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					654A Kentucky St.                                                                                       (530) 846-6401
P.O. Box 1045                             Appropriate Technology for Agriculture”
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Gridley, CA 95948                                                                     

                                      Cicoria Plot 375

1. Portable stationary thresher powered by 6 HP gasoline engine.
2. Plot 375 handles wide range of crops from cereal grains like wheat to beans both large and small. Crops as di-
   verse as millet, clover and trefoil can also be threshed once vegetation is thoroughly dry. Seven sizes of sieve
   openings can be installed to do dozens of seeds types and varieties.
3. Simple adjustments of threshing cylinder speeds and air separation blower output produces clean seed separation.
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   eliminating guess work and lost product.
4. Specially designed interior baffles create air pressure gradients that separate seed from chaff, eliminating need for
   shakers and complicating conveyors and vibrations.
5. Design and construction of the separation chambers are smooth and crevice free allowing fast complete clean out
   between threshing batches and/or seed types.
6. Two operators working as a team can produce 200 to 600 lbs of product per hour depending on seed size.
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   unit is easily taken to the crops saving the great deal of work of hauling crops to the thresher.
8. Thresher with gasoline engine and three sizes of sieves sells for $12,500 at nearest port of entry. Another set of
   four sieves for the full range of seed types that can be threshed costs $650.
9. No other small thresher can match the quality of work or the versatility of this thresher.

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