FIFA World Cup 2006

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					FIFA World Cup 2006
 Operational Processing at
 Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG

  Workshop A
  Mobility management at major sports events
  Annual Congress “cities for mobility-mobility for citizens”
  11 and 12 June 2007, Stuttgart
 FIFA World Cup 2006
       Public Transport as World Champion
Tourists are applauding                                                          c omfor
... Like e.g. public transportation. „In Stuttgart,                     stadium
every place is reachable in short time“,...
                                                             ans to the
                                                    c arry f
                                       and   trams
                               Trains                      FIFA calls Stuttgart
  Foreign g
                    uests are                              concept „Premium
                                         ly fascina Class“
                                                      ted by pu
                     are                                         blic trans
             t LR
                        d                       LRTs an                     portation
     utt ga r e a n a n                                 d tra
 St         l                                           ins cop
       p, c                                                       e with
  c hea ual                                                                their ta
       ct                                                                          sks eas
   pun                                                                                     ily
    The ball is rolling – and so is traffic                      Stuttgart
    No problems with busses and LRTs                          itself like
                                                                          a champ

          Stuttgart is much nicer than Berlin

 FIFA World Cup 2006
Stadium line U 11( 80m-double track)

 13.06. France – Switzerland                     15.000
 16.06. Netherlands – Cote d‘Ivoire              22.000
 19.06. Spain – Tunisia                          13.000
 22.06. Croatia – Australia                      19.000
 25.06. England – Ecuador                        17.500
 08.07. Germany – Portugal                       17.000

 More than 100.000 passengers at 6 matches
 = 30 – 40 % of the total visitors at the stadium
 complete proportion of public transport at match days:
 up to 80 % (70 % in average)
 „combined ticket“ (= fare price included in entrance ticket)

FIFA World Cup 2006
Public viewing/fan festival Schlossplatz/City Centre

•   Big run to fan festival at Schlossplatz and the city centre at the 7
    match days of the German team: up to 70.000 visitors, at July 8,
    even 100.000

•   Other events did not face that big rush

•   Sufficient seat capacity at return journey due to extended
    operation times

•   Main Station – the centre of traffic
    big crowds of people were directed; Cooperation between
    Deutsche Bahn and SSB was intensive and successful

•   Daily operation of SSB-night busses (and regional night busses)

    FIFA World Cup 2006
    Factors of success:
•    Intensive Preparation (OK WC, municipal authorities, VVS,
     DB Regio, police, fire brigade, rescue services, security
     services, SSB)
•    Coordinated public transport concept for the city and the
     whole region (commuter train, LRT, night bus)
•    Perfectly prepared operating performance of SSB for 31 days
     (extended operation times in three steps/24h-operation at July
     8, daily night busses, stadium line)
•    Continuous, realtime exchange of experiences through regular
     meetings resulted in further adjustments and optimal
•    Operation of stadium line U11 with 80 m LRTs
•    High on-site presence of staff
•    Cooperation of staff of DB, police and SSB at SSB-operation
     control centre                                                   5
FIFA World Cup 2006
Factors of success:
•   Integrated Traffic Control Centre (IVLZ)
•   All security-related items were managed in
    cooperation with police and municipal authorities
•   Failure-free fleet and technical infrastrucure
•   Optimal general conditions (weather, risks, external
•   Offensive marketing and public relation
•   Customer related information system (stops + fleet)
•   Highly motivated and committed staff

    Professional public transportation service for
    our customers from all over the world


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