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									                                                                            Week 1 - Planning
Mon. Aug. 15                      Tues. Aug. 16                     Wed. Aug. 17
                                  Unit 1: The Power of               Battle Bars Group Activity:
Intro to course (materials +      Persuasion                                                           Introduce the rhetorica
required textbooks)                                               1. Students work in groups to        ethose, pathos, logos
                                “Would you Rather?” game          create a list of qualities that make
letter to teacher                                                 their product "better" than the the Advertising video clip
                                 Would you Rather journal topics: others.
                                1. Be famous and sad or average                                        Students work in grou
Homework: print syllabus        and happy?                        2. Students choose their             identify examples of e
signature page and have it      2. end war or cure hunger and     strongest three reasons and          pathos, and logos in m
completed by parent/guardian by disease?                          develop a thesis statement.          ads
NEXT MONDAY                     3. dates someone with low self-
                                esteem or someone                 3. Create a poster with a thesis     students present ads
                                overconfident?                    statement and main ideas to
                                = students write a paragraph for support

                                  If time, students share journal
              Thurs. Aug. 18                       Fri. Aug. 19

              Introduce the rhetorical triangle:   Discuss examples of ethos,
              ethose, pathos, logos                pathos, logos from yesterday's
es that make                                       "Persuasive Techniques in
 than the the Advertising video clip               Advertising" handout

              Students work in groups to
              identify examples of ethos,          PowerPoint: Other Persuasive
              pathos, and logos in magazine        Strategies

              students present ads
Mon. Aug 22                       Tues.                               Wed.

                                  Handout: advantages of print ad      "Analyzing Ads" homework       Persuasive techniqu
Identify examples of ad           vs. media, etc. discuss                         due!
techniques introduced on Friday                                                                       Students continue wor
                                  Students are put into groups to            Discuss homework         projects
discuss "target audience"         do the following:
                                                                       Students continue to work on
identify examples of audience     * invent a product                     invention/advertisement
targets in magazines                                                           assignment
                                  * decide on a target audience

Homework: (due Wednesday)         * plan an advertisement that will
"Analyzing Ads" chart (find       incorporate ethos, pathos, and
examples of ads from tv,          logos
newspaper, radio, internet,
billboards, magazines, etc. and   * determine which additional
chart the persuasive devices      advertising techniques to use in
being employed)                   the ad

                                  * complete "Planning an Ad"
Thurs.                         Fri. Aug. 26th

Persuasive techniques quiz!    Present advertising projects to
                               the class
Students continue working on
                                                                      Week 3 - Planning
Mon. Aug. 29th                 Tues.                           Wed.
                                                                                                Underclass Picture D
                               MLK's "I have a dream" speech--
Read famous speeches and       - analyze for techniques        Read Article: "How Well Do you   practice creating a the
analyze for persuasive                                         know your Teens?"                statement + outline
techniques:                    Introduce: red herring, hasty
                               generalization, card stacking,  discuss target audience + bias   Read "Just Don't Do It
FDR Pearl Harbor speech        oversimplification, and
                               euphemism                                                        Homework:
JFK's "Ich bin ein Berliner"                                                                    thesis/outline, as if for
                               students practice identifying                                    persuasive essay or s
Sojourner Truth "Ain't I a     propaganda techniques above                                      based on the article w
Woman?"                                                                                         class
              Thurs.                            Fri. Sept. 2
              Underclass Picture Day !
                                                Vocab and Grammar Quiz 1
Well Do you   practice creating a thesis
              statement + outline               discuss Homework from last
              Read "Just Don't Do It" article

              Homework: Create a                Read article "Modern Eugenics"
              thesis/outline, as if for a
              persuasive essay or speech,       discussion: medical ethics
              based on the article we read in
                                                                 Week 4 - Planning
Mon. Sept. 5th                                            Wed.

Holiday-- NO SCHOOL   watch film Awakenings--- on a T-    watch Awakenings-- students           work on prewriting and
                      Chart students compose a list of    continue chart + prewriting           for essay: "Were patie
                      characteristics of / and benefits                                         off with or without the
                      and drawbacks for patients          Homework: due Friday--                experimental medicati
                      before and after the medication     students research two current         Dopa?"
                      L-Dopa                              medical trials for a medicine,
                                                          treatment, or procedure. Explain      Students can also look
                                                          what it is, what it does, who it is   topic this way:
                                                          designed for and how it works.
                                                          Include citation (bibliographic)      "Did the doctors in the
                                                          information.                          right thing by giving th
                                                                                                experimental medicine
              Thurs.                                 Fri.

              finish Awakenings--- students          Medical Trial research
              work on prewriting and drafting        homework due!
              for essay: "Were patients better
              off with or without the                pass back and discuss vocab
              experimental medication L-             and grammmar quiz
                                                     finish film
re. Explain   Students can also look at the
              topic this way:                        begin pre-writing for Monday's
              "Did the doctors in the film do the
              right thing by giving their patients
              experimental medicine?"
                                                                                Week 5 - Planning
Monday, Sept. 12                    Tues.                                Wed.
Timed, In-Class essay
 on the Awakenings topic            Journal: What are the qualities      Journal: Write about a situation   Journal:
(students who missed part of the    of a good leader? Describe a         in which you felt betrayed.        important to you, frien
film may write about the "Modern    person you consider to be a                                             personal principles? W
Eugenics" article from last week.   good leader.                         pre-reading questions/
                                                                         anticipation guide for             finish discussion from
                                    Students share journals              Shakespeare's Julius Caesar        regarding topics from
                                                                                                            reading questions
                                    Discuss: How may the domestic
                                    relationships, physical condition,
                                    and/or athletic ability
                                    a leader has affect his or her
                                    leadership abilities?

                                    *PowerPoint intro + notes for
                                    Julius Caesar
              Thurs.                             Fri.

a situation   Journal: Which is more             Journal: Ambition: the desire to
              important to you, friendship or    succeed/to advance
              personal principles? Why?           Is there a difference between
                                                 amition and greed?
              finish discussion from yesterday   What happens to people who are
              regarding topics from the pre-     too ambitious? Can you think of
              reading questions                  some specific examples?

                                                 Class discussion
                                                                         Week 6 - Planning
Mon. Sept 19                     Tues.                            Wed.

Review persuasive techniques to Go over practice test from                                           Journal:
prepare for benchmark test      yesterday's class; discuss      Literature / Composition Six         control the future?How
                                answers                         Week Benchmark Test                  superstitious are you?
*Splat* terms review game                                                                            have any good luck rit
                                Students reexamine some of the                                       you perform
practice test                   articles from class and analyze                                      before important occa
                                the persuasive techniques                                            Do you watch for ome
                                                                When finished with test: What        important events?
                                                                are 10 qualities of a good friend?
                                                                What are 5 infractions that could    Share friend qualities
                                                                end a friendship?                    yesterday

                                                                                                     Subtext Lesson: To pr
                                                                                                     understanding Shakes
                                                                                                     language students pra
                                                                                                     meaning of wordsand
                                                                                                     various contexts

                                                                                                     Students practice and
                                                                                                     skits to illustrate subte
             Thurs.                            Fri.

             Journal: To what extent can we    Read/ Listen
             control the future?How            Act I in Julius Caesar
             superstitious are you? Do you     (found in blue lit book)
             have any good luck rituals that
             you perform                       follow-along questions for Act I
             before important occasions?
             Do you watch for omens before
             important events?
 ood friend?
s that could Share friend qualities from       Homework due Monday:
             yesterday                         research historical assassination
                                               or attempt (who, what, why,
             Subtext Lesson: To prepare for    when, how etc.) Design a news
             understanding Shakespeare's       article explaining the story
             language students practice the
             meaning of wordsand phrases in
             various contexts

             Students practice and perform
             skits to illustrate subtext
                                          Week 7 - Planning
Mon. Sept 26               Tues.   Wed.

Finish Act I

Watch Act I film version
       Thurs.   Fri.
               Week 8 - Planning
Tues.   Wed.
               Week 9 - Planning
Tues.   Wed.
        Week 10 - Planning
        Thurs.   Fri.
               Week 11 - Planning
Tues.   Wed.
        Thurs.   Fri.
               Week 12 - Planning
Tues.   Wed.
        Thurs.   Fri.
                            Week 13 - Planning
Mon. Nov 2   Tues.   Wed.
        Thurs.   Fri.
               Week 14 - Planning
Tues.   Wed.
        Thurs.   Fri.
             Week 15 - Planning
Tues.   Wed. Nov 18
        Thurs.   Fri.
               Week 16 - Planning
Tues.   Wed.
        Thurs.   Fri.
       Week 17 - Planning
        Thurs.   Fri.
               Week 18 - Planning
Tues.   Wed.
        Thurs.   Fri.
               Week 19 - Planning
Tues.   Wed.

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