to the
south. Rahne, the only scholar, has decided to go to the east with his wife Mouna and their three
children. Their only wealth: a few sheep, some goats and camel, and a dromedary. The story of
an exodus, a quest full of hope and fate together.

The warden of the dead
Directed by: Ilian Simeonov
2006, 105’
Drama, Bulgarian with English and Chinese subtitles

In this metaphorical drama, a young orphan, called “the boy”, lives and works in a cemetery. His
only aim is to make people happy by gathering them or helping them to die.

I’ll marry my father
Directed by: Lionel Meta
2009, 49’
Drama, French with Chinese subtitles

About to get married, Margot Kam, a young French woman from Cameroon, decides to find her
father she hasn’t seen for a long time. She goes to Cameroon where he lives to start the

The Image Mill Revealed
Directed by: Mariano Franco, Marie Belzil
2009, 52’
Documentary, French with English and Chinese subtitles

This documentary describes the final three months leading up to the opening of The Image Mill
by Robert Lepage and Ex Machina, an impressionistic performance-event of epic dimensions. A
group of talented and creative young people have been invited to achieve something very special.
Here, virtuosity and ingenuity have a rendezvous with history: Quebec City is celebrating its 400th
anniversary. The countdown has started: the opening is in 75 days.

The last homecoming
Directed by: Corinna Avraamidou
2008, 85’
Drama, Greek with French and Chinese subtitles

A love story set amid the unstable political landscape of 1974 Cyprus. A ménage a trois with two
brothers falling in love with the same woman, a prophetic staging of Euripides' "Trojan Women" at
the seaside town, a passionate nationalist who is driven to the extreme: a small community living
its personal stories, dreams, hidden and compelling desires, set at the backdrop of the political
turbulence of that summer.

Ivory Coast
Directed by: Henri Duparc
2004, 92’
Comedy drama, French with Chinese subtitles

Fred, a 32-year-old bachelor, manages a theatre, which has difficulties making ends meet. His
sister tries to find him a wife, but it just doesn't work out. During one of the screenings, he
suddenly meets a young woman named Caramel. They fall in love, but Caramel is no ordinary
woman. Who is she and where is she from?


Réalisateur/ Directed by: Simon Bogojević Narath
2008, 12’40’
Animation film, no dialogues

After running through a misty, desolate landscape, a solitary hunter spends a rainy night in a
shelter on top of a steep cliff. He dreams...
In folklore, Morana is the ancient Slavic goddess of evil, death, darkness, underworld,
personification of winter. Etymology of the word MORA denotes a nightmarish dream, misery,
and extermination.

The Wedding Cake
Directed by: Denys Granier-Deferre
2009, 93’
Comedy, French with Chinese and English subtitles

Bérengère and Vincent get married, respecting bourgeois traditions. Adhering to custom, families
and friends gather together in the countryside on a fine spring day.
It's a joyful day for some, painful for others; in any case, it's a decisive and unforgettable day for
all. But as blood ties aren't always ones of the hearts, this day will quickly become the "hour of
truth", all generations combined.

False Alarm
Directed by: Katerina Evangelakou
2006, 88’
Drama, Greek with Chinese and English subtitles

It is summertime in a pedestrian street at the heart of the city. Someone parks his car, activates
the alarm and leaves. We are never going to see who it is. The alarm of the car keeps going off
all night, for no apparent reason. Inside their apartments, the characters of the film are annoyed;
they protest and threaten to do something about it. The unsolicited, persistent sound of the alarm
will not let the characters rest – because tonight their paths are going to cross.

My voice
Directed by: Flora Gomes
2002, 90min/ 90’
Musical comedy, French and Portugese with French and Chinese subtitles

In Cape Verde, song is fundamental to life. Marriages, burials, get-togethers, break-ups, elections
and inaugurations are all accompanied by song. Only young Vita doesn’t have the right to sing. In
her family, an ancestral legend promises death to any girl that tries. Before leaving for France to
continue her studies, she reiterates her promise to her mother. No song will ever pass her lips.
In Paris, Vita meets a young musician, Pierre, and falls in love with him. Exhilarated, she lets
herself go and hums a few notes. She has a magnificent voice.
Enthralled, Pierre convinces her to record a disc. But Vita is terrified because she has defied the
curse. She decides to return home, and confess all to her mother and bear the yoke of tradition.

Made in Hungaria
Directed by: Gergely Fonyó
2010, 109’
Musical comedy, Hungarian with Chinese and English subtitles

When everybody else was fleeing to the West in the mid sixties, Miki's family did the opposite and
moved from America back to communist Hungaria. Miki's American life was rock'n'roll, and he
knew that life under dictatorship was going to be tough. His childhood sweetheart is cold and
distant, his father's job is on the line, and local rock'n'roll tough guy Röné is unmoved by Miki's
challenge to fame. But when the authorities see the effect Miki's gyrating hips and lewd music
have on teenage girls, they won't stand for it. For the first time Miki must decide whether to play
by the rules or sing the music he loves the most in life: rock’n’roll.

The Collectress
Directed by: Kristina Buožyte
2008, 84’
Drama, Lithuanian with Chinese and English subtitles

Following a traumatic experience, Gaile, therapist by the language, is incapable of feeling any
emotion. When preparing a video presentation for a scientific conference, she sees herself in film
shots and is surprised to find suppressed sensations returning to her. Gaile decides to try an

Directed by: Svetozar Ristevski
2003, 103’
Drama, Macedonian with Chinese and English subtitles.

12-year-old Marko grows up with his family in a small village of Macedonia. His father recently
was fired from the factory, and the atmosphere at home is not joyful, neither at school where he’s
constantly bullied. Marko takes refuge in writing poetry and his teacher encourages him to leave
the village, better yet, the country. But for Marko the results will be very hard to handle.

Min Ye… (Tell me who you are)
Directed by: Souleymane Cissé
2009, 135’
Drama, Bambara with Chinese and French subtitles

Min Ye is a family story concerning a bourgeois family in Bamako, Mali. Tensions are rife within
this household: Mimi, bored with the polygamy and routine of Marriage, wants to leave Issa. She
has a lover, Aba. How will this adulterous trio evolve when each new day brings new

Directed by: Mohamed Mouftakir
2009, 104’
Drama, Arabic with English and Chinese subtitles

Zineh works in a psychiatric hospital where she learns to connect with a traumatized girl who
thinks that she is pregnant.

Waiting for happiness
Directed by: Abderrahmane Sissako
2002, 92’
Drama, French and Assanya with Chinese and French subtitles

Abdallah, a young boy, joins his mother in Nouadhibou, while waiting for his departure for Europe.
The young man doesn’t understand the language of this place of exile and fragile hopes and tries
to decipher the world that surrounds him. There is Nana, a sensual young woman who wants to
seduce him; Makan, who like him, dreams of Europe; Maata, once a fisherman and now an
electrician, and his apprentice, Kahtra. He’s the one who teaches Abdallah the local language so
that he can break out of the silence within which he is trapped. These people continually cross
paths, their gazes fixed on distant horizons while waiting for a hypothetical happiness.

The Cathedral
Directed by: Harrikrisna Anenden
2006, 78’
Drama, creole with French and Chinese subtitles

Adapted from the novel “The Cathedral in Solstices” from Ananda Devi, The Cathedral follows a
day in the life of Lina, a young woman from Port-Louis, who meets a photographer who promises
her a different future from the one she had imagined. Her small closed world in the Cathedral of
Saint-Louis opens up to the woman inside.

Night lodgers
Directed by: Licinio Azevedo
2007, 52’
Documentary, Portuguese with French and Chinese subtitles

In the colonial era the Grande Hotel in the city of Beira was the largest one of Mozambique: 350
rooms, luxurious suites, Olympic-sized swimming pool… At present, the building which is in ruins,
with no electricity or running water is inhabited by 3,500 people. Some have been living there for
twenty years. In addition to the rooms, the foyers, corridors, service areas and basement of the
hotel – here it’s always night time – also serve as residences. No trace of sadness of self-pity.

The Polish-Russian War
Directed by: Xawery Żuławski
2009, 108’
Drama, Polish with Chinese and English subtitles

Strong did not get along with Magda. Their love is a constant struggle. Strong, full of anger, will
travel at breakneck speeds for a few days of his crazy life.

Adapted from the famous novel of Dorota Maslowska.

The Child prodigy
Directed by: Luc Dionne
2010, 100’
Biography, French with Chinese and subtitles

On the keyboard, the young hands fly rapidly and the melody rises. To the 6 years old boy,
nothing easier than playing music. He won his audiences and fired up concert halls in London,
New York, Paris and around the world. Adulated, hailed, praised, the child prodigy seemed to
have everything to succeed…

Directed by: Nicolae Mărgineanu
2008, 93’
Drama, Romanian with English and Chinese subtitles

Factory worker Emil loses his job when the manufacturing plant he works in closes down. When
his wife also becomes unemployed soon after, they decide to leave their provincial town and
immigrate to Australia. They sell everything they had bought for their wedding and live to the
wife’s parents. Then Emil needs to go to Bucarest to get some dollars and get the visas for

Saint-Louis Blues
Directed by: Dyana Gaye
2009, 49’
Musical Comedy, French and Wolof with Chinese anf French subtitles

Dakar, Senegal. It is the end of summer. During a trip from Dakar to Saint-Louis, the passengers
of a bush taxi are singing the story of their lives.

The Tour
Directed by: Goran Marković
2008, 102’
Drama, Serbian with Chinese and English subtitles

Year 1993, the bleakest time of war in Bosnia-Herzegovina. A group of actors from Belgrade,
utterly unaware of what they're setting themselves up for, embark on a search for quick earnings -
on a "tour" around the Serbian Krajina. However, there they are thrust into the heart of war and
begin to wander from war front to war front, from one army to the next.

Directed by: Raymond Vouillamoz
2008, 95’
Drama, French with English and Chinese subtitles

Lucy discovers that an infamous women’s lib activist during the 70’s may be her relative. Against
her family’s wishes, the young woman sets out on a search to find her and unearth the family

Czech Republic
The stolen airship
Directed by: Karel Zeman
1967, 88’
Animated fiction, Czech with Chinese subtitles

Prague city, 1981. While they visit the Science and Technics exhibition, 5 intrepid boys climb an
airship and fly in the air. They fly over Europe until the ocean.
But a storm entirely destroys the airship and the boys run aground an island. They will live there
like Robinson, discover the radoub of the legendary Captain Nemo and have to face a gang of

The Prince
Directed by: Mohamed Zran
2004, 108’
Drama, Arabic with Chinese and French subtitles

Adel is working in a flower shop in Tunis. Dreamer, he spends his mornings looking at the people
marching past the window. One day, a pretty woman walks by and Adel falls in love with her. He
finds her by chance during a delivery. She's called Dounia, working as a director of a bank branch,
and she seems unreachable for him. Adel uses the language of flowers to get her attention and
he delivers each morning bouquets, claiming an unknown sender. This love will cause problems
to Adel, at work and within his family...

Moon at the bottom of the well
Directed by: Nguyen Vinh Son
2008, 126’
Drama, Vietnamese with Chinese and French subtitles

Neglected and betrayed by her husband that she used to admire, a young woman, unable to
have children, finds love in another world, the world of the dead.

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                                 Francophonie in China

The French-speaking world is gathering 75 countries, via the International Organization of the francophonie
(French-speaking countries) (OIF), which counts 56 members and 19 observers.
Each year, worldwide, the Season of the French-speaking cultures offers to celebrate the French language,
friendship between rich various cultures. It takes place around March 20th, the day the OIF was created. The
Season is open to any individual or organization, from countries or regions that belong or do not belong to the
OIF, who wants to celebrate French language and the values of sharing and cultural diversity it promotes.

The francophonie in China
There are currently about 100 000 learners of French language in China, a figure which is always increasing.
There are about 1000 Chinese and French-speakers French teachers. Over 90 universities have a department
of French studies. There are now 13 Alliances Françaises in Mainland China as well as one in Hong Kong and
one in Macao.

The Season of the French-speaking cultures in China

Season of the French-speaking cultures 2010 (15th session)
Last year, more than 16000 persons took part to the 123 events organized in 15 cities in China. 22 countries
were involved. The events were very successful to the Chinese audience, particularly the Film Festival of the
French-speaking countries, the concert « Mars en folie », football tournament and the academic conference
held by the Research Centre on the francophonie, through French-speaking places across Beijing.

Season of the French-speaking cultures 2011 (16th session)
The 16th session is organised by 28 countries.
This year, the Season of the French-speaking cultures takes place between March 12th and March 20th, and
during the whole month as for the Francophone Film Festival and the music tour “Mars en folie”.
The Season of the French-speaking cultures in China offer activities that are organized by the French-
speaking countries representations in Beijing, and other big cities that have consulates and Alliances
Françaises. All the events are free and open to all.

The ten words of the francophonie

The ten words of the francophonie are selected every year by Belgium, France, Quebec, Switzerland and the
International Organization of the francophonie (OIF). They are related to a common theme that reflects the
richness of the French language.
In 2011, the chosen theme is solidarity, one of the founding values of the francophonie. Many activities (games,
exhibitions, etc.) are organized around these ten words.
2011 Theme: "Tell me 10 words that connect us": the French language has different accents and different
status in francophone countries and cities worldwide, such as Quebec, Hanoi, Paris, Tunis, Dakar, Abidjan,
Port-au-Prince and many others, but belongs to all the people who speak it, whether they have inherited it or
they have chosen to learn it. It is their common homeland. Through the French language, a set of visions,
values, lenses, unique projects are brought together to the world that everyone can access. This link between
French speaking people is all the more profound and fruitful as it is enriched by other cultures, other identities
and other languages. French language is a shared language and also is a language of sharing, an invitation to
open up to other people and to other places.

The ten words in 2011: accueillant, agapes, avec, chœur, complice, cordée, fil, harmonieusement, main,
réseauter (welcoming, feast, with, choir, accomplice, rope, string, harmoniously, hand, and networking).

                                             Organizers and press contacts

Organizers and partners:

Embassy of France in China
Institut Français
French Cultural Centre
Alliance Francaise in China
Embassy of Poland in China
Embassy of Romania in China
Embassy of Belgium in China (Wallonia-Brussels Delegation in China)
Embassy of Bulgaria in China
Embassy of Cameroon in China
Embassy of Canada in China
Québec Government Office in Beijing
Embassy of Cyprus in China
Embassy of the Czech Republic in China
Embassy of Croatia in China
Embassy of Greece in China
Embassy of Guinea-Bissau in China
Embassy of Hungary in China
Embassy of Ivory Coast in China
Embassy of Lithuania in China
Embassy of Macedonia in China
Embassy of Mali in China
Embassy of Mauritius in China
Embassy of Mauritania in China
Embassy of Morocco in China
Embassy of Mozambique in China
Embassy of Senegal in China
Embassy of Serbia in China
Embassy of Switzerland in China
Embassy of Tunisia in China
Embassy of Vietnam in China
Beijing University of Languages and Cultures
Club France


Eugénie Binet, Communication Officer, Cooperation and Cultural Section - Institut français, Embassy of France in China tel.: (010) 6553 2627 ext.307

Bi Dongna, Communication Assistant, Cooperation and Cultural Section - Institut français, Embassy of France in China tel.: (010) 6553 2627 ext.371

Christine Chen, Deputy Press Attaché, Embassy of France in China tel.: (010) 8532 8035

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