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									     Disability Duties
   Disability Action Plan


North Down Borough Council

         June, 2007
This Disability Action Plan can be obtained from the Council in
alternative formats, including large print, easy read format, Braille,
audio cassette, digital daisy, signed video and on computer disc. It
can also be downloaded from the Council’s website.

If you would like a copy in an alternative format, please contact:

Name:       Mrs. Shirley Poxon

Phone number:           028 9127 8065
Fax No:                 028 9127 1370
Textphone number:       028 9127 4920



This Disability Action Plan is an important document in that it is a
statement of the Council’s commitment to and proposals for
fulfilling the statutory obligations in compliance with Section 49A of
the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (as amended by the
Disability Discrimination (NI) Order 2006). This Act places new
duties on public authorities, when carrying out their functions to
have regard to the need:

• to promote positive attitudes towards disabled people; and
• to encourage participation by disabled people in public life.

The Plan is also important because it outlines how disability issues
are being effectively mainstreamed within the council, thus
ensuring that they are central to the whole range of policy
decision-making within the Council.

________________________                  ____________________
Mayor                                     Chief Executive &
                                          Town Clerk

1.    Introduction                                       1

2.    Purpose of the disability action plan              1

3.    The Council – its role and functions               1

4.    Public life positions over which the Council has   3

5.    Commitment to the effective implementation         3
      of the disability action plan

6.    Internal arrangements                              4

7.    Effective engagement                               9

8.    Annual Report                                      9

9.    Five Year Review                                   9

10.   Consultation                                       10

11.   Action measures                                    13

12.   Timescale for the implementation                   19
      of the action measures

13.   Performance indicators or Targets                  22

14.   How the disability action plan will be published   24
1.     Introduction

1.1    Section 49A of the Disability Discrimination Act, 1995 (as
       amended by the Disability Discrimination (NI) Order, 2006)
       requires the Council, in carrying out its functions, to have
       due regard to the need:-

       • to promote positive attitudes towards disabled people;
       • to encourage participation by disabled people in public

1.2   The Council is committed to the fulfilment of its disability
      duties in all parts of its organisation and has set out how it
      intends to do this in this Disability Action Plan (the Plan).

1.3   The Council will commit the necessary resources to deliver
      this Disability Action Plan

1.4   The Council will undertake a planned programme
      of communication and training on the disability duties for all
      staff and elected members.

2.     Purpose of the disability action plan

2.1    This Plan sets out how the Council proposes to fulfil the
       disability duties in relation to its functions.

3.     The Council – its role and functions

3.1    The Council performs five principal roles within its local
       area and district:-

       • the direct provision of a number of services and facilities;
       • the promotion of the arts, tourism, community and
         economic development;
       • the regulation and licensing of certain activities relating
         to environmental health, consumer protection and public
       • a representative role on a number of bodies and Boards
         including Education and Health;

      • a consultative role in relation to functions conducted by
        other Government bodies and agencies on issues such
        as planning, water, roads and housing.

3.2   In the performance of the above roles the Council carries
      out functions in the following areas:-

      • the provision of facilities for recreational, social and
        cultural activities including leisure centres, community
        centres, parks, open spaces, sports grounds and places
        of entertainment;
      • street cleansing;
      • waste collection and disposal including responsibility for
        recycling initiatives;
      • the provision of burial grounds;
      • the provision of grant aid to support the Arts, community
        development and the promotion of tourism and
        economic development;
      • the administration and regulation of certain matters
        relating to the environment, public health and public
        safety including building control, food safety, statutory
        nuisance, dangerous buildings, air pollution, noise
        pollution, dog control, consumer protection and health
        and safety;
      • the licensing and regulation of street trading, places of
        entertainment, amusement centres, cinemas and
        petroleum stations;
      • the making of bye-laws and regulation of same.

3.3   To enable the Council to provide the above services and
      perform its other functions, the Council must levy an annual
      rate and has the power to:-

      •   acquire and dispose of land;
      •   borrow money;
      •   employ staff;
      •   procure goods and services.

3.4   To support and implement the above statutory functions
      and provision of services and facilities, the Council has
      adopted a wide range of policies.

4.    Public life positions over which the Council has

4.1   The Council has responsibility over the following public life

      North Down Sports Advisory Committee, North Down
      District Policing Partnership, North Down Local Strategy
      Partnership, North Down Community Safety Partnership
      and North Down Borough Council’s Consultative Panel on
      Equality and Good Relations.

5.    The Council’s commitment to the effective
      implementation of the disability action plan

5.1   The Council is committed to the effective implementation of
      all aspects of the Plan in all parts of its organisation.
      Overall responsibility for determining policy on how this will
      be achieved lies with the Elected Members. Day-to-day
      responsibility for carrying out the policy determined by the
      Elected Members, lies with the Chief Executive. He is
      responsible for the implementation of administrative
      arrangements that ensure the disability duties are complied
      with by the Council in carrying out its full range of functions.

5.2   As part of its corporate planning process, the Council will
      build objectives and targets relating to the disability duties
      into corporate and business plans. These will be reflected
      at all levels of strategic planning within the Council including
      staff objectives and annual plans. Progress on
      meeting objectives relating to the disability duties will be
      monitored and reported upon at senior level within the
      organisation on a quarterly basis.

5.3   A formal report of progress on meeting the objectives
      relating to the disability duties will be included in the
      Council’s Annual Report to the Equality Commission for
      Northern Ireland.

6.    Internal arrangements

6.1   The Council consists of 25 elected representatives, elected
      for a four year period, who meet monthly in full session and
      more frequently, in four Standing Committees namely:-

      • Corporate Committee, (a Committee of all Members);
      • Planning and Public Services Liaison Committee,
        (a Committee of all Members);
      • Leisure, Tourism and Community Development
        Committee, (13 Members);
      • Environmental and Amenities Committee, (12

      Supporting these Committees are various other
      Committees, Working Groups and Departments of the

      These include:-
      Queen’s Parade Working Group (10 Members);
      Policy Committee (10 Members plus Mayor and Deputy
      Joint Committee with Ards Borough Council re Review of
      Public Administration (Reporting to Policy Committee) (6
      North Down Arts Sub Committee (7 Members);
      Art of Regeneration (10 reps);
      North Down Community Safety Partnership Sub-
      Committee (13 reps);
      Holywood Sports and Leisure Development Committee (9
      Heritage Working Group (4 Members);
      Waste Management Committee (5 Members);
      Market Sub Committee (6 Members);
      Finance Sub Committee (8 Members);
      Audit Committee (8 Members);
      Economic Development Sub Committee (12 Members);
      CCTV Sub Committee (4 Members);
      International Relations Sub Committee (8 Members);
      Disabilities Working Group (7 Members);
      Good Relations Working Group.

Council Appointed Representatives to Joint Committees
formed under Section 19 of the Local Government
Act (NI)1972:-
     Eastern Group Committee – Environmental Health(2 reps);
     South Eastern Group Committee – Building Control (2 reps);
     Joint Committee For Waste Management Services (arc21)
      (2 Members).

Annually Appointed Representatives to Outside Bodies:-
    North Down Branch NI Home Accident Prevention
    Committee (3 Reps);
    Bangor and District Road Safety Committee (4 Reps);
    Holywood Road Safety Committee (2 Reps);
    Northern Ireland Amenity Council (1 Rep);
    National Association of Councillors (4 Reps);
    Percy French Society Management Committee (4 Reps to
    Include Chair LTCDC);
    North Down Economic Development Forum (3 Reps);
    NILGA (7 Reps);
    SEELB Area Partnership (1 Rep);
    Neighbourhood Partnership (3 Reps);
    Door Supervisors’ Registration Scheme (4 Reps);
    COMET Shadow Interreg Partnership (2 Reps);
    North Down Sports Advisory Council (6 Members);

Other Bodies – Representatives appointed for a four year
    Association for Public Service Excellence (1 rep);
    Belfast City Airport Forum (1 rep);
    The Court of The University of Ulster (1 rep);
    Eastern Health And Social Services Council (1nominee)
    Forum for Local Government and The Arts (2 Reps to
    include Chairman of N D Arts Committee, plus Arts Officer);
    North Down Development Organisation Ltd (3 reps);
    North Down Local Strategy Partnership (6 reps);
    NI Housing Executive Bangor District Office Liaison Panel
    (6-8 reps);
    Somme Advisory Council (2 reps);
    South Eastern Education and Library Board (3 reps);
    Drainage Council (1 representative);
    Reserve Forces and Cadets Association For NI (1 rep);

      Northern Ireland Museums Council (1 rep);
      Age Concern, North Down Management Committee (3 reps);
      Edge Cities Network (1 rep);
      Somme Heritage Centre Management Committee (1 rep);
      North Down District Policing Partnership (10 reps);
      Northern Ireland Housing Council (1 rep);
      Holywood Arts Trust (2 reps plus Arts Officer);
      Laps Disability Sports Group (1 rep plus Sports Development
      North Down Business Village Ltd. (2 reps);
      Armagh Down Tourism Partnership (2 reps);
      Bangor and Holywood Town Centres Ltd. (4 Reps, 1 from
      each of the 4 Electoral Areas);
      East Border Region Committee (6 Members);
      North Down Citizens’ Advice Bureau (6 Members).

6.2     The Chief Executive oversees the work of the Departments
        through the Corporate Management Team which, together
        with the Councillors, create the corporate body of the

6.3     The Chief Executive is responsible for the strategic
        direction and advice to the Council, for the day-to-day
        management of services and the longer term planning and
        allocation of resources.

6.4     The Council has five departments, each of which is headed
        by a Director:-

        The Chief Executive’s Office is responsible for Corporate
        Communications, DPP, Policy, LSP, Estate Management,
        Environmental Issues, Customer Care and Planning and
        reports to the Corporate Committee of the Council.

        The Corporate Services Department is responsible for
        Economic Development, Finance, Human Resources,
        Administration, ICT, Members’ Services, Health and Safety,
        Harbours, and Registration and reports to the Corporate
        Committee of the Council.

        The Amenities and Technical Services Department is
        responsible for waste management, refuse collection and

      street cleansing, education awareness, parks and open
      spaces, technical services and building and property
      maintenance and reports to the Environmental and
      Amenities Committee of the Council.

      The Environmental Services Department is responsible for
      environmental health, building control, education awareness,
      enforcement of the byelaws, provision of public conveniences
      and reports to the Environmental and Amenities Committee
      of the Council.

      The Leisure Services Department is responsible for leisure,
      tourism, community development and the arts and reports to
      the Leisure, Tourism and Community Development
      Committee of the Council.

6.5   North Down Borough Council makes all their public
      documents available in a range of alternative formats on
      request. The Council no longer produces information in
      advance because, when this arrangement was in place, no
      requests were made for any information in any alternative
      format. However, the Council does regularly receive
      requests for information to be e-mailed to individuals who
      have difficulty reading from paper documents, for specific
      information on audio tape such as collection dates for refuse
      collection service in a specific area for a particular type of
      waste and for information in a larger print size.

      As the Council is aware of the requests that have previously
      been made, systems are in place to provide audio tapes
      within 2 working days of receiving a request, for responding
      on the same day to requests for e-mail copies of Council
      documents and within 24 hours for larger print size for
      Council information or documents.

      No requests have been made to the Council for any
      documentation in Braille. An arrangement, however, has
      been established to enable documentation to be produced in
      this format and will be done in an efficient and timely manner.
      Arrangements for having information put on to
      digital daisy, signed video, on DVD’s and into easy
      read format are all in place at the time of writing this
      document. The provision of these formats are procured

      from the voluntary and community sectors.

6.6   All Council documents are produced in Arial Font 14. All
      Equality and Good Relations and Disability Consultation
      and final documents are produced in Arial Font 14, with
      clear headings per section and limited numbering, as this
      was preferred following a public consultation on accessing
      services and information in 2002.

      The Council have also arranged to have Signers present at
      appropriate meetings, either where a need has been
      identified in advance, or where a need has been

      The Council has a detailed website of all Council Facilities
      and Services and is regularly updated.

      The website can be downloaded on Browsealoud for those
      who have sight impairments. It can also be printed off in
      large print to meet certain needs.

      The website is regularly reviewed to install systems to
      improve its accessibility by anyone with a disability. The
      Council welcomes comments on suitable software that the
      Council may consider to ensure compatibility with users.

6.7   The Disability Duty is the responsibility of every employee
      of the Council, whether full-time or part-time, at Senior
      Management level or junior operative. It is also the
      responsibility of every Councillor and any member of a
      Council Body or Panel including the District Policing
      Partnership, the Community Safety Partnership, the Local
      Strategy Partnership, the Consultative Panel on Equality
      and Good Relations, the North Down Sports Advisory
      Committee, and the Arts Advisory Panel.

      All employees and Councillors receive training in the
      legislation and how they have a responsibility to ensure the
      Council does not fail to meet its obligations either in their
      action or inappropriate action.

      Independent Committee and Panel Members also receive
      appropriate training in relation to their remit.

6.8   The Departments that have a significant role to play in
      ensuring the Disability Action Plan is delivered include
      Equality and Good Relations (located within the Policy
      Unit), Technical Services (located within the Amenities &
      Technical Services Directorate) and Human Resources
      (located within Corporate Services). Each Department is
      located in a separate Directorate, which indicate how this
      duty and responsibility is located at all levels throughout the

7.    Effective engagement

7.1   The Council is committed to engaging effectively with
      people with disabilities in implementation, monitoring and
      review of this Plan. Further information on how this will be
      done is outlined in Section 10 on Consultation.

8.    Annual report

8.1   The Council will prepare an Annual Report on the
      implementation of its Plan. The Annual Report will be
      included as part of the Council’s Annual Report to the
      Equality Commission on the implementation of our Equality
      Scheme. The Council has experience of writing these
      Annual Reports and will ensure that the programme
      timescales and outcomes will be accurately reflected in this
      reporting mechanism.

8.2   A copy of the Annual Report will be made available on the
      Council’s website.

8.3   The annual review will monitor the previous 12 month
      period and detail work to be undertaken for the incoming
      12 month period. The review will coincide with the Annual
      Report to the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

9.    Five year review

9.1   The Council will carry out a five-year review of its Plan, in
      consultation with the Equality Commission for Northern
      Ireland. The five-year review period will be considered as

       an integral part of the requirement to produce a 5-year
       Annual Review of the Council’s Equality Scheme.

10.    Consultation

10.1   The Council is committed to carrying out consultation in a
       meaningful manner in the development of its disability
       duties. In doing so, the Council is keen to bring about
       change for disabled people and we are therefore focussing
       on the issue of involvement and participation in the delivery
       and monitoring of our Plan.

10.2 Specifically, we were keen to have an ongoing dialogue with
     those with disabilities in relation to the development of the

       The Council will regularly discuss issues through the
       Council’s Consultative Panel on Equality and Good
       Relations. This Panel was constituted in November, 2000
       to assist the Council to explore its Equality and Good
       Relations duties and responsibilities under Section 75 of
       The Northern Ireland Act, 1998. The Panel Members
       collectively represent all those identified with the legislation.

       Since 2000, the Panel has been very proactive towards the
       needs of all 9 dimensions. The Council, in acknowledging
       the capacity and experience of the Panel, wished to
       continue to ensure the Panel had a voice in the Disability
       Action Plan through the consultation process.

       In writing the Plan, the Council also extended its
       consultation to include a wider range of disability
       organisations and individuals, to include employees, where
       it was considered that gaps existed in our knowledge and

       The Council has, over the previous 7 years, consulted
       many representative groups on issues of a disability nature.
       These meetings will continue to take place with these
       individuals and groups and with newly identified group, to
       ensure a wide range of issues will be considered. These
       groups include Shopmobility, Omnibus Partnership,
       Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis Care, Bangor Deaf Club, etc.

       The Council also engages at a representative group level
       and at a Northern Ireland regional level in partnership with
       the other 25 Councils in Northern Ireland.

10.3 The Council’s Disability Information Day held on
     Wednesday, 25th May, 2006, at the Queen’s Leisure
     Complex in Holywood was designed initially to provide
     those with disabilities and their carers with a “one-stop-
     shop” to receive information on work-related issues,
     transport benefits, voluntary support, as well as practical
     assistance in meeting some of the myriad of needs that

       It was also to give those with disabilities, their carers and
       service providers the opportunity to interact on common
       issues and to communicate with Council Members and
       Officers in relation to service provision and the Council’s
       commitments, as detailed in this Disability Action Plan.

       The event on Wednesday, 25th April, 2007 provided all
       present with the opportunity to identify specific needs to
       ensure any barriers to accessing services or participation in
       public life can be identified, thus enabling action to be taken
       for them to be removed or altered to ensure North Down
       Borough Council is inclusive of all.

       We also provided a two-way dialogue to enable
       circumstances in the past, in which the Council has not
       promoted positive attitudes towards disabled people, to
       be improved and removed, where possible.

       The Council used this forum to help identify Council
       priorities and hear how solutions could be found to remove
       barriers and ensure the Council monitors and reviews any
       service improvements. The feedback from this Disability
       Information Day have been included in this Plan, where

       At the regional level, in partnership with the Local
       Government Staff Commission, the Council worked with
       them to host a morning on 15th March, 2007 at Lisburn
       Valley Island to facilitate learning through workshops on the

     Disability Duties and Action Plan. This Local Authority
     Consultation event was well attended, with a wide
     representation of Local Councils and the Voluntary and
     Statutory Sectors, representing a range of disabilities and
     carers. Comments received from the workshops were of a
     generic emphasis and, where appropriate, have been
     included within the Plan, including the Action Measures

10.4 The Council placed press advertisements in local papers to
     allow individuals and organisations the opportunity to
     respond to the draft Disability Action Plan. In addition, the
     draft Plan was placed on our website, seeking views from
     individuals and organisations. Both means of advertising
     were used by consultees.

10.5 To ensure that the Council is responsive to the needs of
     those with disabilities, Councillors, Directors and Managers
     of the Council, were in attendance at the Information Day
     and receive all reports on disability related matters.

10.6 As part of the consultation process, barriers to consultation
     are removed by ensuring accessibility of documents in
     appropriate formats. Information is made available on
     request in accessible formats, in a timely fashion and can be
     downloaded from the Council’s website in Browsealoud. It is
     also important to establish the basis of dialogue and
     engagement during the life of the Plan. Consideration is
     given on how best to communicate information to young
     disabled people, as well as considering additional
     dimensions, such as ethnicity, age, gender, sexual
     orientation and religious belief. North Down Borough Council
     considers their Disability Action Plan to be a useful and
     working document for the Council, Councillors, Officers,
     those in public life positions and any member of the public.

10.7 The Council believes it is important that those with
     disabilities are involved in the implementation, monitoring
     and review of the Plan. Section 11 of this document sets out
     the initiatives the Council wish to implement. The actions
     detailed have been identified from current practices and
     comments received on Council delivery, before and during
     the consultation period.

10.8 The Council have an open invitation to:-
            - individuals;
            - representative groups;
      to discuss issues that both directly and indirectly impact on
      people with a disability and their carers, as well as
      organising surveys and exploring other innovative ways of
      involving disabled people and their carers.

       The means of discussion and involvement will be selected
       to meet specific needs and address the areas identified by
       these individuals and groups.

10.9   During the lifetime of this Disability Action Plan, the Council
       will allow adequate time for groups and individual to consult
       amongst themselves as part of the process of forming a
       view on the implementation of this Scheme and by
       providing information on specific issues that require to be

10.10 The Council will, during the lifetime of this Plan, continue
      to review the benefits of a Disabilities Information Day and
      how to encourage people to attend events that offer
      support, advice and general information.

11.    Action measures and timescales

11.1   The Council has already taken a number of measures to
       promote positive attitudes towards people with a disability
       and encourage their participation in public life as a result of
       the duties under Section 75 of The Northern Ireland Act

       North Down Borough Council has taken positive steps to
       ensure access is available, both in terms of physical access
       to buildings and Council facilities, as well as having access
       to appropriate information in a format that is suitable to
       meet individuals’ needs.

       The information on the Council’s website will be regularly
       reviewed and updated to ensure that it is relevant and
       timely in relation to all Council events, facilities and

Training has been a priority for all Council Members and
employees. Training has been delivered to all employees
in a one-hour session to introduce them to the Disability
Discrimination Act, 1995, in a practical and relevant
manner, including suitable language, the range of
disabilities in the Act and how we need to ensure our
services are provided in a manner that meets the
legislation. This training has been reviewed and updated
as the legislation developed and introduced new duties and

Training has been given to all Senior Management to
outline their responsibilities and how the information
requires to be cascaded through the organisation. Specific
training courses have been carried out on a number of
disabilities to ensure staff are aware that individuals may
have similar and yet unique needs.

Disability Awareness is now included in new employees
Induction Training and follow-up specific training is offered
to each employee, depending on their duties and
responsibilities within the organisation.

Training is followed by practical audits carried out by
Officers who visit areas to ensure that staff implement this
learning in the workplace.

All Council policies are screened to ensure they comply
with Section 75 of The Northern Ireland Act, 1998. As
those with a disability and those without a disability are a
dimension within the 9 categories, all Council policies are
scrutinised to ensure any adverse impact identified in
relation to this group is removed.

This practice will continue and, where adverse impact or
potential adverse impact is identified, then appropriate
corrective action will continue to be taken.

The Council ensures that one of its Technical Services
Officers is qualified in Accessibility Auditing.
The Council work closely with Building Control to ensure
that all Building Regulations are complied with. Assistance

       is provided to all applicants and enquiries are dealt with to
       ensure all specific needs receive the appropriate attention.

       The Council has in place a Disabilities Working Group.
       This is a Sub-Committee of the Council comprising 7
       Members to progress any issues, both internal to and
       external of the Council.

       A Disability Focus Group exists in the Council and is made
       up of Junior and Middle Managers from across the Council.
       Their remit is to ensure Council staff are trained to meet the
       Disability Discrimination Act requirements and to ensure
       that Council Services are regularly reviewed to be
       accessible by all. Where this is not possible, Officers are
       encouraged to make alternative arrangements in advance
       and provide accurate information and reasons for any
       inaccessible venues or services.

11.2   The Council provides practical and financial assistance to
       disability organisations through the range of their grant

11.3   It is Council policy to provide employment equality to all
       existing and potential employees, irrespective of disability.
       All employees and applicants for employment (actual or
       potential) are treated fairly and selection for employment
       and promotion will be on the basis of aptitude and ability.
       The Council is fully supportive of the duty to make
       reasonable adjustments in relation to a persons with a
       disability at selection and whilst in employment. These
       issues will be dealt with in a prompt manner.

11.4 The Council liaises and promotes the work of many local
     organisations who seek to assist those with disabilities
     within the local area. The Council does this by assisting
     these organisations and individuals with advice,
     accommodation, speakers and by attending meetings as
     and when appropriate.

       The following are the measures, which the Council intends

       to take in order to implement the disability duties:-

Training &
[1] Provide             July 2007-Mar 2008   Increased
resources and                                awareness of
ongoing training on                          disability issues
the disability duties
to all Staff and                             Promotion of positive
Elected Members                              attitudes towards
                                             those with
[2] Continue to         July 2007-Mar 2008   disabilities
provide resources
for specialist training
for Senior Managers,
recruitment and
selection panels, HR
Officers, Elected
Members and front
line staff

[3] Provide training  April 2008-Mar 2009
for Supervisors to
enable them to
identify individual
and organisational
needs to meet the
[1] Continue to       July 2007-Mar 2008     Improved access to
review access to the                         Council facilities and
Town Hall building to                        services
provide wheelchair
accessibility at the                         Greater participation
front of the building                        and more inclusive
[2] Upgrade fire
doors and alarm
systems in all
Council buildings to
ensure they fully
comply with the
needs of all users

and potential users

[3] Ensure all
venues selected for
events are fully
accessible for all
users and
additional support is

[4] Regularly audit   April 2008-Mar 2009
all Council buildings
to ensure physical
improvements are
budgeted for and
carried out to ensure
the DDA is fully
complied with

[5] Conduct an
employee and
Elected Member
disability monitoring

[6] Review
procedure to ensure
all disabled service
users of their carers
can raise concerns
where an employee
has not displayed
positive attitudes to

[1] Continue to        July 2007-Mar 2008    Improved
review                                       communications
communication                                procedures
policies and
procedures and the                           Provision of an open
range of alternative                         and transparent
formats for all                              process

[2] Work with other    April 2008-Mar 2009
organisations to
promote positive
attitudes towards
disabled people
Other Measures
[1] Prepare annual     April 2008-Mar 2009   Completed Annual
report on the                                Report to be
implementation of                            submitted to the
the Plan and report                          Equality Commission
to the Council and                           for NI by 31st August,
the Equality                                 2008
Commission for
Northern Ireland                             To enable
                                             adjustments to be
[2] Conduct a          April 2008-Mar 2009   made where
confidential                                 necessary to ensure
employee and                                 disabled people are
Elected Members                              included

Internal Measures
[1] Provide          July 2007-Mar 2008      Increased
workplace support to                         awareness of
those with a                                 disability issues and
disability. Continue                         greater inclusitivity of
to review existing                           all involved
policies, practices
and procedures in                            Promotion of positive
relation to their                            attitudes towards
impact on disabled                           those with
people                                       disabilities and
                                             ascertain training

[2] Review all         April 2008-Mar 2009      received to date and
policies and                                    identify training
practices to ensure                             needs
they are compliant
with the legislation

[3] Conduct a          April 2008-Mar 09
employee and
Elected Member
monitoring survey to
determine the
number of staff and
Elected Members
with a disability,
giving consideration
to the individual
circumstances and
any reasonable

12.    Performance Indicators or Targets

12.1   The Council is committed to monitoring and reviewing
       policies and practices to ensure that disability duties are
       being met. Monitoring the progress of this Plan itself is a
       significant element.

12.2   As part of this process, the Annual Review of the Plan will
       provide a part of the monitoring and review process and
       assist in drafting appropriate targets and Performance
       Indicators (PIs) for the next period, whilst reporting on the
       achievement, or otherwise, of those set for the period of the
       Annual Review.

12.3   The Council has included the following Performance
       Indicators (PIs) and targets as an integral part of this Plan.

12.4   Some targets are very specific, whilst others are of a more
       general nature, thus ensuring the Plan is a realistic and
       proactive plan, not solely reactive. Some targets are not
       related to a specific time, but will apply over the period of

       the Plan. We want to ensure that the Council meets the
       practical needs of disabled persons and their carers on a
       timely basis.

12.5   The purpose of these PIs and targets is to provide a
       measure of how the Council is implementing its disability
       duties and to ensure we are focusing on their needs at a
       time when it is appropriate to have them addressed.

12.6   Some PIs will be measured against similar public
       authorities, whilst others are specific to the Council by
       addressing the needs of those receiving the service and/or
       its employees.

12.7   To monitor employees in post and prospective employees
       through the selection procedure, to ensure the Council is
       aware of employees and potential employees needs by
       identifying the percentage of employees who have a
       disability. This data will be updated at least once during the
       five-year period.

12.8   To ensure all employees, who require additional assistance
       to carry out their duties, are provided with adequate

12.9   To display positive attitudes towards disabled persons
       through Council publications and by using them in
       appropriate displays of Council activities and services.

12.10 Identify individuals within the organisation who will assist
      Councillors, Members, employees and service providers in
      disability-related matters, including accessibility auditing,
      identifying training needs and sourcing advice on specific

12.11 Monitor Council comments/complaints procedure to ensure
      appropriate corrective action is taken in consultation with
      service users and to measure improvement over a specific
      period of time.

12.12 Train all frontline staff in disability awareness within 3
      months of them taking up post. All staff in post, who have

       not already received training, will be trained within 6
       months of the Plan being in place.

12.13 Using the staff survey results, identify specific training
      needs for service providers and Departments who interface
      with the public. To arrange to meet these needs through
      appropriate training methods.

12.14 Provide resources to facilitate awareness training in the
      disability duties for all Councillors, Senior Management,
      Members and service providers within the organisation.
      This training must include the purpose and value of the

12.15 Screen all policies and practices in line with the Equality
      Scheme commitments and review all policies and practices,
      where adverse or potential adverse impact is identified.

12.16 Provide resources to ensure signage and additional aids to
      facilitate access to services are available.

12.17 Introduce systems to encourage work placements and
      return to work appointments for those with a disability.

13.    How the disability action plan will be published:-

13.1   Following submission to the Equality Commission for
       Northern Ireland, this Plan will be available by contacting:-

       John Kennedy,
       Principal Policy Officer,
       North Down Borough Council,
       Town Hall,
       The Castle,
       Co. Down,
       BT20 4BT.
        E-mail: john.kennedy@northdown.gov.uk
       Tel: (028) 9127 8013
       Fax: (028) 9127 1370
       Textphone: (028) 9127 4920

13.2   The availability of the Disability Action Plan will be
       advertised in the press and local publications and can be
       accessed on the Council’s website at:


13.3   The Council will, through our ongoing work with people with
       disabilities and people with learning disabilities, find
       appropriate ways of communicating the Plan. The Plan will
       be produced in clear print and plain language, will be
       available in alternative formats on request, including large
       print, in easy read format, Braille, audio cassette, daisy
       digital, signed video and computer disc.

13.4   In addition, all employees will receive a summary Plan and
       be provided with a full Plan on request.


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