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					                                                       RISK ASSESSMENT RECORD
             Activity / task …Cleaning Toilets & Information Centres……………Officer completing record: Tony Halse

ACTIVITY/TASK          HAZARD                          WHO IS AT   WHAT CONTROLS EXIST? (including        RISK       ADDITIONAL         REVISED
ANALYSIS                                               RISK?       competency/ training)                  RATING     CONTROLS TO        RISK
                                                                                                          LxH=       REDUCE RISK (if    RATING
Washing Cleaning       Slipping, falling, Contact with Cleaner     Prevention of public entering while    2 x 1 =2
Floors & walls         Chemicals, contact with         Public      cleaning, Wet floor signs and verbal
cleaning basins,       human & animal waste                        warnings to the public
Wallgates Pans                                                     Provide suitable PPE
and urinals                                                        COSHH assessments carried out
                                                                   Well trained operatives
Top up Toilet rolls,   Risk of back injury             Cleaner     Sack trucks supplied. (Lifting strap   1x1=1
supplies, soap etc                                                 supplied to BM Supplies delivered
Manual Handling                                                    direct to service bays for BM)

Litter Picking         Contact with human &            Cleaner     Litter picker , bags and containers    1x1=1
                       animal waste,                               PPE inc high visibility jacket to be
                       Glass, sharps, the unknown                  worn
Travelling between     Road traffic accident,          Cleaner     Competent driver. Well maintained      1x3=3
sites                  mechanical breakdown etc        Public      vehicle, Daily checks carried out
                                                       Animals     Provision of mobile phone for
Lone Working           Accident at work while alone    Cleaner     Mobile Phone                           1x3=1      Set up system
                                                                                                                     of contacts to
                                                                                                                     establish safe
                                                                                                                     return from work
Working in extreme     Snow Ice Heavy rain brilliant   Cleaners,   Cleaner instructed not to take risks   2x1=2
weather conditions     sunshine                        Public      during extreme weather. Provide
                       Hypothermia, sun stroke etc                 suitable PPE
                                                                   Issue salt, snow shovel etc
Clearing paths of      Falling, slipping               Cleaners    Provide suitable equipment & PPE       2x1=2
snow & Ice
Vacuuming /            Risk of electrocution           Cleaner    Visually inspect vacuum. Regular         1x1=1
cleaning carpets       chemical hazard                            PAT testing of equipment COSHH
                                                                  assessments carried out. First Aid Kit
                                                                  supplied . Only chemicals in COSHH
                                                                  register to be used
Interaction with the   Verbal and physical abuse       Cleaner    Well trained courteous operatives        1x1=1

      Tony Halse …
Signed: …                                                           20.01.11…………… Date of last assessment: …
                                               Date of this review: …

Assessment approved by …        Tony Halse …. (Section Head or Health & Safety Officer)