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CONVENE:            6:30 p.m.

PRESENT:            Vice Chair Jim French, Commissioners Terence Badger, Don Trosper, James
                    Brown, and Marnie Slakey.

                    Excused absence: Commissioners David Shipley and David Nicandri.

                    Staff: Parks and Recreation Director Chuck Denney, Thurston Regional
                    Planning Council Senior Planner Steven Morrison, Building Official John
                    Darnall, and Recording Secretary Valerie Gow.

CHANGES TO          Discussions were added on follow up items, Tumwater Brewery Visioning
AGENDA:             Project update, and upcoming events.

MOTION:             Commissioner Slakey moved, seconded by Brown to approve the agenda as
                    amended. Motion carried.

NEXT MEETING        The next meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2011.         A speaker on historic
DATE:               preservation will attend the next meeting.

20, 2011:

MOTION:             Commissioner Badger moved, seconded by Commissioner Slakey, to
                    approve the minutes of January 20, 2011. Motion carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT:     Mark Bowns said he is a native of Tumwater and is interested in the work of the
                    Commission. Last March he donated a Bush apple tree to the City.

                    Commissioner Trosper acknowledged that the tree was provided to staff for
                    planting at a location on the Crosby House property.

                    Mr. Bowns presented another tree to the Commission. Commissioner Trosper
                    shared that his family lives in the area of Jessie Ferguson's homestead. Mr.
                    Ferguson planted an apple orchard on his homestead. Today, there are several
                    original trees that were planted in 1850 that are producing apples. The tree
                    donated by Mr. Bowns is from one of those trees. The Burnt Ridge Nursery in
                    Lewis County propagated the tree, which is ready to plant.

                    Mr. Bowns referred to other heritage trees the Burnt Ridge Nursery has

                    Vice Chair French shared that he was able to obtain some seeds from the
                    descendants of the historic Logan Elm in Ohio, site of the speech by Chief
                    Logan in 1774 on Indian-white relations. He expressed appreciation to Mr.
                    Bowns for donating the tree.
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                   Commissioner Trosper commented that a possible location for the tree is at
                   Tumwater Middle School because that’s in the general location of the Ferguson
                   homestead. The school also sponsors the Tumwater Homesteaders Program.

                   Mr. Bowns asked about the lack of Tumwater streets named after pioneers.
                   Commissioner Brown noted that many streets on Tumwater Hill are named after
                   Tumwater pioneers. Commissioners cited several streets named for pioneers.
                   Commissioners discussed potential opportunities to name streets after pioneers.

                   Mr. Bowns distributed a picture of a damaged historic gravestone vandalized by
                   red paint.

                   Mr. Bowns provided a copy of the report that he has been working on over the
                   last two years on pioneer Jessie Ferguson, which is available online.

                   Commissioner Badger commented that when the Legislative Building was
                   vandalized several years ago with spray paint, the Department of General
                   Administration purchased some machinery that was used to repair the building.
                   He suggested staff should explore with GA the possibility of borrowing the
                   equipment to repair the gravestone.


FOLLOW UP ITEMS:   Commissioner Badger asked whether staff approached the City about the
                   availability of funds for fencing at the cemetery. Planner Morrison shared that
                   he spoke with the Mayor, who advised that no resources are available for

                   Commissioner Badger asked about the status on the briefing pertaining to the
                   conversion of the Henderson House Museum to a period house. Planner
                   Morrison said the briefing was scheduled for the last meeting, which was
                   cancelled. The Henderson House report includes a brief discussion concerning
                   the period house. It may be a topic of discussion at a future meeting. The
                   Mayor is hopeful of the Commission’s support in its efforts to convert the house.

                   Director Denney reported that the Mayor and the Council understand that the
                   issue of conversion of the Henderson House to a period home should have been
                   handled somewhat differently and that there should have been a check back with
                   the Commission concerning the period house as not all Commissioners were
                   fully supportive of a period house. Current discussions on the period house have
                   evolved around existing inventory and storage of items. A specific time period
                   hasn’t been identified for the house, which is part of the difficulty because
                   selecting a timeframe could preclude much of the City’s history. That’s an issue
                   of future discussion by the Commission in determining whether to select a
                   specific period spanning a number of years or focusing on several periods
                   depicted throughout the house. The Council’s desire is to promote the house as
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                    a major tourism attraction for the City by expanding on and improving its
                    historical significance to the City. The project is a two-year effort.

                    Vice Chair French said he believes support for converting the house could be
                    decreasing and suggested scheduling a discussion on the project at the
                    Commission’s May meeting to ensure the opportunity is actively pursued.

HENDERSON HOUSE     The Henderson House report was included within the agenda packet.
REPORT:             Commissioner Trosper noted that the log cabin is scheduled for removal.

                    Vice Chair French asked about the status of the cedar tree scheduled for
                    removal. Director Denney reported the removal was a major undertaking
                    requiring the use of a crane. The tree has been removed. Museum Coordinator
                    Wulfsberg contacted the Squaxin Island Tribe about possibly utilizing parts of
                    the tree. The Tribe did not express any interest in receiving any parts of the tree.

                    Director Denney advised that with the Museum Coordinator’s reduction in work
                    hours, she is no longer available to attend Commission meetings. However,
                    Coordinator Wulfsberg is available to provide updates when requested by the

OLD BREWHOUSE       Planner Morrison reported that he’s spoken with the Brewhouse owner who
REPORT:             reported that a historic structures report has been completed on the historic
                    features of the five main buildings. The report provides the historic foundation
                    for the historic review. The City has been advised that the report will be
                    available soon. At this point, it doesn’t appear that the Historic Certificate of
                    Appropriateness application is ready for submission. It appears that the owners
                    are considering permanent solutions for roofs and other building elements as
                    opposed to temporary fixes. A site design for road relocation may be part of the
                    application. The owners are working with City Administrator Doan and
                    Building Official John Darnall.

                    Planner Morrison commented on the recent tour of the old brewhouse and
                    surrounding property. A set of meeting notes for the field trip on March 12 have
                    been prepared and were inadvertently not included in the packet. Over 40
                    people participated in the field trip.

BREWERY VISIONING   Commissioner Slakey provided an update on the Brewery Visioning Project.
PROJECT UPDATE:     She is representing the Commission as a member of the project’s Focus Group.
                    The Focus Group is working with the consultants and providing feedback. The
                    first meeting of the group was held on March 31. Lorig Associates is leading the
                    process. Another group called the Client Oversight Group includes the new
                    owner of the old brewhouse as well as others including policymakers. The
                    Focus Group is comprised of 15 members and includes Planning Commissioners
                    Marcus Glasper and Nancy Stevenson, Park Board Commissioner Erin Carrier,
                    Councilmembers Neil McClanahan and Tom Oliva, and representatives from the
                    Port of Olympia, Tumwater Chamber of Commerce, South Sound Bank,
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                   brewery representatives, and citizens. The purpose and charge of the Focus
                   Group is to provide advice to the consultant team and staff and receive, discuss,
                   and respond to information and analysis prepared by the consultant team to bring
                   community perspective to the discussion of viable alternatives and scenarios and
                   to help engage others in the process. The Focus Group is not charged with
                   making any recommendations.

                   The consultant pointed out that whatever transpires within the visioning process
                   on the opposite side of Custer Way could likely have some impact on the Old
                   Brewhouse and surrounding property. The visioning process is focusing on the
                   brewery property located south of Custer Way and includes the new property
                   owners of the proposed Bellatorre development.

                   The next meeting of the Focus Group is on May 19 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. and
                   June 16, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Training Room. The last
                   meeting is scheduled on July 13. Two public meetings will be held on May 31
                   and June 30 at the Tumwater Valley Lodge. A third public meeting in July may
                   be added as well.

                   Commissioner Brown said the project sounds wonderful. However, he
                   expressed concerns with LOTT’s plan to locate a satellite treatment plant on 15
                   acres of the brewery property. If LOTT is successful in purchasing the property,
                   it will remove 15 acres from a prime industrial area as well as removing the
                   property from the tax roll. He asked about the lack of water and sewer and a
                   pending lawsuit with respect to the old brewery property.

                   Building Official Darnall advised that LOTT’s early site plan reviewed by the
                   City places the facilities up against the bank behind the long warehouse building.
                   The proposal is for a water reclamation plant and a satellite sewerage treatment
                   plant. The treatment facility enables LOTT to handle a larger volume of water
                   with less discharge into Budd Inlet. At this point, the status of the property
                   acquisition is unknown. Regarding the old brewhouse site, it wasn’t included in
                   the Visioning Project grant proposal because it’s privately owned and the owner
                   has moved forward on future plans for the site. The grant was received by
                   Thurston Regional Planning Council from the Department of Energy. The
                   planning process is on a fast track.

                   With respect to sewer and water availability to the old brewhouse site, when the
                   brewery was closed, private water system connections were eliminated to
                   separate the brewery’s system from the City’s system as there was no backflow

                   In terms of sewer, the lift station by the old brewery was terminated because it
                   was failing. The current owners are aware of the situation of no sewer and water
                   connection. It’s not a matter of availability but rather connectivity to City’s
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CERTICATE OF       Planner Morrison reported the request is from the Port of Olympia for the
APPROPRIATNESS –   Olympia Airport Terminal building. The building is listed on the local historic
OLYMPIA AIRPORT    register that is located outside of the City’s National Historic District. In 2006,
TERMINAL:          the Commission reviewed a permit to re-side the office, which is located on the
                   west side of the building. That project was completed. The current application
                   is for re-siding the remaining sides that were not included in the previous
                   application, as well as re-siding a small segment on the west side not included in
                   the 2006 project.

                   Planner Morrison referred to some photos of the building. The building has
                   been painted and given its age, is in relatively good condition. The Olympia
                   Airport is exposed to extremes in weather. A small shed is not an original part
                   of the structure. It was recommended to remove the shed if possible and provide
                   a free-standing shed, which was discussed with the architect and the Port of

                   Staff reviewed the Secretary of Interior Guidelines and found that the application
                   is appropriate given the hard weathering the structure endures.              Staff
                   recommends approval.

                   Jim Castino, Castino Architecture, reported that he is working with the Port of
                   Olympia on the project. The runway side of the building was re-sided with
                   “Hardi Plank” horizontal overlapping siding. Existing siding on the remaining
                   three sides consists of the original sheathing of tongue and groove board that
                   was never intended as exterior siding. The building originally had asbestos
                   siding that was removed many years ago. Most asbestos siding resembles a
                   shingle product. The proposal is to cover the sheathing with true horizontal lap
                   siding with a fiber cement composition product, similar to “Hardi Plank”
                   because it’s much better at controlling moisture than a wood product while
                   accepting prime and paint well. The product is a lap siding with a 6” pattern.

                   Vice Chair French said he visited the site earlier in the day and questioned
                   whether the new siding on the west side of the building is similar to the proposed
                   siding for the project. Mr. Castino affirmed it’s the same product to be used for
                   the remaining three sides. Existing siding is holding up very well but there are
                   some areas of concerns around windows and at corners, where additional work is
                   needed. That work has been identified. The original window sills are in poor
                   condition with much deterioration. The proposal is to place sheet metal flashing
                   over existing window sills and paint them to match the trim to secure the life of
                   the window sills.

                   Commissioner Brown asked about existing exterior electrical service.           Mr.
                   Castino said the proposal is framing around existing electrical utilities.

                   Vice Chair French asked about a number of other containers near the shed and
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                    whether the existing fence will be retained. Mr. Castino said the plan is to retain
                    existing fencing. Additionally, the Washington State Patrol wants to build a
                    larger replacement storage building to consolidate many of the other containers.

                    Planner Morrison reviewed the recommendation to approve the Certificate of
                    Appropriateness and the condition:

                    The existing shed, located at the northeast corner of the hanger and behind the
                    screen fence, is to be removed. A replacement storage structure is allowed of a
                    similar size, located behind the screen fences, and not attached to the hanger. It
                    shall be painted to match the color of the hanger.

MOTION:             Commissioner Slakey moved, seconded by Commissioner Trosper, to
                    approve the Certificate of Appropriateness for the Olympia Airport
                    Terminal to include the condition as reviewed by staff. Motion carried.

CERTIFICATE OF      Planner Morrison referred to recent photos of the log cabin. Staff was surprised
APPROPRIATENESS –   to find no true documentation on the log cabin. The staff report outlines what
PIONEER LOG CABIN   the staff knows about the log cabin.
HOUSE (AKA          Commissioner Brown shared information on the log cabin. In 1968 when he
HENDERSON HOUSE):   worked for the City, a man approached him about placing a log cabin he had
                    been working on in the south area of Tumwater. Commissioner Brown said he
                    went out and looked at the log cabin and agreed to accept the donation. City
                    staff used a backhoe to place the cabin on a trailer and transport it to the
                    Henderson House property. A foundation was constructed and the log cabin was
                    placed on the foundation. The action didn’t entail any approvals by City
                    administration or policymakers at the time.

                    Commissioner Brown reported that at about the same time, John Swanson, who
                    worked at a local bank, approached him about donating an old chicken house.
                    At that time, Mr. Swanson lived in Mayor Kmet’s house. The chicken house
                    turned out to be a small building that stored hose carts that were used to fight
                    fires. Mr. Swanson offered to donate the small structure to the City, which
                    Commissioner Brown accepted. City staff placed the structure on several 6” x
                    6” posts and moved the structure through City streets to the Henderson House
                    property where it was placed.

                    Planner Morrison advised that since the log cabin wasn’t included on any
                    historic registers, staff documented its placement and historical significance. As
                    such, a property demolition permit was required necessitating the Commission’s
                    review. He acknowledged the assistance of Coordinator Wulfsberg in
                    documenting the history of the log cabin. Staff evaluated the log cabin
                    according to the Secretary of Interior Guidelines. Removal of the cabin appears
                    to be appropriate.

                    Staff recommends the Commission approve the demolition permit to demolish
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                         the log cabin structure.

MOTION:                  Commissioner Slakey moved, seconded by Commissioner Badger, to
                         approve the demolition permit for removal of the log cabin.

                         Commissioner Brown recommended having staff explore the possibility of
                         preserving one corner of the log cabin for display to show how the cabin was
                         constructed. Director Denney advised that staff could explore the option.
                         However, some of the worst rotting is located at the corners.

MOTION:                  Motion carried.

                         Commissioner Badger commented favorably on the winter photo of the log
                         cabin in snow.

UNION & PIONEER  Director Denney advised that he hasn’t had an opportunity to meet with
CALVARY CEMETERY representatives of Mills and Mills Funeral Home, the property abutting the
UPDATE:          cemetery. Clearing the area near the north property line and removal of stumps
                 has been completed. Some additional work is planned for the cemetery in spring
                 including an application of herbicide for weed control.

                         Cost estimates were obtained for continuing the black 6’ chain link fence on the
                         south side of the property at approximately $18 a foot. Fencing the back
                         property line will cost approximately $5,800 and $10,000 for the north side of
                         the property. An option for reducing the cost is using 4’ fencing saving
                         approximately $3,000.

                         Commission and staff discussed funding sources and the role of the
                         Commission. Director Denney said the fencing has been on the Commission’s
                         work program for some time, and if interested, the Commission could provide
                         some of its funding. However, the City doesn’t have any funds available within
                         the department’s maintenance fund for this biennium but can pursue funding
                         support during the next budget cycle. Staff could also pursue some sponsorships
                         to help raise some funds.

                         Vice Chair French said the intent of the fencing is for protection of the cemetery
                         primarily from vandals.

                         Commissioner Brown suggested the Commission has other more important
                         projects to pursue at this time rather than fencing the cemetery.

                         Commissioner Slakey asked about contacting Mills and Mils for funding
                         assistance. Director Denney said his previous contact with Mills and Mills
                         concerned participating in some landscaping improvements but not for funding
                         assistance for the fence. Staff can contact the owners about possibly
                         contributing funds for the fence.
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                            Commissioner Badger inquired about the role of the Commission during the
                            City’s budgeting process.     Director Denney advised that typically the
                            Commission’s budget is coordinated through the department’s budget process.
                            However, the Commission can always work with the City Council on the budget
                            process. Since the City adopted a biennial budget process, the next budget
                            process begins in early 2012.

                            Commissioner Slakey asked Director Denney to provide a report on his contact
                            with Mills and Mills concerning funding participation for the cemetery fence.
                            Director Denney advised an update can be provided by staff as he is
                            participating in some training and will not be available to attend the next

                            Commissioner Badger expressed appreciation to Director Denney for his
                            attendance and follow up on issues of importance to the Commission.

                            Commissioner Slakey suggested drafting a letter to Mills and Mills addressing
                            the importance of the cemetery to the community and inviting their financial

UPCOMING EVENTS:            Commissioner Trosper reported the Tumwater Historical Association plans to
                            participate and provide more community events and has launched a series of
                            “Through the Decades” events. Every six months, the association will hold an
                            event featuring a 25-year historic period. The next event is scheduled in Tenino
                            and will focus on the period from 1850 to 1875. The event, scheduled for May
                            14, 2011, will be held at the Tenino Depot Museum involving many other
                            historical groups. The event is free and will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

                            The annual Pioneer Fair featuring the Middle School Homesteaders Program at
                            the American Heritage Campground off 93rd Avenue will be held on June 4.

                            Commissioner Trosper thanked the Commission for their condolences regarding
                            the recent death of his father.

ADJOURNMENT:                Commissioner Brown moved, seconded by Commissioner Slakey, to
                            adjourn the meeting at 8:00 p.m. Motion carried.

 Prepared by Valerie L. Gow, Recording Secretary/President
 Puget Sound Meeting Services

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