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					   March 2009
   Circulation 3100.

Walk Scilly 2009       Timetable of Events

All guided walks and talks £5 per person except Tresco Abbey Garden walks
(£10 to include Garden entry) Maximum of 25 people on each guided walk.
Booking for guided walks essential, via Tourist Office on 01720 422536 or

Monday 23rd March
10.45 The Deep South, The Quay Bar, Bryher, Will Wagstaff, 2.5 hrs
10.45 Walk Shipman Head Down The Quay Bar, Bryher, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5 hrs
10:00 Flowers of Scilly, Holgates Green, St Mary‟s, Rosemary Parslow, 2.5hrs
11:00 A Two Island Walk,Tresco and Bryher, Dr David Easton
11:00 Top To Toe, Lower Town Quay, St. Martins, Zoe Julian, 4hrs
14:00 Garrison Walk, Douglas Chemists, St. Mary's, Richard Larn, 2.5hrs
14:30 Humans on Samson, Samson Beach, Samson, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5 hrs
14:30 Samson Sea and Shorebirds, Samson Beach, Samson, Will Wagstaff, 2.5hrs

Tuesday 24th March
10.45 Flowers and the Foreshore, Lower Town Quay, St Martins , Will Wagstaff, 2.5
10.45 White Island and More, Lower Town Quay, St Martins, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5 hrs
11.45 Top to Toe, The Quay Bar, Bryher, Martin Hesp, 4 hrs
14.00 Prehistoric St. Martins, Polreath Café, St Martins, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5 hrs
14:00 A Walk to the Chapel, Polreath Café, St Martins, Will Wagstaff, 2.5hrs
15:00 Spiritual Walk, Methodist Chapel, St. Mary's, Dr David Easton,2.5hrs
20:00 Ghost Walk, Holgates Green, St Mary‟s, George Teidman, 1,5hrs
20:15 Scilly through the Ages Slideshow, Methodist Hall, St Marys. Katherine

Wednesday 25th March
10.30 Photography on St Mary‟s, Holgates Green, St Mary‟s, Alisdair McNichol, 2.5
10.30 Rock Pool Safari, Tresco, Adam White, 2.5 hrs
10:45 Kew with the Roof off, Tresco Abbey Garden, Tresco, Mike Nelhams 1.5 hrs
10:45 Walk on the Wild side, Tresco Abbey Garden, Tresco, Will Wagstaff, 2.5 hrs
10:45 War & Peace, Tresco Abbey Garden, Tresco, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5 hrs
11:30 Top to Toe, Samson Beach, Samson, Julie Love,4 hrs
14:00 History of Old Town, Holgates Green, St Mary‟s, Richard Larn, 2.5hrs
14:00 Castles of the North, New Grimsby Quay, Tresco, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5 hrs
14:00 Tresco Pools, New Grimsby Quay, Tresco, Will Wagstaff, 2.5 hrs
20:00 Bat Walk, Holgates Green, St Mary‟s, Matt Gurr, 2.5 hrs
20:15 Rags to Riches Slideshow, Methodist Hall, St Marys

Thursday 26th March
10.00 Beaches and Coastlines, Porthmellion Gig Sheds, St Mary‟s, Will Wagstaff,
2.5 hrs
10.00 Halangy, Holgates Green, St Mary‟s, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5 hrs
10:30 Top to Toe, Turks Head Pub, St Agnes, Richard McCarthy, 4hrs
14:00 Narcissi Flower Walk, Lower Town Quay, St Martins, Zoe Julian, 2.5hrs
14:30 Off the Beaten Track,
20:00 Astronomy Walk, Porthmellon Beach, St Mary‟s, George Teideman, 2 hrs
20:15 Underwater Scilly Slideshow, Methodist Hall, St Marys, Richard Larn.

Friday 27th March
10.30 Gugh Wildlife, Turks Head Pub, St Agnes & Gugh, Will Wagstaff, 2.5 hrs
10.30 Prehistoric Gugh, Turks Head Pub, St Agnes & Gugh, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5
10:30 Top to Toe, Holgates Green, St Mary‟s, Sophie Brougham, 6 hrs 10:30
Maritime St Mary‟s, Holgates Green, St Mary‟s, Richard Larn, 2.5hrs
14:00 Ancient Agnes Turks Head Pub, St Agnes, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5 hrs
14:00 West End Wildlife, Turks Head Pub, St Agnes, Will Wagstaff, 2.5 hrs
14:00 Photography, Abbey Gardens, Tresco, Adam White, 2.5 hrs
18:00 Fraggle Rock Fish and Chip Supper, Bryher.
18:00 Museum Open Evening St Mary‟s.
20:15 Gig Boats on Scilly, Methodist Hall, St Marys, Steve Watt

Saturday 28th March
10.30 Marine Life, Lower Town Quay, St Martin‟s, Anna Cawthray, 2.5 hrs
10.30 Treasure Hunt, St Martin‟s, Helen Glenn, 2.5 hrs
10:30 Top to Toe, New Grimsby Quay, Tresco, Andrew Lawson, 4hrs
11:00 Kew with the Roof off, Tresco Abbey Garden, Tresco, Mike Nelhams 1.5 hrs
14:00 Beaches & Moors, Juliet‟s Garden, St Mary‟s, Will Wagstaff, 2.5 hrs
14:00 Porthellick & More, St Mary‟s, Katherine Sawyer, 2.5 hrs
18:00 Hog Roast and Band, New Inn, Tresco.
20:00 Ghost Walk, Holgates Green, St Mary‟s, George Teidman, 1,5hrs
20:00 Wildlife on Scilly Slideshow, Church Hall, St Mary‟s, Will Wagstaff

Sunday 29th March
10.00 Registration for St Mary‟s Charity Walk*
11:00 St Mary‟s Walk, Scillonian Club, St Mary‟s, 3 hrs
13:00 Closing Party, Scillonian Club, St Mary‟s

Please note: all walks are weather and tide dependent. *Proceeds to charity.

   In this edition of your free, Radio Scilly Newsletter

   Letter from Keri

   Scilly Lottery keeps growing
   Success for sporting teenager
   New Scillonian and new quays controversy
   Snow in Scilly!
   More Scilly on telly-Island Parish 4
   Changes at St Martin's business
   Sarah Twynham's anagarams
   German youngsters love Radio Scilly
   What have you left on your car roof?
   Todd Steven's poem
   House Swap wanted
   Help needed to produce new islands' novel
   The Church Bells are coming
   Cuckoo visits predicted
   Lady Morag..and it's offiicial
   How can we make the T.I.C Better?
   The IOS Folk Festival
   retro food Scilly style
   A word of warning from Clive Mumford
St Martin's islander passes away
Stand-up Saturday humour
New School Build latest
Coodes legal advice. An end to prenups?
Islands Charities get £3000 in cheques
Lost in translation- a laugh at bad signs
Business networking for Scilly
Keri's Brisbane travelogue
Watch them build the new Penwith College

Letter from Keri- March 09.

Hello and welcome to another Radio Scilly newsletter.
So, what's new at the world's smallest radio station?


Well we're battling on. It appears that the islands are riding the credit crunch
storm.And your radio station is keeping its head above water while many radio
stations on the mainland ones are not.
We've lost a couple of mainland advertising businesses who haven't had such a
good time of things. They were, I feel, genuinely victims of the downturn in the
economy. It is heart-breaking when you know people have put their all into a
business and then situations outside their control change and they loose

Anyway, in a time when the headlines are full of job cuts, we're recruiting. Later
in this newsletter you'll see how we're trying to find new volunteers but also we're
 still looking for an additional paid member of staff.
There's so much more we could offer you in terms of features, news and content
on-air and online. We just need another person in addition to myself, Steve and
Lydia. It is frustating that we cannot find any local applicants and we have tried.
Everyone is so busy or committed already here. And our last mainland
recruitment drive didn't find anyone. We'll keep on plugging away with ads on
radio industry websites. As always on these islands, accommodation is the key.
The need for affordable housing topped the responses in the recent Council
administered "place" survey. But the survey also said that 88% of islanders love
it here. I'm hopeful that if we get some good candiates over for interview on a
sunny day, Scilly will sell itself. I will keep you posted.


Anyway, back home, the season appears to be starting ok.
We're in that odd period where some people have started the season and others
are still preparing. Everyone has their own benchmark for when things kick off. Is
it when the Scillonian starts sailing on the 30th? Or Easter? For some its the
opening of the hotels. Well the Atlantic opened early, the Star Castle hardly
closed and by March 20th The Bell Rock, Tregarthen's and St Mary's Hall were
open for business. There have been a steady stream of new faces in town as
seasonal staff arrive and we have noticed a collection of new voices calling in to
Radio Scilly, possibly bemused by the fact that there is a radio station that
answers the phones and can get requested songs on in minutes!


If you have been away for some time or haven't visited since last season you'll
notice a few changes.In business terms there'll be no Chez Michel or
Porthcressa Inn this year. A new cafe is operating at The Strand at The Dairy.
Further down The Strand, Michelle has changed her takeaway focus from pizza
to become a fudge "magnate" and she's secured some export orders too. The
Bishop and Wolf frontage will have changed by the start of the season and 49
Degrees has been refited and painted purple. And Councillors are keeping their
beady eyes on it as colour is often scrutinised in a conservation area! The
Atlantic Hotel has started a daytime wine bar too.
We've new, exceedingly tall mock gaslight streetlights on The Strand and Old
Town Bay, there's a pontoon off the Old Quay on St Mary's, a new building for
the Council opposite Carn Thomas Secondary School and a Town Hall extension
that rattled some cages initially! Another controversial addition to the landscape
includes cowpats and electric fences as cattle now graze at Peninnis.

People say Scilly never changes. Marian Bennett recently debunked that myth
when she offered pictures of the Bryher landscape in the eighties. A lot does
change. You need to be away to see it. Often when we are here day in, day out
we cannot see the changes. It is always interesting listening to our Exit Poll
where we interview visitors at 3.30 on a `Wednesday. Often visitors say how
much they think things have changed. I'd love to hear or read your comments
and observations on what has changed since you were last here. Hopefully, if
you are returning to Scilly after a long absence you'll find that absence has made
your heart grow fonder!

The Scilly Lottery keeps on growing!

The Scilly Lottery is a community Lottery. Without the support of the Scilly Lottery
there would be no radio station. With so few businesses in our tiny broadcast
area, we would not be able to afford to pay our copyright fees, telephone bills,
insurance, office or transmitter site rental. And we certainly could not offer this
newsletter or our website or pod casts. The Lottery pays those bills and also
gives out cash to local good causes once a year.
 If you want to play, all you have to do is printout a form from this website
www.scillylottery.com , fill it in and post it back to us. All you can pick up forms
at the Tourist Information Centre.

 Everybody who plays the Scilly Lottery is also entitled to request a 10% off
discount card. You can use it to make savings when you buy clothes at 49
Degrees or The Foredeck in Scilly or Totnes, or rent a car from Tucker Car Hire
in Penzance. You also get 10% off the price of meals at the Tides Reach
Restaurant at the Atlantic Hotel. A full range of businesses participating in the
scheme is available on the website, www.scillylottery.com.

You can sign up to play for just one pound a week!

This week Andy Thomas won £800.

We‟ve had a number of mainland winners tell us that they intend to come back to
Scilly to spend the cash, which is great.

Dear All at Radio Scilly,
                     My sister and I have holidayed on the islands quite a few
times since 1999 and it is one of only 2 places that I have revisited for holidays
(the other being Portugal). We both love the Islands and regret not being able to
do it all the time. Xmas 2008 I decided to enter both our names in your Lottery
and give it to her as a Xmas present knowing that she would appreciate it and at
least know that the causes the money went to would be spent on the Islands.
Tonight I received a phone call from her ..... she has won last Fridays' £800 ! She
has decided that we shall be returning to the Isles next year to spend the money
where it came from. Both our intentions if we won anything was to return it
in some form or another where it belongs..... The Isles of Scilly.
This was the best Xmas present ever. Not only for my sister but she's bringing
me as well!
As I'm the one with the computer I'm emailing to say thank you and see you next

On behalf of my sister RUTH PILGRIM from Romford, many thanks to you all
and I look forward to the next 10 months of the Lottery, I'm still in with a chance

Irene Oodian

Washed up on beaches.

A few weeks ago on the morning show, Keri took your calls on things you‟d
found on the island‟s beaches. Todd Stevens found a French bistro sign on
Great Ganilly. He still has it in his garage. He also found a tube of what look like
Chinese military rations! Tell us what you find!

More success for St Mary’s sporting teenager.

Abbie Thomas has been selected for the South West South rugby squad. She
took part in the trials that were held at Plymstock.Abbie will now play for the
region and in a couple of months will be going to the national regional finals
which will be held in Lichfield. She played outside certre and wing. Who knows, it
could be an England shirt next!


 One of the news stories that we have been covering in great detail is the Route
Partnership plan. The Partnership consists of the Duchy of Cornwall, Cornwall
County Council and the IOS Council. They are developing plans to rebuild the
quays at St Mary‟s and Penzance and build a new boat to replace the Gry and
the Scillonian. The Friends of Penzance Harbour don‟t want to see additional
freight traffic or even the existing freight traffic to continue through their town.
And they don‟t want to see any rebuilding works on the harbour. They have
submitted an alternative plan which would provide a freight handling area at Long
Rock where items will be put in containers and conveyed through Penzance.
The Route Partnership, at time of writing, say they have been working for six
years on this project and have sought expert advice.

The Friends of Penzance Harbour want a breather. They don‟t want the
planning application for Penzance to be submitted yet.
The Route Partnership just want to get on with things as there‟s already been a
delay to the St Mary‟s work.

 The official proposals will offer just one combined freight and passenger boat
that will sail all year around. The Penzance Group want two boats. A seasonal
one will offer a faster crossing. Charlie Cartwright, formerly with the Steamship
Company, is advising them. The Partnership say any faster crossing would not
be green enough and would used to much fuel. They say their suggestion
comes from years of consulting experts.
Below is Charlie‟s note to Radio Scilly.

I’m Charlie. I was a Director of Steamship co for a number of years, finance
Director and later general management. Together with my then Business Partner
I arranged the finance for Scillonian3. I started the Skybus service against much
opposition from the I o Scilly Council.

Following long discussions with the Duchy and His Royal Highness I started the
two ship system separating the passengers from the freight by purchasing the
Gry Maritha, and laid up the Scilloian 3 in the winter because practically NO
BODY TRAVELLED ON HER, thereby saving on operating costs and doubling
the ship’s economic working life.

I arranged for the finance and purchase of Lioness Lady.

I introduced proper facilities for frozen food and perishables Etc. Etc. Etc

My fast ferry proposal is for a SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) that
was designed originally for this route but built and then operated on a similar
route elsewhere.

She is ready to go now and would operate the season like the current ship ( not
in the Winter there is no demand) She will do the journey quay to quay in under
100 minutes compared with Current Ship 2 hours 35 and the proposed Route
Partnership ship 2 hours 30 minutes.

If there was demand she could be operated in the winter, but what is the point?
Nearly all islanders choose to fly. In the last winter that we operated Scillonian3
she carried an average of 8 passengers per sailing on 70 round trip sailings.
What a waste of money!

The SWATH has a weather capability in the season April to October similar to
the current ship with no speed degradation in heavy weather.

Because of the special hull design and her active ride control system she does
not heave, pitch or roll and there is hardly any seasickness, proven by the fact
that she is carpeted throughout with all upholstered seating and no staining to
date !

She can carry up to 375 passengers and their luggage and on busy days could
do several round trips if needed. Ship has space also for “fast freight” like bread,
vegetables etc.

She would operate from the Albert pier at Penzance which is much much more
convenient for travellers arriving by train coach or car.

The SWATH will carry 375 passengers. In 2008 season the Scillonian3 carried
more than 375 on 16 only out of 130 sailings and her average was 240 per trip

The SWATH will cost less than one third of the cost of the Route partnership

In 1986 there were 43 thousand day visitors by sea in 2008 there were only 16
thousand. My proposal will reverse this downward trend to the advantage of

I hope this gives you a quick resume         CHARLIE

Below is an open letter to Scilly residents from the Friends of Penzance
Harbour. The Friends Group has been quite proactive in issuing statements
and press releases. We are balanced on-air broadcasts with the opposing view
from the Route Partnership, but they haven‟t issued press releases that we can
feature here. We‟d be interested to hear your views and comments. Email

 One islander told us he was fed up of people in Penzance slowing down the
process. He did not want to be named but felt that residents there had also had
a chance to attend consultations. In inflammatory terms, he said Penzance w
that lucky to have Scilly . Without the through trade, the town would be a “one-
horse town full of drug addicts, pushers and bargain shops”

Dear Scillonians,

Route Partnership plans for Penzance and the Isles of Scilly.

As you will probably have gathered from the press many of us mainlanders are
unhappy with the Route Partnership’s proposals for Penzance harbour. Please
be assured however that the strength of our hostility to the Route Partnership’s
scheme is matched by our belief in the importance of the sea link to the Scillies.
We would like to explain our concerns about the Route Partnership’s schemeand
describe the alternatives that we think should be considered.

From over here it looks as if you are broadly speaking happy with what is being
proposed and indeed that you have been consulted and had your concerns
addressed by the Route Partnership. No such process has taken place here;
instead our objections have been met with a repeat exhibition and an insistence
that regardless of what we say or think the Route Partnership will plough ahead
with their plans. Close to 9 out of 10 people are against what is being proposed
for Penzance.

The most controversial aspect of the scheme is the creation of a passenger
terminal, freight depot, and lorry parking and turning space on a prominent beach
and waterfront location between the Lighthouse Pier and the Jubilee Pool. This is
perhaps the prettiest and historically most important part of Penzance and not
the place for an industrial estate-style development of this kind. The scheme also
includes plans to lengthen and disfigure the listed Lighthouse Pier to
accommodate a longer new Scillonian.

As an alternative to this we would like to see the creation of an out-of-town freight
handling depot with containerised freight brought to the harbour each day for
immediate loading onto the ship. Apart from removing the need to concrete over
5000 square meters of beach and foreshore between the Lighthouse Pier and
Jubilee Pool, Cornwall County Council traffic surveys indicate that this would
remove between 200 and 250 freight-related vehicle movements from the
harbour area for every freight sailing to the Scillies; containers would be brought
from the depot to the ship in just 3-4 lorry movements. The passenger terminal,
which takes up only a small part of the reclaimed land, could then be built on an
existing harbour side site. By their own admission this is an approach that the
Route Partnership have not considered.

While we have looked at this approach from the perspective of Penzance, its
historic waterfront and heavily congested harbour area, we think it might also
carry advantages for Hugh Town and the Scillies. In particular, if freight arrived in
the Scillies in containers those containers could be transferred to a site away
from the harbour area for unpacking and distribution, removing the need for a
large freight shed on a prominent and sensitive waterside site. As with Penzance
this would reduce traffic congestion and more effectively separate passengers
from freight. Containerisation 2 would also mean a better quality freight service
with goods no-longer exposed to the elements during loading and unloading of
the ship.

We also have doubts about the replacement of the existing two ship operation
with a single larger combined freight and passenger vessel. Apart from requiring
the lengthening of Penzance’s listed Lighthouse Pier and the loss of a number of
small -
craft moorings adjacent to the new vessel’s storm berth on the Albert Pier, this
approach seems to fly in the face of operational logic. A two ship operation much
more effectively separates freight and passengers on the quays, it allows sailing
times to suit the different needs of freight and passengers (freight can arrive in
Scilly early enough to be off the quays before they get busy with visitors), and it
avoids the cost of pushing
an expensive passenger ship back and forward to the Scillies all winter long with
no passengers on it. The proposed single new combined vessel will be
expensive to build and more costly to run and maintain, all things that will impact
on freight charges. Winter operation of the passenger vessel will also
dramatically reduce its design life, and with one ship instead of two the danger of
mechanical failure or other incident leading to the absence of a sea link to the
mainland is also greater. Since the new ship
will be too big to be dry-docked in Penzance the chance of affecting a swift mid-
season repair will also be reduced. It has also been suggested that if the new
vessel was a passenger-only one it might be faster with a reduction in journey
times boosting day- visitors to the Islands.

The Department of Transport have recently confirmed that the funding
earmarked for the harbour improvements in Penzance and Scilly is not in
jeopardy if the people who are to be affected by the developments need more
time to consider alternatives and get the scheme right. The people of Penzance
would certainly like that time. We
believe that a number of questions about what is being planned remain
unanswered, and that less destructive alternatives, including the out-of-town
freight depot approach, should be properly considered. While we review the
possibilities for Penzance,perhaps Scillonians might also take the opportunity to
spend a little extra time to make sure that what is being planned for Scilly is really
in the best interests of the Islands.

Your thoughts on the above concerns and alternatives to the Route Partnership
scheme would be welcomed.

Yours sincerely,

John Maggs
Friends of Penzance Harbour

Snow in Scilly! Below, The Garrison from Buzza by Jeremy Pearson
More Scilly on Telly!

 Island Parish Series 4 is being filmed. It will focus on events leading up to
Alastair and Heike‟s wedding. Tiger Aspect aren‟t sure when it will air. It could
be on in September. Its is likely that the new series will also feature the islands‟
Vet Support Group‟s success in gaining planning permission for a new surgery
and Vet accommodation in the Ennor Close area of Old Town. A grant of
around £100,000 will be made available.

Lady Holborrow, the Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall, had a bit of a surprise when
she came to the island is to officially open the children‟s services office at Carn
Thomas. HMS Cornwall came to within 2 miles of St Mary‟s. She and members
of her visiting party were helicoptered off to come ashore could.

After close to a quarter of a century of success Scilly‟s postal flower delivery
service Scent from the Islands is to have a new field manager.

Ian Metcalf, who moved to St Martin‟s, Isles of Scilly, eight years ago when his
dad and step-mum took over the local pub, will take on the post after Easter.
Until then he will learn the ropes from current field manager Keith Lowe who has
been integral to the successful growth of the business.

Ian, 27, has already proved his horticultural credentials by keeping the island‟s
population in salad and other seasonal vegetables for the past three years. He
has built his own fresh produce business by renting and borrowing pieces of land
and greenhouse space around St Martin‟s.

Although his family moved from the island a few years ago, Ian loved the place
too much to leave. He now lives, with his partner Rosie, next door to his mentor,

Keith is one of the main reasons Scent from the Islands was launched and he
has worked for the business since it started.

Part owner and founder of the business, Andrew Julian, became close friends
with Keith when they attended Truro School together and as Andrew‟s parents
worked abroad he often spent holidays with Keith and his family on St Martin‟s.

When Ian takes over from Keith he will continue with his salad and vegetable
growing business, which the Julian family are delighted to accommodate.

Zoe said: “We‟re happy to let Ian keep growing his own produce for a number of
reasons; we like eating his fresh produce, we would not be popular with the rest
of the island if he stopped and most importantly the businesses complement
each other very well - Ian is busy in the summer when we are quieter and could
do with him working less hours but can offer him cold storage and in the winter,
when his salad and veg aren‟t growing, Ian is available to work full time for
Churchtown when we are at our busiest.

“Although Keith is stepping down as field manager I am sure he will still be
around between fishing trips to lend a hand and offer advice. He‟s a huge part of
the Churchtown team, but being able to employ a young, enthusiastic and
talented man like Ian is a real plus for Scent from the Islands.”

Sarah Twynham sent us some interesting anagrams. We hope they make you
laugh as they did us.

                        When you rearrange the letters:
                               DIRTY ROOM

                        When you rearrange the letters:
                            BEST IN PRAYER

                        When you rearrange the letters:
                              MOON STARER

                        When you rearrange the letters:
                             A ROPE ENDS IT

                             SLOT MACHINES:
                        When you rearrange the letters:
                             CASH LOST IN ME
                           ELECTION RESULTS:
                        When you rearrange the letters:
                          LIES - LET'S RECOUNT

                            SNOOZE ALARMS:
                        When you rearrange the letters:
                           ALAS! NO MORE Z 'S

                      A new German Fan of Radio Scilly

   Just had to send a quick email to say what a great Radio station you have
there on Scilly.
Keep up the good work.
We can hear Radio Cornwall,but your station is much more interesting.
Hope you cope well with your rain.Here at the foot of the alps,5 kilometres from
Austria temperatures are a warm -2 with snow.Last week it was -15 to -20 so it
is much warmer!
My 6 children and wife also appreciate the music you play
Myke Rosenthal-English

      We have fun on a recent morning show asking about things you have
inadvertently left on the roof of your car and then driven off. Nan Cons once had
a potty on the roof of the vehicle as she drove through Twickenham. She was en
  route to Suffolk. It fell off in South West London. When she returned after her
   weekend break she went into the local police station and they kept it for her.

 Betty Silvester once drove through town up to the hospital with a sponge cake
 on the roof of her vehicle. Keri made the comment that it couldn‟t have been a
                     very light one as it would have blown off!

   John Nicholls recounted the story of his two Newfoundland dogs becoming
 somewhat boisterous in his parked car at the top of the Atlantic slip. It seems
  they let off the handbrake. The car plunged into the water at the side of John
 who was doing some work on his boat. Although the vehicle was immersed in
                  seawater, he got it running again in 20 minutes!
                    Digital TV: What to do with old tellys?

Carl from St Martins called us to ask what were supposed to do with old, non-
upgradeable television sets when the islands to Digital this autumn. Surely, he
 says somebody is collecting them as maybe they can be given to developing
                   countries? If anybody knows, let us now.

  Todd Stevens is a local diver and marine investigator. He is on air every
 Monday afternoon at around 3.30pm with Shipwrecks and Legends of Scilly.
                       Todd is also a published poet.

                                The Lifeboat

                              By Todd Stevens

                     Flashing rocket rushing skywards,
                        -then booms along the deep;
                     And paints the seaside town aglow,
                       -to wake men from their sleep.
     Bleary eyed they hasten into gear
      “Careful love” wives say in fright.
  A kiss exchanged, small comfort brings,
      -when rushing out into the night.

        Ord‟n‟ry are the men aboard;
      -huddled close upon the bridge;
     A close knit band of brothers they,
   -who keep fearful feelings so well hid.

        Soon the Lifeboat puts to sea,
   -amidst howling wind and driving rain;
-and in the all encompassing dark perceive,
     - the speck ,upon the roaring main.

     Waging war against a mighty foe,
   Each wave‟s a battle, hard fought, won;
  Tho‟ cause be just and honourable there,
      -it won‟t save each mothers son.

  In the black- the stricken vessel‟s found,
          -with many souls to save;
     -and each man to his duty‟s called;
   -appearing steadfast, calm and brave.

      “Helmsman keep your ship abreast;
    - deliver, from death, all those aboard;
   the reaper on your shoulder‟s perched;
               -to err is his reward”

       Instinctively the men perform,
    -one eye transfixed upon the waves;
       a loss of concentration brings
           -another soul to save.

         All „round the coast of Britain,
       -such scenes are oft‟ played out;
-doth raging sea and roaring hurricane place,
          - mere mortal lives in doubt.

          For all men in the service,
      -those ashore do bow and pray;
   -as every moment spent upon the sea,
        -is time spent in harms way.
                    Oft‟ as not, “shouts”, in success, conclude,
                          tho‟ those at home can ill afford;
                         -to slumber soundly in their beds,
                     -lest Reaper earns his damned reward.

A new book for the Book Club team to review on a future Thursday

I live in The Netherlands and I know quite a few people on Scilly. I am British
and have visited the islands many times since 1969. I am writing my first novel
and the story is mainly about Scilly. It’s a story I have been meaning to write for
at least twenty years and within the last two years I have managed to complete
it. I am now in the editing stage and it might be interesting for you to interview
me regarding putting a novel together. Will and Maggie Wagstaff know me, as
my husband and myself are birdwatchers. Maggie helped me with some
research for the book and also Julie in the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust office.

I just thought you might be interested in interviewing someone as far away as
The Netherlands who writes about Scilly!! I know you guys enjoy reading about
yourselves from a tourist point of view, after all this is your main livelihood. My
novel refers to much of the island life, but is fiction and although some people on
the islands might think they recognise themselves in the book, the characters are
purely fictional. I don’t know that many people on Scilly!! So any character
similar to anyone living on the islands is purely coincidental.

 Scilly will always remain in my heart for its bird life and culture. I am sure I will
find Radio Scilly a very helpful asset in my research. Who knows, I might have to
do a sequel to this novel!

Lin Treadgold

But Lin needs your help first.

Keri, does anyone out there have a copy of "Confessions of a Scilly Birdman" by
David Hunt they want to sell. I loaned mine out to someone years ago and never
got it back. I want to use it as a reference for my novel.
I can be contacted through you or maybe you can e-mail me and I'll pick it up in

Richard Farr says it is in the IOS Musuem.

                                 House Swap Wanted!
Dear Radio Scilly,

We have seen all about you on the BBC series about Scilly. I wondered if you
could broadcast an appeal to the islanders about a house swap, as follows:

We are a family of five (two girls, 14, 11 and a son of 9) who love to visit Scilly.
We live in Malvern, Worcestershire, which is a beautiful Victorian spa town in the
heart of England. We are looking for anyone who would like to do a house swap
some time in the school holidays this year, so that we can get to visit Scilly. We
have a five bedroomed house in the middle of this small, quiet, relaxed
town,famous for its Malvern water and the Malvern Hills. We are within an hour's
drive or train journey of Birmingham, Bristol and only 2 hours' train to London.
We are very conveniently situated for Shakespeare's home town of Stratford (1
hour's drive) and for the wild countryside of the Welsh borders. We have a
modern semi-detatched house and a larger garden, five minutes walk from the
town centre - which has a number of small food shops, Waitrose, an indoor
swimming pool and a good theatre/cinema. A few miles out of the town is the
birth place of Edward Elgar and the local area has an annual festival celebrating
Elgar's music - The Three Choirs Festival which (I think) runs in August each
year. We have a small border terrier puppy, 2 guinea pigs, a cat and a hamster,
and would ideally like to take the dog on holiday with us. We have to holiday in
the school holidays as I am a teacher.

If anyone on the islands might be interested in getting away from it all to a
completely different environment, please e mail me!

Pip Pratty

If you are interested, contact Radio Scilly.

Listening from another island!

Great radio show, just been watching the Island Parish 'row4home' programme
and thought I'd listen in.

Best wishes

Stephen Flaws, Shetland Islands

Get the latest online with our blogs!

Although we haven' t been able to update on web material while I have been on
holiday, we're adding more and more content to our website. You can read
regularly updated blogs, effectively online diaries from Steve Watt, Craig Dryden,
Malclom Martland, myself and Kevin Wright. Kev has started getting amazing
feedback for his music shows. He's attracting thousands of listeners to his
programmes featuring unsigned bands. Kev has recently been mentioned in The
Guardian and NME. Check out his blog via www.radioscilly.com.

The Scillonian starts sailing next week!- 30th March!
Book with the IOS Steamship company. They also have specials for Walk Scilly
on Skybus. Stayover break return flights from £85 to and from Land's End and
£90 return from Newquay

TV shows you were banned from watching as a child!

 On the morning show recently, Keri asked about the TV programmes that you
were banned from watching when you were little. He wasn‟t allowed to view The
Sweeney! Sheila Thomas from Auriga Guest House says she was not allowed to
watch Quatermass. But on the evening that was broadcast, her mother went out
to play cards. Her babysitter, Valerie Trewella, let her stay up but it usually
terrified her!

Church Bells will be ringing from St Mary’s soon. £120,000 has been raised
through public subscription to pay for the new installation of bells.
There will be a “hallowing” of the bells service on Thursday, 26 March. The new
Bishop will dedicate them on Ascension Day. Keep tuned into 107.9 FM or
radioscilly.com for more info.

Island resident, Richad Farr, reckons that cuckoos usually come to the islands
on April 15th. That is when the first will be heard. Let us know as soon as you
hear one!!

The start of March was stormy and John Nicholls reported his highest ever wind
reading at Moyana since he has had the kit installed, 82 MPH. These are the
choppy waters off Town Beach, looking towards The Garrison.

Lady Morag!
 Did you know that our Agony Aunt, Morag, now officially has a title? Keri
bought her a certificate giving her rights over a tiny plot of land in Scotland, for a
Christmas present. That square foot of Scottish soil entitles her use the title
Lady. She‟s only gone and changed her bank books! Listen to Morag every
Friday morning at 10:20 AM.

Talking of Morag, there was much discussion of her “roll model” test. If you are
one of the people who called in for a copy, here It is.

Dear Keri

Here is how I became your role model hee hee

Try it our without looking at the answers

1) pick your favourite number between 1 - 9
2) Multiply by 3... then
3) Add 3, then again multiply by 3
(I'll wait while you get the calculators
4) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number
5) Add the digits together.....

Now with that number see who your ROLE MODEL is from this list:

1    Einstein
2    Nelson Mandela
3    The Pope
4    Tom Cruise
5    Bill Gates
6    Gandhi
7    Brad Pit
8    Hitler
9    MORAG
10   Barack Obama

I know I know.... I just have that effect on people..... one day you too can be like
me.....:-) Believe it


Tourism Latest: What would make the TIC better?

 Every Tuesday afternoon at 12 midday we bring you the latest news and
developments from the tourist industry. Here is an update from our new tourism
officer. Kate Sleep. You can contact her through the Town Hall.

Kate writes,

I have been contacted by a producer for ITV1's This Morning programme
working on a series of films about people who have given up the rat race
to live a more meaningful life that isn't all about career and money,
but more related to quality family life and perhaps living more self

Does anyone want to volunteer, given the positive impact that PR and
national TV has had on the islands?

(she is making a series of 5 short films (7 mins duration) for
transmission on the show, looking for people who have
given up the rat race and financial security to live a more fulfilling
life that isn't about making lots of money. the people she is searching
for are probably self sufficient and earn very little. You could call it
downsizing or finding a new life. for the contributor/s it would mean
spending a day filming with her at their home and then returning for a
day to where they used to live to walk down their old street and visit
the area where they used to work,all expenses would be pd)

As part of our combined efforts to Manage our visitor experience and
be as welcoming as possible to families, we would appreciate any and all
input regarding: businesses that would like to make their premises more
child and family friendly, family and child packs or materials that can
be made available at the TIC, providing quality child and family based
activities, etc

Kate Sleep.

The IOS Folk Fesitival

Piers Lewin is organsiing the islands‟ first ever folk festival. We think it is a great
idea and will be covering all the events on air. Here is the latest programme of

 Wed 1 st     9 pm        Island band SIX WET FISH at the TURK‟S HEAD
Thurs 2 nd    8 pm       Traditional fiddle music from around the world with
  April                   THE ARMCHAIR ORIENTEER (supported by the
                           SCILLY SISTERS) at a candlelit OLD TOWN
                       Afterwards: an informal session of music and dance at
                              OLD TOWN INN to get in the mood for:
  Fri 3 rd    8 pm        A NOS LOWEN (traditional Cornish Dance) with
   April                 Cornish supergroup DALLA. Bring your Kernowek
                         dance shoes to OLD TOWN INN. Buy tickets from
                                   Piers (422777) or on the door
 Sat 4 th   10-12       A children's Cornish Dance Workshop with DALLA
  April      am          Contact Lesley Thomas School of Dance (01720
                                        422658) for details
 Sat 4 th     9 pm   Rabble-rousing gypsy skiffle from the fantastic JULIAN
  April              GASKELL and his BAND OF RAGGED TROUSERED
                      PHILANTHROPISTS at the NEW INN. Contact Robin
                     Lawson (01720 422844) regarding boating possibilities
 Sun 5 th     1-3      More inflammatory Balkan punk from THE RAGGED
  April       pm       TROUSERED PHILANTHROPISTS at the NEW INN
 Sun 5 th     8 pm          ISLES OF SCILLY FOLK CLUB will host an
  April                         open mic night at OLD TOWN INN.
                       All are welcome to help see out the Festival in style!

Piers is also planning to produce and release a CD featuring folk music inspired
by Scilly. We‟ll be following that production process and playing you the finished
recordings on Radio Scilly.

Retro Food!

On the morning show recently we talked about food that you don‟t see on meny
any more. Jackie Pritchard actually found an old menu from the Westford House
guest house that featured Gammon and Ham. Keri commented on the fact that
you don‟t see Parsley Sauce on menus anymore. And then the next day, the mix
for Parsley Sauce and Chicken Chasseur, another retro dish discussed, turned
up courtesy of the St Martin‟s Post Office girls.

Hi Keri,

How about some retro wine to go with your retro food - do you
remember Portuguese Mateus Rose in that squat green bottle which when
drunk, always ended up with a candle stuck in it !!!

And Blue Nun - a combination of grape extract, sugar and anti-freeze - and what
about Black Tower from Germany- a so called white wine that had more in
common with a chemical factory than a vineyard. For reds we had Bull's Blood
from Bulgaria when most of us didn't even know where Bulgaria was !!

For retro food what ever happened to Rum Baba, and those lovely Fruit
Charlottes made with "Lady Fingers".

Aah!! - The good old days - when one of the only cooks on TV was Fanny
Craddock, with Johnny Craddock dropping bottles in the background, and
Graham Kerr shmoosing studio guests with a dance at the end of his cooking

Happy cooking!!!

Keith Bradford

David Smith’s memories of 70s Scilly

I just thought I’d drop you a longer mail in case you are wondering why I follow
Radio Scilly out here in Slovenia.

I first started coming to Scilly in 1970 with my family and came every year (like
many others) though the 70s. In the 80s I continued, more or less every other
year, then in the 90s another 4 times, this time with my own sons.

In 1971, we were one of the first guests to stay at Covean Cottage, when it was
literally a 2-up 2-down and we were the only people there. Over the years I have
stayed at a quite few places on Agnes and St Marys, including the campsites.
One of the most memorable was the summer of 79, when I came over with a
schoolfriend and we caught the tailend of the Fastnet storm. The Scillonian took
over 5 hours to get over (allegedly zig-zagging to look for capsized yachts).
Then we still had to get over to St Agnes on the Gugh, over to the campsite and
put up our tent in the gale. We spent the night holding on to the poles as we
listened to our guyropes snapping in the wind. For some reason, I couldn’t
persuade my friend to come back the following year!

So many memories of Scilly over the years – pulling the seine net in the Cove
with the Commander shouting out instructions, seeing the Shah coming into
Covean after her restoration, freewheeling down Telegraph Hill and coming a
cropper in the bushes, playing with Harold Wilson’s dog, Paddywack, on the
beach, cream teas at Rose Cottage, nighttime mackerel fishing trips, wacthing
the changing of the lighthousekeeper on the Lily…great times!

As a child I used to tell people I lived on Scilly, just that I spent 50 weeks of the
year in London. It got into my blood early, and it is still very much there.

Happily we came back again last summer, with my Slovenian partner and my 2
sons, who are now 18 and 16 and we all had a great time. Not sure when we’ll
be back again but maybe 2010. Economics and logistics from Slovenia don’t
make it easy.

In the meantime, it’s great to stay in touch with life on Scilly through the radio
station and remember all the wonderful times I’ve had there over almost 40

All the best

Never judge a book by its cover. A life lesson from Clive Mumford,
Scillonian Magazine Proprietor

I was at a packed jazz club in a mainland city one hot summer night ,so full that
you could hardly move. Wedged in front of me was a bloke palpably worse for
wear, staggering and slurring. He appeared so far gone that he was only being
prevented from
assuming the horizontal by the press of the crowd. On stage was a trumpeter
who I though, was making a pretty good fist of it even if he wasn‟t Harry James.
 “I could do better than that” shouted the drunk.”Let me get there . I‟m going to
show him how to play a trumpet ” .And he started elbowing his way to the front.
When this sort of thing happens I tend to feel for the chap about to make an
idiot of himself , stare at the floor in embarrassment ,pray for the floor to open up
and swallow us all up and hope it‟s over quickly.
Imagine my amazement, relief – and delight- when out of the borrowed trumpet
came as lovely a sound as I‟d ever heard .And it was so powerful that it nearly
blew the suspect roof off. He was not just good, but very, very good.
Moral? Never take what you see at face value!

Cedric Goddard passes away

Mr Cedric Lawrence Goddard (88yr) has passed away peacefully at his home on
the Isleof Wight on Sunday 8th Feb. Known as Lawrence, he was one of the
Goddard generations farming on St. Martins until he moved to Lelant and then
Isle of Wight. John Cummins says his father –in-law had many stories from his
life on Scilly and I will write a tribute piece for the newsletter soon.

Stand Up Saturday is our joke-of-the-week, Saturdays at 10.30am. Send yours
on email to studio@radioscilly.com


Mary Clancy goes up to Father O'Grady after his Sunday morning
service, and she's in tears.

He says, 'So what's bothering you, Mary my dear?'
She says, 'Oh, Father, I've got terrible news. My husband passed
away last night.'

The priest says, 'Oh, Mary, that's terrible. Tell me, Mary, did he
Have any last requests?'

She says, 'That he did, Father.'

The priest says, 'What did he ask, Mary?'

She says, He said, 'Please Mary, put down that damn gun...'

David Smith

Key appointments made for New School Build

Rapid progress is being made on this vital project for the islands with the recent
appointments of Project Management and Architectural Services respectively.

After an exhaustive process, contract negotiations are underway with Mace
Group to undertake the project management of the new school build. The highly
regarded business was selected from a wide field of interest from companies of
international repute and impressed the Project Board with its passion for the
project, its proven track record on educational projects and its desire to go the
extra mile. The day-to-day team will be based on the islands and is committed to
the delivery of an inspirational new school that opens on time and on budget.

At the same time, an architectural practise has also been selected. Grainge
Architects, a leading practise based in Exeter, led a wide and competitive field
with visionary thinking and a commitment to stakeholder involvement. They
demonstrated an understanding of the outstanding natural environment in which
the school will sit as well as the requirements of a modern educational facility that
meets the aspirations of children, staff, parents and the wider community.
Previous projects include work at Tremough campus in Penryn, Pinhoe School in
Exeter and Treliske Innovation Centre.

John Evans has also joined the team bringing with him a wealth of experience,
including guiding the building of six new schools.

Philip Hygate Chief Executive of the Council of the Isles of Scilly and Chairman
of the New School Project Board commented „We now have a first class team in
place to build a new school which will be an asset to the Isles for many years to
Coodes legal advice.

Coodes’ team come over to the Atlantic Hotel on the 1st Thursday of the
month. Book a meeting by calling their Penzance office or just walk in!

Prenuptial Agreements – could this be the end of cases like McCartney?

The Current Law

Currently under English law prenuptial agreements are not binding on the Court
when dealing with marital breakdown. This leaves the way clear for divorcing
parties to have all the circumstances of the case considered by the Court and
can result in orders which some parties feel are very unfair.

The Judge dealing with the matter will consider the criteria laid down in section
25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and apply it to the facts of the case. Such
matters as the parties respective assets, income and earning capacity,
contributions and conduct, lifestyle and standard of living are all relevant and
taken into account.

The Court‟s first consideration is always the children of the family. Their need for
income and housing ranks higher than the needs of the actual parties. Where
there is plenty of money to go around this is often not a problem, but it can lead
to decisions where it appears one party has „taken the other to the cleaners‟
where there are limited funds and one party is kept out of their share of the
assets until the children are 18 for instance.

Whilst pre nuptial agreements may be taken into account by the Court they are
not legally binding and the Court can disregard them where the needs of the
parties or children dictate.

To have any chance of persuading a Judge to follow an agreement made before
marriage, there must be full disclosure by both parties of their assets and income
at the time of making the agreement, and the agreement must have been freely
entered into. Legal advice, although not a requirement, is often considered as
another factor the Judge will consider when deciding whether to uphold the terms
Pre nuptial agreements have been regularly used and upheld in many other
countries for many years. They are well known as „pre nups‟ from American films
and television where they are often portrayed as a means of the wealthy
retaining their wealth to the detriment of a „poor in law‟.

Proposed reforms

Under reforms being considered by the Law Commission this could all be set to
change. The Commissions latest program of reforms revealed last week
confirmed that the commission will look at whether, and if so in what
circumstances, pre nuptial agreements should be upheld by the Courts. The aim
is to produce a draft Parliamentary Bill by 2012.

Researchers will look at the experiences of other countries such as the US where
agreements are binding and will consider the enforceability of agreements
entered into before a marriage or a civil partnership.

It has been the view of many family law practitioners that pre partnership
agreements between civil partners entering into same sex civil partnerships,
could be binding in any event. The whole concept of the civil partnership is based
on a contract at law and therefore any agreement reached could be deemed to
form part of the contract and thus be enforceable. This has yet to be tested
through the courts however as the first dissolutions of civil partnerships have only
just started to be litigated.

If correct, this would be a major difference, and arguably an advantage, for same
sex couples entering into civil partnerships, over heterosexual couples who

The Commission will also look at when and if agreements entered into after
marriage which divide assets in the event of a breakdown of the marriage should
be upheld.

The pro’s and con’s

There will be wide and divided views on whether making pre nuptial agreements
enforceable would be a good or a bad thing.

Some will argue that it will fetter the Court‟s current overriding jurisdiction to
award to parties what is „fair and equitable‟ – a corner stone of English law.

It may also be seen as yet another way in which Courts are being ousted from
making decisions about „family life‟ as they have been with the removal of Child
Support Maintenance to the Child Support Agency.
Arguably under current Human Rights legislation the „right to family life‟ should
only be interfered with if absolutely necessary and in a proportionate way, and if
consenting adults reach informed agreements prior to marriage why should a
Judge then have the right to ignore this agreement?

Others will say that particularly for very wealthy parties they should have the right
to protect their wealth and that provided sufficient provision is made for the other
party and the children that should be enough and the balance of their wealth,
especially where it is created prior to the marriage, should be „ring fenced‟.

On a practical level, the legislation is unlikely to greatly affect the average
divorcing couple. They will probably not think to enter into an agreement prior to
marriage and it is likely that where there are no „excess‟ assets over the needs of
the parties and children, any agreement would still be unenforceable in any

There will also inevitably be the cases where „undue influence‟ or „duress‟ is
argued. A recent example was the case where following an affair, the husband
only agreed to attempt reconciliation if the wife signed an agreement which
purported to divide their assets if the reconciliation failed. The Court refused to
uphold this agreement stating that the wife was clearly under duress.

Nonetheless there are likely to be many arguments over these sorts of issues,
especially in the current economic climate where there seems to be a general
reluctance of many people to instruct solicitors „before the event‟ because of the
perceived costs implications.

In fact a few hundred pounds properly securing a pre nuptial agreement could
very well save many thousands arguing the point at a later date and be money
well spent if an enforceable agreement is upheld in subsequent divorce

Ian Taylor

Family Law Specialist Solicitor
Deputy District Judge
Chair of Cornwall Resolution – first for family Law

Thanks to Ursula in Southampton for the following examples of English
that has lost its meaning in translation!
Advertisment: The Tides Reach Restaurant at the Atlantic Hotel

 Whether dining in the evening from our daily changing menu using fresh
                      local produce wherever possible;
Or enjoying a snack or a cup of fresh coffee in our relaxing lounge bar; you
will experience that ‘away from it all’ feeling with warm, friendly service and
     award winning hospitality in a relaxing, informal atmosphere at the
               Tides Reach Restaurant in The Atlantic Hotel.
 If you’re staying in one of the islands Guest House’s or B&B’s, ask your
host to make a dinner reservation for you and you will receive 10% off your
              food bill each time you visit us during your stay.

  Friday night is our ‘Locals Dining Club’ where our Island Residents can
 book to dine after 8pm, socialise with friends and colleagues from across
the isles, and enjoy a fabulous four course dinner with a large glass of wine
  for only £25! Bookings for the Friday night ‘Locals Dining Club’ at Tides
                            Reach, are essential…

Ladies, do you ever want to escape for an hour or so during the day and
                indulge yourself with a nice glass of wine?
 This season, from 10am until 5pm, The Wine Terrace at Tides Reach will
                      become that secret hideaway…
We’re serving wines and nibbles on The Wine Terrace at Tides Reach while
 the sun shines; or inside, in our cosy lounge bar if the weather’s not as
                          good as it should be!

  This season, The Atlantic Hotel, Tides Reach Restaurant and The Wine
Terrace at Tides Reach is the only place to see and be seen on The Isles of

 Call us now on Scillonia 422417: be nosy, pop in and see us: or speak to
              John and Lorraine to make your reservations.

Radio Scilly (Keri actually) has convinced Mark Twynham to put fishfinger
sandwiches on the menu at the Bishop and Wolf. Luvly! We received this reply,
showing that Keri‟s taste is not that weird!

Fish finger sandwiches do sell - "Posh Fish Finger Sandwhiches" are sold
in a few pubs here in Manchester and they are delicious!

£3000 has been presented to the 3 charities supported by the Atlantic Hotel and
Atlantic Inn coffee mornings and quizzes. Below John McKitterick and Morage
handed over £1000 to the St Mary’s Hospital and Community League Of Friends.
the Air Ambulance and in the pic, Morag gives a grand to the RNLI.
An Islands Artist has work on display in Birmingham.

For those who may not already know, Stephen is having a major new exhibition
of his paintings at The Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston Birmingham.
The exhibition will be open to the public from Saturday 4th to Thursday 30th
April inclusive.
However for the first weekend (April 4th and 5th), we will be there to
present the exhibition and are inviting guests to join us and have
the first opportunity to buy.
Should you wish to join us, please email us with your address. We will then
send you a proper invitation which will give you free admittance for two
people to
the exhibition and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Glasshouses.

Hope to see you there.

Lois and Stephen

Don’t mis-dial!
Hey its victoria simpson at periwinkle. could you please tell people not to
call 422538 I am not the council. im getting fed up now. I’ve had ten phone calls
this morning the council is 422537. It is a error in the phone book!


Hi Keri,
I don't know if you are aware, but this year will see the launch of the first 'National
Armed Forces Day'. This will be held on June 27th, and events are planned
This has been launched by various agencies, and given the go ahead by the
government, unfortunately the governemt seem very slow on the uptake, and as
of yet there seems to be very little in the way of PR to promote this event.
We have Rememberance Day in november which is very important, but this new
event is to allow people to come together and show their support and
appreciation for our armed forces.

I feel very strongly over this, as a third generation serviceman my self, and at the
time of the event in June my son will be back out in Iraq (again) with the Royal
Engineers, he was out there for the war, and he has not long come back from a 9
month tour of Afghanistan.

I contacting you to ask if you could put out a call to anyone, who could help to
organise something to help promote this event, and to help me try to raise some
money for 'Help for Heroes'?

I have the Cadets, and they will be going around with collection tins, etc.
I will also do a Karaoke & disco night, free of charge, with my fee going to the
charity (all I need is a venue that is willing to help).
I have also had a volunteer, who has offered to help to organise a 'Bring& Buy
But if anyone else could help or has an idea of how we could raise more money, I
am open to suggestions.

If you could help with this Keri it would be much appreciated.


Tony Smith

A Networking Opportunity for Islanders
Hi Keri

I was given your contact details by Claire Thayers of Coodes. She thought you
might be interested in a new dynamic organaistion that I have set up called
Communication Station.

In this stormy, financial climate, all businesses large and small need help to stay
afloat. Communication Station is a new and dynamic organisation based on old
fashion values of helping each other to build, promote and succeed in your
business.Our aim is for our members to benefit from each other’s strengths and
encouraging each other through these troubled times.

Our members will be invited to attend events in which they can get advice and
support about a range of business challenges and have the opportunity to
promote their service or product.

Communication Station events are informal, friendly and fun, the only way we will
survive this climate is to communicate with each other. Bring back the personal
touch on how we deal with our businesses and our customers.

If you think that this would be a idea that may help the businesses of Scilly
please could you let me know and I will organise a meeting.

Our launch meeting on Wednesday was a huge success and now is the time to
push forward and promote and help develop all businesses in Cornwall. By
joining we can help increase your coverage and promote you all the way.

For any further information check out our website www.commstat.co.uk

Lisa Walker

Brisbane- Jan 09- Keri’s travel blog report
I flew with Qantas from Heathrow to Brisbane and they were really really friendly.
The guy at check in at Heathrow leant over and told me not to eat at
Wetherspoons. Most are ok, Terminal 4‟s is.. well, terminal. Good tip. Qantas is
good. Their ground and cabin staff genuinely seemed to want to help and be
nice. None of that fake Californian sincerity. In fact, that‟s all a bit of a myth. I
have never found American airline staff to ever want to fake sincerity. No, Qantas
was a good experience and someone somewhere is hopefully being rewarded for
their good work right now as I was given a detailed questionnaire to fill in and
they got 9 or 10 on the scores for everything. If this were “Strictly”, I‟d be Bruno!
The food was good too. They also have that “movie on demand” thing where you
don‟t have to wait for the start of film. I love that. I watched one film Jeremy
recommended, “In Bruges” which stars Colin Farrell as a hitman holed up in
some medieval town in Belgium. The name of it escapes me. Then I watched the
best film I have seen in ages, “How to lose friends and alienate people” with
Simon Pegg. Very very funny. Watch it.
They have a selection of Aussie movies too, which I like because they are always
a bit bittersweet and can be Mike Leigh-ish. Not all syrupy like Holywood stuff.
Qantas are flying the flag for their country. Even the music piped through when
you board is Australian artists. Flick through the inflight radio channels and,
guess what. Wall-to-wall Tina Arena. They‟ve clearly disowned Kylie now she
lives in Holland Park.

The flight was a bit late setting off because of a need to de-ice at Heathrow.
(Good job I am not a nervous flier, you really don‟t want to hear that) so we had
to run the length of Singapore‟s Chenai Airport to make the connection when we
arrived there. It was a “direct” flight, despite the change of planes, so I guess
they would have waited. Flight Highlight: watching the daybreak and the different
bands of light moving upwards from the orangey soil from yellow to red then
crimson to purple into the still dark upper sky. Beautiful. The lowlight, a man who
seemed to have brought his own inflight snacks, which from the sound must have
included Styrofoam packing, and sat behind me munching and belching for 8
hours non stop.

So Brisbane. It‟s as if the British ran Florida. Skyscrapers with reflective glass
windows in the centre, low rise apartments and condos with pools and tropical
plants as you drive in. The US “Wow” factor is there. What is not here is the
scary homeless people off their tits on crystal meth on every street corner,
dilapidated buildings and tacky signs and billboards everywhere. The roads are
maintained, unlike much of America. And more importantly, it feels safe. America
doesn‟t too me any more.
The other thing that is really noticeable is that people are so friendly. Really
friendly. It‟s the Manchester sort of friendliness, where people call you “love”.
From immigration control at the airport to the hotel I stayed at and shops I have
visited, everyone interacts with you. My experience of many people in service
sector jobs in the states is that they hire the drongos who just grunt at you. It was
quite a refreshing change to get a smile , even from Customs here.

The city centre looks a bit like Manchester, the area around the New Arndale
Without the sweaty sausage roll smell of Greggs the Baker. Look at the pic
Told you.
It isn‟t particularly pretty but it is busy, clean and pedestrianised. There‟s lots of
bars with half open sides, windows all the way down so people can lean out. You
sort you see abroad. Actually, this is abroad. So drinkers fill out onto the street.
Surprisingly there seem to be lots of Australian themed bars here- like the sort
you see in places like Newquay. I have seen some Brit themed pubs, complete
with Beer Gardens but who wants to go in for Pork Scratchings and a warm beer
with a dead wasp in it? The town is built around a bend in a tidal river and there
are a number of piers along the river with trendy bars and restaurants. They are
very proud of their bridge, The Storey Bridge, that looks like the Sydney Bridge.
A promotional leaflet says it is the third longest one of its type in Australia! That‟s
not really a selling point in my book, but whatever makes them happy. You can
go on tours, walking along the supports. Hundreds of feet up! Not my idea of fun,
but a good grounding for you if you want to be a Blue Peter presenter, I guess.

I walked around the town and around the river for 3 hours and then had a really
good Chinese meal at a liitle café set back from the street by the University park.I
broke one of my own rules and bought food at a place that uses photos of the
food to sell each dish. It was good but bore no resemblance to what I ordered. It
was, as stated on the menu, fish, though. That‟s always a worry isn‟t it. The non
specific nature of restaurants in relation to fish. You‟d never dine in a restaurant
that just put “meat” on the menu with no more information.
It does get dark very quickly. I know they are closer to the Equator but, in the
height of their summer, I didn‟t expect darkness at 7pm.
Anyway, after 2 days in transit and 28c humid heat, I had enough and set off for
the hotel. Watching TV here you can see how linked our nations are. The
highlight (if that is the right term) on ABC1 tonight- “The Bill”. I wouldn‟t even
watch it in Britain. I listened to a bit of Steve Watt online on Radio Scilly in the
hotel room which was odd. He was talking about Keith Hale finding a discarded
motorbike number plate. I love our little radio station. It‟s like something out of
Twin Peaks, innit? Surreal but lovely. Who loses a number plate? How funny.
Anyway, I conked out around 11pm and awoke at 6am. I never know whether it is
the jet lag or because I am programmed to be up at the crack of dawn to do the
morning show.

Up early at 6.15 Sunday. Potter. Read Australian Sunday papers. They aren‟t as
good as ours. They are way too nice and head off to the Airport.
Get to the airport. The Cab driver is a doctor who had relocated from Liverpool
and is at great pains to explain he is only doing the cab work while the hospital
paperwork comes through. He seemed embarrassed. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Then again, I remember my mate Carol who WAS embarrassed about her
student job and used to serve customers with “ Hi my name is Carol and I‟m only
doing this to pay for my degree would you like French Fries with that”? He has
moved for the weather and the opportunities. It is also cheaper here.

I get to the check in desk at the clean, airy, bright airport at 9am ahead of my
11.30 flight.

Bad news. My hours of planning the trip to the remote pacific island nation of
Tuvalu have been in vain. The airport at Fiji is underwater but should be clear for
landing later.I was to stop there for a day and change planes. The area around
Nadi, Fiji‟s tourism airport, is under up to 10 feet of water after flooding and
people have lost their lives. The check in staff say, as my itinerary is complicated
they can get me a seat on a special service from Sydney laid on for Fijians to get
back to loved ones but space will be tight. I decline. I think the spaces would be
needed by locals. The airline says I will get a refund.
For a moment I felt deflated, fed up and just wanted to be home. I have been
wanting to visit Tuvalu for ages. It isn‟t going to happen this time as there is one
flight in and out a week. I planned all of my travel arrangements backwards to
ensure that I could get to Fiji on Sunday to pick up the Monday night weekly flight
to Tuvalu.
With my bags I head off to the airport travel agent to see what I can get to fill 9
days in my schedule, departing now.

I wonder where next? Find out next newsletter!

Truro and Penwith College News: See the new site being built, live!

Penwith College:
Open Evening - Tuesday 24 March 5pm to 8 pm - just come along

Penwith College in Penzance is being rebuilt with a major new investment in the
site. The team has a webcam set up to monitor the progress of the building site
at Penwith. The first phase has begun as you will see, Zennor and Porthcurno
buildings are going up so that all students will be moved into these two new
buildings at the end of this year. The second phase will be the redevelopment of
the remainder of the site so that the students can move into the whole campus at
the end of 2010. This includes to refurbishment of the original grammar school
and Treneere Manor. Click on the link!


That‟s it for now!

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