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									  Association 2.0
Social Media For Associations

      Zero Strategist
     Presented by Todd Pitt
Association 2.0   1. High level overview of social
Presentation         media definitions, principles,
Objectives           concepts, components
                  2. Communicate risks of
                     associations doing and not
                     doing social media
                  3. Provide ways for leaders to
                     think about the shift from
                     association 1.0 into
                     association 2.0
                  4. Share ideas for leaders and
                     managers on how to focus
                     association strategy in order
                     to facilitate effective shifts
                     toward association 2.0
Social Media:                            • “Web 2.0 is a trend in World Wide Web technology,
Is There Even A                              and web design, a second generation of web-based
                                             communities and hosted services such as social-
Definition?                                  networking sites, wikis, blogs, and folksonomies,
                                             which aim to facilitate creativity, collaboration, and
"What is social media?" Ask 100              sharing among users. The term became notable after
different people and you will get            the first O’Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference in 2004.”
100 different answers. Since the         Tim Berners-Lee:
web is dynamic and changes fast,         • “Web 2.0 is the business revolution in the computer
so does the language associated              industry caused by the move to the Internet as
                                             platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for
with it. Here are a few of definitions       success on that new platform.”
to get you started.                      Zero Strategist:
                                         • “Social Media/Web 2.0 is characterized by user
                                             empowering web-based technologies that facilitate
                                             social interaction, the participation of individuals and
                                             the creation of content rich communities through
                                             words, texts, images, audio and video.”
                                         Dario de Jubicibus:
                                         • “Web 2.0 is a knowledge-oriented environment where
                                             human interactions generate content that is published,
                                             managed and used through network applications in a
                                             service-oriented architecture.”
                                         • “A social trend in which people use technologies to
                                             get the things they need from each other,
                                             rather then from traditional institutions
                                             like corporations.”
        Social Media Principles
Sharing:                      Peering:
• Gaining prominence          • The promotion of
  among organizations as        horizontal organization
  they realize keeping          rather than hierarchical in
  information closely           order to create superior
  guarded leads to a            products and service
  decreased ability to        Openness:
  create value.               • Creates an environment
Thinking Globally:              of transparency, lowering
• Disassembling the walls       transaction costs and
  that insulate                 forging stronger
  organizations in order to     relationships with
  develop a truly global        customers.
  perspective enabling        Source: Wikinomics
  global action.
       Social Media Concepts
• Browser as a Platform     •   Folksonomies
• User Generated            •   Rich User Interfaces
  Content (UGC)             •   Persistent Connections
• Publish Then Edit         •   Perpetual Beta
• Community Self            •   Tagging & Linking
  Governance                •   Trust Agents
• Community Driven          •   Change Agents
  Guidelines and Policies
                            •   Influencers
• Community Moderation
  and Management            •   Crowdsourcing
The Social Media Tool Box
Social media is a set of web based, community driven, people
powered work tools that can be used both outside and inside the
association to accomplish a variety of goals and objectives.
Different Types, Different Strategies
Association Types         Different Strategies
• Trade Association       • Different types of
• Professional Association associations have
• Alumni Association        different missions,
                            objectives, goals,
• Sports Association        membership bases,
                           communities and
                           require custom social
                           media strategies.
 Ignore The Hype, Be Strategic
• By now you have heard all the hype about
  social media, web 2.0, new media.
• Ignore the marketing hype and social
  snake oil peddlers. Think strategically in
  context of the purpose and mission of
• Thinking strategically means relating
  social media holistically from each part of
  the association to the whole.
Many Tools, Many Uses! How Will You Use
Social media tools have many uses on both sides of the
association firewall. Part of your job as association leaders is to
make the time to figure out how they can and will be used in your
        No Strategy, No Social
• Without a social media strategy, you will #FAIL to
  acomplish your association’s goals and waste
  scarce resources needed for other important
• Haphazardly using social media based on what
  happens to be popular today or what the crowd
  may be doing now is not a strategy, it is the
  complete lack of one.
• Creation of disparate, unconnected, inactive social
  media presences can mean lost opportunities to
  engage member and leaves visible permanent
  public proof online that show lack of strategy.
    Risks of Doing Association
• Radical Culture Shift     •   Transparency
• Changes to Work           •   Lack of Participation
  Processes                 •   Loss of Control
• Legal/Litigation Risks    •   Persistent Content (The
• Human Resources Issues        Internet Is Forever)
• Counterproductive         •   Copyright Infringement
  Organizational Politics   •   Gaming Reward Systems
• Information Leaks         •   Decreased Efficiency if
• Public Relations              Poorly Executed
  Debacles                  •   Time/Education Costs
• Negative Buzz/Media       •   Resource Intensive
• Brand/Reputation
Risks of NOT Doing Association 2.0
•   Obsolesce/Irrelevance               •   Missed Opportunities to Create
•   Competitive Disadvantage                New Membership Services and
•   Lower Value Proposition                 Products
•   Declining Membership Rates and      •   Lack of Responsiveness to
    Membership Participation                Industry Changes and
                                            Membership Needs
•   Decreased Event Attendance          •   Weak Social/Industry Networks
•   Unsustainable Association Model     •   Fragmented Communities and
    in an Increasingly Social Age and       Disorganized Constituents
    Global Digital Marketplace
•   Inability to Adapt to Rapidly       •   Audience Loss/Disengagement
    Changing Economic Marketplace       •   Loss of Industry Credibility
    Conditions                          •   Loss of Thought Leader Status
•   Pervasive                               with Industry Experts/Constituants
    Inefficiency/Redundancy             •   Decline of Brand Value/Affinity
•   Failure to Provide Relevant Tools   •   Social Brand-Jacking and
    to Association Staff/Workforce          Organizational Identity Theft
•   Human Capital Loss/High             •   Unchecked Spread of
    Turnover                                Misinformation/Rumors
•   Intellectual Capital/Knowledge
    From Association 1.0 to 2.0
                             Association 2.0 (Post
Association 1.0 (Pre 2004)   2004)
• Relatively static          • Increasingly dynamic
• Information gatekeeper     • Content
• Broadcast (one way)          curator/distributor
• Hierarchy Organization     • Conversation (two way)
• Command and Control        • Flatter Organization
• Telephone/Email            • Collaborative Culture
• Newsletters/List Serve     • Instant Message/RSS
• Closed Knowledge           • Blogs/Microblogs
  Portals                    • Open Wikis
• National Reach             • Global Reach
Association 2.0                        1.   Focus on creating a seamless
                                            experience between the physical world
Strategy Focus                              and the virtual world by narrowing the
Points                                      gaps in member user experiences.
Here a few ideas for leaders and
                                       2.   Focus on breaking down cultural and
managers on how to focus association        organizational silos and walls that
strategy in order to facilitate the         create inefficiency, disconnects
successful shift to association 2.0         between the association and its
                                       3.   Focus on addressing the actual issues
                                            that arise from the use of social media,
                                            not blaming the new medium for
                                            revealing existing association failures.
                                       4.   Focus on building a more connected,
                                            intelligent, aware and adaptive
                                            organization through long term
                                            strategic investments in social
                                            business software.
                                       5.   Focus on unifying data and phasing
                                            out legacy portals, disparate systems,
                                            old technologies that inhibit innovation
                                            or productivity inside/outside of the
                                            association. Before selecting
                                            technologies do your research.
Association 2.0                         6.  Focus on providing consistent
                                            resources, time and training necessary
Strategy Focus                              for your employees to adapt to social
Points                                      media.
Here a few more ideas for leaders and
                                        7. Focus on connecting members,
managers on how to focus association        experts and leaders by using social
strategy in order to facilitate the         tools to transcend the constraints of
successful shift to association 2.0         physical geography.
                                        8. Focus on transforming your
                                            association into a platform for
                                            association members AND growing
                                        9. Focus on flattening your organizational
                                            model, structure to facilitate cross silo
                                        10. Focus on extending some free
                                            services beyond the paying members
                                            in order to engage new potential
                                        11. Focus on accomplishing objectives
                                            based on the leveraging of existing
                                            members via inclusion, participation,
                                            co-creation and direct contact.
                                        12. Focus on fostering association as
                                            environment for experimentation.
For More Conversation, Insight and Resources on
 Holistic Social Media and Association 2.0 Visit:


              Created by Todd Pitt
     Chief Social Media Strategist/Founder
                  May 25th 2010

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